Keltruth Blog Enters The World Of Photoshop Humour


Castro, Chavez, Arthur and his little brother Simmons go for a swim…

It takes a special sort of mindset to mock political personalities through drawn or photoshop cartoon creations – and Keltruth Blog has just joined the club.

Welcome to our fellow bloggers with unrefined photoshop skills!

We’re a little bit ahead of you so Shona cleaned up some of the sky around Chavez and Arthur at no charge. 🙂

What’s the cartoon all about?

Head over to Keltruth Blog and find out. (link here)


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5 responses to “Keltruth Blog Enters The World Of Photoshop Humour

  1. Jerome Hinds

    Arthur……looks like TADPOLE !

  2. Anonymous

    What Jerome, you saying all he consists of is a big head and tail?

    Can’t be so!

  3. the message

    of course, the cartoon is not garbage but a message about giving too much power to people for the sake of power and at the expense of basic human rights.

    Needless to say, these men are not very healthy individuals, not for themselves or the people they serve.

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  5. Leviticus

    The revelation of last night by Chris Sinckler: Owen Arthur used a $7,000.00 cheque from the St. Peter Development Fund – set up to help the poor in St. Peter – to get his brother-in-law out of prison.

    What do you say about that Jay? Want to see the cheque?

    Is that integrity for you?