Merry Christmas From The Barbados Sanitation Service Authority – Langston Hughes Would Approve!


Construction & Demolition Quarry Operating Hours during Christmas Season

The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) is notifying all construction firms that the Parsons Quarry in Foster Hall, St George will be closed as of 13th December 2007 to 2nd January 2008.

Anyone wishing to dispose of construction and demolition waste (C&D) is asked to use one of the following sites – the Edgecumbe Quarry, Bennetts Tennantry, St Philip or the Mangrove Pond Landfill.


You are also advised of the operating hours at Edgecumbe during 13th December 2007 to 2nd January 2008 is as follows; –

Christmas Eve, December 24th – closed by 12:00 noon
Christmas Day & Boxing Day, 25th and 26th December – closed to the public
December 31st, Old Year’s – closed by 12:00 noon
January 1st, New Year’s Day – closed to the public

The SSA thanks you for your cooperation and reminds Barbados that regular hours will resume at both Edgecumbe & Parsons Quarries by 2nd January 2008.


Langston Hughes – Black Nativity

A few years ago I saw a production of “Black Nativity” put on in a Detroit church. I mention it now because that play eventually took me back to school. It is a long story but I’ll credit Langston Hughes with inspiring me to complete my degree. (For all the good it does me!) 😉

A popular and still controversial black writer from the 1930’s to the mid 1960’s, Langston Hughes was a writer, poet, activist and sometimes “negro film maker”. He was hauled before the various government committees of the 1950’s for impure thoughts about Communism and travels to Russia in the 1930’s. His book of poetry “Fine Clothes To The Jew” set off a firestorm of criticism surprisingly not from Jews or Whites, but from contemporary “negros.” If you read the book, the title is not what it seems. Many have wanted to rename the poetry collection (because it is difficult to publish today) but I say leave history as history.

So what does this little blurb have to do with an announcement by the Barbados Sanitation Authority about Christmas closings?

Perhaps it is a way of having folks who are interested in black history pay attention to their garbage, and of having folks who are interested in the landfill hours pay attention to black history. 🙂

And Christmas is coming!


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2 responses to “Merry Christmas From The Barbados Sanitation Service Authority – Langston Hughes Would Approve!

  1. wow

    surprising that conservative christian bfp admires gay langston!


    BFP Comments

    Don’t forget that “BFP” is 6 people. The key is 6 individuals. Some things we see together and some things we differ on.

    That is what makes the world go ’round. How boring it would be if we all held the same views!

    Wow, your biggest mistake is attempting to label all of us with two words. It might make you comfortable to pigeon hole us, but labels are usually counter-productive to understanding. They are useful to forward agendas, but limiting for the discovery of truth.

    Some of us are not Christian.

    Some of us are not “Conservative” either.

    But let us start with defining the label “Christian”. What is a Christian?

    Your go…

  2. wow

    u object to 6 individuals being labelled but u insist on labelling all muslims as 1 despite the numerous and vast differences between the billion muslims all over the world- double standards?