Article On Barbados Chief Justice Simmons Reaches #72 Worldwide!


Who Says Nobody Pays Attention To Chief Justice Sir David Simmons?

Almost 2 million blogs worldwide. (1,946,983 to be exact!)

Hundreds of millions of articles online.

98,681 new articles published worldwide yesterday.

Worldwide: The #72 Most Popular WordPress Article Today…

BFP’s Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons – An Evil Threat To Our Democracy. (Yes, We Said Evil)

Thanks, Sir David… we couldn’t have done it without you!

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4 responses to “Article On Barbados Chief Justice Simmons Reaches #72 Worldwide!

  1. Anonymous

    More BFP CRAP and LIES.

    We DARE you to publish the FULL LIST of the top 72 WordPress articles.

    Useless idiot.

  2. Anonymous

    Very bad manners by that anonymous poster. Mr. or Miss Anonymous, you can see the full list of top 100 Word Press articles for each day. They are all archived and you can see them at the link in the story that is where it says “( stats page here)”

    That takes you to this page:

  3. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Phillips, a non-national and a church minister, said she broke her silence because she could no longer allow a Government Minister to wrongfully accuse her of doing things she did not do’.

    Sunday Sun (page page) 9th December 2007

  4. BFP-
    I don’t wish to rain on your parade, but on checking #72 on Wordlist, I found it to be “D-War…CZ titulky.”

    No BFP thread appeared in the Top 100 so far as I could find. Perhaps yesterday, or the day before?

    This is not to say BFP articles do not appear on the list, but what a mixed, meaningless bag in all and sundry languages they are.

    Is this, perhaps, less significant than you would have us believe?


    BFP Comments

    Hi Naive,

    Go into the archives for “Top Posts” for December 7, 2007 and you will see that on that day our article was indeed #72.

    If you check the archives for “Top Blogs” for any recent date and then search through the list, you will also see BFP. For instance, on December 7, 2007 BFP was the #58 most popular blog in the world out of over 2 million blogs.

    Is that significant? I don’t know… what do you think?