We Ask Barbados Consumer Affairs Minister Lynette Eastmond… Are You Stupid or a Crook? Opera Interactive Fraud Continues


Opera Interactive Fraud Continues With Assistance of Government, Media & Consumer Affairs Minister Eastmond

Yet another week rolls by and the Nation still has not printed the list of winners in the Opera Interactive “contest” (read “consumer fraud”). The Fair Trading Commssion says it has the list and has verified they are ‘bona fida’. Why won’t they print the list? Perhaps this is the reason…

Could it be that there were no winners in the original contest and they are now busy making people winners?

When the list so-called winners is announced, I’ll bet a month’s wages that they don’t print the date that the person won the contest or the date that they were notified or picked up their winnings.

It is disgusting that the government, the CBC and the Nation will not address this issue responsibly with the rule of law in mind.

Something is very wrong with our country when multiple institutions like government, television and the print media are each so corrupt that they all stay silent over a consumer fraud because they are profiting from it.

Some leadership from Minister of Consumer Affairs Lynette Eastmond.

Stupid? Corrupt? Both?

I don’t know, but from the overall situation it is evident that our leaders are a bunch of disgusting crooks.

From the Nation News…

Lucky Number winners soon

Published on: 12/8/07. (Nation News link here)

TO ALL who enjoy entering the quiz games – please note that the Lucky Numbers competition that appeared in the SATURDAY SUN on December 1, 2007, was published by and is the responsibility of Opera Interactive Barbados Limited.

All prize winners to date will shortly be published in THE NATION newspaper as will all future winners. Thank you for taking part in these competitions and we hope that you will be a lucky winner. (PR)

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4 responses to “We Ask Barbados Consumer Affairs Minister Lynette Eastmond… Are You Stupid or a Crook? Opera Interactive Fraud Continues

  1. Anonymous


    Haven’t you figured out – Lynette Eastmond got her job by being nice – or is it nise – to owen and others.

    What leadership what!

    All that woman does is get up there and talk a whole roll.

    But the part the media is playing in colluding with opera ltd is another matter.

    By the way what happened to Brasstacks today?

    Couldn’t the station at least have the decency to state they were not having a programme today,especially since they came back on yesterday,so naturally every one was expecting one today.

    And these people say they want a T.V. license?

    To do what,give us more of the same?

  2. Anonymous

    I beleive Lynette is still on her honeymoon. She was unfit as a Minister of Commerce. She clearly did not understand anything about small businesses and never will. She will be soundly beaten by Eswick. He will send her on another honeymoon

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    Can you believe, even BEFORE, Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited publish the name (s) of a single ‘winner’ in any of their competitions, look in the Saturday Sun today (29th December 2007) and see the full colour half-page ‘ad’ headlined “Mobile Fun’.

    ‘All polyphonic ringtones cost $3.45 and all other content costs $4.60’

    It makes a joke of any consumer protection regulatory body we have.

  4. To Adrian Loveridge,

    Yeh, go get the scamming bastards! You’re doing a great job and this mad world needs people like you! They should be cornerned, have the fruits of their ill-gotten gains seized, (like posh houses, cars and yachts bought from the proceeds of their filthy crimes), and MADE to pay it back to their victims!! Don’t even get me started on those Nigerian piles of dog’s do-do who operate the infamous 419 scams to draw in victims from all over the world! It’s not just Barbados who have crappy Trading Standards or International T.S., ours are absolutely minging too!