Russia’s Putin Has “40 Billion In Secret Offshore Accounts”… How Much Has Prime Minister Owen Arthur In His Offshore Bank Accounts?


Leaders’ Secret Offshore Bank Accounts Differ In Scale, But Not Design & Intent

One of the first articles we published at Barbados Free Press was Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur: His Secret Bank Accounts, Stock Portfolios.

In that article almost two years ago we said…

“Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur has bank accounts and shares in public companies and private business ventures that he keeps secret from the electorate and the Legislature.

Owen and his companions are able to do this because Barbados has no requirement for Government Ministers, elected members or their immediate families to file financial statements with a Conflict of Interest Committee or other body of public oversight.”


How Money Flows Into Politicians’ Offshore Bank Accounts

With an estimated 40 BILLION dollars (yup… that is with a “B”) hidden away in a network of offshore accounts, Russian leader Vladmir Putin has proven himself to be an expert Piggy at the Trough.

But don’t forget: Putin’s skill at being a thief of public funds wasn’t the sole or even primary reason for this huge offshore stash. Russia is so huge that Putin had an enormous trough to feed from. The idea for a crooked politician is to take only a little at a time from one location or project, but if the country and the projects are immense “a little here and there” can soon add up!

Unfortunately for Putin, today the news media is reporting that his offshore companies and funds are becoming public knowledge…

Asked how much Putin was worth, Belkovsky said: “At least $40 billion. Maximum we cannot know. I suspect there are some businesses I know nothing about.” He added: “It may be more. It may be much more.

“Putin’s name doesn’t appear on any shareholders’ register, of course. There is a non-transparent scheme of successive ownership of offshore companies and funds. The final point is in Zug [in Switzerland] and Liechtenstein. Vladimir Putin should be the beneficiary owner.”

… from the Guardian article Putin, the Kremlin power struggle and the $40bn fortune


Owen Arthur’s Offshore Stash

The economy of Barbados is a wee bit smaller than Russia’s, but that just means that Owen Arthur’s and his compatriots’ offshore funds are in the millions, not the billions.


How did Owen and his friends get the money into the offshore accounts?

Simple. When the Government of Barbados contracts out a major project like (for instance) the new prison, the first thing they do is to find a crooked builder willing to cooperate. You know, some corrupt company like (for instance) VECO!

The crooked politician then has a front man establish a “consulting” company offshore of Barbados. Perhaps in Europe or New York… or New Jersey. Then the government orders a $200 million dollar prison from (for instance) VECO. If there is a 10 percent “cost overrun” that would be about… hmmmm 20 million dollars. A fine sum! (You have to understand, folks. These numbers are only estimates because Owen Arthur & Company NEVER publish any financial records for the public to see. Think “Hotels & Resorts” and you’ll get the picture!)

VECO builds the prison for the government, but it has to purchase building materials from various companies abroad. VECO also subcontracts various engineering and “environmental” research to other companies.

Some of this “research” or “materials handling” is performed by foreign “consulting” companies established just for this one project!

Get it? Some of the offshore “consulting” and materials handling companies were owned by the same Barbados politicians that awarded the government contract to VECO! These companies don’t really do anything except collect kickbacks from the government supplier.

And THAT is how Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his buddies make their offshore monies. Of course, like Putin, the companies and the bank accounts are not in the politicians’ names directly. Usually it is handled by an offshore lawyer.

Heck, that’s just like what our Barbados offshore banking industry does for people from North America and Europe!


Offshore Accounts Are Why Arthur & The BLP Government Would Never Implement Integrity Legislation

Owen Arthur is no pauper. Neither is his ex-wife. The reason is simple: the first Mrs. Owen Arthur had some knowledge of his offshore holdings and she turned that knowledge into a sizable chunk of cash in exchange for silence.

Divorce settlements are usually filed in a court somewhere, but I’d wager a month’s salary that the Arthur’s divorce settlement appears in no court records. Yup, what is whispered early in love and marriage sometimes comes back years later during the divorce settlement – and it can get very expensive!

And now Opposition David Thompson has stated that DLP candidates will declare their assets openly.

Can Owen Arthur? NO WAY!


Will All The DLP Candidates Declare Their Assets In Detail?

DLP Leader David Thompson promised that he and ALL his candidates would openly declare their assets when the election was called. We don’t expect this to happen before Christmas because Thompson has enough sense to let folks have their family times, but the DLP should be aware that Bajans will not accept some last minute weaseling half-baked declaration at the last minute.

For the DLP to retain any credibility at all on the integrity and conflict of interest issue, their candidates must publicly state their assets in detail. The DLP website would seem to be the proper venue if Thompson is serious.

Of course, Thompson and his team have had two years to move assets around to wives, sons, daughters and siblings to “hold” any of their embarrassing assets, so this declaration is little more than an election gimmick.

For Thompson and the DLP, the failure to embrace integrity legislation and conflict of interest as a foundation of the party’s platform a year ago – and the relegation of such an important matter to a last minute election trick pony – will probably cost them the election.



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92 responses to “Russia’s Putin Has “40 Billion In Secret Offshore Accounts”… How Much Has Prime Minister Owen Arthur In His Offshore Bank Accounts?

  1. YUM YUM I like it!

    As a neutral I would say that the DLP haven’t a snowballs chance in hell of winning the election anyway!

    So who cares about what they do or don’t declare.

    Things are too good for people to want a change.

    Certainly the BLP are robbing, but people to blinkered to boot them out!

    Passive, Bajans? OH YES!

    Maybe next time eh?

  2. Jerome Hinds

    Just saw 15,000…..yep 15,000 Bajans in HEROES SQUARE chanting and singing in the YULETIDE spirit.

    One of the major highlights of the evening was the showcasing of young, middle age and senior talent of Barbadian & Caricom citizens ( Jamaica ).

    Even the SINGING DEMS was a SMASHER !

    Kudos to all.

    The atmosphere was electrfying !

    The mood reached fever pitched when David Thompson ascended the stage and addressed his adoring people…..I wonder if BFP has it recorded on YOU TUBE ?

    Talking about YOU TUBE that same 15,000 strong crowd almost resorted to VIOLENCE when an ecxtract from BLP TV was shown on the BIG screen of the BILGY mouth PM uttering his INFAMOUS ” Ah NEVER want to see another DLP government in office in Barbados AGAIN ” speech !

    VIOLENCE was almost done to the screen as members of the audience sort to hurl missles at the images & words of that HARLOT who has NOW sort to DENY using those words !

    No wonder Lynette Eastmond said in 2003 there is no need for an opposition party in Barbados !

    *********************** Edited by BFP

    Jerome… you know better!

  3. Wishing in Vain

    You are correct Jerome the attendance outstripped anyone’s guess there tonight it was MASSIVE and I say so.

    It was the combination of the Gospel music and the loyality and sincerity of the DLP that came to the fore with this display tonight is was marvellous to put it mildy.

    The woderful team of the DLP are to be admired for putting together a high quality and high class presentation for all to see free of charge.

    And yes Jerome that was a master stroke by the DEMS to have captured the speech in the short time that they had available to them because I understand after Owing made the blabber and mottley and miller hammered him for saying what he said it was very quickly removed from their website, good work DLP team on grabbing it and for having it availble for showing tonight.

    It clearly showed him blabbering the silly statement but then saying he never said it when it was played back people were dumfounded.

  4. Wishing in Vain

    I was told this evening that the offending Arthur’s comment where removed from the website and I can now confirm that no where on the blp website will you find a speech by Owing at his nomination it has been removed any record of it has dissappeared into thin air, the earlier comments about mottley and miller cussing out Owing for having said what he said now seems more than likely to be correct.

    What Owing has to realise is that we do not want a dictatorship in the same way he wants a dictatorship, we want freedom and freedom of expression and freedom of speech that is so sadly lacking in this island recently.

  5. Wishing in Vain

    We’re Ready!
    Friday, 21 December 2007
    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is ready, and has been so for over a year, says Opposition Leader David Thompson.

    Making this bold declaration yesterday following the announcement of the January 15, 2008 General Election, he said his party had been in the field and on the campaign trail with all 30 candidates since October 2006.

    Saying the DLP felt Parliament had been effectively dissolved and there was nothing new Government could do now to positively impact Barbadians, Thompson said an election should have been called well before Christmas so that people’s aspirations could be met “through a new government”.

    He charged that in the last eight months Government had shown “total contempt” for Parliament.

    “So in a sense the Government has demonstrated that it felt that the Parliament of our country had become irrelevant, and therefore we [DLP] felt that we were correct not to return to Parliament,” he added.

    Thompson also blasted the manner in which the election date was announced, calling it an abomination against the country’s Christian tradition.

    “It is abominable that the Prime Minister would’ve cut right into what is really one of the most important events for persons who practise the Christian faith, which is Christmas. And to my mind, this is another manifestation of a form of tyrannical leadership by the Barbados Labour Party,” he said, asking what Government MP Reverend Joseph Atherley might say about it.

    Thompson described the announcement as “insensitive to the thousands of Barbadians who would have come home for Christmas to spend time with family and friends”.

    He dubbed the choice of date as an attempt by the Government to short-circuit political debate leading up to the election.

    “The period for which you’re going to be able to actually debate and discuss issues on the political platform and otherwise will probably be between January 2 and 14 – a 12-day campaign.”

    The DLP leader said his party therefore would not undertake any heightened political activity “until the Christmas and holiday season is over”, and urged his candidates and supporters to take part in church-based activities and make Christmas meaningful.

    “In deference to the Christian community, that is what we view as the kind of political activity that should take place and we will start our campaign after the holiday season,” he said.

    Stressing the spiritual theme, Thomspon invited Barbadians to tonight’s gospel concert featuring Carlene Davis and local acts in Heroes Square, The City, since this was the DLP’s way of saying thanks and marking a spiritual beginning.

    Calling it “an important adjunct to what we think is necessary in Barbados to bring some healing to our nation”, Thompson said 2007 had been a tough year for Barbados with much tragedy.

    “If we’re going to have successful change in Barbados, that change has to come with some important moral foundation,” he said.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    DON’T LET ANYTHING spoil your Christmas!
    Think as a positive Barbadian and reach for the stars. Change is coming your way. That is our message to the people of Barbados this Christmas, even though thinking Barbadians would be extremely disturbed by the statements made by the Prime Minister last Sunday at his nomination, suggesting that it is his desire to remain in office for life.

    While the rabid Barbados Labour Party (BLP) acolytes and How Great Thou Art singers may have lost their ability to reflect on the dangers of this statement, the rest of Barbados has to take the words Arthur used seriously. These statements portend badly for politics in Barbados.
    Arthur’s statement that he is motivated in a special way “never to see the DLP hold the reins of office in this country” has disturbed many Barbadians since the system we practise is a multi-party system. If the Democratic Labour Party or any other political institution is permanently kept from power, this means that Arthur and his outgoing Barbados Labour Party will permanently govern the affairs of this country. How would he and the BLP achieve this?

    We have found that Arthur’s statements sound frighteningly similar to those uttered by Forbes Burhnam years ago. These statements are particularly distressing in the context of a government which only last month attempted to impose legislation that would have tinkered with the constitutional protection guaranteed to civil servants and, moreover, is committed to the pursuit of a republic here.

    Arthur’s obvious obsession with the retention of power is in many ways what we have been talking about for some time now and is exacerbated by the fact that his stated reason for wanting to hold office is a desire to keep the DLP away from office. This is an admission that there is no good reason to re-elect him. Clearly, he recognises that his record is poor and does not warrant re-election, hence he now tries to scare the people of Barbados into believing that the DLP is the problem, in the hope that he will be given a fourth term.

    These statements reveal much about Arthur’s strategy which, for the last 13 years, has distracted the population by focusing excessively on the DLP, while he and his BLP have been mismanaging this country with alarming consequences. [For example], $750 million in cost over-runs, the deterioration of our public services, the treatment of the poor, the failure to solve little problems while focusing on the needs of the BLP’s supporters.

    The DLP has previously and successfully managed the affairs of this country and we are now once more ready to resume this role. Our leadership is clearly now more critical if we are to save Barbados from these BLP power-hungry fanatics who are concerned only with power and not with our national development.

    As we offer ourselves, we do so with full regard and respect for the principles of democracy which inevitably will work both for and against political parties from time to time. The DLP has experienced the best of times as well as political adversity. However, we have always respected the wishes of the electorate and will never seek to impose ourselves on the people of Barbados for longer than the people of Barbados desire our leadership. The Prime Minister would do well to remember that he was elected by the people of Barbados and that Barbados does not belong to him or the Barbados Labour Party.

    We wish all Barbadians a merry Christmas.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    The hands of time?
    Published on: 12/21/07.


    IN THE LAST FEW DAYS I have been indulging in an exercise that many Barbadians have attempted. All, I am sure, like me, with varying degrees of failure.

    I have been trying to get into the head of Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

    It is no easy task.

    Just as we were all beginning to prepare for a politics-free, extended Christmas followed by the optimism of the New Year holiday, yesterday, the man in charge of our affairs announced that we, the people, will go to the polls on Tuesday, January 15.

    So was it a good call, or a bad one?

    One of the questions which arise is, obviously: Why this particular date?

    Was it because of the Ides of January?

    No soothsayer I, we shall have to emulate British Prime Minister Asquith and “wait and see”.

    Certainly, historically January has been a good month for holding elections. When each party held the reins of power, the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in 1991, and the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in 1999, they had successfully held elections in this time period. January 20 and 22 respectively. At another level of reference, it is the month with the birthday of National Hero Errol Barrow, and a time of real pride.

    It is also a month of high employment with the tourism season just starting, and the pre-crop activities of the sugar industry on the way.

    But again that nagging question: Why this particular time?

    All leaders who have the option prefer to latch on to a feel-good factor in choosing a time.

    For Barbadians there is the feel-good factor of family, friends, fellowship and food associated with this time of year, and leaders like to latch on to a feel-good factor when hoping to be re-elected.

    Additionally, there are some early signs of welcome reductions in the cost of selected food items, while cheaper electricity costs have recently been passed on to householders.

    For those who have been saying, after observing election results in St Lucia and Jamaica where incumbent parties lost, that a political wind of change is in the Caribbean, Arthur has been able to find comfort in the fact that in recent weeks and days, ruling parties in both Trinidad and Tobago and Bermuda have been returned to office. It is a good omen for Owen.

    But far and away, the indicator which must have weighed heaviest on Arthur’s unreadable mind were results of a public opinion poll by a group connected with the University of the West Indies at Mona, that correctly predicted results throughout our region this year.

    It has concluded that the BLP will win. Unfortunately the findings of that survey are not available to the public here, but information has been shared with enough people with political connections in Barbados which perforce includes Arthur.

    I think that he would have been aware that any juggling of dates would have become more and more restricted as 2008 progressed. Furthermore, international factors would impact, like rising prices for oil. Plus the prospect of holding the election after presenting another Budget would not have enhanced his chances in the context of global uncertainties, and would have narrowed his options.

    At this time Arthur is buoyed by the state of the economy, which has performed well in recent years, and for which he rightly takes credit.

    But a few things seem strange to me.

    Arthur has chosen to announce the election date on the day before the DLP holds a pre-Christmas rally in Independence Square – a free-bee of a meeting as a Christmas gift to the Opposition.

    Nomination Day is December 31, Old Year’s Day – symbolising the ringing out of the old and bringing in of the new. Another unfortunate choice of date.

    The polling date has been called after the DLP boycotted Parliament for two successive weeks, saying that it was now irrelevant. Arthur proceeds to put an end to the life of the House of Assembly. An admission, if not a new year gesture, to David Thompson.

    Another question arises as to whether Arthur could possibly be running away from controversies. Hot on the heels of the unfinished no-confidence motion against Minister of State Clyde Mascoll over the Hardwood Housing Factory issue, on which neither he nor his deputy Mia Mottley ever got a chance to speak, he calls an election.

    Although I was not in the country for the debate, on good advice it is widely regarded that Thompson spoke well, while Mascoll’s speech turned out to be weak indeed.

    But that’s not all. Arthur has also not yet answered DLP charges about cost over-runs in recent years, to the tune of $750 million.

    Perhaps the mind that we cannot read, will, in his wisdom, provide all the answers during the campaign and we will all accept them all!

    He has given himself a Herculean task to win this one. So if he does win it, he would truly have earned the right to enjoy a fourth term.

    If he does not win it, he will have much over which to brood – “should I have gone before the World Cup when the Dems were unprepared?”

    “After World Cup, while they were still dithering?”

    “Or later in my new election year when I hope to leave them in my dust?”

    For now, the die is cast. Twenty-four days and counting down.

    For sure January 15 will be an historic day for Barbados. It will signal the end of the road for one of our two political leaders. An unprecedented fourth term election for Arthur would provide a grim finality to Thompson’s hopes of ever becoming prime minister. A win for Thompson would render Arthur irrelevant to future Barbadian political leadership because he would never be able to come back.

    Everything is in the hands of the voters of Barbados.

    n Harold Hoyte is Editor Emeritus of the NATION.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    Dems ready for fight
    Published on: 12/21/07.

    THIS GENERAL ELECTION campaign will not see the Democratic Labour Party just sitting back.

    Opposition Leader David Thompson told reporters yesterday at his Aquatic Gap, St Michael law office that “people will have to fight for what they want”.

    Asked if he expected the three-week campaign to be “nasty”, he said: “A line has to be drawn in the sand about the way forward for Barbados and people have to fight for what they want.

    “This campaign is not about sitting back and rolling over because in a sense you’re fighting for your children’s future, you’re fighting for your grandchildren’s future.”

    He added: “In that sense you can’t play around and I’m certain that rough things will be said relative to the way forward and relative to the alliances that people strike politically in Barbados that have retarded the advancement of the majority of people. Therefore, in that sense, it will be a tough campaign, but it comes at a tough time in our political history.”

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Ding-dong battle for Mascoll’s seat?
    Published on: 12/21/07.

    WILL THERE BE an all-out battle for the St Michael North-West constituency?

    Opposition Democratic Labour Party Leader David Thompson is not saying.

    He told journalists yesterday at a Press conference at his Aquatic Gap, St Michael law offices there was “enough evidence on the table to make an assessment”.

    “I don’t think much more needs to be said. There is a doctrine in law [that says] the thing speaks for itself, and I believe that doctrine applies to Clyde Mascoll.

    “He speaks for himself and his political conduct, mores, standards and integrity as a politician have been established and if the people of St Michael North-West are happy with that, then they would be.

    “But I have my doubts that there could be any large group of Barbadians in Barbados that would not have concerns with what they’ve seen happening over the past few weeks and what we have revealed relative to the conduct of the Minister of State,” Thompson said.

    Mascoll had said at a nomination meeting in August that the constituency in which he was the incumbent would be a “hot seat”.

    He said it was so important to the DLP that even if it lost the overall election, but wrested the seat away from him and the Barbados Labour Party, the party would feel victorious.

  10. Bimbro

    You don’t ‘pull-any-punches’, do you, BFP, and darned right, too. Another devastating aritcle in the best tradition of informative, journalism! Keep it up!

  11. Wishing in Vain

    Published on: 12/22/07.


    THE CONTROVERSIAL Hardwood Housing Factory Inc has been dealt another blow.

    The SATURDAY SUN understands that 17 employees out of a staff of 53, comprising carpenters, masons and labourers have left the company to join former chief executive officer Anthony Murrell in his venture to start his own construction company.

    Murrell resigned on Tuesday, December 18, in the “interest and reputation of the company”.

    The factory’s operations were brought under scrutiny by leader of the Opposition Democratic Labour Party David Thompson and a no-confidence motion was being debated in Parliament against Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office, Clyde Mascoll, concerning his relationship with the factory. That motion was suspended before the dissolution of the House.

    The Six Roads, St Philip operation also suffered the loss of one member of its board of directors, Doug Skeete, who resigned effective November 30.

    Board chairman Tony Hoyos confirmed Skeete’s resignation.

    “He intimated to me he was going to do so. Dougie Skeete does a lot of things and is on a lot of different committees, he’s busy. There’s nothing untoward about his resignation. We have monthly meetings, the last of which was held in November, so my guess is he resigned shortly after.

    “Dougie is a talented individual with a lot of experience in the business and accounting world. We wish him well, but in Barbados there is a large pool of talent willing to serve. Boards of directors aren’t cast in concrete. It’s not earth-shattering,” said Hoyos.

    Concerning the exodus of some employees since Murrell stepped down, Hoyos had this to say:

    “There was discussion as to whether other workers would go with Murrell. We are restructuring and moving towards sub-contracting. Now we’re getting into big projects it’s more efficient to sub-contract, so if some staff want to go with Tony Murrell or someone else, that’s okay.”

    Hoyos said the factory was currently closed for Christmas and would be reopening in January. By then, he said he would be able to give a head count.

    When the SATURDAY SUN contacted Murrell, he said he was in the process of “putting everything together” so his new company, which would be owned and run solely by artisans, could open on January 15 – election day. He also confirmed that some employees from Hardwood would be joining him.

    He said he was looking for a name for the business which would be located in Market Hill, St George.

    “Every aspect of the company will be managed by trades people. It is about time that trades persons own something, run something and manage something. Contrary to popular belief, trades persons are not idiots; it takes a whole lot of common sense to build a house,” he said via a telephone interview.

    His ties with Hardwood have not been completely severed since he is still a shareholder in that company and will be one of its sub-contractors.

    Murrell said his mission was the same as it always had been – to provide affordable housing.

    “The company’s success will not be measured in dollars and cents but by how many houses we make for persons in the lower-income bracket,” he said.

  12. Bimbro

    Calling a general election ‘over the christmas period’ does n’t seem to be the most reasonable, thing to do! In fact, if I were a voter, I should be most peeved, to say the least. A general election is a serious matter, there’re not many more serious events in a person’s life than helping to choose the next government, and so to tack it on to a time when Barbadians are still luxuriating from the Xmas festivities and perhaps, have n’t yet returned to full, frontal, hard, political insight seems to me to be, less than equitable! Might this not be an instance for comment or intervention by the Governor General?

  13. Bimbro

    I deliberately, said, ‘over the xmas period’ – which, in my book can be anything up to two weeks after Dec. 31st.

    Luxuriating does n’t mean that all brain function has ceased. It simply means that you’re not as focused on politics as one might be, normally!

    I think if you were to cease the abuse and engage your brain, more fully, you might be able to see these, for yourself!

  14. Bimbro

    You’re ‘getting there’ Michael, but you still have some way to go. Keep taking the pills and you might succeed!!!!

  15. Jerome Hinds

    Desperate BFP bunch of liars.

    15,000 crowd?

    What a stupid joke!

    Where are the photos? Desperate BFP bunch of liars.

    15,000 crowd?

    What a stupid joke!

    Where are the photos? Video clips?

    Did you fools forget that 15,000 people can’t fit into Heroes Square?

    Did you fools forget that 15,000 people can’t fit into Heroes Square?

    COOL…….Do not get beside yourself…..!

    The concert was in HEROES SQUARE !

    The 15,000 STRONG crowd spilled over to :

    ** The BOARDWALK !


    ** CAVANS LANE !


    And COOL… asked about VIDEO CLIPS……?????

    When Owen’s VIDEO CLIP from BLP TV appeared on the BIG SCREEN…….the conservative crowd estimate of 15,000 SWELLED to nearly 20,000…….!

    Just imagine what the crowds will look like when the $ 750,000 CHEQUE ( among others ) appear on the BIG SCREEN over the next 3 weeks !

    Brother…Sister……it ain’t going be COOL no more… gine get ACID !

    Wait & Watch !

  16. Bimbro

    Thanks but, probably, unlike you, I’m teetotal and ‘never talk through my a**e!!!!

  17. Rumplestilskin

    A few things on Hoyte’s article:

    1) I agree that January 15th was chosen as a feel good date, just after Xmas ‘cheer’ and Xmas money

    2) Hoyte gives credit for the economy to Arthur? No, the world economy has been buoyed for some time and Barbados’s economic fortunes closely follow the world economy. No rocket science there, in fact his administration has put the country into an unsatisfactory and possibly unmanageable debt position.

    3) The international economy on the decline, specifally USA’s indicates a downturn for us also, and due to the extended debt position created by this administration, a MAJOR period of turbulence in 2008 and for a few years beyond for us, so its logical for Arthur to call the election as late as possible but before things turn sour, which is January.

    4) He knows that he has lost ground with Mascoll, witness at Mia’s sudden re-rise to the fore, thus to wait any longer, even if he was not worried about the world economy, would not be sensible. He cannot afford another Ministerial scandal or else the ‘gamble’ would be a certainty for the other side.

    5) Hardwood, temporarily at least, has distracted attention from other major issues such as GEMS and Greenland, a bit of a bonus.

    6) 12 days of campaigning would be short enough to limit damage and make more sense from astrategy point of view.

    That is my take on the timing and it reflects careful thought in doing so.

    He knows what his cards are and is playing carefully.

    What Thompson now needs to watch is for the ‘Ace’ that will be played the first week in January.

    Whether a personal attack, an early budget (have not thought of that have you?) or some such, there must surely be an ‘Ace’.


  18. Jerome Hinds

    Michael Smith…..from infant days / church days you should have known that Christmas is celebrated within the season of ADVENT to EPIPHANY .

    That translated into simple language for a SIMPLETON like you means from the first week of DECEMBER in any year to…..6th of JANUARY in the following year .

    Therefore, Owen Arthur did call the election during the CHRISTMAS period .

    You are right… is his RIGHT to call an ELECTION when he so desires !

    Michael Smith…….by the same token would say Owen Arthur was RIGHT to tell Barbadians he is
    ” MOTIVATED in a special way to see that the DLP never holds office in this country AGAIN ”

    Given the FACT that the same OWEN ARTHUR has :

    ** Yet to CONDEMN Robert Mugabe’s declaration of WAR on the OPPOSITION in ZIMBABWE ???

    ** Yet to PUBLICLY admonish Lynette Eastmond for her 2003 ” No OPPOSITION party ” speech ????

    ** PUBLICLY declared in 2005 that there will be no REFERENDUM on REPUBLICAN status in Barbados ???

    ** PUBLICLY demonstrated his PARTY’s intention to change the BARBADOS Constitution only a few weeks ago ????

    Michael Smith… SIMPLETON…..leave out the APPLETON…..and think & answer….WISELY !

  19. Rumplestilskin

    Finally, in terms of strategy, Thompson should have a ‘deputy’ make the most of the resurgence of Mia in the shadow of Mascoll’s ‘Hardwood Issue’.

    Point to the incumbent administration’s struggle’s to find suitable deputies and strong Cabinet members amidst tribulations and their fractionalisation, their constant state of being out of favour with the PM.

    Show the cracks in the ‘armour’. Let a Thompson deputy work it, while Thompson focuses on the ‘big socio-economic issues’ and overall philosophy.

    Thompson not to squabble, let a deputy do that.

  20. Jerome Hinds

    So too should the DLP be “motivated in a special way to see that the BLP never holds office in this country again”.


    Michael Smith……you are DEAD wrong again !

    Leave out de….APPLETON !

    It is the same rational thinking BARBADIANS you are poking fun at it !

    But remember this……they also VOTED against the ” let Douglas Leopold Phillips STARVE ” infamous speech !

    Do you recall from which party those words were UTTERED ???

    I hope you are too DRONK to remember….!

  21. finally de bell ring. of course the euphoria of xmas will take a toll on the ones not thinking. after all who wants to address the harsh realities of everyday when you are drunk, pigged out or too damn lazy to think.the signs have been on the wall for a long time. the pm would rather dissolve parliament than face a no-confidence motion; let go mascoll who is a deadweight;talk the truth about the split between himself and his deputy. the opposition has had the better of this late term blp by keeping up the public commentary through its meetings. it would be a great birthday gift to the skipper to sweep them out. we deserve better.
    the slough of despond continues if we keep them in office . if i was a public servant i would know where to put my x. it is up to the people. arch-cot, hardwood,the biting, the earth tremor and now the comment about making sure the dems never rule b/dos again should be a sign for the discerning.
    give them 24-3 again.
    the time for change is now.

  22. Jerome Hinds

    Michael Smith…..I hope the APPLETON yuh drinking allow you to read this carefully !

    Since you claim Owen doing so well and talking so well……how come he is now denying using ” the no DEMS in office AGAIN ” speech ????

    Did you see the clipping from BLP TV with the same speech that was shown in HEROES SQUARE last night…..?

    I am not surprised……you were busy getting DRUNK on your APPLETON…..hoping it was all a bad DREAM upon AWAKING….???

    I am happy to tell you……DREAM ON !!!!

  23. Jerome Hinds


    For clarity……in the picture at the very top of this particular article……can you tell us the name of that RUSSIAN BEAR on the right of Hon. VLADIMIR PUTIN ?

  24. Wishing in Vain

    The apparent selfdestruction that is clear to see taking place within the BLP is causing its writers to stoop to the lowest levels on these blogs, the language is absolutely disgusted and I am ashamed that it even makes it to print.

    My party faithfuls all 30 of them please control your tongues and your manners on these sites people deserve better that your poor display of manners.

    It is not our fault that your leader is at war with most of them in his party no wonder we witnessed the blistering attack that he received the other day after the delivery of his wild boy speech that he does not want ever to see the DLP rule this country that miller , mottley and company hammered his for bad judgment and just downright arrogance, so much so that they have removed the offending comments from their website, Owings nomination and not a single word on their website with his speech????


    Just admit to your many corrupt acts and plead guilty, remember Mr Thopmson has promised to put one or two of you and your clan behind bars stating with, NICHOLLS, LYNCH, and OWING it will be a first the former PM committed to prison for stealing taxpayers money.

  25. Jerome Hinds

    Jay // December 22, 2007 at 10:13 am

    word out today…….19 seats confirmed for the BLP. 6 unsure. 5 guaranteed for the DLP.

    Dream on…….JAY !

    It is obvious the only street you STUCK on is……ROEBUCK STREET opposite LIONEL HILL SUPERMARKET !

    By the way… that you are back on – line… come your party leader’s much heralded nomination speech is no longer on BLP TV ??????

    One of your BLP die – hard party faithfuls shouted out last night in HEROES SQUARE….thank God for the DLP…..when a clipping of the speech from BLP TV appeared on the BIG SCREEN !

    Tell OWEN be VERY careful what he now seeks to DENY in this TECHNOLOGICAL era !

    $ 750,000.00 CHEQUE……what I am telling you……????

  26. Wishing in Vain




  27. Hants

    Jerome Hinds…. please be careful with the language you use on this blog.

    Your views are needed on this blog so try not to get banned at least during the campaign.

    DLP supporters must focus on the task at hand.
    This election is the DLP’s to win.

    I just read …….

    “The hands of time?
    Published on: 12/21/07.


    Could this be payback for Arthur calling him a “negrocrat” ?

  28. Wishing in Vain

    Cou Cou has been informed by someone very close to the horse’s mouth, that an individual left one location with an idea in his head and a number on a document, and headed to a second location with “17” ringing in his ears.

    But, after being informed of a leak and that the number was not in his head alone, he made some quick decisions and substracted two. The rest, as they say, is history.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    Five left behind

    THE CALL has been made but apparently at least five operatives in the hive have been caught with their pants and slips very much down.

    Cou Cou was told by an inside source that they were still trying to fine-tune certain plans in their ridings when the word came.

    They apparently had received a wire of the imminent move and had sought at least a two-month grace period. But it never came. Indeed, one individual has started to have some roads in his urban area paved after they had been in a dreadful state for over a decade and he had previously promised to get them fixed.

    Cou Cou will not say who the five are but readers can check for any signs of disorganisation in the weeks ahead and the answers will be self-evident.

  30. Jerome Hinds

    Wishing in Vain
    December 22, 2007 at 2:53 pm
    Cou Cou has been informed by someone very close to the horse’s mouth, that an individual left one location with an idea in his head and a number on a document, and headed to a second location with “17″ ringing in his ears.

    But, after being informed of a leak and that the number was not in his head alone, he made some quick decisions and substracted two. The rest, as they say, is history.


    I am not surprised……………that “17″ ringing in his ears……..

    But it was the 2 SNAPS in his mouth that caused the 17th to be reduced to the 15th…..!

    2 SNAPS of rum is that powerful……..I guess Owen finally realised that……2 DAYS ago !

  31. Wishing in Vain

    It appears to me that after Owing ran afoul of his other party members he opted to unmercyfully shaft them by calling the election even though many of them were not nearly ready for an election.

    I also put it to you that he even surprised the Commissioner and those at the Electoral and Bounderies Commission with his decision on his date so much so that the Commission is no where near ready for this election and are short of staff to man at least 3 polling stations 2 of which are in the St.James zone.

    Look at what can happen so rapidly when the party tries to start fighting on too many fronts it disintegrates to a shadow of its former self with mottley at owing’s throat and owing at mottley’s throat no wonder they are unable to get the peoples work done.

  32. Wishing in Vain

    Some say that he was so drunk when he spoke at his nomination that he did not know what he said but trust me as the PM you are held accountable for your mouthings and his mouthings were stupid and he must pay for his arrogance, NOBODY has that right to decide that it should be a one party state as Mr Thompson said last night only the Lord Almighty can decide that.

  33. Negrocrat

    I am not surprised about Owen Arthur’s denial of the comment he made about his mission to see that the DLP never governs Bdos again. He is a liar and a cheat – always was except that he was able to mask it cleaverly.
    Now the truth is out. The DLP has the original tape which cannot be contested.
    I see that Dopey Ezra Alleyne has tried to soften the statement by saying that Owen as referring to the DLP under david Thompson but this has now been laid bare.What a shame for the Leader of Bdos to be proven to be a liar and a cheat.
    Barbadians have to go out in our numbers to remove this tinpot dictator.

  34. Negrocrat

    Can you imagine that in Tom Bend’s Gap in St. Peter, COW construction was paving a road well past midnight on Wednesday and resumed early on Thursday morning?
    I thought that from a newspaper report these roads were to be done by Brathwaite’s construction – the late Roy Brathwaite’s construction firm. What has happened to them. Not a road from Owen!
    The P.M is running scared. Haynesley Benn has him bent up. He does not know what to do.
    He went canvassing in Boscobel recently – a thing he has never done himself before and one young man told him: ” we are now on an equal footing”. “What do you mean?” the PM asked.
    The young man replied”You need me now more that I need you, so go to hell”!

  35. Negrocrat

    Ha Ha you cannot take the licks. These are some sprats that are being thrown out. Wiat until the heavy blows start.
    By the way go into St. Peter and see how the winds of change are blowing. They blowing in the direction of Mr. Haynesley Benn.
    While you are at it, can you explain to the people of St. Peter how Owen Arthur as their Representative could preside over a Cabinet that permitted the closure and destruction of a functioning Hospital – the St. Joseph Hospital- in his St. Peter Constituency.
    More blows will be cominf for that non-represtenative Owen Arthur! Wait.

  36. Fred




  37. Negrocrat

    By the way, Anonymous, Can you find out who withdrew the invitation that was sent to Mr. Haynesley Benn for the function to turn on the lights at Boscobel?
    Never mind, he was there mingling in the crowd, where it matters.
    But isn’t it a sad day when a taxpayer could be uninvited to a function that taxpayers were paying for?
    People, where are we heading in this country?
    We now know, judging from Oewn Arthur’s statement at the Alexandrs’s School on Sunday!
    We have to get rid of this pint size dictator and his scamps.

  38. Fred

    We have to get rid of this pint size dictator and his scamps.

    It may well be that he and the clan are doing a very good job at it themselves give he and mottley and miller more rope please let them hang themselves please.

    My opinion is that Owing has amassed enough personal wealth and does not give a hell about any of them despite the smiling at one another the willingness to kill each other politically is very evident for all to see, as he said on Sunday he will not let mottel be PM in his time and as result of that statement there is only one option for it to take that is remove Owing from the front line and conqueror the floating support within the blp.
    Keep fighting Owing, Farley, Atherley, mottley, Clarke keep up the good work.

  39. Wishing in Vain

    Can anyone please tell me why a mailing being sent out to the public from the BLP states that polling day is on the 15th January 2007 are they living in times past ???

    Just another example of how unready they all were with Owing’s effort to shaft all of them when they annoyed him.

  40. Rumplestilskin

    It would be interesting if St.Peter results flow in early.

    That will tell how the election itself is falling.

    If Arthur is leading fairly well, but Benn still showing then the game is wide open.

    If however, Ben is running close to Arthur then it is all over bar the shouting, probably looking at a landslide for the DLP.

  41. Rumplestilskin

    Hard to beat an incumbent PM, but if Benn comes close then it will be significant for the election as a whole.

  42. Negrocrat

    By the way, Anonymous, can you tell what is the Number of Owen Arthur’s Villa at Port St. Charles?

  43. Negrocrat

    Or if he has one?

  44. Wishing in Vain

    All results are in play in this election including the most unlikely results.

    Why would you suggest that Arthur cannot be beaten after all the corruption that he has masterminded the people of St.Peter are feeling the strain of his stealing just as all the other parishes are they are no different had he not feathered his nest so well we would not be feeling half the strain that we are feelin now.

  45. Wishing in Vain

    Ask Hallam Nicholls he would know as he arrange it on owings behalf.

  46. Anonymous

    Wishing in Vain

    I have to tell you… there is nothing appealing about any of that.

    Where are the 15,000 people?

    All I see there is a very small crowd of perhaps dozens.

    Poor Dems. Even their singing is not sweet. They look defeated already.


  47. Rumplestilskin

    No. It is just very unusual for an incumbent PM to be beaten in his own constituency.

    When all else is falling around usually at least the incumbent PM retain their seat.

    Check the past.

    Which is why I make the point that if when early exit polls are coming in on election night showing Ben giving Owen a good run, then you can virtually count the election as over.

    An incumbent PM always has an advantage in his own locale, if that advantage is compromised, then things are very serious.


  48. Jerome Hinds

    December 22, 2007 at 5:43 pm
    Hard to beat an incumbent PM, but if Benn comes close then it will be significant for the election as a whole.

    The recent Australian general election shows that it quite possible !

    Secondly, do not forget BREE in 1986 !

  49. Hants

    Haynsley Benn can be a “sacrificial lamb” and then be appointed to the senate after the DLP forms the Government.

    He would be a good minister of Agriculture.

    Owen is not likely to lose unless he has been careless in dealing with the people of St.Peter.

  50. Jerome Hinds


    Owen has been careless with most things lately….including the HIGH SPIRITS !

    He jumped from 17 to 15……after 2 SNAPS of a powerful one !

  51. Bimbro

    Wishing in Vain
    December 22, 2007 at 5:35 pm
    Can anyone please tell me why a mailing being sent out to the public from the BLP states that polling day is on the 15th January 2007 are they living in times past ???


    Call me an old cynic but you don’t think it’s so, if he lost the election, he could have it declared null and void ‘because of a technical-hitch’, do you????

    No, surely, even Arthur could n’t stoop so low?!?!!!?

  52. littleboy

    You have made Rawle Eastmond wake up!!! I saw him driving around with a teacher cum pastor named Lord, delivering stuff to a house. Believe it or not the contents were in GARBAGE BAGS.I also saw the DLP fellow (Husbands) delivering some too…his were dressed up in pretty cellophane wrap. One lady was heard to say that it shows what the two candidates thought about their constituents.
    I also overheard Husbands telling someone that Lord has promised to support him (Husbands) in this election.
    Well that left we wondering whom the pastor is deceiving!!!
    This election will be interesting!!!

  53. Fred

    Any candidate who can openly state that he does not know what he has done to the Prime Minister that for the last 9 years the Prime Minister has done nothing for he or his people.


    I am voting like so many other right thinking Barbadians, I am voting for change, I am voting against corruption and arrogance, I am voting for a new beginning and I am supporting a winning party and giving the candidate of that winning part my full support.

  54. Wishing in Vain

    Victor R Callender
    December 24, 2007 at 2:45 am
    I am particularly amazed by the Barbados Labor Party and its political “Mottley Crew.” Owen Arthur is politically punch drunk, and a mere political shadow of what he used to be. The Barbados Labor Party has all chiefs and no indians, hence Arthur hangs on to power rather than stepping aside and offering up fresh blood. He (Arthur) does not trust a single member of his own Party the BLP to carry on the legacy of that Party’s founders. It is wishful thinking to assume that Mia Mottley a political failure of epic magnitude can lead the BLP or Barbadians anywhere. That Ms Mottley has not carried out her ministerial duties with any form of competence lends only to her abysmal lilliputian understanding of efficient government at work. The traitor Mascoll who has become the Prime Minister’s “Stooge Pigeon” or his glorified Parliamentary Secretary is a political nomad. Mr. Mascoll you are a political refugee, the equivalent to “Benedict Arnold.” The day you crossed over was the end of your political career and perhaps the most incomprehensibly stupid move in the history of Barbadian politics. You claim to be numerate Mr. Mascoll, but you did not count the numbers ahead of you for the leadership of the BLP. Mr. Arthur please don’t do Barbadians any favors, leave politics while you do not need the usage of a walker or a cain. The office of Prime Minister and the instruments of power belong to the people of Barbados. Take your money and invest it in Florida, where you’ve already set up trust accounts for your wife and children.

  55. Negrocrat

    Rawle eastmond is a lazy, non-achieving representative who was asleep for years.
    What has he done in the lst 5 years? He was minister of labour and c annot point to one piece of labout legislation that was passed under his watch
    He presided over the importation and employment of Chinese labour on both Government and private projects to the detriment of Bdian labour.
    In the onstituency of St. James North, he can point to nothing. He has not been on touch with his constituents.
    Things got so bad for him that it drove him mad to the extent where hexposed himselh on radio as a do nothing representative.
    He cursed out Owen Arthur on that occasion.\He is now walking around sayig that he knows that the BLp will be slaughtererd by the DLp but he wants to regain his seat.
    Voters be careful of this slimy rum bibber. He is all about himself.
    Rawle has no class and this proven by the way in which he was handing out the Welfare Dept. gifts recently.
    By the way does he still go to the shop and pick up every little drink that the fellows buy?


    DE BUMBLE BEE // December 24, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    To all my fellow BLP bloggers on this site.

    Why does our leader , Owen Arthur’s , nomination speech no longer appear on the BLP web site or BLP TV ?

    I watched that speech live on the 16th of December 2007.

    On the morning after, 17th December 2007, I watched it again with 2 of my neighbours.

    I will admit that there were areas of the speech that Owen start to frighten me !

    I could not believe my ears when he spoke about the Late Errol Barrow in the way he did.

    This is the same Errol Barrow that OWEN was praising in Independence Square in January 2007.

    Then the talk about no ” DLP gov’t in office again ” shook me up.

    I love my BLP & my PM , but like a lot of BARBADIANS we love OUR country real bad.

    If the BLP hierachy believe Owen was out of line , then ASK him to apologise .

    Tony Blair APOLOGISED during his time !

    George Bush APOLOGISED during his time !

    John Howard APOLOGISED during his time !

    Erskine Sandiford APOLOGISED during his time !

    That is the HALLMARK of LEADERSHIP for me & thousands more BARBADIANS !

    Put back up the speech on BLP TV and APOLOGISE…….or ELSE

    Kiss the 15th of JANUARY 2008……GOOD BYE .

  57. Jerome Hinds

    DE BUMBLE BEE // December 24, 2007 at 4:20 pm

    You see what I mean one hour , five minutes and eighteen seconds ( 1:05:18 ) of Owen speech, but the part with ” Never another DLP government in office ” is missing.

    Does our BLP supporters realise that the DLP has the original tape ?

    Such Stupid Comments …….wake up and do not do any further damage.

    A lot of BLP people were in the room at Alexandra from what I have been told.

    Follow the speech below :


    Anonymous // December 24, 2007 at 5:16 pm


    I do not know you but I must congratulate for you bravery , openness & honesty.

    Thanks for the wake up call you provided in the link above about Owen’s speech.

    I know he said it because my mother – an untiring BLP supporter – came home that evening from Alexander School Hall voicing her disgust about that statement.

    I have just listened to the link you provided and the crowd there was very lukewarm from their responses – my mother agreed as well .

    No wonder Owen called the election 4 days after .

    But why is the BLP hiding what Owen Arthur said about the DLP on that ” never return to office ” issue.

    Rickey Sighn wants to know as well.

    The BLP & Owen has shown poor LEADERSHIP on this one.

    Are we voting for a one party state on the 15 january 2008 ?

    Where the BLP commentators on this one ?

    Speak up & speak out !

    Barbadians are watching and listening .

  58. Negrocrat

    Owen Arthur is too big to apologise. Remember when David Thompson stumped him with the $75,000.00 cheque, his parting shot before he collapsed into his seat was that “Barbadians turstme, they do not believe a word that you say”. He is an arrogant tin pot dictator.
    I am not at all surprised at his Jekkyl and Hyde behaviour towards our National Hero, Rt Excellent Errol Barrow.
    Nether am I surprised by his statement about the DLP never holding office again and that is why he needs a 4th Term. Remember ‘ a drunken man reveals sober mind”. So no excuses now!
    Whil we are at it, does the public know that Owen gave 4 white firms in Bdos the opportunity to bid and make proposals for the use of public lands at Harrison’s Point in St. Lucy?
    Has it been sold as is privately reported or what are the conditions of the trsaction?
    All of this was done in secret.
    What has been his payback for this gesture?
    Owen and his scamps must go otherwise when we wake up, we Bajans will not own anything in Bdos.

  59. Jerome Hinds

    Amen to your last post , NEGROCRAT.

    The posting below was taken from the BLP blog site. Obviously, some BEES are asking some questions.

    This is interesting.

    Is this how CBC is used to EDIT statements when they are challenged.

    CHAVEZ & MUGABE would be proud.

    Fortunately, DE BUMBLE BEE is not amused !


    DE BUMBLE BEE // December 24, 2007 at 6:48 pm

    Such Stupid Comments , Jay , Open Eyes and other BLP commentators on this site , you see how you all doing further damage to the reputation of the BLP ?

    Do you all notice that the DEMS trailing the BEES 35% to 30 % and SOME of we BLP supporters talking ‘ bout the DEMS divided !

    WE ain’t fooling Barbadians with that nonsense in 2007….yuh HEAR ?

    I am asking BLP supporters again….. Why does our leader , Owen Arthur’s , nomination speech no longer appear on the BLP web site or BLP TV with the ” No DLP gov’t ever again ” line ?

    Follow the speech below :

    Do we BLP people understand what it means with a SWING growing from 5.5 % in October 2007 ( WICKHAM POLL ) to 7.9 % in December 2007 ( UWI / BELLE poll ) and the electorate complaining about how we have dealt with the :







    We BLP PEOPLE fuh REAL ?????

  60. Once a BEE

    Are you saying that Rawle Eastmond is a mad man just because he made certain utterings when his blood sugar was low? Medical sources ( Dr. Walcott?) confirmed that his blood sugar was low. IT WAS A CASE OF temporary irrational behaviour, one of the indicators of hypoglycaemia.

    I agree with you however that he is lazy. He made no effort besides talking about labour legislation. He promised and promised and promised! He does nothing but promise people. He is the ultimate politician.

    There is absolutely nothing he has done to improve the3 lot of employees. Even the Health and Safety at Work had not yet been proclaimed by the Gov General. He has failed administeratively and have not been able to put the necessary infrastructure in place for the effective implimentation and administration of the said Act. He should be reliefed of his duties but St.James north is a very strong BLP area.

  61. Negrocrat

    Once a Bee,
    You have hit the nail on the head about lazy Rawle.
    And can you imagine that he like all the others agreed to suspend the Constitution of Bdos so that they could appoint 325 Bees who are not qualified to enter the Cvil Service – some with out the required academic Qualifications and some with criminal records less than 3 years ago.
    Rawle has a lot to answer for as he is helping to push this country down the slippery slope to dictatorship.
    The pint pot dictator Owen is leading the pach of scamps-Rawle included- down this road- Republic-One party State- Dictatorship.
    Forbes Burnham, Chavez, Mugabe, Castro and allthe other Dictators could not have planned it better.
    What is Owen afraid of that he has suddenly called the elections for 15th january.
    We know that he a lot to hide and he is afraid of more scandlas coming out.
    By the way, does anyone know how much Owen’s divorce settlement was?
    I am a divorcee and anyone can go to the Registrar’s Office and see what settklement that I made. So too you can find out about the average Barbadian.
    But what about the KiakiBoar Owen Arthur?
    It has been withdrawn from the files.Talk about demecracy in Bim!

  62. Once a BEE

    I know for sure that Beverlie was the recepient of a very large house valued over a million dollars in Gibbs. Now how did the PM manage that one. Additionally Owen oowns several properties on the island including some in St.James

  63. Fred

    Democracy died about 5 years ago when Arthur decided to pull the rug from out under Mottley, and each time she attempts to stand or to wipe her feet on the rug it gets ripped from under her again and again.

    Rawle Eastmond has no choice but to run again as he was recently reported as saying the unless he can get the salary of a Minister he cannot live, here it is we have a qualified Attorney at Law making his living out of the taxpayers of this island and one that is unable to make a livelyhood in a high paying profession such as an Attorney at Law but is dependant on we the taxpayers to give him a salary and keep him living well meanwhile he does nothing to earn this salary, as he has openly said before he does not know what he did the Prime Minister for the Prime Minister not to do anything for he or his people for the past 9 years is almost amusing were it not for the seriousness of the reality of this fiasco.

  64. Bimbro

    Did somebody suggest above, that Bim politicians buy votes by delivering presents in gift-bags to their prospective, voters? Amazing if it’s true and surely, should n’t be allowed!!!!

  65. Rumplestilskin

    Bimbro? You have GOT to be kidding!

    Where do you think the phrase ‘corned beef and biscuits’ originated?

    Now however, things have progressed to hampers, evn appliances in some cases.

    Hopefully however, the sensible voter takes the hampers or whatever and just votes by their conscience anyway!

  66. Fred

    It is very slack of those in authority to be shielding Arthur from exposure of the facts relating to the value and conditions of his divorce settlement.

    If it is at the level as has been stated of $ 10 million it does leave room to ask many questions as to how he would have amassed this sort of wealth in his second term in office, it did not even take place in the third term, as it is so clear to see that there is unabated corruption taking place here now, but to have been able to make such a settlement so many years ago clearly indicates that the corruption set in so much earlier that we first may have thought it did.

    The FACT that DAVID SIMMONS has been a WILLING and ABLE PARTNER to this ILLEGAL ACTIVITY of CONCEALING THESE DOCUMENTS is a sad statement about the political nature of his role as CJ of this island, the LAW OF THE LAND is there for us all to live by, it is not ok for ARTHUR to live by one set of rules and we that have no power over the islands law makers and enforcers of the law we live under another rule.

    Where is the Justice in this manner of goverence ?
    May I suggest that there is NO JUSTICE in this arrangement, it is one that has been manipulated by ones like Arthur for his and his friends own purposes at the expense to us the ordinary citizens of this island.

  67. Fred

    I too watched the speech in earnest of the now infamous comment. The fact that the BLP would edit a video to omit a quote that was reported, heard by hundreds of witnesses and recorded in other places shows a lack of respect for my common sense and devalues their attempts at openness and freedom of informatino via BLP-TV. Yet another reason not to give them my vote on the 15th.

    My old man always used to say to me that you really always should believe what a drunk mans says to you, because it is when he is drunk he is at his most unguarded and honest in what he says and he means.

    It was reported that Arthur was drunk when he made his now well documented I did not say that speech about never wanting to see the DLP hold office ever again and his hateful comment about our father of Independence and our NATIONAL HERO ERROL WALTON BARROW to have said what he did about a NATIONAL HERO OF THIS ISLAND is grossly disrespectful to our NATIONAL HERO and to Barbadians in general.

    His comments made while drunk as I started by saying maybe those made from the heart and should be seen as such that given the chance he may well do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to alter this election result including voter fraud, let us not forget the stack of ID cards that lurked around with Mark Smart’s campaign !!!

    If they would do it for MARK SMART why would they not do likewise for this election?

    These are serious times ahead let no one fool you, voter with you heart and not with your pocket and life will get so much better.

    Think about the stage that we are a in this country now, not a single project in 7 years has come in ON BUDGET OR COME IN ON TIME, add to that $ 750 MILLION in COST OVERRUNS on everything that this lot is involved with, do we need more of the same?

    Not for me it is time for a change, and it is coming on the 15th of JANUARY 2008 , Thank God for the opportunity to make a difference!!!!!!

  68. Fred

    No wonder Sachar from Blue Communicationsthat was so uncomfortable at a certain party of a big corporate event and he was in the company of so many DEMS around those DEMS in Parliament and those from the Senate were present he did not last too long at the event, maybe he felt uneasy in their company.
    Seems to me that a lot of these BLP hopefulls are no longer so confident in themselves or their staus at the polls the are making fleeting appearences at social events and generally the guest are not flocking around to hear what they are saying as used to the case hence they have lost the limelight and the glow and it is clearly manifesting it in their actions to the public.
    I am also now hearing that the two seats that the blp considered safe seats are no longer so these two being the clown Rawle Eastmond’s and Ronald Toppin’s seats my understanding of the rsult of a poll conducted indicates a very narrow margin of seperation between the candidates of the blp and those of the DLP.
    Well done guys keep the effort going to the finish line.

  69. Littleboy

    I have a friend in St James North who tells me that even in Sion Hill area the young and old “does flock ’round Husbands, because he do good for the footballers,cricketers and volleyballers, and he write a lot of letters to get help for people “.
    The old lady also said that Eastmond used to hide from the constituents and refuse to answer his home phone.
    Based on what she said, I believe that seat is a clear one for the DEMS.
    Once a BEE
    Dr Walcott said that Eastmond “displayed symptoms asociated with hypoglycaemia” not that he “suffered or was suffering from hypoglycaemia.Symptoms of dengue fever and leptospyrosis are similar, but the treatments are different.
    In Eastmonds case, he was warded in the psychiatric unit in the private ward. Note the metal louvres as opposed to the open balcony set upm in other wards.A4 has a similar set up.
    Owen and his band of demons (diabolical forces) made the man “trip”. He was about to resign and Walcott and Erskine Griffith went to his office and put the phone down when he called Brass Tacks on the second occasion.
    They cannot now come and tell the public that all is well with Rawle.

  70. SugarSugar

    Is the BLP serious about running all those mad people as candidates:
    Rawle Eastmond – is he still beseiged by those diabolical forces? I wonder if Owen ever forgave him. He could really do himself a favour and rest himself.
    Mia – this is a mental case on its own. Whose brother is she anyway?
    Cynthie – Mia said she was on her left and right
    Liz – has become so coarse and sounds slutish – I thought she went to Queens College – what hapened to the ladies?
    Owen – only madmen call people in the middle of the night to cuss them

  71. frankology

    I have a friend in St James North who tells me that even in Sion Hill area the young and old “does flock ’round Husbands, because he do good for the footballers,cricketers and volleyballers, and he write a lot of letters to get help for people “.
    Your concoction of hearsays are in-appropriate for the development of debate during this election. You even gone to the length of describing Mr. Eastmond’s health problem. Some of the greatest brains do have breakdowns, some survive and some make a comeback. In Mr. Eastmond’s case, he is a living testimony of a person who been there done that.
    The blogs are concerned with the vile remarks of people who of the opinion of some, could be associated with the ruling party. After analysing comments from certain commenters with partisan support for the opposition party, I have to ask myself if some of these people might be responsible for some of the vile comments. Looking at some of the comments and the language used, I have to ask questions. Are these people orchestrating disruptive political behaviour unknown to the party?

    Let’s move away from the gutter politics, Please!.

  72. Jerome Hinds

    frankology Says:
    Special advice to you FRANKOLOGY………do not spend aLL your time in St. MICHAEL NORTH – WEST handing out hampers… will need some of the goodies for the HARD months ahead !

    Why are you still of the believe that I am Mascoll or your aka Ascoll. Look at me, do I look or sound like hime?. Please do not associate me with any politician. Thanks for your wishes and please, do everything in moderation.


    There is nothing in the FIRST paragraph that SUGGESTS / STATES that your are CLYDE MASCOLL !

    Read it carefully…..AGAIN !

    What is it about St. Michael North – West that……rattles you ?



    Now that you have worked so hard…….clarify paragraph 1 & 3 above !

  73. littleboy

    The need for truth must be paramount whenever there is discussion;political or otherwise.
    What you are obviously missing is that Eastmond’s colleagues drove him to frustration and then sought to make it look like a mental breakdown. Listen to the recording of his call to Brass Tacks and note how coherent he was. I know that he dove his car to the hospital. Frequent reports were made to me by someone close to both of us.
    As to your comment about his having “been there and done that” you need to explain how come the Minister of Labour has not been able to settle a single labour dispute…for several years now the Canadian Farm Labour workers are awaiting a settlement with regard to deductions from their wages…The Right to Work legislation and Sexual Harrassment legislation are still in their gestation period…The National Insurance Scheme has been enduring complaints of late payments, non payments,pension screw-ups…These all fall under his portfolio
    The man is really a lazy minister;he himself admitted that he had 100 per cent of his requests turned down by colleagues. Take a look at his record;look at the state of his constituency he and Jerome,Farley,Wood, Liz and Mia seem to be vying for the title of “most unproductive minister in history”.
    That is not gutter politics it is FACT!!!

  74. Negrocrat

    Why whenever the truth is stated the BLP want to say that it is ‘gutter politics’?
    The fact is that Rawle eastmond had a mental breakdown form the pressure that Owen Arur and his colleagues were putting on him by not doing anything in St, james North. He was being ignored and in fact was telling people that if they wan something Husbands was able to get it done quicker than him.
    He subsequently sat down and allowed the pint pot dictator orchestrate the suspsion of the Constitution to do what he wanted with the appoinments in the Civil Service after the Public Service Commission refused to do his bidding.
    He further sat down and listened to Owen SArthur, the pint pot dictator maligned the Rt. Excellent Errol Barrow and siad nothing and then cwas among those few at the Alexandra School cheering on Owen Arthur when he made the statement that he wants a fourth term to manke sure that the Dems will never hold office in Bdos again.
    Even Rick Singh, the undercover BLP supporter could not bear it and spoke out.
    But the BLP always has a problem with the DLP and its supporters.
    Remember Lynette eastmond in 2003 campaigniad that the BLP should win all 30 seats. She did not want an Opposition!
    Lionel Craig in 1978 ssaid that if he had his way “every DLP should starve” and even if you had a name like “Douglas Leopold Pillips” you should not eat!
    So it is no surprise that the pint pot dictator would say what he said about the DLP ever holding office again in Bdos.
    I agree with an earlier blogger that a drunken man reveals a sober mind’ – a good old bajan sayiny that has stood the test of times.

  75. Negrocrat

    What has Owen Arthur got from the white persons/firms that he invited to make a bid on Harrison’s property in St. Lucy where thePrison was temporarily located.
    Only 4 white firms were invited to bid. Let the public know.
    I suppose that he will come and deny that this has ever taken place but thanks to a hot Town Hall at Crab Hill (North Stars), this information reluctantly came out.
    While you are at it, please

  76. Bimbro

    December 25, 2007 at 8:55 am
    Bimbro? You have GOT to be kidding!

    Where do you think the phrase ‘corned beef and biscuits’ originated?

    Now however, things have progressed to hampers, evn appliances in some cases.

    Hopefully however, the sensible voter takes the hampers or whatever and just votes by their conscience anyway!


    Thank you Rumple. I don’t live in Bim, had n’t heard the expression before, and had no idea about this. Am just amazed that it’s not already, illegal!

  77. Wishing in Vain

    The real political campaign contributions are in place by virtue of the fact that things such as the awarding of the VECO PRISON contract was awarded at US $ 60 million and a local group refsed to make a 7 % commission payble to HALLAM NICHOLLS , GLYNE BANNISTER and OWING ARTHUR they lost the work because VECO was prepared to pay more the project is supposed to have closed off at US $ 145 MILLION, the OIL STORAGE FACILITYcost over run, DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT COST OVERRUN moving the cost from US $ 60 million to the mega figure of US $ 180 million,NHC BUILDING COST OVERRUN, NEWTON UNFINISHED BUILDING AND COST OVERRUN, then we have the scamps that HALLAM NICHOLLS pulls of on Owing NAME LIKE COLLECT MILLIONS IN COMMISSION ON THE COAST GUARD VESSELS JUST BROUGHT IN WE WILL PROVIDE MORE DETAILED INFOMATION ON THAT SHORTLY.
    We also have the sickening state that the sandly lane mega rich contribute to a fund supposely to help the community but this fund is only helping the Arthur family and friends remember those cheques written by Julie to keep her brother out of Prison? and Richard Arthur and his desise in politicts to sure up his ailing airconditioning business,he was recently evicted for the non payment of rents from the building he use to occupy in St.George.
    Trust me there is money available to them from so many quarters, but the good folks realise that a few dollars in hand will go nowhere to help their needs, it will not help 2 months from now when the electricty bill or water bill comes in and it still has the VAT charge on it someting that under a DLP administration will be removed.
    Further to all of this, the most scary part is if this is the level of arrogance displayed by Arthur and his indifference towards the citizens of this island by calling the election in the middle of the CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY PERIOD, LORD HELP US WERE HE TO GET ANOTHER TERM HE WOULD BE UNCONTROLLABLE and DANGEROUS.

    This tryant and thug has allowed power to go to his head (along with the rum) and this is not a good thing for Barbados or Barbadians, and this plague needs to be evicted from office soonest.

  78. Wishing in Vain

    Surely the family of these blogs can put together a document detailing the complete listing of the trail of corruption with a listing of the cost overruns and value of the overrun that this Gov’t has overseen during its time in office.

    It will be absolutely mind boggling, the likes of mottley want to suggest that they do not exist or have they ever happened, this is bear boo, it may be excess of the stated figure of $ 750 million lets see if it does not break the BILLION DOLLAR mark, quite remakable for a small island to have sustained this much abuse and still survive, very amazing, then again it is is the citizens that are contending with the rapidly growing cost of living expenses.

  79. Wishing in Vain

    How can we really suggest that leadership can be an issue in this election when we have tolerated the leadership of what will go down in history as the MOST CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER TO EVER HOLD THE OFFICE OF PRIME MINISTER and the most POWER HUNGRY PERSON ever to have had the honour of leading this country.
    Therein lies his real reason to maintain power it is not about the peoples cause, it is about his own needs to cover his tracks and to direct justice, we aleady know of his ability to affect justice with his lack of documentation with regard to his divorce from Beverley, he and DAVID SIMMONS are two peas in a pod, both crooked as ever.

    If this is what we have for leadership, forget it, we could bring GEARBOX back from his grave and he would command more respect from the people than Arthur does and better yet GEARBOX would be seen as a poor honest man much to his credit, so unlike this one called OWING ARTHUR.

    I am eternally grateful that we have a leader in waiting to bring some order to this Nation, come the evening of the 15th of JANUARY. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MR DAVID THOMPSON for being a loyal servant to the people of this island for nearly 30 years of your life, that is a major sacrifice to have made for us the citizens.

  80. Let’s debate

    LEADER of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) David Thompson has called for three live televised debates among the party leaders, ahead of the January 15 General Election.

    “By announcing a date for the General Election just before Christmas and thereby limiting the campaign to 12 days, (Prime Minister) Owen Arthur has clearly shown he wants to avoid full debate of the issues,” Thompson said in a statement yesterday.

    According to Thompson, the Prime Minister’s cutting down of the campaign time would avoid the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) record over the past 13 years “being subjected to unwelcome scrutiny”.

    He added: “It smacks of arrogance and is a most anti-democratic move because full and open debate is the lifeblood of democracy.”

    In proposing the three televised debates, Thompson said they could be held under the broad themes of Economic Policy, Social Policy and Governance.

    He said three of the country’s most senior and respected journalists should be invited to pose questions to the leaders during the debates.

    “Limiting debate of the issues to the political platform puts Barbadians at a serious disadvantage, especially considering the BLP’s tendency to use public meetings more as avenues for distracting entertainment than serious debate,” Thompson contended.

    He added: “The Democratic Labour Party intends to stick to the issues because we believe it is important that Barbadians are fully informed about the choices they have, ahead of January 15.

    “More than ever before, this election is about the type of society we want in the future, not so much for ourselves, but more for our children and grandchildren,” he concluded.

    In 2003, there was one debate between the political leaders.

  81. Housing, jobs cry

    THE GUYS of Durant’s Village, St James, have planned Donville Inniss’ victory party to be at Peter’s Variety.

    HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT and unavailability of affordable housing seem to be two of the major issues of the upcoming general election on January 15.

    A DAILY NATION team caught up with two Democratic Labour Party (DLP) candidates as they canvassed their respective constituencies in St Michael Central and St James South yesterday, and the report card was basically the same.

    The number of unemployed people seems to be so high that questions are being asked about the authenticity of figures being put out by the Government.

    “Surprisingly, one of the issues was unemployment. It puts a lie, really, to the numbers being put out by the Government regarding the single-digit unemployment figures,” Steve Blackett said yesterday as he made the rounds in Bush Hall.

    The need for housing has seen a changing face to home ownership and property development in the country.

    Candidates spoke of a growing trend where children were making attachments to their parents’ homes.

    Donville Inniss was adamant that the provision of housing should be a priority of any Government.

    “Housing is a major problem . . . . Any responsible Government has to accept that housing is a right and not a privilege,” he said.

    The DLP plan to address the issue of housing will be unveiled during the election campaign, but Inniss offered suggestions in the areas of reduced taxes on inputs, affordable lands and the provision of subsidised housing by Government.

    Blackett has been in the field for over a year and he said the next three weeks would be spent revisiting particular areas, to “cement the support that is available to us”.

    Inniss has been hitting the pavement in St James South for the past nine months and is confident of a happy “birth”.

    “It’s time for the baby to come home. I’m in my third trimester,” he stated from Peter’s Variety in Durant’s Village, St James.

    Another complaint common to the canvassers was the lack of proper recreational facilities, where the youth in communities could be engaged in wholesome activities.

  82. Wood said Emerald Park, where more than 500 housing solutions WILL BE created in phases,

    He also provided constituents with a list of about 25 roads TO BE WORKED ON DURING THE NEXT THREE YEARS.

    He also spoke about the Government’s plans for the constituency, which include CREATION of more sporting facilities and wide access to natural gas.

    “We have a lot more in store for this constituency,” he told the DAILY NATION

    Just how comical can this gang of crooks get when after 15 years of making their pockekts fat they can now in an election campaign state please vote for me I have all these things that I want to tease you with to do for you.

    This is a case of if they could not get in done in 15 years which is an eternity by anyones decription, do you really expect them to serious about doing it?

    The reply is a clear and certain NO but once again they seem convinced that they can fool the public with nonsense like these statements are.

  83. Mottley added, noting the need to sometimes turn the other cheek and remain focused on objectives and committed to one’s values.

    Surely mottley must be joking when she made this inept comment, WHAT VALUES SURELY SHE IS NOT REFERRING TO MORAL VALUES IS SHE?

    For we all know that many of them from within that group of misfits are devoid of anything called MORALS they may not even know how to spell the word or what is was intended to mean.


    Prime Minister Arthur once said that he must sell land to pay our bill (debts), even though it is now one of the famous things he has said publicly and then denied saying. He further stated that it is the citizens of Barbados that have pushed the price up by selling our land to foreign investors.

    If you were a foreign investor would spend millions to buy land in Barbados, conduct a feasibility or environmental impact study for a major development like condos, town-houses or a water park unless you first had at least a verbal agreement from our government that you could develop that land for the purpose intended ??? We think not !!!!!

    Would could you talk to about getting that verbal permission ?? The Chief Town Planner. But he or she could not operate without submitted architectural drawings and the relevant studies conducted. What about the Minister of Housing ?? Very Unlikely !!!

    What about the MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR TOWN PLANNING ???? Why of course!! after all this Minister sets policy for the land use in the island and when the rich foreign investors start threatening to take their projects to other islands there is a need to act swiftly.

    Mr. Investor, we can now see why you buy our land and almost immediately after it is bought you are able to swiftly start your multi – million dollar projects, causing the value of nearby land to climb steeply out of the reach of our citizens.

    Yes we sold our land to you Mr. Investor but you were aided in your decision to purchase our lands by the MINISTER RESPONSIBLE FOR TOWN PLANNING AND HIS LAND USE POLICY OR LACK THEREOF.


  85. Jerome Hinds

    The LAP DOGS at the NATION NEWS….have played their part again !

    Carol Martindale , Roxanne Gibbs et al….have failed to release the additional data from the UWI / George Belle poll !

    No data on the % SWING against the BLP gov’t !

    No data on the % DESIRE FOR CHANGE from the BLP gov’t !

    This information was promised to be released Thursday 27 th Dec 2007 !

  86. And did you expect otherwise, this is typical of the BLP supported NATION NEWSPAPER?

  87. Wishing in Vain

    Jump to Comments
    Owen Arthur in one of the coolest voices that he has used in recent years stated at his endorsement as a candidate that he will do everything to ensure the Democratic Labour Party never governs Barbados Again. This admission sent shivers down the spine of all decent and democratic Barbadians. This was the unmasking of the dictatorial tendencies of the Napolean like Owen Arthur. He has played around with the notion of being called emperor of Barbados or is it President of Barbados. He has talked about the Republic, he has sung the Republican An them and has only held off of these things because some people in Society strongly objected. He will come again if Barbadians give him a chance.

    History has shown that where people do not act quickly in stemming the unrush of dictatorial behavior then they live to regret it. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Pinochet, Napolean, Attilla , Pol pot and many more down through history have been prefect examples of this. The slaughter of innocent ones was tremendous and societies still reel from it. Owen Arthur is fashioning himself in the mould of a dictator. Barbadians from all walks of life better wake up and smell the coffee.

    Owen Arthur is an extremely strange and complex man. He will leave wreckage in is wake to get what he wants. Do not let him take Barbados. For goodness sake do not let him take Barbados.


    Wishing in Vain: you have tried our patience once too often by simply cutting and pasting major articles from the newspaper… putting them willy-nilly in any topic.

    If you wish to comment, do so.

    If you wish to advertise or campaign using newspaper articles then put them on your DLP blog.

    This is our blog and we are taking it back.


    Barbados Free Press and many readers who are tired of your hijacking BFP to your agenda.


    Wishing in Vain: you have tried our patience once too often by simply cutting and pasting major articles from the newspaper… putting them willy-nilly in any topic.

    If you wish to comment, do so.

    If you wish to advertise or campaign using newspaper articles then put them on your DLP blog.

    This is our blog and we are taking it back.


    Barbados Free Press and many readers who are tired of your hijacking BFP to your agenda.

  90. There is a breaking development that will stun many of you.

    The details will follow shortly, but it is not a healthy sign, it is actually a very disturbing action.

    More will follow later as soon as I have the documents in hand.

  91. Anonymous

    Can anyone explain to me the reason behind this VECO group of crooks having the massive sum of over a MILLION dollars sitting in a bank account at a local bank ?

    Is this part of the bribe money that was misplaced to our former politicians and they have been held up in their attempts to get it into offshore bank accounts in the Cayman Islands etc??

    Is this the share that Hallam NIcholls, Glyne Bannister and Owing Arthur were awaiting???

    Do not take my word for it, ask those at First Caribbean about this massive amount that is sitting and waiting to be shared.