Barbados Underground Releases Noel Lynch Poll Results


David over at Barbados Underground says that Tourism Minister Noel “Barney” Lynch probably has the most important job on the island – seeing how everything we have is based upon a tourism foundation.

So how has old “Instant Millionaire” Lynch been doing?

The people have voted and the results are posted at Barbados Underground (link here)


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18 responses to “Barbados Underground Releases Noel Lynch Poll Results

  1. Wishing in Vain

    My only comment is that he must have twenty friends as I never expected him to get a vote, so congrats to his failure.

    I am totally amazed that he managed a single vote, is that his complete plantation workers that voted for him or is that reward from his after hours job?

    If I were to really get started on Lynch tonight I would still be writing when the sun were to be rising tomorrow.

    However briefly let me state that he is the first and only minister to have been responsible for the shutting down of as many hotels as have closed under his stewardship.

    We have seen and now we are hearing from those with BRAINS within the industry that his approval of hotels being converted to condos is now creating tremendous stresses to those tour operators and providers of travellers to this market, because the airlines are providing the airlift but the lack of rooms are creating a major headache and if this continues much longer we will in turn see the airlines reducing the frequency of their services and secondly we will see increases in our airfares once again.

    I know that he has a fixation with thru put tourist figures but his energy (if one can call it that) would be much better spent generating the long stay travellers and not to continue to fall for the nonsense of the cruise ship arrival numbers, if he has bought his Plantation home out of kickbacks from the donation of the $ 20 million to Carnival Cruise lines and he feels it necessary to keep referring to passageners passing thru the airport enroute to join a ship and vicea versa all power to him but the reality is that this type of tourist does absolutely nothing for the island in terms of real revenue none of the hotels, restaurants, bars or shops see them or get a cent from their passing thru the island.

    On the other hand long stay visitors eat , drink and live among us and they spent their money in shops, bars, restaurants and nighclubs.

    Then we will discuss his pie in the sky sequence of lies revolving around CWC and the 700 yachts, 34 cruise ships, 90,000 tourist on the island and 35,000 being accomodated on the cruise ships.

    The man is a dismal arrogant failure, does it get any better than that?

    The next poll may even be worst for ********** Walcott as it stands right now it is 19 votes to 1 vote that he is doing a crappy job in the Ministry of Health, so far two Ministries and both have failed the peoples voting test, I would suggest we poll each ministry and at least see if on can make a decent showing, I would suggest trying one on Housing and Lands that would prove most amusing.


    BFP Comments

    *********** = This comment edited for content by BFP.

    WIV… stop it.

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Parliament today Tuesday 18th December 2007 – approx., 1655hrs..

    Minister of Tourism, Noel Lynch stated ‘LIAT has shed over 700 jobs (staff)’.

    Months ago, Jean Holder, Chairman of LIAT stated they employed 752 persons.

    Even allowing for some staff recruited from Caribbean Star, how on earth could they have ‘shed over 700 jobs (staff)’.

  3. Hants

    WIV… Keep focused. Your attack is diminished by overt name calling or…….. edited bad language.

    It is too close to elections for DLP supporters to weaken their attack.

    Now WIV, can you ask Mr.Lynch why we are not seeing advertisements taking advantage of the massive snowfall across Canada?
    Google it and see how much snow we dealing wit.

    Canadians want to get away from the cold.
    I am tired of the “Jamaica.No problem” or “It’s better in the Bahamas.Bermuda forever….

    I want to see “BARBADOS, Hot and oh so sweet.”
    or something the high paid Ad agencies can dream up.

  4. monkee see monkee do

    “He presides over the most important Ministry of the Cabinet”


    this post is held by the Minister of Finance who just happens to be the Prime Minister.

    fiscal irresponsibility and fraud starts at the top and works its way down.

    monkee see, monkee do

    lets not take the heat away from where it deservedly belongs

    How about a vote on Owens management or mismanagement of the economy?

  5. Wishing in Vain

    BFP Comments to WIV…

    For this, unless you have photographs we are not going to allow it.

    Try it again and we will block your name forever.


    Get the message?


  6. reality check

    in order for Barbados to move forward leaders must come forth who are prepared to deal with issues and provable facts, not innuendo and personal attacks.

    Many readers of this blog, including myself, get turned off by personal comments that have nothing to do with transparency, accountability and the general level of accepted corruption in this small country.

    It is really quite disappointing to see WIV, a regular contributor, slipping from reason to an emotional personal level. Keep moderating BFP and remove the continual offenders

  7. Few Canadians travel to Barbados for several reasons.
    For many it would mean 2 days of travel alone not to mention the outrages charges by Air Canada. Some Canadian cities now offer direct flights to places like Jamaica, Cancun, places on the Pacific Coast of Mexico and the Domincan Republic. Most of these offers are for all inclusive resorts.
    Unless Barbados does a better job of advertising (I see very little here) and some charter flights out of cities other than Toronto and Montreal there won’t be an increase of tourist from Canada.

  8. Adrian Loveridge


    Roughly one third of our total business (guests) come(s) from Canada.

    Currently inhouse we have Canadians from Victoria (BC), Winnipeg and various places in Ontario.

    We encourage these guests to use their airmiles, because the mileage required is the same whether from Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto or Halifax.

    If you take the emphasis away from perceived (or actual) high airfares, then all thats left to consider is the cost of the destination (accommodation, meals, car rental etc).

    As you are aware many credit cards now earn miles with every purchase made and its amazing how they add up.

    Other destinations, including St. Lucia have also been successful in attracting alternative low cost carriers like WestJet, which could well stimulate the Canadian market.

    I agree with Hants, minus 16 degrees C., in Montreal yesterday at 6am, must focus many Canadian minds on escaping freezing conditions.

    Such extreme conditions this early in the winter is a warm weather destination marketing dream.

    Sadly, our policymakers seem to be more focused on planning a second airport runway.

  9. Inkwell


    I was wondering if you were allowing the spiteful and malicious invective continuously spewed out by WIV because he was saying what you were thinking.

    It is good to see that you are taking a stand, albeit long overdue, against personal attacks, which are surely a wanton abuse of the privilege of free speech.

  10. Hants

    Toronto (GTA) and Montreal have large enough populations to sustain increased airlift to Barbados.

    A part of the problem appears to be the disconnect between the BTA and Travel Agencies.

    My informal survey in Toronto suggest that travel agents have Barbados low on their own list of destinations they try to sell.

    You cannot get results without effort so no advertising no Business. Canadians have a lot of disposible income and some are travelling as far as Australia for their vacations.

  11. Pat

    Adrian Loveridge, hold on. It is not winter yet. Winter comes in three days. To us in Canada, the airfares set by Air Canada are very costly. If you use your airmiles to fly to Bim, you are hit with $400 in taxes. American airlines do not charge taxes when you use their airmiles. So, many Canadians are driving to border cities and flying out of the US.

    By the way, we dont mind the cold. It is the snow that has to be shovelled. It is not yet winter and the snow is up to my front window. Three big snow falls in Ottawa already. There is about four and a half feet of the stuff on my lawn already. Give me rainy, wet Victoria.

  12. Sargeant

    Many Canadians who have visited Barbados like the island and have fond memories of their holiday, however they also consider it to be a high cost destination. Some may return, but in winter when they have to make a snap decision about going to a warm climate they will opt for the most reasonable package with an all inclusive resort. Cuba and The Dominican Republic are seen as the most affordable and attract large numbers of this group.

    We should also remember that some travellers will provide the travel agent with a general idea of the area they wish to visit and will act on the agent’s recommendation. If the holiday in B’dos is far more expensive than another island then the potential visitor will be directed to that island.

    All the islands offer the same product i.e sun,sand and sea and unless B’dos can offer something unique then the bottom line always matters.

  13. Adrian Loveridge


    I must be alone then, because everytime I use my miles with American Airlines they charge me applicable taxes.
    I somehow doubt that taxes due out of Pearson are $400, but if they are, then you only have your own Government to blame.
    Pearson’s airport charges are among the highest anywhere plus someone has to pay for the 140% increase in the departure tax from Grantley Adams.

    With the Canadian Dollar at such a high level, we should be getting MORE Canadians.
    It going to be interesting to see how St. Lucia does with a non stop direct flight with WestJet.

  14. Negrocrat

    Noel has no idea about effectively marketing Tourism. Heis only concern is about marketing himself for his next job back in the private sector.

  15. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘When it comes to my own national record as Minister of Tourism, I don’t think there is anybody that has ever done it better in any party, in any administration’.
    ‘If the people reject you after all that, well angels could not do better’.

  16. Wishing in Vain

    This man should be charged with contempt, this man must surely be living on another planet, this man has done no work of any substance in so many years and can then come to the people and make claims as he has done here?
    He and his party are not only stupid to real needs of this island they are grossly arrogant to match their stupidity as well.

  17. Observing

    Noel seems to have forgotten that he needs to win his seat (and his party the government) in order to retain his portfolio. I submit (and factually so) that he has done little to nothing (mostly nothing) for his constituency in the past 8 years despite being a minister of an “important” portfolio. As a result he will be soundly rejected by St. Michael South on January 15th.

    Regarding his performance as minister and being compared to an angel…no need for any comment on that.

  18. Adrian Loveridge

    BLP truth squad – CBC Monday 31st December 2007

    ‘The Barbados Labour Party has come up with a mechanism to ensure that candidates stick to the truth during this election campaign’.

    Does that mean they are going to be able to lie after 15th January 2008?

    I strongly suggest that no-one asks Minister Noel Lynch ANY questions before 15th January 2008.