Roraima Airways Adds New M-28B Skytruck


It is a small photo, but I think that is a smiling Gerry Gouveia standing in front of his new PLZ Aircraft M-28 Skytruck.


Gerry and Debra of Roraima Airways are moving up in the world and have just converted to the Polish-manufactured Skytruck. I don’t know if they still fly their old Islander but this bird is 100 times the aircraft that the BN Islander was even new. Roraima Airways operates primarily out of Guyana where they are known for their “anytime, anywhere” capabilities and some high profile medical evacuation flights carried off without a hitch in the worst of weather. (There’s nothing like a Fed-Ex contract to create a roster of high-time, very competent pilots you know!)

The M-28 is a derivative of the Russian Antonov An-28 but with one major difference: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-65B turboprops fitted with five blade Hartzell fans. This engine change makes the aircraft just about bullet-proof as the airframe is strong with a long and trouble-free operational history.

Barbados Grantley Adams International Airport will be seeing Roraima’s new Skytruck as it ferries fresh fruits, vegetables and all sorts of goodies around the area. With another already ordered, it looks like business is good.

Congratulations, Gerry!

Give us a call when its time for the hot-section inspections. We’re not the cheapest outfit, but unlike certain people we’ll have you turned around in no time!  😉


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11 responses to “Roraima Airways Adds New M-28B Skytruck

  1. centipede

    It’s amazing that there are sundry fruit literally dropping off the trees in the ‘low islands’ — pineapples a-plenty in Trinidad, Guyana, etc. … YET what do we see in the supermarkets? Oranges from California and Florida, pineapples from Costa Rica – – and so on.

    No pun intended but I wonder why Barbados Shipping & Trading (as a major Company) never got into shipping with the operation of boats between the ‘low islands’ and Barbados. ? ? ?

    Need I continue to state the obvious?

  2. FamilyB

    no need to … it became clear to me after watching people endure months of rotting onions in their supermarkets … after a few trips to the Farmer’s Coop store just outside of St. George Parish Church I’ve found a wonderful selection of fresh vegetables at reasonable prices … so much to my pleasure, BS&T’s stores only gets my money for items that are too expensive at gas stations!

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  4. Rumplestilskin

    Maybe it is time that Government offer duty free concessions for purchase and parts and make servicing and maintenance of small carriers VAT free.

    With inter-island transport so necessary and difficult to support at least such moves may assist such entrepreneurs, even if only in a small way?

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    BFP, Centipede,Family B and Rumple….

    Could this not be a wonderful opportunity for us in Barbados.
    I see 5,000 lbs (the M28 Skytruck’s carrying capacity) of fresh fruit and vegetables being flown in daily for both our local population and visitors.
    And YES!, if Government is really serious about bringing food prices down, waive all the taxes.

    If I remember correctly, Gerry is the Hon. Consul to Barbados and well known to Prime Minister Owen Arthur. So lets get some doors open.

    The ever-bubbly, Dr. Ena Harvey of the Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture (IICA) could also help co-ordinate the excercise.

    Even our little hotel spends over $1,000 a week on fruit and vegetables and we would much prefer to buy them from Guyana than having to bring them in from extra regional sources.

    Gerry, we are fully behind you and if there anything we can do to help, just call.

  6. too much common sense


    your equation makes too much common sense but why would it happen without a little juice for the facilitators or politicians?

    Now that Mugabe is going uninvited to a joint European/African summit in Portugal, CNN has recently shown the empty super market stores with nothing in them and 80% of the population in Zimbabwe starving.

    This is what happens over time when a nation permits
    consolidation of power in the hands of a few. The writing is on the wall.

    Adrian, you need to stick around to help pick up the pieces.

  7. centipede

    Too Much… you dint remember to give Chavez an honorable mention… in Venezuala you cant even get toilet paper or milk in the supermarket…..

  8. Adrian Loveridge


    Isn’t that incredible, a country like Venezuela selling oil at nearly US$100 a barrel.
    Yet a huge percentage of its people are uneducated and live in poverty.
    Its 10 years since I have been there, but I can graphically remember the shanty towns that surround Caracas.

    Has socialism with hugh oil revenue under Chavez really worked for the majority of its population?

  9. Rumplestilskin


    But the shanty towns were very much in existence well before Chavez’s rise to ‘fame’.

    Indeed, one can easily argue that this is WHY he has such popularity and was democratically elected!

    Is it coincidence that so much of South America has now voted in Governments with socialist policies, and I prefer that phrase over rabbiting robotically the ‘label’ leftist Governments.

    May I suggest that policies akin to what we are now experiencing in Barbados i.e. the prioritization of the wants of a few, both individual and corporate over the NEEDS of the many is what has givern rise to such a disparity of living standards in South America, and that we are fast following???

    Chavez and others were elected on a ticket of improvement for the masses, it is now up to them to deliver, but they certainly did NOT create the situation!

  10. Adrian Loveridge


    A good point…..

    But bearing in mind the historically highest ever oil revenue Mr Chavez has had to spend, has he made a marked improvement in poverty and education?

    I seem to remember, Mr Bush was democratically elected too!

  11. Sister Baby

    I am Coloured Guyanese and I am indeed happy that Captain Jerry has a brand new airplane and that he will be flying it around Guyana and to Barbados. Captain Jerry is a hard working Guyanese man and he is reaping the rewards of his hard work. I can hardly wait to see him operating a big jetliner or two to Barbados and beyond from Guyana. Merry Christmas