Barbados Election and The Religion of Freemasonry – What’s The Connection?


Masonic symbolism and verbiage can be found throughout western civilization and Barbados is no different. Many claim that Masons hold more clout behind the scenes in any Bajan election than is acknowledged.

Our friends over at Keltruth Blog have started a series of articles on the religion of Freemasonry, which should be particularly relevant considering King Arthur’s election call.

Oh… for those who dispute that Freemasonry is not a religion, you’ll have to argue with the Freemasons themselves. It seems that Masons were successful in the United States courts in having Freemasonry declared a religion.

For details see Keltruth Blog…

California Court Rules that Freemasonry is a Religion

Freemasonry in Barbados


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32 responses to “Barbados Election and The Religion of Freemasonry – What’s The Connection?

  1. Bush tea

    The connection of everything of influence in Barbados with the Lodge is significant and underhanded.

    It is particularly sinister in an environment here, where authorities can EASILY check after elections to see how ANYONE voted.

    Barbados is probably THE ONLY PLACE ON EARTH where VOTERS BALLOTS are essentially marked with their ID numbers for easy checking after voting…(there is no other logical reason)

    Essentially we vote by show of hands…. how convenient for appointing Boards, rewarding yardfowls etc.

    The whole underground connection network in Barbados is sinister….

  2. Anon...

    Too much DaVinci Code here for my taste…

  3. Rumplestilskin

    You can see many a friendly face by googling Freemasonry in Barbados and seeing the photos etc, even our former Commissioner of Police.

    One question, the photo of the new Lodge building in St.George is online.

    Why have a dome in the Middle of the roof, with a chair in the middle under it and with other chairs all around?

    Looks a bit like the inquisition or sacrifice?

  4. Rumplestilskin

    Personally I have an opinion, I cannot substantiate with evidence, that there is another ‘higher’ Lodge not listed online, but with far more powerful folks as ‘Brothers’.

    I have my reasons for saying this, but as I said, I cannot provide facts.


  5. centipede

    It’s great that persons who are not members of the organization know so much about it. If there are evil ones who are members of the Christian religion… does this mean the Christian religion is evil?

    I am a Freemason and I’ve never seen or heard of anything untoward going on in the local organization.

    But you folks who haven’t a clue and who despise charity know better.

    Rock on!

  6. Rumplestilskin

    ”But you folks who haven’t a clue and who despise charity know better.”

    Who said anything about despising charity?

    A conclusion plucked without reasoning.

    I guess we ‘mortals’ merely find the ‘secrecy’, together with robes etc, unusual. Maybe its just a relic of the past?

    Hving said that, maybe our query also relates to many powerful men, e.g. George Washington, being Freemasons.

    Do the powerful men become Freemasons to help others then, or do men become Freemasons to get a step up and gain power?

    Is the local Chapter is fully distinct from such groups as the Illuminati?

    All valid questions from a simple person, you must understand.

  7. Rumplestilskin

    Also, in addition to being charitable as you state, which is admirable, is one aspect of being a Freemason also networking for business purposes and thus self-serving?

    As I noted above, I have not a clue, so teach me.

  8. It is particularly sinister in an environment here, where authorities can EASILY check after elections to see how ANYONE voted.
    Bush tea which barbados do you vote? if you woud stop writing your name or id number of de slip, then they would not know whom you vote for. how can they know who vote for who by looking at the “x”
    if the above is true i woud not doubt that they pay a vital role in our politics, but hey do some research and see who the main lodge people are.
    david simmons and his clan?

  9. Sundowner

    When you go to vote the officer writes your ID # on the ballot stub then tears the ballot paper off for to put your cross on, everyone’s vote can therefore be traced back.

  10. Rumplestilskin

    Kadri ”but hey do some research and see who the main lodge people are”

    Not a bad idea.

    An analysis of all the Lodge people, their positions & how they have progressed.

    Being a charitable organisation they obviously have nothing to fear.

    If however, as one example, the analysis indicates many ‘rises’ in positions either in government or business that are difficult to explain, then there would be some questions.

    A fair analysis with fair conclusions, no one should fear such.

    A project worthy of a good journalist, any takers?

  11. Sundowner what u saying is true, but those slips have nothing that can be traced back to de piece that has your id info

    the only way one can be traced from a voting stub is via forensic testing, i would like to know wa slip you write your x on, i heard this rumour before and i checked before i vote, and i never saw, you realy think i would vote if this was de case?

    rumple i still puzzled bout de whole lodge thing, ya duz hear nuff rumours and still ya dont know which one to believe, ya duz hear how dum is worship de devil, how dum duz control nations, political and social affairs and so on, but hey, de lodge will be like de lottery companies, hush hush bout everything, none uh wunna cant join one and come back and post wa um really bout 🙂

  12. peltdownman

    Last time I voted, I was given instructions by the person tending the ballot box to fold the slip in a certain way, and present it to the ballot box facing a certain way. Yes, I was. I realised that this was to enable the presiding official and the party agents with him to see the “X” through the paper, and therefore determine which candidate I voted for. So beware folks, make sure that your vote is really secret.

  13. Undertaker

    centipede – I too am a Freemason and I agree with what you said earlier, but remember without certain teaching other would mostly likely view charity different than we do, it may seem not as important.

  14. voter

    The numbered ballot slip can easily be traced back to the voter. All you need is the slip.

  15. Undertaker

    Rumplestilskin – I understand your queries but it is not about being secret more about beind SACRED, about improving your self and being a better person, learning who you are you self worth, to be charitable to others etc.. A lot of bibical stuff etc..

    It seems that you may want to join, or be considered at some time, a step on solid ground is a step well taken. Nothing wrong with researching, just be open minded.

    We as a people have become so out of touch with the teaching and evolved that everything that can aid us seems strange and secretive to us.

  16. John

    …. something about hiding your candle under a bushel or something like that comes to mind.

    Secret, sacred, …… wish I could see the similarity.

    Maybe the words have similar roots.

    Will see what I can find.

  17. greenbb

    Are you forbidden to vote if you do not have a National ID card?

  18. John

    December 21, 2007 at 5:43 pm
    Are you forbidden to vote if you do not have a National ID card?

    I guess once you appear on the voters list you can vote and to appear on the list you probably need a national ID card.

    So the answer is probably yes.

    Perhaps a passport for identity will do but if you don’t have one but want one I suspect you have to have an ID card too!!

    Guess you could take your birth or baptismal certificate to vote but if you aren’t on the voters list I suspect they won’t let you vote.

    What you have to do is find out if you are on the voters list in your constituency and all you have to do to find out if you are is to attend the Public Library on Coleridge Street. All the lists seem to be there.

    If you know your constituency check the paper today for an alternative to the Public Library.

    Town I guess will be like federation before Christmas.

    I believe they also post out notices to voters but might be a bad time to rely on the post.

  19. Maat

    Some believe that the problem with Masonry is two fold;

    1. The association of influential people in society that take secret oaths of allegiance that respects the internal structure of lodge membership above all other.
    2. The masonic interpretation and practise of quasi religious ceremonies and traditions.

    There is a third concern, which not many people have come to realise and that is that the majority of Lodge members do not know what the powerful minority at the top of the Order is aware of and how a few with greater knowledge can manipulate and control a vast number.

    The fact that the 33rd degree status at the supposed pinnacle of freemasonry is by invitation only, indicates that there is an elite group within the international movement. What if there is a yet more elite group within that membership? Can those outside that core be aware of the agenda of their own elite?


  20. Maat

    At the end of the day it is individuals who get together and set policies, based on the advice of other individuals.
    The country would not turn to anarchy if every politician had to stay in bed for the next 6 months, as it is civil servants that manage the country.
    The tens of thousands that can not be bothered to vote say as much as those that do choose to vote.
    Those tens of thousands apathetic, are not convinced that our form of government makes that much difference, who ever is at the helm.
    A better system would be to allow every elected official the right to influence policy on behalf of those that voted for them.

    We often speak of how Barbados progressed and remained stable, prosperous and with some what better morals than we currently experience. Fifty years ago, when the Caucasians held political power, there was no opposition party, yet we have one of the oldest parliaments in the Western World.

    This partisan system of bollocktricks in Barbados is relatively young and has wasted a lot of time and money.

    What is that quote about a people divided?


  21. theNickster

    Its not like this stuff is new or was hatched over night. These events have been in the pipes from the “get go”. From the early days of our faux independence and every thing in between, the wild spending, the crippling of certain infrastructures; these guys are laying the foundation for something.

    What really suckers people is thinking that voting one party or another will actually make a difference. The ones in-charge control the banks and thats where the decisions really get made.

  22. Green Monkey

    The ones in-charge control the banks and thats where the decisions really get made.

    If you have a high speed internet connection google the following phrase: “Money as Debt”, and click the topmost link in the results to watch the on line video (47 min) by the same name.

    “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.”

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild, International Banker

  23. Rumplestilskin

    Maat says 1. The association of influential people in society that take secret oaths of allegiance that respects the internal structure of lodge membership above all other” AND ”What if there is a yet more elite group within that membership? Can those outside that core be aware of the agenda of their own elite?”

    Bingo! Exactly Maat. Those two concerns must be dispelled before us ‘average guys’ can trust the organisation.

    What if a senior Government official is a Lodge ‘brother’. What comes first, his brotherhood or his position ‘in power’, and this answer has serious implications.

    Secondly, who issues directives, what is their agenda and do the local ‘elite’ take instruction from the international elite.

    Human nature being what it is, there will be some who will use their position for personal gain and even evil, if you want to call it that.

    These people are not Gods, they are humans and with all the trappings.

    So to fall back on a defense of charitable work is a sidestep deflection of the questions raised, together with a parry that questions the intent persons who raises the query.

    This is not about attacking ‘good samaritans’. It is about asking how the ‘brotherhood’ interacts in structures the affairs of which impact ALL our lives.


  24. Rumplestilskin

    should read ” together with a parry that questions the intent of persons who raise the query”

  25. Blas-feam!

    The Freemasons are quite a powerful organization worldwide. As such they have gained a significant power base which scares many. Couple this to the fact that their organization is not open to public scrutiny and all sorts of scandals and conspiracy theories come to the surface.
    Rest assured that changing the government won’t necessarily change the power and influence the masons have in the society.
    That said, we should concentrate on what the real issues are here for Jan 17 and not on a group which we cannot control.
    But if you like, try sneaking a spy into one of their meetings to see if you can get a sense of what they are about and how their decisions affact you.

  26. Pat


    Forget it. Any sneaks getting in, will not come out. They will never be found. If the pass word is not correct, his neck will be sliced by the swordsman at the door. By the way, the top degree requires a sacrifice. Not many achieve it. It is quite difficult to do. (Think about Bajans “heart men” stories.) Think about Abraham and the sacrifice of his son. Forget the goat, it really did happen. The early Christians wrote in that goat story.

    Mary the supposed mother of Jesus, was given to the temple as a sacrifice, but the priests did not use her and had to get rid of her before puberty and menstruation. Menstruating women cannot enter temples or walk on holy ground, even today. So they offered her to Joseph, who did not want her because he was already married and she was still a child. She was assaulted on her way to visit her aunt, the mother of John de Baptist and of course, the angel story was used to cover it up so Joseph would not be stoned.

    Anyway, my dear departed grandfather reached the highest degree, in the Lodge and is now an “Old Man”. You Lodge brothers in Bim will know what that means and the significance of it. His options were to donate the “chalice” (you will also know what that is) or be the old guy. te hehehe.


    Please consider the below quotation by noted Freemasonic GrandMaster and… alleged starter of the Klu Klux Klan( aka KKK) whose Statue of him riding a horse is outside the United Nations building in New York ( also very interesting)
    The book is called ‘Morals and Dogma’ and appears to be written as guidance for higher degree Freemasons.
    ” The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally mis-led by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them , but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them … their true implication is reserved for Adepts . the Princes of Masonry”.
    Albert Pike ..Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the 33rd degree and Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry.

    So i beg to differ , Freemasonry does have some very serious sinister implications. I am not saying that all masons are bad or even most ..but the mere fact that only a very select few fully know thw the agendas involved , I think gives rise for concern. It is my understanding that only particular blood lines can reach the highest and most secret echelons as well . Therefore , it makes it quite possible for a select few to put certain agendas in place without the majority really knowing why they are even doing certain things. That ,together with the fact that Freemasonic obedience supposedly cuts across all other lines of authority and loyalties , is very worrisome .

    I remember not so long ago , ‘Sleepy’ Smith saying that Fraternal memberships were out of of order for persons serving on the Judiciary as it would make it impossible for them to dispense justice impartially .As they are not supposed to come against their ‘brothers’.To my mind this holds true for political representation as it would call to account which master was being served.The people or the Freemasonic Fraternity. Suppose the Lodge had much to do with a particular person getting to their postion , I believe they would probably feel indebted or obligated by Masonic oath to carry out whatever might be required of them while in that position. To whom much is given .. much is expected.

    Therefore , suppose both Political leaders were from the same Lodge . It might not matter which side got in as the same general agenda could be pursued for example a unified Caricom. Which makes it easier to progress ( if it might be called that ) to a World Government . It might seem far fetched but this is a very real possibility.

  28. yatinkinkiteasy

    An interesting thing about the freemasons is their secrecy..if you go to you can read about that lodge in Barbados. Also, if you click on their Forum tab, you can download hundreds of XXX (porno) movies!…..perhaps a freemason can explain why this is so.

  29. Anonymous

    Is David Thompson a FREEMASON ?

    Is Owen Arthur a FREEMASON ?

    Is David Commisiong a FREEMASON ?

  30. Maat

    The questions posed by anonymous, can be asked of all M.P.s or candidates and in fact every person that holds the position above clerical officer in every government department.
    The same question should also be answered by each person or company owner, bidding for a government contract in any form.


  31. Pat


    You are wise beyond your years.

    Everything you said is true. My late father intervened in a court case for a brother who was guilty of stealing from his employer and selling the goods. My father (who was grandmaster at the time) went to court on behalf of the brother and signed the Judge. Instead of jail time the criminal was given probation and dismissed from his job. In private after the case, the Judge told my Dad that he found it very, very hard, in light of the evidence to be so lenient. He cautioned my Dad not to expect him to bend justice like that again. My Dad agonized over it for a very long time. He, too, was sorry. But a brother is a brother. The Judge had to side with my Dad and also had his regrets.

    The Brotherhood came first and my Dad had to do everything in his power to help his “brother”. As did the Judge. This happened in Canada. Imagine what goes on in Bim. My grandfather told me that he taught the late Sir Randolph Douglas, former Chief Justice, everything he learnt in the Lodge. He and several other justices were nice to me and always came and checked on me when I worked in the Courts. I thought it was because I was young and fair. It was only after I left that I learnt of their relationship with my granddad.

  32. Random Johnny

    So, does the Freemason ‘Bible’ refer, either as worshipping, not or as a ‘being’ of some reverance, to Baphomet, or not?