Will Barbados Punish Owen Arthur For Calling An Election Over Christmas?


“The ELECTION date will be revealed at Owing’s nomination later today.”

“Get ready BFP. The election will be declared today!”


“De BLP machine has been told it has started. What a dirty trick for Christmas”

What About Christmas?

Three different sources are telling Barbados Free Press this morning that the election is about to be called – presumably at Owen Arthur’s nomination meeting at 5pm today (Sunday).

One of the sources describes the election call now as a “dirty trick”.

What do you think folks?

IF Owen Arthur calls the election over Christmas, will ordinary Bajans of all political stripes feel resentment? Will it matter in the results? Could an election call over Christmas produce any negative backlash at all?


Let’s hear what ordinary Bajans think about a Christmas election call.

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BFP: Between A Rock And A Hard Place: BLP Insiders Advise Prime Minister To Call Elections NOW!

Note: Click on the picture of Owen Arthur to see the webcast of his nomination meeting. So far we have conflicting information that it is starting at 5pm and 6pm.


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76 responses to “Will Barbados Punish Owen Arthur For Calling An Election Over Christmas?

  1. reality check

    somehow the message of the birth of Christ our saviour together with Owen Arthur, our political saviour is beyond repugnant.

    To take advantage of this special time of year is about the worst thing kind of political opportunism one can imagine.

    The Church’s need to get off their collective butts and get their parishioners up in arms to stop this abuse of its citizenry! They need to do more than pray.

  2. Jay

    when was the January 20th 1999 date announced?

    Owen’s nomination is at 6pm, not 5.


    BFP Comments

    Hi Jay

    The advertisement in the Nation says 5pm. Same on the website. Can someone clarify this point?

  3. so what is the whole point of the issue, of it being during de xmas time?

    xmas is a pagan holiday by the way.


    BFP Comments

    Whether pagan in origin or not (and some at BFP would agree with this statement), it is a national holiday that is important to families. The scheduling of an election to run over the Christmas season would be a major inconvenience to both sides… but perhaps moreso to the DLP. Or am I wrong here?

  4. Anonymous

    If he can lift his head long enough from the pork and the rum. That idiot just gets me vex.

  5. Adrian Hinds

    ha ha ha ha I hope the DLP is ready. Last night and into this morning i sat, watch and listen to Mia and all BLP st.Michael candidates speak at her nomination.

    …..Before i continue i just want to say that i did not realize how obese Willy Duguid is. My lord boy try and make a new year resolution to lose some weight here. What an eye sore, and you want to be the speaker? can you fit in the speaker’s chair? 😀

    ……There seems to be a lot of remaking going on in the BLP. One common approach from all the BLP st.Michael team was an attempt to FEMENIZE Mia, and while they where doing that Mia’s real but repress identity (I just want to be frank)surfaced on a couple of occasions. At one point she referred to herself as some body’s brother, and the few proceeding seconds it was clearly an awkward moment for her. It is also clear that Owen has lost control of the BLP at least the St.Micheal team, which is firmly in Mia’s camp. Interesting times are ahead of us in spite of the outcome of the elections. The question is and i think they understand this hence the beginning of an attempt to remake Mia into a woman, a lady that she is perceive by all in Barbados not to be,…..the question is, will the rest of Barbados vote for a BLP led by Mia Mottley?, ….and will they be successful in remaking her?

    Oh i did not realize what an idiot Prescod is. This is de fella that seems to always have something in his mouth. His speech though long was filled with so many contradictions it wasn’t funny. In one of them he took umbrage with the Greenidge an son racially charged beating of a lil black boy highlighting it as prove that elitism still exist, then he proceed to link Richard Sealy to this beating by noting that it took place in Highgate gardens which is where Richard Sealy is from. Wuh i would have to ask him how does deal with the fact that he is a member of the same party of the Hal Gollop who is/was one of the defence Lawyers for the Greenidges? He sound very sincere in that his emotional tone was spot on, but such irrelevencies don’t phase me, he too sought to Feminize Mia while attempting to Feminize Thompson, He like Owen and few others took the moral high road in decrying the truth about Mia as vicous attacks while engaging in the same on Thompy. Was an evening of politics and little truth? I think so.

    ……My task to begin in earness is to determine the truth about Mia alternate life style, it is my hope that i can bring facts to prove or disprove that Mia is indeed a Man or that inspite of her voice and what is believed to be rumours that she is indeed a woman. 😀

    I did a similar investigation on Thompy’s real Father, putting to rest a rumour, I have the facts. 😀

  6. Adrian Hinds

    December 16, 2007 at 4:58 pm
    so what is the whole point of the issue, of it being during de xmas time?

    xmas is a pagan holiday by the way

    Do you believe in Mohammed? Islam founder and a person revered by millions of Muslims? Do you believe that cows are sacred? something that millions of Hindus do?

    Because you prefer to see Christmas thru the activities of it’s pagan past and not for the religous significance that it also has why must those who do celebrate the latter, and as a result may have a problem with mixing commercialization and now politics with their Holiday, why must they now assume your position? are they not free like you to believe what they want to and act accordingly?

  7. Jay

    It could have been changed to 5pm. I first heard 6pm.

    the website for the BLP says 6pm

  8. Rumplestilskin

    What is relevant is that it is thus far only a promise and posibly another attempt to keep bajans, who are anxious for an election, on a tightrope.

    Funny that someone above mentioned Mia.

    I too have also noticed that the BLP has suddenly pushed Mia to the fore, as they realise that no one else in the BLP camp, aside from Arthur himself, has any public ‘image’ worthy of note and they have thus put this into their strategy.

    A major admission by their strategists which should be a source of inspiration to the DLP candidates, that the BLP strategists themselves have little, if any, confidence in anyone other than Arthur and Mia.

    As for Prescod, by going back to arguing about race in the election also indicates a desperation that is becoming more obvious by the day. But does he think bajans are stupid?

    If he is so against elitism, why did he not come out against the proposed ‘toll roads’ that two prominent party supporters suggested about early this year? Why does he not come out against the beach access that is being quickly removed by the current Government policies towards beach development? Why does he not complain about the land distribution and development policy, which omits the average Barbadian from owning and developing a small piece of land, as the market forces that this Government lets run wild, makes such outside the reach of us average Barbadian?

    PM-In-Waiting Thompson now has to keep his ‘troops’ marshalled, focus on the ‘big’ issues and ignore little ‘firefights.

  9. Rumplestilskin

    Wunna forget about them ‘toll roads’ suggestions, nuh?

    But I have not. If you want a clue as to the way Barbados is currently headed (if nothing else like beach access gives you a clue), remember those suggestions….testing the water, thus suggested not by Ministers but party supporters.

    Toll roads in Barbados? Hmmph!

    Wunna like foolishness!

  10. Observing

    Calling elections now is the only way the BLP can have timing that “disadvantages” both parties because of the holiday season. Any later and the DLP has the upper hand because of its continued year long meetings and campaigning. If it is called it would be a clear sign of clutching at every possibility to eek out a chance of reclaiming the government. But, what about the “unfinished business” that was referred to? Time will tell.

  11. Observing, ok then.

    Adrian Hinds if election is called during xmas or after, what is the fuss about?

    and how can u explain that xmas is something religious, do you know how it all began? its just tradition from pagan rome skippa.

    elections on, before or after should is not the point.

    like i said i am a blp supporter, but and i agree with something thompy said and done.
    if thompy was really serious about elections dont you think he and his party members would be doing plenty work and marketing themselves for an upcoming election, i follow politics and if not for de dlp blog i would never know all their candidates, david thompson really ready for elections, but the qiestion that must be asked is, are the other members are, hmmm this might be a another rub a dub dub, 2 men in a tub again, but like wa observing said, time will tell.

    if barbados was a religious state you really think elections would fall on its holy day? think about it.


    BFP Comments,

    Wake up, Kadri. No one is saying the election will BE on Christmas day. The point is that over the Christmas season folks on all sides would like to do something other than campaign.

  12. reality check


    we are all aware of the attacks on Mia and Thompy for their feminism or lack of it.

    Hilary Clinton is losing her momentum in the US at the moment because she is not demonstrating how she will change things for the better. She wants to rest on her past leadership record rather than focus on how she will make a difference. Real change and hope are a powerful motivating factor for people who want to vote for a change.

    The DLP must stay out of gutter politics, rise above the fray and truly lead through an easily followed manifesto of beliefs and action points. Anything less and the Barbadian electorate will be once again cheated out of true and meaningful leadership.


    BFP Comments,

    Once again, we point out that other than exposing some BLP fraud and mismanagement, the DLP and Thompson have not produced one written document to show exactly what integrity legislation and conflict of interest laws they would implement if elected. MOre of the same old same old.

  13. BFP, wunna really need to do something about this tho, this person(s) really killing de spirit of debating thoughts.

    keep the moderation on, makes one keep checking more regular 🙂

  14. Undertaker

    It is comments like those against Adrian Loveridge that make big people look real stupid. I think that this is how it began in Haiti, Jamaica, and Guyana etc. (soon we will have the politicians issuing guns)

    At the end of the day all/most politicians are friends and the “little people” that worship them only make themselves look stupid and illiterate.

    Lets argue about facts and issue, not making vile treats.


  15. Red Lake Lassie

    Did anyone listien to the Owen Arthur nomination? Did he call a election?

  16. Straight talk

    He’s still talking.

    Live streaming on BLP blog.

  17. frankology

    I made the submission that the Owen Arthur’s Government will call election not earlier than June 2008. First the so-called price reduction will have to to show up in consumer’s shopping cart, the widening of the highway will have to be functioning with the various infrastructure in place and finally the results for the n0-confidence motion should not overshadow the election.

  18. Wishing in Vain

    Straight talk
    December 17, 2007 at 1:00 am
    He’s still talking.

    Live streaming on BLP blog.

    I am not sure that I could put the effort into listening to this moraless corrupt bunch lying thru their teeth.

    If not today the time is near to hand his options are running out with each passing day his vote is being radically reduced as more and more of the voting public becomes more aquainted with the lies, deception, deceit, dishonesty, arrogance, corruption and the pack of frauds that this bunch are.

  19. KISSUM


    Adrian Loveridge only want r455h0l3 killing! ! ! !

    But kill e r455h0l3 wife first…. and r4p3 she good, good, good too.

    Barbados is for black BAJANS, wh1te BAJANS, Indian BAJANS, mixed race BAJANS and Caribbean people. We welcome all visitors to our country…. except dat st1nking piece o wh1te sh1t Adrian Loveridge who must now be KILLED.

    C A H

    Y U H

    R A S S H O L E ! ! ! !

  20. frankology

    If you are representing the BLP, you are doing a fantastic job in making sure that the BLP loose the election. Your job as a PR trouble shooter is working. It will be pointless for you to engage in a decent discussion with such vile words.

  21. Rebranded

    I have observed over considerable time, and moreso recently as well that many ordinary supporters of this present BLP are either stupid/unreasonable or abusive or both. Why is that?

  22. Wishing in Vain


    When people get backed into corners they tend to lash out and I think this is the reaction that is being clearly displayed.

    I would suggest that the vile nature of these comments cannot in anyway help the cause of the blp but they persist,

    My advice is that they be deleted asap and the I P numbers forwarded to CW for further investigation.

  23. Wishing in Vain

    Neal McElroy // December 17, 2007 at 2:18 am

    David Thompson is bringing more experience to the position of Prime minister than Owen Arthur had when lady luck rolled him into that position. Check the facts: David Thompson, Exhibition winner; Owen Arthur? David Thomson demonstrated his ability as a speaker, debater, youth leader from school days; Owen Arthur? David Thompson served as Minister in two Ministries, Owen Arthur was a Parliamentary Secretary for a few months. Owen Arthur helped Michael Manley to ruin the Jamaican economy with their IMF programme. Owen Arthur cannot point to anything that can be held up as his legacy except for overseeing the greatest wastage of taxpayers’ money in Barbados. He has presided over Greenland, the Government offices at Warrens that made George Payne and Barrack construction wealthy, Dodds, the highway – all with massive cost over runs. The decline of the QEH as a health institution, not to mention the kickbacks for his friends like Rodney Wilkinson, Hallam Nicholls and company. Owen Arthur is the most thiefing Prime Minister this country ever had. How could he on a Prime Minister’s salary have a divorce settlement of almost 4 million dollars? HE IS A CORRUPT THIEFING DRUNKEN LIAR.

    Dear Sir,
    May I correct you on the value of the settlement it was not $ 4 million as you previously stated but the correct figure is $ 10 million the documents for this settlement are nowhere in the public records where every other document such as this would be, we the lesser mortals would be subjected to the ability of any lawyer to search and reveal the value of our settlements, not so in the drunkard’s case that is kept in safe keeping by the good friend and his long time partner in crime the CJ David Simmons.

    As his last act carried out as the AG was to assist Owing in arriving at his settlement and he has assisted by sweeping it under the door mat.

    Why is this settlement such a hushed case maybe if we the taxpayers were to see the details in black and white it will fully expose the obvious extent of the corruption that Owing is part of to arrive at a figure of $ 10 million dollars as settlement would clearly suggest that he has well in excess of $ 30 million to allow this level of settlement and where would these funds come from ?

    I put it to you not likely from the honestly earned salary of a PM this would be a total joke.

    So where has he amassed this mega wealth from it would be fair to assume that the VECO PRISON PROJECT although not the start of his scams it would have set about providing him with the largest block of retirement funds, then the DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT another cool $ 80 or $ 90 million, the OIL STORAGE FACILITY, GREENLAND, CWC and the OVAL PROJECT may Stephen Alleyne rst in his grave and the list goes on !!!!


  24. Undertaker


    You date makes sense to me. I was thinking around May or so myself. You have to allow certain things to soak in, and allow others to seep out.

  25. Rebranded

    Wishing in Vain,

    Forward them to Cable and Wireless by all means.

    That’s exactly what we WANT to happen.

    Our legal people are VERY ready to deal with BFP.





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  27. Wishing in Vain

    It caused quite a stir when ten-year-old Kristophe Francis (second child from right, sitting) saw Opposition Leader David Thompson approaching and shouted: “That is the next Prime Minister.”

    When Thompson asked him where he had heard that, the lad replied: “I read the papers.”

    And it came from the mouth of a little one, when even the children are charged and can make these revelations it speaks volumes for the work done by Mr David Thompson and members.

  28. WIV lol but do you know one can argue that the child was told to say that, but said he wasn’t either?

    i doubt it very much though, so far the DLP aint even show what change they gonna bring if they become in power, people do need change, but what is the DLP offering, for right now, this bickering and revealing fraudulent acts of the BLP is just one side of politics, where is the other side of campaigning from the DLP, I am still waiting for such, dont be fooled but if elections call now the BLP got it again, de Dems gotta stop playing pin de tail on de donkey and start playing hop scotch if dem wanna win de next election.

  29. frankology

    I am the devil’s advocate. Was he prompted?

  30. Jay

    Owen Arthur will not call an election in June or any other time after March.

    My reason for saying this is that he will not allow David Thompson the oppurtunity to address the Nation on live tv again, until after the election.

    Who remembers the duty-free cars promised to civil servants?

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Kadri Therefore then am I to assume you are contented with the gross misconduct of the PM intaking care or the financial affairs of the island having overseen in excess of $ 750 MILLION in cost overruns on every project undertaken by this administration?

    Secondly why would any logical thinking political party spill their plans when as we have been seeing the blp have jumped and half heartily tried to address each item that the DLP has brought to the forefront, why should the DLP be expected to lay all their plans out on the table for them to feed off of?

    We recently saw the Leader of the Opposition suggest that the cost of living needs to addressed and went about suggesting the removal of the VAT on the fuel used to produce the electricty, the blp’s respose to the cost of living issue is to reduse the DUTY on TWO items of Meats wonderful really thoughtful action to a serious problem.

    Then we have the laughable comedy of asking the importers to reduce the markups on imported items, what a clown do they not realise that this request will only lead to higher markups being put in place in Miami where the likes of BST have their own buying houses?

    We really have the most stupid people trying to screw us up.

  32. frankology

    Owen Arthur will not call an election in June or any other time after March.

    My reason for saying this is that he will not allow David Thompson the oppurtunity to address the Nation on live tv again, until after the election.

    Who remembers the duty-free cars promised to civil servants?
    Poor reasoning my friend. It will be safer for him in June. The atmosphere is too sensitive at this moment and he will prefer later after the storm blow over.

  33. Anonymous

    You think the storm will “blow over” ? HA HA HA

    Hardwood is not a storm. It is the calm before the real storm. It is the warm-up match before the real show begin.

  34. Wishing in Vain

    written by Weatherhead, December 15, 2007

    Merry Christmas & a happy & properous New Year to you and your Family, and the Family of the Democratic Labour Party.
    David keep up the fight for the People, it is sad to hear the issues affecting the people of Barbados in a Parliamentary Democracy built on the West Minister system of Goverment , with a Junior Minister being involve in what seems to be a conflict of interest with Hardwood Housing, his excuse poor Black man syndrome, yet I see the Chairman as Hoyos and the Director as Khan, so the Poor Black man syndrome is out the door, but in the Westminister system of Democracy and such issues are arrived at conflict of interest the minister resigns and sits as an MP untill his name is cleared , that would also be as an independant MP. What is lacking in Parliament from what I have read is serious commitment by the Goverment to debate on most issues that affect the people of Barbados. Mr Thompson you should go one further and have freedom of information legislation , the people could then ask for info on what the Goverment is doing, as it don’t seem to me that Hansard reports go that far, integrity Legislation is a step in the right direction. Mr David Thompson I first heard you in Quakers road on the Platform of the Democratic Labour Party ,not as a candidate then but as someone who cared about the People Barbados then and Morally still do care today, as someone who have a family and knows what family life is about, who is not just projecting an image , but who have had that MORAL image from ones way of LIFE. GOD bless you and your Family.


  35. Wishing in Vain

    One of the most amazing aspects of the speech delivered yesterday by owing is when he chose to slash and burn mottley and to try to address the infighting in the party by stating that HE WILL BE PRIME MINISTER.

    This in itself is an attempt to shut up mottley and her gang from trying to overthrow he and his gang.

    Please Mr Prime Minister please do not drag us the everyday citizens into your mud slinging contest, we do not care if you and mottley or if you and the entire party are fighting, we do not feel that you have any rights to feel that you are god and you will administer your poison to us the lowly ones at your will.

    Here it is we have a badly disjointed ruling party so in need of power that we have the Deputy Prime Minister gathering support from within her clan of goons to create unrest and upheavel to the Prime Minister and his gang of crooks.

    In the end the Prime Minister declares mottley you will sit you behind down and you will not be entrusted with anything while, I owing is running the show not even a half decent ministry, that is what you get for your arrogance and your stupidity.

    On the other hand mottley is sitting on the side lines and sniping at owing and his gang by providing advance copies of speeches to the Leader of the Opposition, spilling the documents that relate to the affairs of HARDWOOD HOUSING, what will it be next?

    The commission cheque paid to Bannister, Nicholls, and Owing for awarding the contract to VECO for the PRISON, or to them for the awarding of the DANOS BARBADOS KICKBACK AGREEMENT DEAL.

    Let them flow we have the time and the will power to address each one and all of them one by one.


  36. Wishing in Vain

    stating that HE WILL BE PRIME MINISTER.

    Why would he feel that this is the case ?

    He has no magical powers and UNLESS HE HAS THE ELECTIONS RIGGED he cannot be of this arrogant opinion because he may not even win his seat and were does that leave him as Prime Minister without a seat in the House of Assembly.

  37. We should all stop speculating on the election date and just accept that the DLP is ready to take over whenever the elections are on.

    I believe that Peter Wickham’s speculation is bang on. 22 seats to the DLP.

    I am not sure if we all realize the extent to which so many people are fed up with the mal-administration of the BLP. A Minister of Finance who oversees the largest wastage of tax payers money in the history of the island; a Minister of Health, Jerome, who is a colossal waste of time (John Boyce will eliminate him once and for all); Clyde Mascoll, a man without principles (Chris will destry his political career); Liz Thompson … the most disrespectful lady to ever sit in Parliament and a Minister who is long on promises and short on delivery (Donville Inniss has her on the run … he will win in St. James South); Dale Marshall QC …. waste of time as AG … Randall will dismiss him this time

    But on top of this all …. the DLP team is far better equipped, along with the cadre of public servants, to mange the affairs of Barbados. There are a team of bright men an dwomen who are passionate in the quest to move this island forward and to rid it of the deep levels of corruption to which it has sunk.

  38. Wishing in Vain

    Neil McElroy // December 17, 2007 at 11:16 pm

    Well well well!!!! A massive crowd at the Alexandra School. How many people would it take to fill a school hall?

    Why are Owen Arthur and the BLP thugs afraid to face the public of Barbados? What ever happened to the “conversation with the people” that flopped so dismally?

    The BLP charade of having nominations for sitting members just to get in the news will not fool the people of Barbados; but if you want to hide in the shadows like true thieves in the night, feel free to fool yourselves. YOUR DEEDS WILL SOON COME TO LIGHT!! It’s a pity we don’t have integrity legislation that would put some of you in residence at the prison built by your crooked friends.

  39. Wishing in Vain

    Neil McElroy // December 18, 2007 at 12:08 am

    It is interesting that the concerned Bajan is commenting on the Prime Minister’s remarks with respect to elections. I wonder what he/she thinks about this attack on Dr. Marshall by the BLPites for merely expressing his well thought out views. This attack on freedom of speech seems to be democracy a la Owen “Fidel” Arthur.



  40. Littleboy

    Heard a caller on CBC today say that 2 big fish will fall this election.
    I believe that he has an inside track, because I also heard something similar from a canvasser of the BLP.
    Neither Owen Arthur nor Rawle Eastmond have canvassed for years, but they are both in the field now. Liz Thompson and Mia have also done likewise…so the guessing game is on as to who are the “2 big fish”!!!
    Any takers???

  41. Wishing in Vain

    My suggestion to the entire team of the good people of the DLP is not to leave a stone unturned to see each and every person on that voters list and to preach the gospel of a return of freedom and to honesty according to the DLP and then to proceed with haste to start correcting the wrongs of this last administration, I highly recommend that at least 10 cells be set aside for the clan of the blp members and their close friends to take up residence in , I am dead serious about this call it is time that people are shown that they cannot be as corrupt as this bunch and get away with it.

    Liz is already on a slippery ride so my best guess is that mottley maybe a wounded one made even moreso after yesterday’s bruising from Owing.
    You think that she has gotten the message as yet that she has no role to play ?

  42. Observing

    could be any 2 Littleboy. I think what’s worrying the government is the uncertainty of what other cats are out there to be let out of their bags. Most of them have done nothing on a constituency level for ages, far less use their ministerial position to offer meaningful help to the communities.

    They know the “David is no good” campaign is old and tired. They know that running on a record of achievements is quickly eclipsed by a record of controversy, corruption and scandal of which there appears to be many.

    And in the same way that many of them got into office on Owen’s coat tails, many of them may very well leave that way too……or on the controversy caused by another person (e.g. Hardwood).

  43. Rumplestilskin

    Poster above re DLP ”There are a team of bright men an dwomen who are passionate in the quest to move this island forward ”

    Very well said. Contrary to the oft repeated propaganda by the BLP machine that they do not have the skills. Ridiculous.

    A new approach is needed.

    As for Little boys’s question on the ‘big fish’? There will be a whole lotta shakin’ going on, so many names could be called.

    If you want names re Ministers who have held the limlight, how about, Clyde Mascoll, Liz Thompson, Hammie Lal.

    But that’s only three of the many that will lose seats.

    My guess.

  44. De Orginal

    I hope the DLP is ready Barbados needs a change there must be some accountability, integrity and transparency in the cabinet of Barbados. This level of open corruption we have been seeing in Barbados must come to an end. Owen Arthur and his gang of brigands must be stopped before the country is bankrupt.

  45. Adrian Hinds

    Leviticus // December 17, 2007 at 11:29 am

    btw, who remembers the picture of Owen Arthur as the General Secretary of the BLP on the front page of the newspaper in the 1990’s sweeping the doorway of Combermere School for the BLP conference? Anyone recalles what he said then?

    I don’t remember or recall. Please enlightened. What did Arthur say?

    …..and where is Arthur’s nomination speech? why is it missing? What did he say that the BLP may now be regretting? It seems like we are not to forget what Lynette Eeastmond said in the last election. Owen Arthur do you agree that we do not need an opposition? Do you agree that a one party state is good for Barbados? Where is the speech, let us hear what Owen has to say on the subject.

    …..Mia Mottley….comments and actions views thru the mirror of repressed feelings and thoughts that Sigmound Freud says can reemerged via ones dreams or via subconcious statements not intended.

    ….Hear Mia tell Bostic….. The city holds a special place in my heart,….SO I WILL BE THERE WITH YOU AS A BROTHER……. AS MY BROTHER …….. ha ha ha ha ha ha you are who you are Mia don’t hide, don’t get your ST.Micheal team to engage in the deception of femenizing you when you subconciously have no intent on being feminine.

    ….Here Mia again…. and Cinty (Cynthia forde) in de back, my partner on de LEFT and on the RIGHT. wuh yuh mean by that statement Mia? please tell us.

    …….Barney Lynch in his attempt to feminize Mia may have made it worst. Here him……. I went by Mia recently and she was in her Bedroom and she told me to come in, and there she was on the Bed and i sat on the chair.
    am Barney this is not very convincing in telling the story that you would like us to believe. Certainly a Man and a Women in a Bedroom can lead some to think of uummmmmm de two getting close, but if you have rumours of alternate lifestyles of the two persons, an unintended impression can also occur, such as the strange occurance of a man and woman in the privacy of a bedroom and neither of them feeling or having an attraction for the opposite sex. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😀

    …as for the view that Mia Mottley’s name is a household name throught out the caribbean, that could very well be true, but i am not so certain that it is for the reasons that you may suggest. It is common belief thru out the english speaking caribbean that Barbados has a high population of “bullers” this may be uncomfortable and is not in anyway true, but nevertheless this is their PERCEPTION of us . Could it be that this is what makes Mia a household name in the caribbean?

  46. Wishing in Vain

    Christmas in the Square
    Monday, 17 December 2007
    Christmas in the Square from our family to yours – Friday Dec 21st, 7:00 p.m. featuring Carlene Davis, Joseph Niles, Kimberly Inniss, Enobong, the Signing Dems and others.

  47. Velzo

    He couldn’t get anyone to help him. He had destroyed the Young Socialists. The party was on its knees financially and he was hated internally. We all know that.

    But the Dems imploded and gave them a government on a platter.

    This election is different. I believe that the people will consciously vote against the BLP.

  48. Such Stupid Comments

    WIV while the Opposition continues to recieve Tax Payers money under false pretences the Government is in the House of Assembly doing the People’s Business. What a contrast.

  49. Observing

    Rumplestiltskin, funny you should mention Hammie La. He has moved so far philosophically from where he started since crossing the floor.

    The politics of inclusion led to him sucking up to the BLP, being embarassed with the O’Brien Trotman and UDC affair, being humbled in his attempts to do good for “poor people” and his relegation from a minister to an obscure position that gives anyone trouble to remember. For him to stick with people who have treated him and all that he stands for so badly is almost hypocritical.

    Sad thing is even a blind man knows that he is only wanted by the BLP because of what was/is a sure seat. Absolutely nothing else. I almost pity him to hear him speak so highly of his “friends”.

    Anyone else ever notice how insincere some of the BLP candidates look when glorifying one another? BLP TV might well be a bad thing for the BLP in the long run.

  50. Sargeant

    I almost choked on my oatmeal this morning when I read the comment from the PM about a project in St.Peter that the DLP is alleged to have abandoned in 1986. 1986!!!!Which party has been elected three times since 1994? Who has been the parliamentary representative for St.Peter during that time? If the project is so laudable why wasn’t it pursued between 1994 and today? The BLP supporters constantly hark back to 1994 when the DLP last formed the gov’t as days when like Chicken Little we were all running around shouting “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”. When all we had to eat and drink was roast sweet potato and sweet water, not even a lime to make lemonade. Now the PM goes a bit further to 1986, since they are all throwing dates around how about 1966 when the BLP then in opposition sent a parliamentary team to London to argue against the granting of Independence to Barbados by Britain.

  51. John


    You will find that Mr. Brome’s story at Six Mens has parallels to Mr. Babb’s story at Holders.

    They both owned real estate which others wanted cheap.

    Both are sad tales of a society purposely led astray by greed, corruption and abuse of power by both parties and stupid men and women who do not realise the damage they have done to their country by undermining the basic tenets of free enterprise.

    One sought protection in the law courts in the late 1980’s I believe, the other did not.

    Yet in many ways they are alike, symptons of a society gone astray and seemingly powerless to correct itself.

    There are others too!!

  52. John

    Such Stupid Comments
    December 18, 2007 at 6:03 pm
    WIV while the Opposition continues to recieve Tax Payers money under false pretences the Government is in the House of Assembly doing the People’s Business. What a contrast.

    Sad to say Parliament itself has become a false pretence.

    When the cost overruns of the numerous projects in Barbados continued to escalate and the links to fraudsters were exposed, Parliament became exposed for what it is, a complete con, full of con artists.

    The peoples’ business is no longer transacted in there.

    Better to call elections and purge it.

    I often marvel at the guts and statesmanship Sandi displayed when he called elections back in 1994.

    Some hold he should not have done so because it removed a party in power from office but what was the point of prolonging the mess it had become.

    The Bees may very well get back in but it really is time for a purge. If they do get back in, then at least they will have had a scare and may wake up.

    If they don’t, the other folks, whoever they may be, have a real model of what not to do.

    Either way, it is the only chance Parliament has of becoming a place where the peoples’ business is transacted, …. for the peoples’ benefit.

  53. John

    I see that the Splash Waterpark has been refused permission!!

    I also see that Parliament is debating the “new ” Physical Development Plan which was due since 1996 I believe and William D. hopes to see this process happening more regularly in future.

    I hope this is not simply a ruse to give some semblance of legality to the various illegal developments which have taken place during Owen’s tenure as PM and minister responsible for Town Planning.

    I believe that the law of Nature will have the final say at Greenland and will determine the extent to which Apes Hill, Westmoreland and Sandy Lane have imperiled the future sustainability of our country.

    Perhaps the GOB could look at the Scotland District Act which is older than many of the sitting representatives and was written at a time when there were people who actually understood the realities of Nature before rushing in with a new agency to control the “development” of the district.

    Then again, “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” so I don’t have much hope.

  54. Wishing in Vain

    CEO quits
    Published on: 12/19/07.

    ANTHONY MURRELL, chief executive officer of the controversial Hardwood Housing Factory Inc, has resigned.

    Murrell, who has been at the helm of the company since it opened in February this year, stepped down “in the interest and reputation” of the company.

    He handed in his resignation to board chairman Tony Hoyos yesterday evening.

    In a statement to the MIDWEEK NATION yesterday, Murrell broke his silence for the first time since the dealings of the Six Roads, St Philip factory came under scrutiny in late September.

    “In the interest and the reputation of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc., I have submitted my resignation to the chairman of the company. If however the factory should require my technical support, I am available and willing to assist whenever I am called upon to do so. I wish the company great success and expect that it will continue to help the poor people who need houses in this country. As for me, that will also be my main intention.”

    He said he was committed to providing affordable housing to all Barbadians and would continue to do so from his “humble workshop at home” in Market Hill, St George.

    The MIDWEEK NATION understands however, that even though Murrell tendered his resignation, the board has not readily accepted it.

  55. Wishing in Vain

    I am surprised to see that he has his wife’s support, this is a bold statement from an man that is before the courts for rape of 2 women from HARDWOOD HOUSING FACTORY where he operated.

    The PR execise covered in this release will do nothing to ease the pressure on he, ASSCOLL or HOYOS they have all conspired to steal from us the taxpayers of this island.

    Let us not forget the scam of monies being borrowed from the EGFL by HARDWOOD HOUSING and the ENTERTAINMENT ALLOWANCE TO BE USED ONLY AT AQUA RESTAURANT this is just another example of their scam on us.

  56. Wishing in Vain

    Leviticus // December 19, 2007 at 5:12 am

    As to youngster: we heard both sides. We heard Mascoll and we heard Thompson. The country came to a conclusion.

    Hardwood was building Mascoll’s wife’s office on Hardwood funds. It employed illegal non-black Guyanese and paid them more than poor, black Bajans. The girls Murrell raped on the job were poor, black Bajans from Mascoll’s constituency. Tools were stolen from Hardwood by Murrell. Hoyos – no poor black man – required the staff to use their entertainment allowance at his Aqua restaurant not a poor black canteen operator. Why do you think Teddy Griffith was fired as the first Chairman? I heard it on TV with my own ears. And I heard Mascoll’s pathetic reply. I don’t even want to say anything about Liz Thompson.

    Think, unless you are a young fool. One poor black man against over 30 others at Hardwood?Why do you think the staff rebelled and gave the information to Mia Mottley who then handed it to Thompson. She knew that Arthur is as morally uneducated as the youngster is.

    BTW, Murrell resigned from Hardwood today. But that is not enough. Mascoll must account for $2 million in taxpayers money.

    Do you know how many poor black Barbadians have applied for loans – not like Cap-in-hand-Durant – from EGFL and who have heard no reply for over six months?And Hardwood gets two loans in less than one year? Come on, you think we are stupid?

  57. Observing

    Sargeant, they do this because it’s the only campaign strategy they have to combat 14 years of “limited” and “selective” progress as well as the displeasure and frustration we average person is feeling. What they are finding hard to grasp is that we’ve heard it 3 times already.

  58. Brutus

    Pre-election spending??

    From http://www.barbadosparliament.com/hs_asbly_order_paper.php

    Resolution to grant the sum of $36,418,824 from the Consolidated Fund and to place it at the disposal of the Government ….


  59. Rumplestilskin

    14 (a) says $89 million, whooweeeee…we a-spending now!

  60. Wishing in Vain

    Don’t let anything spoil your Christmas!
    Think as a positive Barbadian and reach for the stars. Change is coming your way. That is our message to the people of Barbados at this Christmas even though thinking Barbadians would be extremely disturbed by the statements made by the Prime Minister last Sunday at his nomination, suggesting that it is his desire to remain in office for life. While the rabid BLP acolytes and How Great Thou Art singers may have lost their ability to reflect on the dangers of this statement, the rest of Barbados has to take the words Arthur used seriously. These statements portend badly for politics in Barbados and his comments are unprecedented in the modern history of our parliamentary system.

    Arthur’s statement that he is motivated in a special way to “ensure that the DLP never governs Barbados again” has disturbed many Barbadians since the system we practice is a multi-party system and if the Democratic Labour Party or any other political institution is permanently kept from power this means that Arthur and his outgoing Barbados Labour Party will permanently govern the affairs of this country. How would he and the BLP achieve this?

    We have found Arthur’s statements sound frighteningly similar to those uttered by Forbes Burnham some years ago. These statements are particularly distressing in the context of a government, which only last month attempted to impose legislation that would have tinkered with the constitutional protection guaranteed to Civil Servants and moreover is committed to the pursuit of a Republic here. The signs are clear and the dangers are ever-present.

    Arthur’s obvious obsession with the retention of power is in many ways what we have been talking about for some time now and is exacerbated by the fact his stated reason for wanting to hold office is a desire to keep the DLP away from office. This is an admission that there is no good reason to re-elect him. Clearly, he recognises that his record is poor and does not warrant re-election, hence he now tries to scare the people of Barbados into believing that the DLP is the problem, in the hope that he will be given a fourth term.

    These statements reveal much about Arthur’s strategy which for the last 13 years has distracted the population by focusing excessively on the DLP, while he and his BLP have been mismanaging this country with alarming consequences. $750 million in cost over-runs, the deterioration of our public services, the treatment of the poor, the failure to solve little problems while focussing on the needs of the BLP’s supporters.

    The DLP has previously and successfully managed the affairs of this country and we are now once more ready to resume this role. Our leadership is clearly now more critical if we are to save Barbados from these BLP power-hungry fanatics that are concerned only with power and not with our national development.

    As we offer ourselves we do so with full regard and respect for the principles of democracy which inevitably will work both for and against political parties from time to time. The DLP has experienced the best of times as well as political adversity; however we have always respected the wishes of the electorate and will never seek to impose ourselves on the people of Barbados for longer than the people of Barbados desire our leadership. The Prime Minister would do well to remember that he was elected by the people of Barbados and that Barbados does not belong to him or the Barbados Labour Party.

    It is unfortunate that this Christmas season is shrouded by such dark clouds on the horizon. For Christmas should be seen as a time of hope and joy – a time of giving and generosity. Despite the challenges ahead, we will keep the faith with the people of Barbados always trusting in the Almighty.

    We wish all Barbadians a merry Christmas.

  61. Wishing in Vain

    Here is what Mascoll said.

    Mascoll: I was only helping

    Date December 05, 2007
    Brief Mascoll: I was only helping
    by Ricky Jordan

    “I have done nothing wrong. All I have tried to do is assist a small black man convert an idea – given he had no money or capital – into a project. I’m not an owner of Hardwood, nor a part owner.”


    “I HAVE DONE nothing wrong. All I have tried to do is assist a small black man convert an idea – given he had no money or capital – into a project. I’m not an owner of Hardwood, nor a part owner.”

    This mixture of affirmation and emotion characterised the reply by Minister of State Clyde Mascoll in the House of Assembly to a no-confidence motion brought against him yesterday by Leader of the Opposition David Thompson.

    Mascoll, admitting that he tried his best to help Hardwood Housing Factory’s owner Anthony Murrell establish a way to provide low-income housing for Barbadians, said the allegation that he sourced material for this company was “blatantly untrue”.

    He told the Lower Chamber that when the company was advertised in the daily newspapers, two companies from Guyana called and requested a visit at the Ministry of Finance. He said a subsequent meeting on October 10 between himself, Murrell and another Barbadian had involved discussion of the sourcing of lumber from Guyana.

    Mascoll added that Hardwood Housing was incorporated a month later.

    “The so-called sourcing of material predates the establishment of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc., but at that time, the Barbados National Bank had expressed an interest in providing the finance to allow for the establishment of the company. But that would have been debt and was expensive. And the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC) offered and delivered a business plan that was taken to the Enterprise Growth Fund (EGF), which was accepted,” the former Opposition Leader added.

    He said there was no other connection between himself and the company because “once the EGF got involved, I no longer had that sort of interest”.

    He added that matters such as who were hired or fired did not concern him, nor who went too close to someone and caused friction.

    Regarding the $2 million given Hardwood by the EGF, Mascoll said the first $1 million was accounted for by February 22 this year in equipment, investment and training.

    This, he added, was followed by an overdraft in September from BNB after the company didn’t get any EGF funds between February and September 10.

    The second tranche, another $1 million from the EGF, was used to pay that overdraft, Mascoll noted.

    Turning to the allegation of bounced cheques, he said there were few small companies without cash flow problems. He added that the said cheques produced by Thompson had not been cashed but were recalled after it was recognised they had exceeded the limit. The recipients were honoured in five days, he added.

    Accusing Thompson of being insensitive and taking the word of a disgruntled former manager, he said he had several pictures of Murrell in Grenada, proof that he was there between October and December 2004, had built 280 to 300 houses, and trained people to erect temporary structures. He also said Murrell’s work was evident on two websites: http://www.crossroads.ca and http://www.samaritansfirst. org.

    To loud thumping from the Government side, the Minister of State added: “I would do again what I did to assist Anthony Murrell or any other black, white, ordinary or not so ordinary man, to build houses for poor Barbadians. If that’s not my remit, then I’ve chosen the wrong profession.”

    written by Weatherhead, December 19, 2007

    The Minister Of State Clyde Mascoll made a statement in the House of Assembly about Helping a Black man and he would do it all over again, but of interest is the Websites the Minister named in his defence or Murrell,s defence which seems to be serving as some RESUME for Murrell and the INVESTMENT of the Tax paying Barbadians Dollars to the tune of two million dollars. Minister Mascoll named http://www.samaritansfirst.org which is a site that the minister would have to tell us what we were looking for, the other site the Minister mentioned was http://www.crossroads.ca which is a Canadian family of Ministries located at 100 Huntley street , Ontario, Canada . With Ministries on Global Television every morning during the week. Those Ministries have to operate within the Guidelines of the Legislation of the Canadian Goverment. The Minister also pointed a picture at
    a website in Canada, the minister should also take a look at Integrity Legislation, where a former
    Prime Minister is recalled for taking allege Bribe money. What is the reason for not having Integrity
    Legislation in Barbados ???? Parliamentarians are to be held accountable for their actions ,the same as the ordinary man in the street, where the Law Courts have the final say, that is true in most Parliamentary Democracies.
    The Prime Minister is now saying he is going to move Heaven and Earth to make sure the DLP never holds the reign of Goverment again is it a Dictatorship in Barbados, Bajans beware, have a look at Chavez in Venezuella President for Life is his ambition, what is Prime Minister Owen Arthurs ? Remember the Prime Minister Owen Arthur’s Goverment wanted to change the Constitution not too long ago. Also people are allowed to have a peacefull protest for their rights, that is how Barbadians got where there are today, peacefull protest, but beware the police and Army might be called with a desist and move order in the year 2007, where are your rights as ordinary Barbadians ?
    Most people that take part in peacefull protest expect their rights will be protected under Law, and the purpose of the Police is to observe and make sure the protest remain peacefull. This Goverment is so agitated at present as it has lost its way ,now it will be propaganda as it is said the memory of a Bajan is short. The Goverment could have had Low interest loans for poor black people to build their homes through a contractor of their choice and funds destributed to the progress of the builder, that is my opinion ,Mr Mascoll in his capacity could have been working on such a program instead of Hardwood housing of which I see a cover up , now Mr Murrell is in todays paper saying he is no longer apart of Hardwood Housing. The Minister did not source Lumber , but the stories are different
    from Murrell, The Minister .I will attach a statement from the Minister on December 5th 2007.

    Thank you for your space.

  62. Negrocrat

    What is this I am hearing about Owen Arthur saying that he will make sure that the DLP never holds office in Bdos again?
    Who the hell Owen thinks he is? God?
    He is showing that he is a dictator. He has unmasked himself.
    It was always my view that he could not be trusted.
    He is a real dictator as those around him know but are too afraid to say.

  63. Adrian Loveridge

    What an interesting interview by Neil Nunez on the current BBC Caribbean Report with the re -elected Premier of Bermuda.

    ‘widespread coruption under your watch’

    which the Premier was quick to deny.

    I wonder how our Prime Minister would respond to the same question?

  64. Rumplestilskin

    What Mascoll said is fairly irrelevant, it is just more mud on top of mud, as he lost all credibility much earlier when crossing the floor immediately switching his ‘opinion’ from his JAWS and both receiving and giving attacks re the BLP administration to suddenly being part of them.

    I really do not understand how he and his new cohorts cannot see how bad that looked on them.

    Indeed, they tried to turn it against the DLP and claim he was chased out, but that is pure spin-doctoring.

    Politically, anything he says or does now can only be taken with a bucket of salt.

  65. Wishing in Vain



  66. John

    Adrian Loveridge
    December 20, 2007 at 10:09 am

    I wonder how our Prime Minister would respond to the same question?

    Me too.

    ….. but if Noel Lynch his buddy is anything to go by……

    All politicians have a problem with direct questions, particularly those in Barbados.

    I remember a story about The Right Excellent the Honourable Erroll Walton Barrow when asked too direct a question expressing disgust that the reporter would dare ask him a question like the one he asked in HIS (Errol Barrow’s) Television Station, CBC.

    Noel Lynch demonstrated that he had no style or class when he ran out of the interview with David Ellis.

    Had he taken a leaf from Erroll Barrow’s book he would have chased out David Ellis out from HIS station …….

    …. on second thoughts, VOB is privately not Government owned like CBC so Noel Lynch probably felt somewhat constrained and confused.

  67. John


    You should have kept quiet till the announcement was made.

    ….. you know they are going and change the date now to the Jan. 18th just so BFP can’t get the scoop!!

    …. or worse, keep the elections all down in 2008!!

  68. Wishing in Vain

    It does not matter, it must happen and it is coming.
    Seems to me that Owing is facing the reality that the longer he is waiting the more his voters base is being eroded and has decided to bite the bullet and take the licks now.
    I wonder how mottley must feel going into an election once being seen as the heir apparent and now she is faced with the reality that she has been told by Owing there is no room in the inn for you???

  69. Makaveli

    That would make campaigning 28 days?

  70. Wishing in Vain

    The outgoing PM will be addressing the nation at 1.00 pm today to anounce the 17 th as the date.

  71. Wishing in Vain

    28 days will not be long enough to solve any of their issues of corruption, arrogance, fraud, bribery, misuse of public funds, misuse of public office!!!

  72. Negrocrat

    I’m happy that we the people of Bdos will finally get the opportunity to be on a level playing field with those scamps of the BLP.
    Now is our chance to show them who is boss!
    I am a disgruntled BLP and look forward to the opportunity to send a strong message to those scamps that they should treat people as human beings and not as dirt or a rag to be used and disposed of at will.
    Happy riddance!

  73. Wishing in Vain

    The following article by Yardbroom is one of the best that I have read in somewhile, it explains all the right reasons this clan of crooks need to be removed from the halls of the HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.

    December 20, 2007 at 8:39 am
    When an incumbent Prime Minister, suggest that it is his intention, to ensure that the only opposition party – capable of governing – is never elected to Government, it is a serious cause for concern.

    Even if one accepts, that a certain amount of hyperbole is expected during electioneering, one balances that, with the expectation, that a leader of an elected Government, is often expected to be circumspect.

    I never thought of our Prime Minister as a spoiler. I expect of him to say, why he wants to lead Barbados, and uppermost in his mind should be not to oppose for opposition sake, but to improve Barbados, and make it a better place for us and future generations.

    His legacy then, will be that he served his country well, he was a man above the ordinary. He was able to bring all shades of complexion, and strata of society under one banner, thinking of themselves as Barbadians first, knowing that the Prime Minister held the light of justice, honesty and fair play, which shone like a beacon for all to see. But for ones main focus just to oppose to deny another, I have my doubts if that is something of worth to aspire to.

    We must remember that he is speaking of a Party, one of whose previous leaders brought us to independence, and swept away many of the injustices that permeated Barbados society at the time, he is speaking of a Party which gave us National Heroes, whose actions have stood the test of time.

    I will not venture into the area of personal invective here, much as I am minded to, I will only note, that the Government is appealing to the electorate, not on what they have done, but on what the Opposition is not capable of doing, what a sad indictment, after more than a decade of governance.

  74. Wishing in Vain

    I would suggest that the outgoing representives ought to have followed the style of the idiot ASSCOLL and to give each and every member of the POOR BLACK BOYS of the community a $ 2 million donation to help them, that is representaion for you, ASSCOLL did it.

  75. Negrocrat

    Owen Arthur’s position on the DLP shows how desperate he is and also that he is bereft of any new ideas. He is scrambling and he knows that he’ll lose the next elections.
    We proud Barbadians have to jealously guard our heritage and our democracy. For him to say that Errol Baroow’s Party must never govern in Bdos again is sinful and hateful.
    Owen should get a bush bath!
    Out with Owen and his scamps.

  76. FamilyB

    If I may be allowed to engage my fellow bloggers, now that we know the time and date of the nominations and elections; I think it is time to ask what I consider to be a hard hitting question – can anyone itemize what each and every current member of parliament that comprises the government has done for the people of Barbados?

    What initiatives have been implemented that could redound to the benefit of present and future Barbadians?

    What can we as lay people with a modicum of knowledge point to and clearly and categorically state has been done to the benefit of the nation?

    If we can find honest, fair and unbiased answers to the above, were they (project and initiatives) expedited with the best use of resources and funding? Were they completed within the expected timeframes and within the stated budgets? If not was adequate explanation provided to the public? What details of the tendering processes for these initiatives and projects were made available for public perusal?