Mariano Browne Fraud Allegations Take A Political Twist


Will The Barbados Courts Be Predisposed To Favour Mariano Browne?

Today, the Trinidad & Tobago Express is taking a look at the politics and political connections behind the Mariano Browne fraud allegations. Barbados Opposition DLP leader David Thompson is acting as lawyer for one of the interested parties – RBTT/CLICO.

On the other side of the case, the T&T Express newspaper is calling Mariano Browne “a financial supporter and close associate of Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his Barbados Labour Party (BLP)…”

Hmmmm…. makes us wonder who the “silent beneficiaries” of the whole aborted bank deal were to be if Mariano Browne had been successful in pulling it off without, ahem, “problems”.


Oh well, Browne doesn’t have to to worry – In the long term in any Barbados court action Mariano Browne is sure to have the secret support of an old BLP friend: former Barbados Attorney General and now Chief Justice David Simmons. (photo immediately above)

Here is an excerpt from the Trinidad and Tobago Express article The Mariano Browne Saga

Insiders say a lot of the personal hostilities between some of the principal players in this continuing corporate feud are not unrelated to political loyalties both here and in Barbados…

On the Barbados end of the business, Leroy Parris, Chairman of CLICO Holdings Barbados and reputedly, a bitter enemy of Browne, is said to be a close friend of Opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) leader, David Thompson.

Thompson is listed as one of the attorneys in the joint RBTT/CLICO Barbados lawsuit filed against Browne for alleged financial impropriety and corporate misbehaviour at CCB.

On the flip side, Browne is said to be a financial supporter and close associate of Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur and his Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Browne last week insisted that he had only a “professional relationship” with the Barbados leader.

He also maintained much of his earlier claims made in court pleadings in his failed bid to block the 2004 sale of CCB to local banking giant, RBTT-mainly that CCB and CL Financial reneged on an agreement to sell the bank to him.

The Barbados High Court and Court of Appeal found otherwise. The ownership structure of the CLICO-owned bank and the contention that Andre Monteil was not authorised to sell the bank was a substantive issue that figured in the court’s final ruling in favour of Leroy Parris and CCB.

… read the full article at the T&T Express (link here)

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14 responses to “Mariano Browne Fraud Allegations Take A Political Twist

  1. Wishing in Vain

    I submit to you that the reason Owing had people of Mariano Browne’s ilk and others like Tony Hoyos, David Shorey’s, Richard Cox, Hallam Nicholls, Wilkinson is that he is part and parcel of a scheme to defraud the taxpayers of this island and within this scheme he has given the likes of the above mentioned ones a free hand in their dishonesty because he to is playing at the same game and is using them as cover for his actions.

    Let me suggest to you that my belief is that if Mariano Browne were to swallow a 4 inch spike nail it would come out as a twisted shank galvanise roofing nail.

    He is a dishonest bastard and allowed the control of masses of public funds for distribution among he and his corporate friends like Tony Hoyos as we have clearly witnessed in the EGFL relationship to HARDWOOD HOUSING and its relationship to the privately owned by Tony Hoyos AQUA RESTAURANT.


  2. Wishing in Vain

    Neal McElroy // December 17, 2007 at 2:18 am

    David Thompson is bringing more experience to the position of Prime minister than Owen Arthur had when lady luck rolled him into that position. Check the facts: David Thompson, Exhibition winner; Owen Arthur? David Thomson demonstrated his ability as a speaker, debater, youth leader from school days; Owen Arthur? David Thompson served as Minister in two Ministries, Owen Arthur was a Parliamentary Secretary for a few months. Owen Arthur helped Michael Manley to ruin the Jamaican economy with their IMF programme. Owen Arthur cannot point to anything that can be held up as his legacy except for overseeing the greatest wastage of taxpayers’ money in Barbados. He has presided over Greenland, the Government offices at Warrens that made George Payne and Barrack construction wealthy, Dodds, the highway – all with massive cost over runs. The decline of the QEH as a health institution, not to mention the kickbacks for his friends like Rodney Wilkinson, Hallam Nicholls and company. Owen Arthur is the most thiefing Prime Minister this country ever had. How could he on a Prime Minister’s salary have a divorce settlement of almost 4 million dollars? HE IS A CORRUPT THIEFING DRUNKEN LIAR.

    Dear Sir,
    May I correct you on the value of the settlement it was not $ 4 million as you previously stated but the correct figure is $ 10 million the documents for this settlement are nowhere in the public records where every other document such as this would be, we the lesser mortals would be subjected to the ability of any lawyer to search and reveal the value of our settlements, not so in the drunkard’s case that is kept in safe keeping by the good friend and his long time partner in crime the CJ David Simmons.

    As his last act carried out as the AG was to assist Owing in arriving at his settlement and he has assisted by sweeping it under the door mat.

    Why is this settlement such a hushed case maybe if we the taxpayers were to see the details in black and white it will fully expose the obvious extent of the corruption that Owing is part of to arrive at a figure of $ 10 million dollars as settlement would clearly suggest that he has well in excess of $ 30 million to allow this level of settlement and where would these funds come from ?

    I put it to you not likely from the honestly earned salary of a PM this would be a total joke.

    So where has he amassed this mega wealth from it would be fair to assume that the VECO PRISON PROJECT although not the start of his scams it would have set about providing him with the largest block of retirement funds, then the DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT another cool $ 80 or $ 90 million, the OIL STORAGE FACILITY, GREENLAND, CWC and the OVAL PROJECT may Stephen Alleyne rst in his grave and the list goes on !!!!


  3. Leroy & David

    BFP, very clever to only cut out a small part of the Express article and miss out the important thrust just to try and make some partisan, but misguided points.
    The article speaks to the way Clico is run and how it uses political donations on both sides of the spectrum both in Barbados and in Trinidad.
    Duprey finances Panday, Monteil works for the PNM.
    In Barbados it had gotten so one-sided with Leroy Parris funding his “special friend” and Lawyer, David Thompson to the detriment of that companies local interests.
    Any political contributions made from CL Financial to the other side, the BLP were with the knowledge of Lawrence Duprey and were small compared to the level of funding Leroy Parris has afforded David Thompson in the past and is affording him now.
    At what cost is the question?
    WIV, keep up the rhetoric, you might even begin to believe it yourself!

  4. more

    Remind me why Mariano Browne and David Shorey got fired from CCB?

  5. frankology

    Partisan politics the Barbadian/Trinidadian way.

    I am being labeled as partially bias due to my aggressive approach to statements made by top PR representatives and party supporters from the political divide who use these blogs mainly to promote they party and destroy the competition by using innuendos and hearsays, even vulgar language and name calling. Another area that has me peeved is the so-call critics who would submit post on top of posts to substantiate a particular party, namely WIV.

    This Browne/Thompson/Duprey/ Parris/Monteil combination with the Trinidad/Barbados connection consisting Clico/CCB/RBTT is being side-track by people like WIV who know that Thompson is fully greased with the financial oil of Parris/Duprey/Clico. He is even the legal brain for Clico/RBTT.

    We are looking at the Mariano Browne issue, but what we are seeing is a massive power game being perform by a conglomerate and Government and the other equation by top executives and the Opposition.

    Let me explain, because people of the likes of WIV are keeping far from these debates.

    Monteil, the top financial wizard with Clico is the treasurer with the Manning party, whilst the group is associated with the Panday party.

    Browne was associated with the Arthur party whilst Parris and the Clico group is associated with the Thompson party.

    Monteil is close to Browne and Manning; Thompson is close to Parris and Clico.

    Now Browne is Minister in the Ministry of Finance, we will see negativity with the Clico grouping in Trinidad. This will have an off-shoot with the Parris/Thompson/Clico negativity with the said Browne, since he was at the helm of CCB/RBTT.

    This is pure politricks.


    BFP Comments…

    Typical excuse “this is politics” that has been used for a decade to deflect public scrutiny of wrong-doing. Nope, we don’t buy that it is all “politics” and even if it is – maybe especially if it is politics – then the citizens of Barbados deserve to know how it is that politicians are using their offices to effect their private purposes.

    More scrutiny, not less, if this is “politics”.

  6. frankology

    then the citizens of Barbados deserve to know how it is that politicians are using their offices to effect their private purposes.

    More scrutiny, not less, if this is “politics”.
    This is the core ingredient for my submission. For the citizens to know of big business and political officials, we must except non-partisan views for the truth and not innuendos. On these blogs, we have writers with agendas who cannot see past partisan views. I make no bones of my statement.

    The Trinidad and Tobago Express article The Mariano Browne Saga gives a clear insight of the corruption with big business and politics.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    The Mariano Browne person is not one to be trusted in any form or fashion.

    Anytime a person can sit as he did in a position of authority as he did and set about to devise plans and means and ways to go about undermining the foundations of the company that has provided him all his income and his livelyhood he cannot be trusted.

  8. Leviticus

    In Barbados it had gotten so one-sided with Leroy Parris funding his “special friend” and Lawyer, David Thompson to the detriment of that companies local interests.

    You might be surprised to know where the $75,000.00 cheque to Owen Arthur came from and how much more was given and to whom. It is definitely not one-sided here.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Owing is under an undue amount of pressure, he is fighting for his political life.

    I have now heard him on the radio trying to defend his actions of moving the residents of SIXMENS out of their homes for the sake of the PORT ST.CHARLES MARINA DEVELOPMENT PROJECT.

    When he refers to building a facility for fishermen in the north of the island this is but mere spin, lets us ask who is building the project in who’s name is the investment being made?

    It is not the gov’t or the taxpayers of Barbados this is part of the extension of the PORT ST.CHARLES MARINA PROJECT and the berths that will be available there will not be free to John Public they will be sold from prices starting at US $ 300,000.00 now you tell me which fisherman in Sixmens will be able to afford this asking price not many I would suggest.

    There is no plan to accomodate the goodly fishermen of the area, it is a plan that Owing is keen to see proceed because it creates jobs in StPeter but destroys homes and living areas in Sixmens and provides NOTHING to the fishermen of the area but provides another Condo or two to him and more money in the bank for having done what he has promised to do that is to evict the residents of the area for his get rich scheme.

    Thanks to PORT ST.CHARLES MARINA DEVELOPMENT PROJECT and a GROSSLY CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER for allowing the extension of the MARINA PROJECT at the expense of the fisherfolks of the area, well done Owing the higher the monkey climbs the more of its as you see you are a classic example of this outlook, you have displayed the worst taste in judgment ever as a sitting member of the house, you are a national disgrace and a liar of extreme proportions.


  10. Leroy & David

    You’ll find $75,000 to be small fish compared to what Leroy has put into David’s pocket. Political donations aren’t illegal so why doesn’t David declare what funding he gets from Leroy Parris and Clico?
    Sam Lord’s, Rayside, Barbados Farms – could be a good year for Clico if only they can buy David an election.

  11. Never mind any political divide, they are all in the king sized political bed together, but with differing agendas a.k.a get rich schemes.
    Most politicians’ agendas are purely for personal selfish reasons.
    However, others’ agendas are for the good of national interests and the people but tinged with some personal and selfish reasons.
    Where are people like Lawson Weekes and his kind?
    Sadly they no longer exist.
    So, whom would you pick to lead you?
    The pure money grabbers or the money grabbers with some of your interest at heart?
    You do not need to be a rocket scientist to answer correctly.
    What is the saying?……. The lesser of the two evils……..

  12. Tell me Why

    This sounds like 181, 282,383, VIW backwards. What say Mr. Propagandalist.

  13. yatiniteasy

    BPF…judging from the comments from old postings that have suddenly appeared(such as from Parts Warehouse) seems to be a deliberate attempt by someone at Harlequin to pull attention away from anything Harlequin related.

  14. BFP

    Hi yatiniteasy,

    We have noticed some other things happening ’bout hey too! We clean up those comments every so hours but there is boocoo happenings behind the scenes too. We’re on it, thanks 2 U.