Calling All Opera Interactive Barbados “Lucky Number” Winners… Do You Exist?

Over a hundred thousand people read Barbados Free Press every month. One would think that a few of our readers would know first hand of a Opera Interactive “lucky number” winner.

The media, the government and Opera Interactive have all said that winners exist and that the names will be published “shortly” (which was months ago).

Okay, let’s see how many winners are known by our BFP readers…

Let’s hear the names of the winners folks!

Background: Barbados Consumer Affairs Minister Lynette Eastmond… Are You Stupid or a Crook? Opera Interactive Fraud Continues

UPDATED: We just received this letter from Adrian Loveridge to the Fair Trading Commission, which speaks for itself…

Dear FTC,

Way back in September (2007), I wrote to you about a company registered in Barbados called Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited, which was eventually identified as the company operating a number of call and text-in premium rate competitions.

You responded by letter dated 14th November 2007 (ref: 3/12/4 (648) stating among other things that you had been given a list of ‘winners’ in the Barbados Lucky Numbers competition and that you had contacted these ‘winners’ by phone and that they were ‘bona fide’.

You also stated that you had instructed Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited in your words to ‘be more transparent and publicize the winners of its competition in the media’.

On Saturday 1st December the Saturday Sun printed a page three article stating that they were going to print a list of ‘winners’ soon.

Nearly three weeks later, Nation Publishing Company still has not printed a list of ‘winners’ and consumers like myself are left sadly with the view that the Fair Trading Commission is absolutely powerless to ensure its own directives are enforced and implemented.

Adrian Loveridge
28th December 2007

Copied to Roxanne Gibbs – Editor The Nation


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24 responses to “Calling All Opera Interactive Barbados “Lucky Number” Winners… Do You Exist?

  1. Carl Drakes

    I am one of the winners and I know a few others too.


    BFP Comments

    Hello Carl… (is that your real name)

    Please tell the folks when you won, how you won, how you notified the contest holders, when you received your prize and in what form it took. (Did they send you a cheque? Who was the cheque from and what bank?)



  2. rumboy

    Lets see if he responds before 2009.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    BFP,This is one of them that the BLP setup to blog on these sites, it may well be the one Jevan from red advertising being paid to lie for them.
    But my point was really the fact that I thought that I tended to be harsh on them but my word you are 10 times more harsh than I could ever be, but keep your good work up and what you are doing is wonderful for democracy and freedom of speech.

  4. Anonymous


    Carl drakes is also known as 900lb. goriliphant, Emma, BFPE, Klong, P2, Kouva, Moore , and many more.

    Don’t pay him any attention.

  5. Carl Drakes


    “Please tell the folks when you won, how you won, how you notified the contest holders, when you received your prize and in what form it took. (Did they send you a cheque? Who was the cheque from and what bank?)”

    And how is any of that YOUR business?


    BFP Comments…

    And so our BLP operative reveals himself.

    It IS the business of the people to know these details so the integrity of the contest can be judged. Such information is readily available for lotteries in other countries. It is a PUBLIC PROCESS that upholds the legitimacy of such contests.

    You are obviously not a winner, and you are obviously exactly who some readers pegged you for… a government operative.

    Everyone except the government and its supporters understands the need for transparency and integrity of process.

    AHA… I just noticed from your IP that you also left a death threat for Adrian Loveridge….

    Here are the details of a death threat made by you against Adrian, along with the IP number and the date and time (GMT)

    Anonymous | IP:

    K I L L

    L O V E R I D G E

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    P O I S O N

    T H E

    F O O D

    A T

    P E A C H

    A N D

    Q U I E T

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Dec 28, 9:36 AM



    This is very sad , twisted but sad . The truth is really a painful potion for some.

  7. BFP

    Hello Illuminator

    It further shows that there are no legitimate winners in the Lucky Number contest. We’d say “Launch a class action lawsuit” except I don’t know if Barbados has such a legal procedure and also the Chief Justice is a BLP government guy so he would derail it somehow.

    Too bad we lack a real justice system.

  8. Undertaker

    Well once again they have found a way to turn what should be a serious discussion into a mockery, and trash talking. I thought that with all the heat on this company that suddenly we would be “seeing” winners left right and centre, at least for a while but i was wrong.


    BFP Comments

    Hi UT,

    I thought we would be seeing winners wholesale too… but they obviously don’t even care about how things look anymore. That’s what happens when one group controls the government, the police, the courts AND the media.

  9. reality check

    well we have a few more days for the DLP to announce the details of their promised transparency and accountability legislation.

    otherwise I want to become part of the DLP poltical machine so I can win some of this free money the present BLP are stealing from hard working Barbadians.

    This is like money growing on trees!

  10. Moore,

    IP address?

    B o y,

    K I S S

    Y U H

    R A S S H O L E ! ! ! !

    We ARE Cable and Wireless, yuh foolish cunt!

  11. Undertaker

    Something about this election really now has sunken in, was in town today and heard some people talking about barbados election: housing, guyanesse, bills, flyovers, politicans, basically all the election type topics were discussed. One guy make a statement that stuck to my head, he said that both party are really fighting to win but the one than loses may look better in the long run.

    The situation in barbados these days are a little like a graveyard both parties vying to run the mortuary.

  12. Maat

    With the world economies shaping up for a major crash in 2008 and possibly beyond, whichever party gets the reins of power will have a task to hold onto the wild beast of economic downturn that many are predicting.
    We are dependent on off shore business’ and tourism and this coming economic challenge is being rated as worst than the depression of the 1930’s.
    If our present government has been borrowing from the NIS to fund programmes and there is an economic downward slide, people that have paid NI contributions and are laid off along with the next generation of pensioners, may find it difficult to draw any money from the scheme.

    Our government has followed the method of the developed countries in attempting to manage huge debt to fund the impression of infrastructural development. This method is now beginning to implode on a massive scale in the US mortgage and housing markets, an implosion that is reverberating around the globe.

    I would like to hear how any future government is going to get Barbados through this seemingly inevitable crisis on the horizon.

    Plant food and live


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  14. Undertaker

    I would like to hear how any future government is going to get Barbados through this seemingly inevitable crisis on the horizon.

    Plant food and live


    What you said there are two important factors, cut in politics all we will get is some singing, jokes, music and the canvasing will be all over.

    And yes the ones that return to the basics will will fear the best.


  15. Fool me once

    Opera Interactive winners do exist. Start with Owing, and work your way down, chek out they offshore accounts and hear the jingling of the money.

  16. Bush Tea


    “The situation in barbados these days are a little like a graveyard both parties vying to run the mortuary.”

    That is the best assessment of the current situation that I have heard articulated to date…and it could not have come from a better moniker.

  17. theNickster

    Opera interactive is the least of our concerns, the luck numbers I’d like to see are the ones after the 15th. I’m not saying the whole thing is not important, what I am curious about is what this indeed shows us in the FTC and the ministry that gave them the power (or lack thereof). Like IBM years ago and other offshore companies enticed to do business here, who knows what agreements were made and what holes will be left when they go.

    Like Maat pointed out, there are going to be bigger fish to fry come 08′. We are going to need more than the usual podium theatrics, these jokers are known for.

  18. but wait tho, not only dem is crooks, wunna remember de barbados yellow pages had some treasure hunt that suppose to draw each month, wa become uh dat?

    still alot of unanswered questions lurkin

  19. Bob

    2 Questions…
    Isn’t possible that the “LOTTERY” is really only a set stage for raising Campain Funds for the BLP & Coharts??

    The IP number used for / by …. in the threats against Adrian Loverage….. isn’t that a criminal offence and can it not be taken to court??

  20. to my recollection


    when I looked into this a number of years ago Barbados was one of the few countries that 50% of its lottery was owned by 5-6 individuals. Maybe someone could bring us up to date on the players and ownership.

    You can bet this monopoly is rewarded by its owner each of which takes in over a million dollars a year. This money would normally go to better the lives of those disadvantaged in our country. Is this still the case and does anyone care?

  21. just to note some things bout de threats, a threat must be made direct as in, “I will” not “Kill John Brown”

    this person can be charged for putting someone else in fear of their life but cannot be charged for threatening words.

    whoever um is clever, but not too smart, Adrian, i think u wasting time if you just sitting down and watching this go down.


    BFP Comments,

    You are wrong, Mr. Kadri. The essence of a threat is in the delivery, not the words spoken. You need to go to law school before you start giving advice. And let’s look at the big picture, shall we?

    Citizen criticizes government. Citizen receives threats.

    That’s the BLP way!

  22. Maat

    To my recollection, I care and so do many others.

    These games of chance can all carry a community tax that is distributed at the community level, in proportion to the number of people living in those communities.

    Making sustainable use of our limited resources and having national and personal priorities, can assist us in developing a society that we all feel comfortable with.

    These lotteries can be managed in such a way that each investor (punter) that maintains a weekly investment of lets say $10, can at some time in each couple of years receive a dividend.

    According to the early Hardwood estimates, roughly 30 people could get a home out of the 2 million plus jackpot that was taken by a single winner in a recent lottery.

    This is an indication of the amount of money that we can collectively invest in each other. Imagine how much money would be available if the lotteries were non profit and community oriented.


  23. theNickster

    What you are talking about Maat is not a lottery, its actually a function of how government is supposed to run. Think how many houses we could have built with the excess money taken for flyovers. Or how much more could be done if we can fix all the financial hemorrhages (like unnecessary salaries, committing moneys to doomed projects) we could have even built a house and a half for every black BMW that got “called” in.