Do We Believe Tourism Minister Lynch Or His Ministry Officials?

“Things Are Great” vs. “We’re In Trouble” 

The Barbados Advocate
Saturday 22nd December 2007

‘Lynch stated that over the past five year, no less than 15 new airlines had been welcomed into the island’.

‘For the first time ever, if you come to Barbados on any afternoon around this time, you are likely to see as many as seven wide-bodied planes on the tarmac, and that this was an indicator of the continued growth of our tourism sector’.

The Barbados Advocate
Tuesday 11th December 2007

‘In 2007, Barbados air transport sector suffered a number of challenges as a result of losing the services of four airlines’.

‘It was noted that one new airline was introduced during the year, Caribbean Airlines which replaced BWIA, leading to a total of 13 airlines operating into Barbados’.

‘During the first nine months of the year, overall capacity decreased by 67,519 seats or six per cent’.

‘Passenger arrivals decreased by one per cent’

The source of the above information (11th December) ‘was outlined in a document prepared by the Ministry of Tourism’.

So who do we believe, the Minister or the Ministry?

(Thanks to reader Adrian Loveridge for noticing these two recently published Barbados Advocate articles.) 


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21 responses to “Do We Believe Tourism Minister Lynch Or His Ministry Officials?

  1. Anonymous


    Where are the two original documents so that readers can judge for themselves?

    Normally you have links to these articles?

    Where are they? Don’t you think they would strengthen your case?

  2. Wishing

    Continue keeping lying Lynch and Blp honest Adrian. Last month we heard long stay arrivals increased by a mere two percent. The 15 new airlines liar Lynch arrogantly boasts about obviously arrive empty. I want Lynch to answer the question on how much subsidies and support the new airlines receive from taxpayers money. Like Mascoll and Owen on Hardwood no answers will be forthcoming.

  3. Anonymous

    BFP/Adrian Loveridge,

    The first article refers to “over the past five years”.

    The second article refers “in 2007”.

    Adrian Loveridge: Please try again.

    BFP: How come you did not spot the difference before publishing this? You are becoming shoddy at the time when people will be watching you more than ever.

  4. Adrian Loveridge

    What on earth is the point of boasting that you have attracted 15 new airlines, if you cannot sustain the routes?

    Bearing in mind airlines like American, Air Canada, British Airways, LIAT etc, have been operating to Barbados for many more years than the last five.

    ‘leading to a total of 13 airlines operating into Barbados’.

    Minister Lynch gave the impression ‘we’ are doing better, but in FACT we are loosing both airlines and seats.

    ‘67,519 seats or six per cent’ during the first nine months of the year.

  5. Anonymous

    Adrian Loveridge,

    There is no big difference between 15 and 13 over a five year period.

    In business numbers go up and down all the time, so there is nothing spectacular about that.

    Aren’t you ashamed that someone like yourself who pretends to an “expert” on politics and tourism in Barbados, and who often brags about being English as if you are better than we black Bajans, does not know the difference between “the past five years” and “in 2007”?

    If you can’t tell the difference between 1 and 5 why should anyone believe anything you have to say?

  6. Jerome Hinds

    I find it very CURIOUS that the BLPites have retreated to ANONYMOUS postings !

    What a GRAVE injustice Owen have done to the INTEGRITY of the BLP !

    Owen gets up last Sunday Afternoon…..paints the opposition in CUSS…..the PRINTED / ELECTRONIC press reports ACCURATELY !

    Owen then takes 2 SNAPS of the STRONG SPIRITS….pull up STUMPS and mix up the DATE by 2 DAYS !

    So much for this FIRST WORLD 2 BIT……JACK…..!

  7. Anonymous

    Jerome Hinds,

    Another joker who can’t count.

    15,000 people in Heroes Square last night?

    What an idiot!

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘No big difference between 13 and 15 over a five year period’.

    Are you deliberately being stupid?

    List the 15 ‘new’ airlines the Minister has brought to Barbados over the last five years and then list the ones still operating here.

    As I have already said, several carriers have been operating here longer than five years, so they cannot be positively counter in this particular equation.

    Minister Lynch has repeatedly boasted that Barbados is doing well, when in fact his Ministry’s own report shows a completely different picture.

    Do you think the only purpose of attracting new carriers is to provide political photo opportunities for the Minister?

    And then for them to cease the route, through lack of planning and creative marketing.

  9. gunslinger

    at present approx 2500 – 3000 passngers arrive in barbados every week and go directly to cruise ships. are these among the “seven wide-bodied planes on the tarmac” – are they counted as “passenger arrivals” ??

  10. reality check

    “As someone who goes about Barbados boasting that you should be the Minister of Tourism, you should be able to get those figures easily, right?”

    don’t recall Adrian Loveridge ever saying he would want the job of Minister Of Tourism? This is just trash talk as nothing coming from the Ministry, especially statistical information, is credible.

    Lets see! Who are we going to believe? Someone who actually runs a small hotel successfully or a power hungry incompetent Ministry which couldn’t operate a fruit and vegetable stand without huge government grants and a lot of “tiefing”.

    This is really a tough one.

  11. Hants

    BFP will there be a print edition before elections ?

    An Integrity legislation edition ?

    Any chance of the “money laundering story you promised or is it still too “hot”.

  12. Hants

    Off topic but a must read story.

    Hardwood housing gone soft. Men running for cover.

    The Six Roads, St Philip operation also suffered the loss of one member of its board of directors, Doug Skeete, who resigned effective November 30.

    Board chairman Tony Hoyos confirmed Skeete’s resignation.

    17 employees out of a staff of 53, comprising carpenters, masons and labourers have left the company to join former chief executive officer Anthony Murrell in his venture to start his own construction company.

    And Clyde Mascoll did not resign and was not fired.
    Only in Barbados.

    I bet Owen is not too happy with the “included”.

  13. Hants

    Lynch eyes ‘fabulous’ Canadian arrivals
    Published on: 12/22/07.

    BARBADOS HAS REGAINED a hold on the Canadian tourist market and tourism officials expect a “fabulous” season in 2008.

    Say what ? This man would say anything but he is forgiven.
    Elections here now.

    So BFP, I will report on all the promotion being done by the BTA in Canada and which countries are losing tourist to Barbados.

    “Fabulous” Barbados ????

  14. Straight talk

    Barbados’ Tourism Minister –
    Just beyond your imagination.

    Think of a figure , double it, half it
    doan matter , bajans doan read.

    Keep pumpn sumpn.

  15. Observing

    I was always amazed and the manipulation of figures and statistics by Lynch to paint a rosy picture of tourism, when all other indicators said otherwise. My view is that he’s all talk. Both as a minister and as a Parliamentary representative.

  16. Straight talk

    Tell us the real story , Emma.

    I’m willing to be corrected.

    Is our airlift for long-stay tourists expanding or not.

    Give me the figures not released by the Ministry yet and I will apologise.

    Will you?

  17. Jerome Hinds

    December 22, 2007 at 4:13 pm
    Jerome Hinds,

    Another joker who can’t count.

    15,000 people in Heroes Square last night?

    What an idiot!

    15 ,000 it remains and grew to 20,000 when Owen appeared on the BIG SCREEN all bedeviled by the SPIRITS !

    By the way…..ANONYMOUS is that much heralded nomination speech on BLP TV still on the BLP website ?????

    I want to hear & see how DRUNKARDS express their INNER intentions !

  18. Anonymous

    “15 ,000 it remains and grew to 20,000 when Owen appeared on the BIG SCREEN all bedeviled by the SPIRITS !”

    From 15,000 to 20,000 in an instant, eh?

    Must have been one VERY big screen that a whole 20,000 people could see it in Heroes Square.

    And still not a single picture anywhere.

    You drink a lot, don’t you?

  19. monitor

    The insistence by Lynch that CWC was Barbados’ finest hour should disqualify him from holding public office until he apologises to the people of this country. It confirms Lynch as the compulsive liar everyone agrees he is. Lynch in effect is questioning our common sense and Barbadians ability to discern the truth. You would think the well known liar would stop the finest hour nonsense given the universal negative reaction to CWC. But thats the nature of pig headed vindictive Lynch. Surely you cant trust him when it comes to reporting accurately performance and statistics in tourism.

  20. Fred

    It is with great amazement that on driving pass GLITTER BAY RESORT today that I noticed that this will no longer be operating as a hotel this too is now being converted into condos, this must rate as an act of absolute madness by the idiot for the Minister of Tourism Blarney Noeless Lynch.
    ANOTHER HOTEL BITES THE DUST and not a word is said to the public about his plan to bulk up the hotel room numbers.
    Where is this magical growth going to stem from when our hotel room stock is declining every day????

  21. Once a BEE

    Believe nothing Lynch tells you. He is all about impressions. He can no longer fool me. He is always upbeat about the new airlines but he never makes public the number of airlines that stop sefviceing the island for one reason of the next. Over the last several years many airlines hav estop coming to the island. He can’t fool me any more because the canadians of which he speaks have been going to Cuba and the DR in lieu of Barbados. Where is the logic that these people will now come to Barbados. What is the reason they asre going to Cuba and DR

    Every body in the Party knows that Lynch is particularly gifted when it comes to stating untruths. Do not believe anything he says. He cannot be trusted. He should tell the public how he managed to buy the house in St.Andrew!