Canadian Father Murders Teenage Daughter Over Refusal To Wear Muslim Headscarf Hijab


Honour Killing: Brother Also Charged With Assisting Father

It happens all the time in countries ruled by Islamic law and nothing is said or done about it, but when it happens in Britain, Europe or North America it is news.

Aqsa Parvez was an ordinary 16-year-old Canadian teenager who dared to refuse to be subjugated as a woman according to Muslim religious law. She would leave her home dressed in a Hijab and then change her clothing at school. Her father found out and decided to make sure the “family honour” was preserved.

You can read this sad tale at The Dad Charged In Teen’s Death

Don’t hold your breath for any deluge of calls for reformation of the Islamic religion or culture coming from within that religious community.

Barbados Islamic Schools Funded By Fundamentalist Wahhabi Sect

Saudi Arabia has poured billions into spreading the message of Islam throughout the world, and the Barbados Muslim community has not been exempt from this funding – nor from receiving the educational texts and other teaching and religious supplies from the Saudi Ministry of Education.

These texts and other teaching supplies are being used at the Al-Hudaa Muslim School, the Islamic Teaching Centre, Makki Masjid and other places of Islamic education and worship in Barbados – to teach the children of Barbados citizens and others of their faith in Barbados.

There is one big concern though that has surfaced dozens of times worldwide as non-Muslim citizens of various countries become familar with the Saudi textbooks being used to educate children around the world…

Many of the most widely distributed Saudi texts and teaching materials extol lessons and information that are completely at odds with the values and attitudes of modern societies. These educational materials teach children the Saudi Wahabbi message that Christians are “pigs” and Jews are “apes” and that non-Muslim religions are “worthless”.

What Are Bajan Children Being Taught In Our Islamic Schools?

Folks, in light of yet another illustration that there are serious concerns with the religious and cultural values of some Muslim sects, its time to start asking questions about how we all want to live together in Barbados – and to remind our elected and appointed officials that they have a duty to ensure the quality and content of the education being given to all our Bajan children.

Further Reading

The Dad Charged In Teen’s Death Man Tells Police He Killed His Daughter

BFP: Should Barbados Allow Saudi Arabia To Fund Local Mosques and Islamic Schools?

Our thanks to the dozen or so Canadian readers who alerted us to this story.


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36 responses to “Canadian Father Murders Teenage Daughter Over Refusal To Wear Muslim Headscarf Hijab

  1. cheesecutter

    Dear Bfp ,
    where did u get your info that Barbados Islamic Schools are funded By Fundamentalist Wahhabi Sect ? as far as i know they arent . the only place that could have recieved funds from saudis is the one in harts gap. all the rest of mosques are run from LOCAL funds.even then, when someone donates literature it doesnt mean that the relevant authorities give it out to the members willy nilly.

    There is NO school in bim by the name of al-huuda .there was one but it has since closed.even then i doubt they recieved funding or text books from the saudis.

    Bcos some schools in U.K recieved something from saudi, u want to link it with here.

    From what u might think, bajan muslims r not that stupid to take anything that someone gives us just bcos they have alot of money . i think u should have dialouge with muslims bfor makin conclusions about somebody all the time. but then, from the past with your posts i doubt that wud happen .

    This thing with “family honor ” is cultural more than religious. the family appears to be pakistani in origin judging by the family name.this is a family dispute more than anything else,but as usual it gets front page bcos muslims r involed.they r the “in” thing now. i, however am not counting out the religious line of thinkin bcos a muslim’s way of life is dictated by his religion although i doubt there is anything that says to kill your daughter if she dresses improperly in islamic law.


    BFP Comments,

    Please refer to the BFP article that is linked at the bottom. Are you truly saying that no Islamic schools or religious institutions in Barbados have received materials from Saudi Arabia? That would be a most interesting (and false) claim.

    Amazing how apologists for religiously inspired violence always claim it is “cultural” not “religious” in origin, but in every OTHER facet of Islamic society, religion is acknowledged as the inspiration and foundation for laws, art, culture etc etc etc.

  2. Pat

    I feel very sorry for Axa. However, you can rest assured that in Canada, both father and son will be punished.

    What some people fail to understand is that these are Canadian kids. If they want to integrate and fit in, the have to dress and look like other kids. (I am all for uniforms.) It does not detract from their religious beliefs. There is nothing in the Ku’ran that says you should cover from head to toe.

    Mohammed said women should hide their beauty. Some Moslems I know think it means covering the hair. Others think they should not wear make-up, others that it means wearing the shalwar kameesh ( the pajama suit). The meaning is not clear, neither is it uniform. I think these restrictions and practices are imposed by MEN, not the religion.

  3. Avatar


    There is another thing I have to add to the respnse by BFP…


    LEARN TO SPELL!!!!!!


    (Wait, that’s three things…! Okay, duly noted!)

    Violence should be shunned…whether a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, a Bhuddist or a Taoist does it! It doesn’t matter! It is WRONG!!!!! The fact that you would “silently” support this is appalling!

    Using religion as a reason to kill is disgusting! I will say that about the Crusades & Spanish Inquisition, and I will say it about Jihad! Who are WE to kill, much less to use someone else’s name to do it!

    Pathetic, truly pathetic! Get a clue, Cheesecutter…and stop pooping all over the place!!!!

  4. cheesecutter

    avatar , go get a life .i surprise bfp let u post those comments.

    first thing , i didnt support the actions of this man by any means.
    secondly ,my main response was about the claim of saudi funding in bim( barbados in case u dont know).
    thirdly ,i can spell very well and went as far as u.w.i (university) here in bim. i dont bother to put in punctuation etc bcos i dont feel like to .i just like to go on the net and have a good time.
    here is some correct grammar for you.
    Sorry i pooped on you.Go and take a shower as it smells from here.

  5. cheesecutter

    Dear Bfp,
    I must repeat , there is no al huda school.
    As far as i know,the one muslim school teaches the same subjects as all primary or secondary schools in Bim.The teachers (about 40%) are even bajan non-muslims if you care to know.The only thing that is different is the dress code and what is taught in religious education.Obviously, Arabic as a languge is an option in the case of foreign languages.
    Secondly, as i stated earlier,the only place that could have recieved funding from saudi is the group in harts gap.Even then i can’t prove that they do.
    The type of doctrine that comes out of Saudi Arabia is not the one that is followed by mainstream muslims in bim.
    Can you substantiate your claim with any evidence or was it just hear and say?
    The classes the mosques conducts are just basic Arabic teaching on how to read the Quran(and i mean reading ,not even translating, as this is a special field),along with the basics of islamic jurisprudence.
    Finally, please put Avatar in his/her place as i am not amused by his/her derogatory comments.

  6. bajan down south

    cheese cutter do you not realise that bfp and others feel they know everything about muslim run institution in bims.I also would like to state that none of the islamic institutions in barbados receive funds form the saudis, it is all local funded.what the dad did is wrong yes i agree with that but bfp please get ur facts straight before making judgements or at least consult with local muslims first

  7. Anonymous

    Dont stress yourself out Cheesecutter,BFP is as anti- muslim as you can get.Meanwhile others like us are not going to buy into their hog wash.

    Have you ever realised..even after the things spread about the Muslim world ,how many westerners…my sister included work there?
    I find this to be so hypocritical it boggles the mind.
    When they are there, they conform to the alchohol unless at a US military base.No going out bareheaded….etc.
    They go there work and make lots of money,while the average Saudi is dirt poor and no one says a shit about this but as they say ….money makes the mare run.
    Sorry BFP but once again are so hypocritical!!

  8. Eddie

    If one does any serious reading on Islam, you will see it has been founded on blood. It is also a deceptive message.
    The adherents to this faith will say otherwise, but this is expected.
    If there are institutions here being funded by Saudi Arabia, this is serious and needs to be investigated as Islam knows “no boundaries when its wants to be heard”.

  9. Nat

    The Qur’an simply states women should dress in a conservative manner and hide her ‘ornaments’. Does not go beyond that. After that are CULTURAL interpretations, not what the religion mandates. You will find ranges of the spectrum- MANY Muslim women dressing like anybody else in shorts, skirts and tanks to women being covered from head to toe. This is individual or cultural interpretation.
    One FACT FACT in regards of what the religion perscribes is that NO female should be forced to wearing the Hijab. The Prophet Muhammad said ‘There is no complusion in religion’. Forcing the Hijab on a female takes away the whole purpose of wearing it in the first place.

    The father who did this is of Pakistani background- Many in Pakistan observe a more conservative view. Even there, however, you will find women going clubbing in very skimpy attire *(even more provocative than I have seen in Canada) to many women covering themselves from head to toe. It is/should be a personal choice.What he did was wrong and will be punished- THANK GOD.

    Stories, negative stories on Islam seem to be the flavour of the week in the media. I have said this before and say it again, do not blame the actions of one on an entire billion people. Nobody dare accuse Christianity in the Church shooting which recently took place in Colorado, now would they.


    BFP comments,

    Some good points Nat, but as we have pointed out before, no one would claim that the wacko shooter in the church was doing “god’s will” – but with Muslim religiously-motivated murder (ie: The London Transit Bombings, 9/11 etc) millions of Muslims support such violence and did so publicly. The question for Western society then becomes “How can we tell a “good” Muslim from a “bad” Muslim? Saudi Arabia estimates the number of fundamental Muslims at “5%” which I think is low. But if we accept 5% that is 50 Million muslims worldwide who believe that Allah commands death to unbelievers and violence to spread the religion.

    There is no equivalence with modern Christianity.

  10. thaats bad god and the islamic belives does not order you to do that

  11. ammani

    “Honor” killings are believed to have their origins in misinterpretations of pre-Islamic tribal codes. They pre-date Islam by centuries and, in fact, are un-Islamic.

    That said, it is the case that, of the U.N.-estimated 5,000 “honor” killings globally per annum, the majority occur in Arab/Muslim countries and in Arab/Muslim immigrant communities elsewhere. So there is a correlation, but the root cause has more to do with culture than with faith.

    I believe in universal human rights, so I am hoping political correctness doesn’t overtake this case. Some in the Canadian press aren’t even mentioning Aqsa’s untimely death was an “honor” killing, even though it shows every sign of being one. How can the problem begin to be properly addressed when people aren’t even willing to call it what it is?

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  12. Hants

    Just heard on a Toronto radio station that the murder may NOT have been because of religion.

    Suggest you wait for further investigation.

  13. PiedPiper

    Muslims need to closely examine why they emmigrate to the West in the first place and even more importantly what sort of life they expect to live while in that western country.
    They emmigrate to Canada with young children and I suppose those of strict Muslim faith somehow think that they will continue in “the old ways” by only associating with other Muslims and shunning Christians and the western way of life. Is this a reasonable or intelligent supposition? I think not.
    Those young children that grow up here are exposed to the western way of life no matter how hard their parents try to prevent it. Under Canadian law they are required to attend school and unless the parents send them to private Muslim schools they will be influenced by may things that are in conflict with their strict Muslim upbringing at home.
    Even if they attend private Muslim schools, are they to get to that school in buses with the windows blacked out so that they are not able to see non-Muslim children on the streets and advertising on the streets that open their eyes to another way of life?
    I find myself questioning over and over again why they come to the west in the first place and how they can believe that they will simply carry on as though they are not a part of the culture and country they choose to emmigrate to.

  14. Pat

    On the news tonight, bail was refused for the father of murdered Aqsa. Have not yet heard about the brother.

  15. Family “honor” unfortunately encompasses more than alleged or actual sexual improprieties. And unfortunately, North America is not immune from murders such as Aqsa’s. Why would we think things would transpire here any differently than they have in Europe?

    When male family members serve as accuser, prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner, we must speak up an speak out and prosecute and punish to the full extent of our laws — and not hide behind a veil of political correctness, moral or cultural relativism. There is never honor in murdering our women, not anywhere.

    Karen Tintori, author
    Unto the Daughters: The Legacy of an Honor Killing in a Sicilian-American Family

  16. PiedPiper

    Ms. Sheeley, sadly, political correctness will play a very large part in how the media and even law enforcement handle and portray this homicide.
    Toronto and it’s suburbs (Brampton in particular) have large Muslim communities who have considerable political clout.
    I am, however, heartened by the number of Muslim spokepersons who have come forward to express their horror and disapproval of the action taken by this poor girl’s father.

  17. Bajan Muslim

    Cause Of Death In 16-Yr.-Old’s Murder Revealed, As Brother Denies Hijab Was Source Of Family Controversy

  18. Sargeant

    Some people are trying to spin and report that this tragedy was not related to the wearing of the hijab. I say listen to her school friends, they said that that was a prime source of conflict with her family. According to her school friends she would leave home wearing it and take it off immediately on boarding the school bus. She would would reverse the process on her way home. Her older sister who used to attend the same school would reportedly inform her parents when she removed it at school. This morning the local CBC (Canada) ran a snippet from a speech the Iman from the mosque which her family attended in which he equated the non wearing of a hijab to women wearing gstrings and thongs.

    For some moslems the wearing of a hijab is not a choice but is mandatory.

  19. Bajan Muslim

    For all Muslim women the wearing of Hijab is mandatory and who refuses to is comitting a sin…..This does NOT justify killing someone for not wearing a hijab

    And besides they are all kinds of reports….I even read she was taking drugs…..but I cant say if that is true or not…..She was killed wrongfully and God willing she has gone to heaven

  20. Barbadian Muslim


    Where is your soource of information on all this? First off, the only Muslim school in Barbados is “Al-Falah” and and they do not receive funding from Saudi. Furthermore there are non-muslim and muslims teachers of Bajan orgin employed there.

    In response to your statement, “Christians are “pigs” and Jews are “apes” and that non-Muslim religions are “worthless”

    THat is not islam. Islam teaches you respect other religions and be kind to each other and thus we do NOT teach our children this kind of message.

    BFP, I’m a reporter for the student newspaper at UWI and the first we learnt about publications is to make sure you have your facts. The information you outlined is not anything close to the Muslim community in BArbados. I suggest you actually go out and do some research on the Muslims here before publishing false information…You will suprised at what you find out!


    Comment by BFP Robert…

    Hi BM,

    Perhaps you would care to have a read of this and then comment on what seems to be widespread reference to Jews and Christians as “pigs and apes” by apparently very senior Muslim clerics, who source the appropriate verses etc. as the foundation of their beliefs. Hey, if we’re wrong, we’d be happy to hear it,

    However, take a look at this and the accompanying videos of Islamic religious broadcasts…

  21. Pat

    Well BFP:

    I browsed the site you referred to. You have to be careful what you take as gospel. Everyone has an agenda. There are similar sites that denigrate black peoples as well. It was not long ago, (less than 200 years in some quarters and even less in the USA) that we, blacks, were considered animals. It was written in laws in the USA. In the twentieth century (1930) in Canada, women were not considered persons. Even today, many people refer to Southeast Asians (India and Pakistan as monkies). At a soccer game in Spain last year, a black English player was chased off the field after loud monkey chanting and waving arms by the Spanish fans.

    We must not confuse folklore, fiction and fairy tales with facts. We will find something that denigrates each ethnic group or religion, if we look hard enough.
    But quoting from the 8th and 9th centuries?


    BFP Comments

    It is the current Imams who quote from hundreds of years ago to justify the violence today. If you want to argue that Islam is a peaceful religion, go ahead!

    Just make sure that your woman is wearing the proper attire, doesn’t drive, doesn’t vote and knows her place. The Saudis love to argue that they are the closest to “pure” Islam and there’s not too many Muslims who will argue publicly against that statement. Publicly.

  22. Pat


    I have not referred to Islam in my post. I am not a man, and I am secular – not religious. I just pointed out that one should be careful what sites they use and what they quote. In many instances things are taken out of context.

    Up until 1970, when I met my first Arab, I was under the illusion that they all wore turbans had beak noses, were red and carried cutlasses. In l975 I worked for a swarthy man who had a beak of a nose and curly hair and was red. Surprise of all suprises, he was Jewish. My perception was from reading too many fairy tales, especially Ali Baba and the forty thieves. The same can be said of my first encounter with Canadian Indians. Myths, myths, myths, spread by the British.

  23. Bajan Muslim


    BFP Comments,

    Good points in that article BM, and well worth reading. We haven’t changed our minds about the larger issues, but your point deserves to be heard.

  24. Yardbroom

    Whilst I believe, that it is essential to have balance in reporting issues, when religion is thought to be an element, even if not the main one, which has led to conflict. One must be careful not to bring other events into the debate, to reinforce an opinion held, unless those events are of like nature, because if they are not, you can unwittingly undermine the position you set out to advance.

    The story by Kathy English, in the link provided by Bajan Muslim, does not answer questions that relate to the death of this young Muslim girl – Aqsa Parvez.

    Kathy’s story is based on supposition, of what would have happened, if her father had killed her, because she had refused to take confession. How would the papers and other media, reported her story.

    Her main case is flawed, for her argument to be substantive. Catholic girls who refuse to take confession, even if not in cases generally, would have had to be killed in recent times, for their defiance of parental wishes. Further to that, the media would have in consort, refused to publish the evidence that substantiated that claim.

    Not only, none of the above is true, but assumptions have been made, on an action or actions that never took place, or are happening.

    Kathy English has made assumptions of her actions- not carried out- those of her father – not carried out- and that of the media which was not tested to publish the truth. She has placed those hypotheses beside a situation of an actual event. The young Muslim girl Aqsa Parvez is dead, and her father has been charged.

    The true cause of death we are unsure of, the young lady Kathy English referred to is very much alive, and the events from conjecture never took place. Regardless of the circumstances of this young Muslim girl’s death, the evidence of Kathy English’s story is not enough on its own, to prove bias against Muslims, in reporting events of this kind.

    I am not saying, that there might not be bias generally , but the evidence to prove it, in this case, on what has been written by Kathy English is not there.

  25. Barbadian Muslim

    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance…it is the illusion of knowledge”

    BFP, you still haven’t indicated ur source on this information….

  26. Maat

    There appears to be some similarity between the Hijab of the Moslem women and that of the robes of one of the most widespread of Christian sects; that of the Habit worn by Catholic Nuns.
    Perhaps someone with greater awareness than I can explain the difference between the two forms of symbolic signs of dedication to God.
    The problem appears to arise because the Hijab is considered by some to be mandatory, while the Habit of the nun is out of choice.
    Each religion or sect has its reasons for choosing to adhere to particular dress codes or appearances as symbols of dedication to God. Rasta’s choose dreadlocks, Buddists favour a bald head. Some Jews prefer skull caps, other types of hats and bushy beards. The dedicated Mormon can be recognised by their attire.
    In nearly every case these chosen forms of dress; which tend to indicate the humility and modesty of the particular faith, is what permits us to practise tolerance and restriction of prejudice.
    This spiritual development also indicates to us a reasonable conundrum. This is that although the appearance of dedication is important, it is also misleading, as there are many a ‘wolf in sheeps clothing.’


  27. American

    Keep thinking about a possible utopia and political correctness. Interesting in many of your threads how you are somehow blaming the victim. It doesn’t matter how provocative she was in the faiths’ collective eyes, it never excuses the behavior of the pepetrator.

    Muslim fundamentalists’ = violence. And you don’t negotiate with violence, you answer it in kind.

    We just had (Jan 9th, 2007) in the lower 48 an Egyptian muslim in Texas kill his two daughters because one was dating a non-muslim (small “m”). How do you negotiate with that?

  28. Bajan Muslim,2933,330929,00.html

    why not post this story on your blog. Is it because Muslims are not involved?

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  30. Thomas Gresham

    BFP Says: “But if we accept 5% that is 50 Million muslims worldwide who believe that Allah commands death to unbelievers and violence to spread the religion.

    There is no equivalence with modern Christianity.”

    Unfortunately, that is not correct. There are many “Christian Fundamentalists” that believe in holy wars against non-believers. The disaster of Iraq, is in part due to Christian Fundamentalists amongst Bush’s neo-cons. There were no weopans of mass destruction, that was just a ruse. An estimated 600,000 people have died in Iraq since the war began. The Christian “moral majority” is a dangerous power in the United States. They are Obama’s biggest threat. Indeed, if you measure fundamentalist belief in religion as, for example, rejecting what scientific discoveries tell us of Darwinian evolution in favour of a view that God/Allah created the world in a few days, then there are more fundamentalists in the US than there are in Saudi Arabia.

    Jewish fundamentalists believe that they were justified in forcibly evicting Palestinians from their land and occupying it. Fundamentalism – defined as a belief that all is justified if it is god’s will – is prevalent in many religions. The greatest threat comes from those religions, which include the Christian-Judeo-Islamic traditions, that believe in proselytizing, believe that all other religions are false and that their god is never wrong. Many Christians and Muslims reject those ideas. Eastern religions do not follow these traditions. We should fear fundamentalism wherever it surfaces its head.


    BFP says,

    Hey… when a bunch of vicious Catholic Nuns, aided by a group of crazed Seventh Day Adventists and financed by a gang of evil Baptists, hijack a bunch of airliners full of families on their way to visit Grandma and then slit the throats of the pretty young attendants and murder the pilots and crash into buildings while shouting “Praise Jesus”… and Christians all over the world cheer them on as being the ideal examples of Christ’s will…

    … then we’ll buy your equivalency argument.

  31. unbiased

    actually it is cultural and it really does have nothing to do with the religion …you must remember that there are many different sects in islam all proclaiming to be muslims, just as the same with christians ,they also have many different sects in christianity and they all act and do things differently from each other…this girl was from a pakistani family and in pakistan the goverment know that these so called honour killings go on in there own country as well and had tried before in the past to stop this but without success, as it is so deeply embedded in there cultural ways…as for islam,there is no such thing as honour killing and it is defenately not taught and is completely against what islam stands for.
    there is no honour in killing innocent people…the only time a muslim is honoured is when in battle (a solder fighting an enemy solder only)
    here is another example of cultural behaviour; it was only last year sometime when another teenage girl was killed but she was stoned to death…but guess what? it was a pre-christian father and cousin that killed her as an honour killing in western iraq(christian) now you could put a christian,a shia,a sunni etc etc all from ..say pakistan in a room together or from iraq etc in a room together or from where ever and you could not tell them apart with there religions unless they wore religious symbols ,because they will all have the same cultural habits deeply rooted into them…as for violence connected to islam, again please remember that like every single religion on this planet there will always be extremists,normally triggered by some mad geek with an attitude problem or psychological issues that pray on the weak and insecure to get them to join them, but only a small minded person would be so narrow minded as to tarnish the whole religion or everyone who follows the faith as being the same, or not true to there religion if they do not follow the mad man….it seems it is the poor muslims turn to get the grief and blame for everything now,who will it be next i wonder? they are not even allowed to stand up for themselves or defend themselves and defenatly not given the chance to ,and if they do they only get(you see i told you so they are all liers etc etc ) how would you feel? there has been many many good muslims murdered or killed by bad muslims as well you know!!!!!!!!!!
    yes granted the muslims that create terror should be punished accordingly just like anyone who does the same from any other religious background that does these bad things but don’t make the innocent suffer because of this and stop blaming the religion for it…it is not the religion,it is people that use or hide behind the religion.
    and also people that do these types of pages are also extremists to there own cause and only the weak and insecure will follow them!!!

  32. unbiased

    trousers are mens clothes even if they are designed for women so this is not really permitted in islam as it would be classed as pretending to be somthing you are not and it will show the shape of your body more which defeats the object but if you had no choice in the matter then you would be forgiven…it is very clear as to (every aspect) of islam as for what is required,what is permitted etc …islam was not ment to make life unhappy or a struggle for anyone and there are guide lines and referances to refer to if you are in daubt about anything…makeup,sexy clothes,tight fitting clothes ,perfume,high heels or even being naked and having your hair down is reserved for your husbands only in private, after all you don’t want every other man on the street looking at your wife in a sexual way or lusting after her right? you can wear khol …you can wear jewelery as long as it is not like lucky charms or the shape of animals as this goes back to pagan times, you can wear some really beautiful galabayas,abayas etc or if you like then an ‘a’ shaped style long skirt with a beautiful loose tunic top that has long sleeves and that covers the hip area worn with some really stylish flat shoes with nice handbags and stuf…if you look to the woman as if she was a very precious jewel,what do you think would happen if you took that very precious jewel out into the street in total view of all the men? you would have some men lusting over it,or some would try to steel it away from you,or some would be so jealous they would cause troubles right?
    so to give the woman(jewel) the freedom to go out in public you would disguise it yes? no one would pay much attention to it because they cannot see a shape or see the beauty of it because it has been disguised ,so they dont have an interest…this isn’t punishing women,this is protecting women from the men..(and no not all men are bad) but at least it takes away the temptations from them….and what is the point of marriage if you are not completely faithful in every aspect to eachother…as for covering your hair……you will find some women will start to cover there hair after they marry but it is best to start when you are 12-13 and muslim women cover there hair for exactally the same reasons that roman catholic or protestant women do…with a muslim woman when she is married her husband will be the only one to see her hair and any male blood relatives and female relatives and female muslims,as hair can be sexy to look at…

  33. Sargeant

    Seems like we have more “honour” murders.

  34. PiedPiper

    Sarg, I’ve been following this story closely. It sickens me. Those 3 young girls were beautiful.
    It does not speak well of our immigration department when a man can enter our country with two wives by simply lying and claiming one was his cousin. Where are the background checks? Why did it take a phone call from the deceased woman’s sister to discover that she was, in fact, his first wife? With the huge influx of Muslims we have here, we will continue to see more of this kind of thing in Canada. I am very glad they were caught on their way to the airport before they made their escape to a country where they could not be prosecuted.
    It will be interesting to see what these poor women did to “dishonour” their family.

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  36. Sargeant

    Here is an update; both father and brother plead guilty and were sentenced to life in prison. They will have to serve for at least 18 years before they can apply for parole…. And yes it was an “honour killing”

    Read the “Agreed Statement of Facts”