Between A Rock And A Hard Place: BLP Insiders Advise Prime Minister To Call Elections NOW!

Barbados Free Press has received 11 (count ’em… eleven) separate tips in the last two days – some from trusted sources – indicating that the Barbados Labour Party is working itself into an election with about as much enthusiasm as a child wanting to pass by a dark crossroads alone after midnight.

Some advisors are telling Owen Arthur that things aren’t going to get any better in the coming months – going to get a whole lot worst – so he better call the election NOW!

A few in the minority (Dr. Duguid among them) are cautioning to wait and work hard to counter the negative publicity from Hardwood Housing, plus the longer the government waits the more Cricket World Cup will fade into the past.

One source advises that the government has asked the Barbados Defense Force to organize a “water parade” of vessels for New Year’s Eve as a “feel good, pride in Barbados” event that would fit in nicely with an election call.

“That’s how desperate the government is looking” says the source, “Election strategy has devolved to putting pretty lights on Coast Guard boats to make people feel good about the country.”



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36 responses to “Between A Rock And A Hard Place: BLP Insiders Advise Prime Minister To Call Elections NOW!

  1. Jay

    Funny you should say that, after campaiging for an election since September 2006, don’t you think people are growing tired of the DEMS?

    Look at that sparse crowd in Heroes Square last night. I’ve never seen a crowd so small at a meeting in the city.

    It has gotten to the point now that Thompson is repeating himself. Case on point, overuns. He said that at a meeting earlier this year as well. It’s getting old. Bring a new innuendo.

    The election will come before March 14th, 2008.

  2. Observing

    The BLP have been placed on the back foot and forced into defensive mode by a party which they thought would never get its act together and revelations that obviously are coming from within. They seem to have underestimated the frustration of the average person on the street as well the ability of the DLP team to rally behind David Thompson. Another sign of arrogance and over confidence from a third term government expecting to be automatically given a fourth because of a previously perceived “weak” Opposition.

    Even the proclamations of 1000 houses today from Farley sounded hollow at best. Let’s get elections started and see what they really have to offer.

  3. Bush tea

    I hope that you are not one of the BLP intellectuals… why would the size of the crowd at the DLP meeting be significant? this is 2007 not 1970. We can sit an home and know ALL the juicy details from BU and BFP…. besides, the DEMS have laid their charges already….. what we want now are answers.
    I am waiting for a BLP meeting where some of these questions get answered –
    Like what is the story of that $750,000?
    Where the 750Million over runs gone?
    How did we become so desperate to be shamelessly selling our country lock stock and barrel to foreigners?
    I don’t think we are ‘tired of the DEMS’. We are tired of having NO answers and of ministers making mock sport.

    You got answers or you come here to drink milk?

  4. Undertaker

    I think they should give the public servants a gift no taxes for Jan, then call elections in Feb around valentines day (to show the people how much you love them.

    If that fails then just close your eyes and pick a month, then pick a date………..

  5. The Jester

    So after 14 damn years they now want to work hard. Work hard all right. 14 years of Hard Labour at dodds is what they want.

    P.S. Jay … you certainly were not in the correct square. The meeting that I was privy too was by no means small 🙂

  6. Wishing in Vain

    I think if he calls it now or later the result will be the same it will be a victory to the DLP and why will this be simply because of three term arrogance and the gross neglect of the people that matter the working class while cuddling up under the breast of the rich and famous, not the most likely reason is the rape that this gang have carried out against every man woman and child while bulking up his bank account and the bank account of his good and close inner circle of friends.

  7. Victoria

    Elections what.
    I am bored stiff.
    Hardwood has shown us about the need to be sophisticated. What has been done is being done everyday, but with sophistication and more finese. Mascoll et all, did not take the time to learn the system. Check it and see.
    Hardwood and its management should be pressured on the sex abuse charges, these are far more serious, but alas, no one cares that women might have been abused.
    Can you believe that we are subject to a boycot of Parliament because Thompson was hurt by Roetts comments, and he had more votes than Roett(my thing is bigger than yours…)should we not reserve walkouts, and boycots for really big and serious matters?
    Should Kellman be included in a DLP Cabinet, should they win the Government.
    Just some thoughts, I am bored

  8. Rumplestilskin

    The delay has been and will continue to be for one reason only.

    To attempt to discredit and bad mouth PM-In-Waiting David Thompson.

    Th BLP has done its own damage to itself by sheer lack of imagination, no planning and mismanagement, so the only thing to save them is to discredit the Opposition i.e. the Fear Factor.

    This is the same fear factor used so much by the US Republicans.

    However, when looks at the situation objectively, the current administration are in no position to be given the baton to govern again.

    As for the comment above on David Thompson repeating himself on overruns, I hope that is the case, as it is his duty to highlight the one thing that clearly shows in hard fact the complete lack of planning and mismanagement that has taken place.

    One cannot dispute facts as depicted by the overruns in cold hard cash!

    I for one am against having overruns well past $500 million in total!


    Barrow and Adams (both Adams) would think that we all are stone crazy!

  9. Leviticus

    My advice to the Dems: ignore people like Jay. It is not in the BLP’s interest to tell you how to win. So they will belittle the crowds and Thompson’s repetition of his message. But the Dems control the streets right now. Hold more meetings and repeat your message. That is the advantage you have over the Bees.

    BFP is right. The Bees are frightened as hell.

  10. Inkwell

    Some sobering thoughts for DLP supporters, which I feel are worth repeating here:

    The Advocate editorial yesterday, in commenting on the recent elections in Trinidad ends with the critical question facing the electorate there,

    “In other words, change from the present government to what?”

    As we know, the result was the re-election of the Manning administration.

    That question can be neatly transposed to the present Barbados political cauldron and it is the answer to it that is going to determine the result of the upcoming election.

    In the view of many, the Hardwood Housing issue, while it has exposed Minister Mascoll as being over zealous in promoting the company and somewhat naive in his execution of that promotion, has not done the BLP the damage in the eyes of the electorate that the opposition had hoped and the political capital expended on its prosecution of the case has not been proportionately rewarded.

    The DLP needs to prove at least one case of corruption for the barrage of innuendo about the ABC Highway, the prison, etc, if it is to have any serious effect on the re-electability of the present government.

    That problem is going to be further compounded if the electorate continues to see the DLP as an alternate government simply waiting for its turn at the trough. The most common retort you keep hearing is “all them politicians is the same” and if the DLP continues to carp about corruption in politics without showing the electorate that it is serious about changing that perception by establishing integrity rules for its own members, it will continue to languish in opposition.

    It could go further and seal victory in the upcoming election by establishing standards of accountability, committing to a Freedom of Information Act and a modern Defamation Act.

    Tempus fugit, and if the DLP waits until the last moment to act on these matters, it may be too late.

  11. Anonymous

    The meeting in Heroes Square really was quite poorly attended. I’m not convinced that barbadians are particularly enthusiastic about EITHER party. None the less, the BLP, has the appearance of being competent but dishonest in some areas, whereas the DLP has the appearance of being incompetent, and rife with infighting and internal conflict. Most voters in my opinion, will be inclined to stay the course, all things considered.

  12. Royalrumble

    Jay let me speak to you on this blog because the others are so daft that it has become painful to even look at them run around trying to save their faces from embarrassment after embarrassment.

    You are right Jay the crowd at the Square was poor but that’s not all it was lukewarm and those gathered were unresponsive to the speakers. It was as though they have had the wind knocked out of their sails by the embarrassment of the No-confidence motion and the events that followed.

    A number of persons gather at the meeting left long before it was finished. I was standing in a group of Dems (7) of which four of them left after complaining that the meeting was dead.

    All along the Dems were boasting about the crowds they were having. All of a sudden now the PM has gotten them to launch and re-launch and the public has grown tired of them Bush Tea is now saying that the crowd is no longer their gauge. What folly. The truth is that their have been bamboozled by the political wizard.

    Observing is talking nonsense. How could the BLP be backed into a corner when we have not even done anything yet to kick off the campaign? We have done nothing. We have not even put all of our candidates in place yet. The only persons speculating on an election date is the idiot Thompson. Nobody else.

    To prove that we never intended to call the election before on any of the dates speculated by the Dems we kept our PM’s nomination for the last. We could not have had an election without him being nominated now could we?

    But looking at the fear in Thompson’s eyes on the platform in the square and listening to the nervousness in his voice I wonder if it is not he who had been backed into a corner. His brash language does sound that way.

    Have no fear Jay I am telling you the DEMS are DYING. Thompson is already dead because he has lost yet another attempt to beat the political wizard and the other Dems will not tolerate any more of his feeble political unintelligent games.

  13. Wishing in Vain

    Royalidiot you have NO CREDITABILTY to speak on any subject on this or any blogs you are a warped liar as has been displayed so many times before.

    Tell us about the VECO PRISON PROJECT and the DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT and then we may listen idiot liar.

  14. Wishing in Vain

    Royalidiot you have NO CREDITABILTY to speak on any subject on this or any blogs you are a warped liar as has been displayed so many times before.

    Tell us about the VECO PRISON PROJECT and the DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT and then we may listen idiot liar..

  15. notesfromthemargin

    GEE WIV that was almost worthy of BFPE 😀

  16. Littleboy

    Answer the questions,please!!!
    Is there corruption in the BLP government?
    Did Mascoll SET UP Hardwood?
    Did he give instructions that the equipment should be bought in the name of Murrell instead of the company Hardwood?
    Are there in excess of $750million in cost overuns?
    Is Senator Eastmond occupying a RDC house as campaign headquarters?
    Did Ms Mottley’s personal aid give the hardwood file to Thompson?
    Was Rawle Eastmond really unable to get 100% of what he requested?
    Is the St Joseph hospital report his work finished, and does it exonerate Branford Taitt?
    Did Owen Arthur curse his personal aid for allowing Haynesley Benn to assist the Boscobelle footballers with lights?Did Liz Thompson’s husband erect a shower facility at Silver Sands for almost half a million dollars.

    Oh dear me it’s a mystery!!!
    PS More to come!!!

  17. Wishing in Vain

    When you read his contribution on the blp site and he lies about prizes donated at a football match and the captain replies to him and exposes him as the liar that he is, what d0 you want me to say to the idiot? Good boy do it to one more time.
    Desperation has many ways of manifesting itself in his case lying seems his preferred choice.

  18. Makaveli

    The result in Trinidad should not be so loosely applied to Barbados. The final tally was more votes for a party other than the incumbent PNM, i.e COP and UNC-A together had more than 50% of the vote. It was not a very large turn out so we can’t confidently say that COP brought out a lot of new voters although considering the party’s origins they performed very well in some traditionally strong PNM constituencies. In the end the consensus appears to be one of vote splitting.

    Elections in Barbados will come down to a straight fight between BLP and DLP. I’m not in huge favour
    of looking at regional trends but incumbents have not being doing well, the PNM in Trinidad had no where close to the 13years of the BLP and yet more votes went to the other parties. I believe the BLP is more in a PNP situation (apart from the fact that Owen never moved aside for Mia)…It appears to be a case of calling an election too late, the closer you get to a due date the more you lose the element of surprise and the more the opposition can strengthen.

    If I was the prime minister I would have called elections November 2006 with a referendum on the Republic before the cricket world cup. Unfortunately the sagely and sobering advice that CWC would flop, fell on deaf ears and the result is a clear example of what happens when you have too many sycophants around you, and few have the courage to tell the PM the truth. Late 2006 the DLP still had negative momentum from the Mascoll switch…dragging out the date didn’t even make it easier for him to recapture his seat but that is all water under the bridge as they say.

    The DLP appeared disorganized and to be infighting in the middle of this term, but from the political meetings it appears as if Thompson has rallied the troops, this is sure to enhance the public’s perception of him as a leader. All the while, Thompson is managing without the considerable powers of Prime Minister, which Arthur use with proficiency in the 1999-2003 term to maintain politics of inclusion. The more likely a victory appears for the DLP the more promises Thompson can make i.e Ministries and other positions…for the loyal candidates…the more cohesive an image is projected by the party and the more likely it appears that the party will win….It has a snowballing effect, a positive feedback. The cold hard fact is momentum is with the DLP and time is running out on a third term.

    The Bees have got to make a defensive stop. Effective immediately, the PM should “Accept” the resignation of Mascoll…if it comes to it he should fire Mascoll.

    If the BLP loses the government, I think they will have to look back at the movement of Mascoll over
    to their side as the beginning of the downturn. In the first year it appeared to be a big plus for the BLP, they were able to ridicule the DEMS as lacking in the economics department and Arthur triumphed with his politics of inclusion. But it now appears that the same tension and infighting seen in the Mascoll-Thompson-Kellman era is manifest in the BLP as what appears to be a Mascoll-Mottley-Arthur struggle. Of course I might be just seeing things…but appearances count in politics.

    Who wants to predict the result at this early stage?

  19. 4dr14n H1nd5

    ……De bees aint fooling me, after their failed ‘conversations with the people” they seem somewhat nervous about hosting open air meetings, so they have taken to live streaming from behind a camera, with brash claims by the Al Gore (I took the initiative in creating the Internet) of Barbados about being the first to bring technology to elective politics. That Duguid could be first in anything of substance is certainly laughable.

    Oh B.t.w on the subjects of obesity and criminality.

    What could have brought Duguid to conclude that the walk-out actions of the DLP were criminal?

    Attempted suicide is a criminal offense,….. and sustained obesity trends towards a known certainty of sickness and death.

    Knowing this, would anyone continue on that course? are they suicidal? Am i wrong to say that such actions border on being criminal?

    ….We all should remember the story of British mother who fed her son to a level of obesity that led authorities to fine her an threaten to remove the child from her care.

    . Jerome Walcott in 2004 referred to Barbados as a Fat farm, with statistics that showed that 60% of women of average agef 40 where obese. He later came out with statistics that showed and equally disturbing trend among men.

    Oh and Mia Mottley was a statistic in both reports. 😀

  20. Leviticus

    The Bees are in a tizzy. Don’t let them fool you. All of this “analysis” tells me that the DEms are on the up. How could Thompson sustain a campaign from 2006 with all of the technology at meetings etc.? Obviously the Dems have deep pockets and parties that are winning have deep pockets! The police are unhappy. The prison officers are unhappy. Public Servants are unhappy. Vendors, taxi drivers and hotel workers are unhappy. The cost of living is killing us all.

    My electricity bill has doubled this month! The government will be changed. Arthur really has nowhere to go.

  21. Wishing in Vain

    He can run to Panama as the other crook John O’Halloran from Trinidad did when he was caught shifting millions in the Arima Horse Racing Track Scandal he jumped on a flight to Panama and lived in obscurity thereafter, but his bank account was healthy and fat for his children to enjoy!!!!

  22. Wishing in Vain

    Arthur is on a mission; not only to lead this country for a fourth straight term but to ensure that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) never governs Barbados again.

    I am sure he knows exactly why he would make such a wild and wicked and arrogant statement such as this one is, it is for reasons such as this statement that he and his people have been deterred people from wanting to vote for this moraless corrupt bunch.

    Who gives him the right to want to see the DLP never governs this island ever again ?

    That is an unbelievable does of mega ARROGANCE.


  23. Wishing in Vain

    While he attempts to continue to mislead and fool the masses.

    I would suggest that he seeks to address the issues of these foreigners obstructing accesses to the beaches of Barbados, let us cast our minds back to this weekends Nation Newspaper story where another Beach access at the COACH HOUSE BEACH has been shut off to the public, the BARRIER at COLONY CLUB and HERON BAY preventing access to our beaches, the chain at OLD QUEENS FORT erected by MRS SIXT, the GATES erected by EDDIE FEARLESS.

    More importantly these are the real issues facing the peaceful citizens of this island and not about if he wants to prevent the and to ensure that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) never governs Barbados again.

    This is the most careless statement that a leader of a political party could make purely out of his desire to maintain his control of the treasury for his own arrogant purpose.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    I would suggest that with each passing day his support is backtracking (no Jerome not in the manner you like) and his best choice is to call the election now sooner rather than later.

    Bearing in mind that the Opposition has not yet turned its attention onto the issues of the scam that VECO, BANNISTER, NICHOLLS and OWING cast upon the project, nor have they addressed the GREENLAND PROJECT FIASCO, or more importantly have they addressed the DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS PROJECT and we know based on this man’s track record with the JAMACIA KICKBACK AGREEMENT that this man DANOS has no qualms to be dishonest this is a proven beyond any shadow of a doubt the question remains to what level has he OWING, BANNISTER and NICHOLLS raped us and the treasury?

    The is much in terms of real ammunition out there at the disposal of the dLP and for some strange reason many of Owings close friends are jumping ship like if it were on fire and in some cases they are providing relevant pieces of documentation that is showing him for what he is and that is purely a crook with no limits.

    An example of this is the providing of yet another cheque written on the St.Peter Development fund account for $ 65,000.00 for reasons that offer no benefit to any St.Peter, St.Lucy or St.James communities but rather they are written to he Owing and his wife’s benefit, this is yet another immoral act done with no cares about the people who really need the help.


  25. more

    The only explanation is REPUBLIC!

  26. Wishing in Vain

    Owing is under an undue amount of pressure, he is fighting for his political life.

    I have now heard him on the radio trying to defend his actions of moving the residents of SIXMENS out of their homes for the sake of the PORT ST.CHARLES MARINA DEVELOPMENT PROJECT.

    When he refers to building a facility for fishermen in the north of the island this is but mere spin, lets us ask who is building the project in who’s name is the investment being made?

    It is not the gov’t or the taxpayers of Barbados this is part of the extension of the PORT ST.CHARLES MARINA PROJECT and the berths that will be available there will not be free to John Public they will be sold from prices starting at US $ 300,000.00 now you tell me which fisherman in Sixmens will be able to afford this asking price not many I would suggest.

    There is no plan to accomodate the goodly fishermen of the area, it is a plan that Owing is keen to see proceed because it creates jobs in StPeter but destroys homes and living areas in Sixmens and provides NOTHING to the fishermen of the area but provides another Condo or two to him and more money in the bank for having done what he has promised to do that is to evict the residents of the area for his get rich scheme.

    Thanks to PORT ST.CHARLES MARINA DEVELOPMENT PROJECT and a GROSSLY CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER for allowing the extension of the MARINA PROJECT at the expense of the fisherfolks of the area, well done Owing the higher the monkey climbs the more of its as you see you are a classic example of this outlook, you have displayed the worst taste in judgment ever as a sitting member of the house, you are a national disgrace and a liar of extreme proportions.


  27. Voter

    I was very disturbed by the opening paragraph of the Nation Newspaper today 17 Dec, 2007 –
    “PRIME MINISTER Owen Seymore Arthur is on a mission; not only to lead
    This country for a fourth straight term but to ensure that the Democratic Labour Party
    ( DLP ) never governs again”
    Is this politics of inclusion again? I don’t think so.
    Was he dressed in RED!! If so is he seeing red – Was corrected by a friend – That’s
    the party colours? Do you think so? I don’t.
    Also understand that there is going to have to carryout damage control.
    Maybe our fellow voters should consider sending Mr. Arthur a message.
    I will be doing with my X.

  28. Observing

    “ensure that the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) never governs Barbados again. ”

    Those are some seriously worrying and almost frightening words. I don’t need to say why I feel this way, but I trust that I’m not the only one, (B, D or whatever) that must take some umbrage with comments like those coming from a Prime Minister of a small island like this.

    Would be interesting to hear what other bloggers think. Political affiliation aside.

  29. frankology

    I hold no political memberships but I am disgusted to see the rape of this island done with no regard for the citizens the ones that care about this rock!!

    How you be asking for a fourth term, yet you are telling the electorate that “you will ensure the DLP never governs again”. With the talk of republic in the air, this language from the PM leaves a bitter taste for the electorate.

  30. Wishing in Vain

    I think that the thought of the arrogance and contempt of that very statement would drive me to vote against the person or the party that made it.

    Then again we have heard him state that he was not looking for 5 more years he was taking 15 years, it smells like a growing DICTATORSHIP HEADED BY THE SHORT RUNT OWING.

    If this is what power creates may the loard help us please.

  31. Wishing in Vain

    Slipping on Hardwood
    Published on: 12/9/07.


    THERE IS NO TELLING the effect that the Hardwood saga will have on the electoral fortunes of the political parties represented in the Lower House.

    One thing seems clear: the political stocks of Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance Clyde Mascoll are depreciating rapidly.

    There is little room to hide from the realisation that Hardwood Housing Factory Incorporated (HHFI), after nearly two years in operation, has not lived up to expectation.

    The idea too that the Leader of the Opposition David Thompson had little evidence of substance to make for a credible motion of no-confidence against the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance has been quashed.

    The Arthur Administration has a difficult task seeking to justify the ‘crypto Teflon-argument’ – if it does stick to Mascoll, it certainly does not extend to the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Government proper.

    An example

    Mascoll, not quite freed from his earlier oppositional cant, would query why the emphasis on Hardwood when there were other instances of millions of dollars of excess in Government spending, offering the ongoing construction on the ABC Highway as an example. Next week may prove the longest in the political calendar of 2007.

    Last Tuesday featured the much anticipated debate on the motion of no-confidence against the Minister of State (Clyde Mascoll) by the Leader of the Opposition, David Thompson. It was a succinct presentation punctuated by a willingness to make pieces of information official documents of the House.

    Context was provided by reference to a letter he (Thompson) wrote to the Prime Minister, requesting that a forensic investigation into the operations of HHFI be undertaken.

    Thompson noted that none of his itemised queries – from possible indiscretion to irregularities in the company’s financial, business and human resource practices – were subsequently addressed by the Minister of State to whom the Prime Minister referred as the substantive minister with responsibility in this low-income housing initiative.

    Thompson expressed that the official Opposition had no confidence in the Minister of State given his errors of judgement in relation
    to HHFI, a company receiving BDS$2 million from a Government-sponsored venture capital fund entitled the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited (EGFL).

    Mask their doubts

    Most politicians mask their own doubts and anxieties by striking attitudes of absolute conviction. This was especially clear in the responses of Mascoll and Elizabeth Thompson. There was much belittling of the claims and forays into matters of no relevance to the debate.

    The Member for St James South is one of the Government’s most formidable debaters, but lazy resort to stereotypes of the ‘poor black man’ as arduous but driven to dodgy business practice because of cash flow difficulties runs up hard against numerous studies.

    The research on black entrepreneurship and small businesses expose this logic as simplistic. It levers discussion back onto the tracks of power relations in the market, banking practices, enterprise culture, the role of the State, and nuanced differences between self-employment and entrepreneurial instincts.

    Curiously enough, Mascoll’s speech also intoned the ‘poor black boy/man’ trope without so much as a sideways glance at other small home-builders and contractors with a track record suitable enough to benefit from an opportunity to contribute to low-income housing initiatives.

    The Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance insists he did nothing wrong except to pursue an opportunity to facilitate the provision of low-income housing for Barbadians. This was echoed as much by Ezra Alleyne in his Issues And Ideas column in the WEEKEND NATION
    (Friday 7, 2007), headlined, No Case To Answer.

    Interestingly, Alleyne conceded that “one cannot criticise Mr Thompson for raising questions about the outlay of $2 million of public funds” but would later add that “[i]t is quite another thing . . . to lay a political charge sheet against a minister when there is no evidence of direct or indirect wrongdoing on his part.” There were some callers on talk radio that raised this point about the absence of direct or indirect wrongdoing on the part of the minister.

    This is an important view which dovetails with arguments in the public administration literature that ministers cannot be held personally to account for departmental actions of which they know nothing and that this should not be an understanding under the doctrine of ministerial accountability in the Westminster model.


    It is most productive to focus instead on what Woodhouse (1994) calls amendatory responsibility: the obligation of ministers to take remedial action for a failure and report to Parliament on what they have done.

    Another scholar reminds us of two components of individual ministerial responsibility: a resignation component and an answerability one. The answerability component of the doctrine requires that each minister answer to Parliament, in the form of explanation or defence, for all the actions
    of his or her department.

    The question put before the House, however, does not relate to any wrong-doing directly or indirectly on the part of Honourable Clyde Mascoll but to errors of judgement and whether the minister acted in an improper manner in pursuit of the low income housing initiative. Certainly the claim by Minister Mascoll that the principal of Hardwood built 500 homes in post-Ivan may have unduly influenced the willingness of the EGFL to invest BDS$1 million in HHFI.

    My initial reaction whilst listening to Minister Mascoll’s reply was that he should have earlier offered his resignation to the Prime Minister. Upon reflection, in the style of British parliamentary question time, I can only be sure that he ought to have resigned depending on how he answers the following questions canvassed from colleagues and friends:

    Does Minister Clyde Mascoll still consider to be accurate his claim that the key principal of HHFI built 500 houses in (post Hurricane Ivan) Grenada?

    Did the minister’s strong advocacy of the entrepreneur’s credentials place undue pressure on the EGFL?

    Were there written codes of best practice for the board of HHFI?

    (These refer to the role, functions and responsibilities of the board of HHFI: appointment of directors, appointment of chairman, remuneration of the directors, disclosures of interest by directors, composition, mix of skills and competencies of the same and succession planning, the board’s independence; board meetings, committees of the board, financial, governance and operational reporting, liabilities of the directors; and accountability of the board.)

    Less-than-best practice

    Did the minister err in his continued advocacy of this firm despite evidence of less-than-best practice in the management of this firm?

    What is his current assessment of HHFI’s performance?

    How does this square with earlier claims of the principal’s impressive track record of efficiency and speed-to-market?

    * Dr Don D. Marshall is Senior Fellow (PoliticalScience/International Political Economy) at the University of the West Indies
    Cave Hill Campus.


  32. Rumplestilskin

    Thanks for posting Dr.Marshall analysis. Interesting.

    Irrespective of the ‘niceties’ of Parliament however, lies one thing as proof of the pudding.

    How many low income houses have actually been built in the two years of Hardwood’s existence?


    Another major project flopped! While a multitude of other failed projects reside at the feet of this administration, it does appear that Mascoll, if not in intent but in result, appears to have been a bit of a Trojan Horse!


  33. Rumplestilskin

    And I am not being partisan, but a senior leader of a party crossing the floor is simly bad form and not a good precedent i.e. one minute chastising the Gov’t and the next being best political bosom buddies chastising his former peers!

    What a switch, how can we trust such a chameleon with our Finances?

  34. frankology

    “PRIME MINISTER Owen Seymour Arthur is on a mission; not only to lead
    This country for a fourth straight term but to ensure that the Democratic Labour Party
    ( DLP ) never governs again”

    How can you be asking for a fourth term, yet you are telling the electorate that “you will ensure the DLP will never governs again”. With the talk of a republic in the air, this language from the you leaves a bitter taste for the electorate. A Government would only get away from such a statement if that Government is going into a second term after performing highly in its first year and the electorate are happy with the state of the economy, the state of infrastructural improvements with all ministries firing on all cylinders. Sorry, this is not the case, some of the ministries are running out of gas.

  35. Hants

    Hardwood Housing should be renamed Hardwood Housing and Building Contractors Inc.

    That would explain the apparent change from a Housing Factory to a Builder of Pavillions and renovator of Office Buildings.

    After a year, they should have had at least 30 or forty houses stacked in their warehouses ready for delivery.

    Maybe the forgot to research how Factory built Houses are manufactured.
    They should Google it.

  36. Wishing in Vain

    Let me spend a minute to expose how poorly informed and his lack of education on the matter that he is shooting his mouth off about, he states that They used to pull up (boats) at Port St Charles. The Government cannot rely on that.

    He is speaking on something that he is not informed on, or rather he is just lying thru his teeth, Port St.Charles Marina HAVE NEVER PULLED OUT ANY BOATS DURING ANY HURRICANE SEASON they may have open and provided a safe harbour but never have they hauled out any boats, they do no have such facilities available to them, I wish that before he rattles on about things he knows nothing about but designed to fool the masses and sound good, and to catch votes but he is a liar on this score and on many other issues as well.

    It also seems that it has taken the absence of the Opposition and in particular the absence of the Leader of the Opposition Mr. David Thompson for Arthur to return to the house and say something after 8 months in absence.