Former Nation News Journalist Angry At Barbados Free Press


Pretty Girl Rips Out Cliverton’s Heart, Stomps It Into The Dirt


“crass sensationalism and irresponsible journalism”

“careless and cowardly”

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Cliverton is in agony. He fell in love with blogger Caribbean Lionesse last winter as the snow was whipping through his dormitory window in the US of A. Much like a convict in jail looks at a pretty girl’s photo to sustain him until his sentence is up, Clive saw Caribbean Lionesse as a reminder of all that was good about home. (Cliverton’s original story is HERE. Editor’s comment: Knowing Cliverton, there were probably more than a few photos taped to his wall, but why ruin a good story?)

And now this.

Cliverton’s sweetheart says that BFP is baaaad. The worst of all things.

She’s upset that we criticized The Nation again. Presumably it is our latest article about the Greenland Dump where we call the Nation News “a pathetic excuse for a newspaper” after they yet again printed a government press release like it was a real piece of journalism… and never bothered to ask a single obvious question.

As we said in our article…

After reading our story that the Greenland dump was showing new fissures, you’d think that a real newspaper would have sent a reporter and a photographer at first light to check out the damage. You’d think that the true status of such a controversial and expensive over-budget project after an earthquake might be newsworthy.

A real journalist would be wondering about unstable soil under the dump that previously caused 20 million dollars of work to be thrown out the window.

A real newspaper would have asked to interview the engineers and workers who were on site. A real reporter would want to print the engineers’ names and tour the facility with cameras clicking. Someone with the public interest in mind would have been at the gate of the Greenland dump at sun-up the very next morning so their couldn’t be any monkey business with the contractor filling in the fissures.

That would be a real newspaper run by real journalists.

Instead, we have The Nation News helping out with Government damage control three days after the earthquake. This rag of a paper simply printed the government’s press release without a single follow-up question.

The pathetic government lapdogs at The Nation News and the CBC should be ashamed of themselves.

Professional Barbados Journalism

I guess that Caribbean Lionesse prefers Barbados “professional journalism” where the news media doesn’t dare ask a Minister of Government how he became a millionaire in three years of government service. She prefers a professional news media that ignores stories for weeks until they are shamed by the blogs into covering major news events. (Think 3S Fly-over scandal, Nation News editor’s rape charge, shots fired at DLP Candidate’s home)

She prefers a professional news media that refuses to cover many stories at all when the doing so would embarrass the government – even if the evidence of legal documents or photos is posted online for all to see! (Think the Director of Public Prosecutions and Ronja Juman, blank search warrants, Prime Minister and Chief Justice charged with fraud in Canadian court, Tourism Minister orders Barbados Advocate editor to fire columnist Adrian Loveridge, Minister of Public Works builds home on expropriated land and so many more NEWS stories that have never been mentioned in the media.)

Caribbean Lionesse takes the blogs to task for remaining anonymous cowards, but then makes an excellent argument that the professional journalists are cowards with names.

Remember when the blogs broke the story that the President of the flyover contracting company had been accused of fraud and kickbacks in a similar project in Jamaica? For almost two weeks Barbados blogs published court documents, dug up background and chided the news media until they were FORCED to cover the story!

Here’s what our friends at Barbados Underground wrote at the time…

“As each hour passes, the failure of our media houses to break this story confirms what many individuals already know about them. They are dogs who must be fed by their masters. Where are the strident voiced of Dennis Johnson, Tony Marshall and David Ellis? What about the voices of outspoken and leading talk show hosts Maxine McClean and Peter Wickham? It is inconceivable that they would be ignorant of this story.”

… from Barbados Underground Media Houses In Barbados In Collusion With Government To Suppress News, Press Freedom Under Threat ~ The Voices Of The People Must Be Heard


Media Silence About Barbados Police Strip-Searching Woman Over Unpaid Rent

What did Caribbean Lionesse say about the state of “professional journalism” at the time? What does she say about the media’s silence over the Ronja Juman scandal – when the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock had the police drag his female tenant off in the middle of the night to have her vagina searched over back rent? The blank search warrant and other legal documents are posted online here for all to see.

What does Caribbean Lionesse say about the media not covering the story of a woman brutally dragged off in the middle of the night by police thugs… when the legal documents are available for all to see?

Cliverton, My Old Friend…

Cheer up old friend. We never said we were professional journalists, but thousands of our fellow citizens appreciate what we are attempting to do for Barbados. That’s why our online readership is double that of the Nation News – a “real” newspaper.

No friends, we aren’t professional journalists, but we know what democracy, freedom of the press, political corruption and conflicts of interest are.

We also know that if the “real” professional journalists did their jobs, Barbados Free Press wouldn’t exist.

Caribbean Lionesse: What Journalism is (supposed to be) all about


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35 responses to “Former Nation News Journalist Angry At Barbados Free Press

  1. U. Goodenough

    On behalf of the St. Thomas residents I would like to express heartfelt thanks to the Barbados Freepress and to the Barbados Underground.

    May I please say that there is a great need for an alternative source of news to the Nation/Advocate model we have today. In the same way the birth of the Nation itself was a God send to propel change to the status quo of that time, we have reached yet another stalemate today.

    Caribbean Lioness, please understand this from our perspective. How can one bring a message out if the monopolistic vested establishment refuses?

    All Bajans should get on line ASAP.

    We wish BFP growth in future, and a way to be honestly economical while retaining integrity.

  2. Adrian Hinds

    BFP you are not going to get much responses with stories about and pictures of this Lioness person. 😀 That they have an opinion? but what else? look i gine demand that some story about me and my picture get a starring role on this site in the near future too. 😀

  3. Bimbro

    Cliverton, read your original story at the time and thought that you were ‘precipitate’ in your compliments towards the young woman at the time but decided to say nothing.

    I can see now, that I was right in my assessment of her. As you grow older, you’ll learn not to be too, impressed by a ‘pretty face’!

    I could n’t even see what was pretty about her, anyway. Cliverton, forget the crap about beauty and just go for brains. It’ll serve you better in the long run, as this one has proved!

  4. Red Lake Lassie

    BFP goes “over the top” on some stories but we wouldn’t hear about those stories if it weren’t for BFP.

    Like the writer of this article I would like Caribbean Lionesse to provide a justification for the Barbados media ignoring the Ronja Juman story.

    Why has she ignored the story on her own blog? Charles Leacock had a woman strip naked by the police to extort his landlord rent. Leacock had a blank search warrant given to the police to use against his tenant.

    Not a single word on Caribbean Lioness blog about this. Only critism of the story tellers.

    Girl you are wrong!

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    I really cannot understand how any existing or past employee of either of our national newspapers
    can legitimately criticise either Barbados Free Press or Barbados Underground.

    If it wasn’t for these two bloggs most of us would be kept in the dark about many of the issues of national (and international) concern.

    You only have to track back some of the headline making stories over the last year, which surfaced days later in the newspapers, if at all.

    Jonathan Danos and 3S, Veco and Dodds, Gregg Farm and instance enrichment, the REAL truth behind Hardwood Housing Factory Inc, Hotels and Resorts Ltd missing accounts for six months and so on.

    BFP and BU are playing a vital role in informing the public and WILL play a pivotal role in the imminent general election.

    No one in this country should fear the truth and be intimidated, threatened with death and burning on an almost daily basis.

    The truth WILL prevail.

  6. Juman Trial Hushed Up

    Trust me. Barbados will never hear one word about Juman in the Nation News. H wrote up a story proposal and was shut down.

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Very well said Adrian they need not fear the truth if they are doing honest and sincere undertakings, however the balance swings rapidily away when dishonesty and corruption sets in then they seek holes to hide in and aggression to fight the sources such as BFP and BU.

    The comments by Pat Hoyos today were pointed as they hit at the very basis of the reason for the sharpness in society today and it revolves around the pent up frustrations of our politicians and their fraud against the nation yet we are unable to speak out or to do anything about it.

    Not an excuse or a sorry I screwed up or I made a mess of that one guys no not from this collection of arrogance.

  8. Clearly Bajan

    I can see both sides of the argument here. I love BFP, I read u every day, but i wonder sometimes about your credibility – only because everything (sources, commentors, moderators) remains so mysterious.

    Anyway, u’ve never had a problem with divergent opinions before so let the Caribbean Lionesse be.

  9. Adrian Loveridge

    Sorry TWO typo errors..

    Instant enrichment and missing accounts for six YEARS.

    And Wishing in Vain…

    Yes, we can do something, we can keep asking questions until we get some answers.

    There are so many marginal seats in the next election, if we can only persuade people to come out and vote, and that their vote CAN make a difference.

  10. Awww Cliverton – you know in any relationship (cyber and slightly creepy though ours might be) there will be differences of opinion. Are you really going to give up on us at the first sign of disagreement? To say I stomped your heart into the dirt is overstating it a bit – it’s still (mostly) love.

    As to the rest of the post and the comments – well if I can dish it out I can certainly take it. And I’ll explain my stance here as I did over on my blog.

    I definitely do take the point that the BFP highlights many things that would not ordinarily see the light of day in the mainstream media.

    However, I take serious issue with the WAY BFP goes about it – a way that allows them to get away with a lot more than the mainstream media can.

    The folks behind the BFP have taken the luxury of hiding – behind firewalls, behind fake names (really, are we to expect that a youngish uni student is named Cliverton…tsk!) behind the fact that the whole area of litigation for online defamy is still rather new and untested, not to mention difficult.

    To do all that and then slag off the traditional media because every time they do not rush to publish a story that BFP can get away with you presume they ‘must’ be ‘hiding’ things for those in power is not fair.

    Because mainstream journalists do not have the luxury of hiding, they have to be a lot more careful about what they publish. Caution and checks and careful research (googling does not count as careful research – calling and following up and getting multiple sources to quote is research) takes time. The repercussions are dire if you don’t.

    I would not deny that there are times that things are ignored or shunted to a box on a minor left hand side page down in the back for those in power – I’ve witnessed it. Mainstream media has advertisers. Advertisers have money and hence power. It’s an unholy alliance but nothing is perfect.

    Still, considering the luxury which BFP has to get things wrong and libelous, I find their smugness and that of many of the readers unseemly and naive.

    And one last thing – to those that accused me of ignoring various issues that were raised on the BFP in recent times…
    1) I actually don’t read the BFP that often so I honestly missed a lot of these things. I have a job and all.
    2)If you check my blog (DO stop in some time!) you will see its focus is mostly opinion and analysis, hardly ever news unless it’s something earth-shaking like last week (sorry, couldn’t resist).


    BFP Replies

    Hi CL,

    Cliverton did NOT write that piece although he is heartbroken and will probably break his vow of “no rum for a week” tonight. The article was a collaboration between me (Robert) and Marcus so I’ll blame Marcus for the heavy hitting and he can blame me. 🙂

    Clive wrote the SSA Christmas piece and will be on spam call later tonight and I think he’s mad at us for bringing the whole “online romance” thing into the article. That really was an idea from Marcus to make the piece more interesting and judging by the number of views and comments he succeeded. Marcus is no journalist be he has a talent for tabloid! BFP will soon welcome our 2 millionth visitor since our startup in January 2006.

    Like us or not, we’re shaking up those corrupt politicians with their offshore bank accounts! 😉

    As “creepy” as the online romance is between you two, the rest of us thoroughly enjoy it! Merry Christmas, CL


  11. Wishing in Vain

    If a 5.5 % swing existed two months ago, I would pay to know what the margin is on the 7th Dec 2007, my guess is that it would have grown some what since the last poll.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly that the people need to be motivated and want to vote a low voter turnout I would suppose would favour the blp but my feeling this poll may well be one of our largest in recent history, you only need to listen to people from all walks of life complaining about their electricity bills their water bills, food bills, gas bills and then let them realise that while they are catching hell, the politicians are are robbing them and stowing away vast sums of ill gotten monies to their overseas accounts and that in itself is enough to send people beserk with annoyance and hate.

  12. A Friend

    Thank you Barbados Free Press for all the news that we can’t read anywhere else. Thank you for printing stories about government corruption that we never read in our newspapers or see on television. Brass Tacks screens their calls so carefully since they paid off Lynch. Start to talk about something and CLICK! you are gone.

    BFP and BU are the only places left who don’t fear the government. No that is not the right words. You fear the government and are successful hiding.

    Wishing you continued successful hiding!

  13. Hants

    BFP…….Some people do not understand what a blog really is.

    They do not understand that a blog allows a greater level of democracy and is closer to “Parliamentary privilage” to ordinary citizens.

    Daily mainstream newspapers in a Democracy are owned by individuals who can print only what their “friends in the Government want printed.”

    On the blogs we throw everything in the public domain and in so doing, there is more truth than fiction coming out of our discussions.


    Danos charged with fraud in England.

    VECO founder and others before the courts in Alaska.

    These are issues that should have been in the Nation and Advocate long before they reached BFP.

    Cliverton, I guess similar to Mascoll, you were just trying to compliment a Pretty Black girl while Mascoll was “just trying to help a poor Mlack man”.

  14. Hants

    “Caribbean Lionesse takes the blogs to task for remaining anonymous cowards.”

    Yes Lionesse I am a coward and will stay anonymous until the BLP find a way to hunt us “evil bloggers” and tar and feather our ashes.

    This young lady will certainly be rewarded by the BLP if she isn’t already on their payroll.

    My question to her and Mia is why is it that the USA and Canada accepts blogging as mainstream media but BLP politicians wants them banned.

    BFP… do we have to worry about Cliverton?

    what if he hook up with this young Lionesse and she get him drunk and copy our email addresses?
    I is a coward…Uh frighten.

  15. Yardbroom

    I am always reluctant, to criticize private individuals who are easily identified on the blog, as I believe they are in a different category to politicians and public officers, therefore my comments are not criticisms, but general observations.

    We often confuse, the responsibilities and roles of blogs and the established media. The blogs have not got the resources of the established media, and are often dependent on anonymous sources for their best stories. If they relied on verification before publication, very few stories of major public interest would be on the blogs.

    It is therefore a question of judgment, and how and when that judgment should be exercised.

    Most readers would forgive the blogs, if an apology is quickly given, or a retraction, to stories later proved to be untrue. If over time it becomes obvious, that there is repeated malice, the credibility of the blog will be lost, and readers – if any – will not take it seriously.

    Every one has an agenda, even if it is not to make that agenda obvious, under the guise of professed neutrality.

    What is beyond doubt, is that BFP has opened a window to the engine room of Barbados politics, and it is for individuals to make a judgment on what they see.

  16. onlyheavencanhelp

    Guys forget her. She is part of the status quo. Lets get on with the peoples business.

  17. Hants

    BFP… wha happen to my comments? still in moderstion?

  18. Hants

    Why are some people so opposed to blogs and anonomous bloggers ?

    We live in Democratic countries and it is our right to freedom of speech and anononimity.

    The same way some people (particularly members of Government) hide behind the law courts and libel laws, we too can hide if we choose to do so.

    Democracy. Freedom. Freedom of association. Freedom of speech. Freedom to blog on BFP…..

  19. BFP

    BFP Replies to comment by Caribbean Lionesse

    Hi CL,

    Cliverton did NOT write that piece although he is heartbroken and will probably break his vow of “no rum for a week” tonight. The article was a collaboration between me (Robert) and Marcus so I’ll blame Marcus for the heavy hitting and he can blame me. 🙂

    Clive wrote the SSA Christmas piece and will be on spam call later tonight and I think he’s mad at us for bringing the whole “online romance” thing into the article. That really was an idea from Marcus to make the piece more interesting and judging by the number of views and comments he succeeded. Marcus is no journalist be he has a talent for tabloid! BFP will soon welcome our 2 millionth visitor since our startup in January 2006.

    Like us or not, we’re shaking up those corrupt politicians with their offshore bank accounts! 😉

    As “creepy” as the online romance is between you two, the rest of us thoroughly enjoy it! Merry Christmas, CL


  20. Anonymous

    Caribbean Lionesse

    Find something profitable to do with your time. No one here is taking you seriously.

    If spinless Harold Hoyte and the Nation did what real newspapers are suppose to do, then there would be no need for these citizen journalist blogs.

    If the Nation had done its work properly then the stinking predator roy morris would not have been allowed to prey on so many innocent young vulnerable female interns at the Nation. Or was that fine by your ” professional journalism” standards?

    BFP must really be hitting home hard that your former workmates at the Nation are now roping you in to try to take some of the much deserved heat off them.

    Keep up the good work BFP and BU.

  21. Jerome Hinds

    Like us or not, we’re shaking up those corrupt politicians with their offshore bank accounts!


    Well I agree BFP……after reading the final paragraphs of Beresford Leon Phillips a.k.a BLP column of 7th December 2007 !

    BFP by the way…….will your money – laundering story be coming with SANTA CLAUS on his sleigh ?

    It is taking a mighty long time in coming ?

  22. U. Goodenough

    Having lived in Barbados since before the time Nation News was formed, I see something parallel.

    When civil rights was a dire, really dire, social and economic issue in Barbados; the Advocate would have written similarly to Lionesse, but only nearly as eloquently.

    Perhaps at the Nation the progressive shine is coming off the ball as we slow down to accomodate the ‘establishment’? Maybe it’s the ownership, does anyone know who owns Nation/OCM now?

    It would really be great to hear from the radical dozen of proud Bajan citizens of integrity all, who formed the PRIVATE Nation company, reiterate their mission statement regarding the need for the Nation (as it was then in the beginning) to exist as an independant alternate view in social transformation aligned for the majority in need?

    We are not in alignment socially, and it seems that thrmedia is moving up the social ladder, leaving many behind. Even though there are many working within who know this to be true, they are unable to talk. They are not allowed to write freely.

    Nation and Lionesse, we love a great part of you, and we read you daily. But the sins omitted are killing our Island’s future. Many including myself feel that you are not truly free to talk to us any more with your true, deep thoughts.


    I understand what lioness is trying to say but there are very serious things to be said in these times that the Nation is either unable or unwilling to mention .

    I realise advertiser concerns and other considerations need to be looked at in the mainstream media but there is something much more important as well….the truth and our freedoms . Solutions can only be reached when we are fully aware of the extent of the problems.

    The mainstream media is simply not the voice of the average person anymore. They may have very good sounding reasons for why that is but it sure ain’t helping our cause nonetheless. They have a very big responsibility which they are not handling very well at all. In these days money is doing all de talking and it gotsss to stop.

  24. Bimbro

    Lionesse, and while you’re at it; please take that chandelier from off your head – and, do you have false teeth, at your age – and, did Cliverton find you, pretty? I can’t believe it!!!!

  25. Yardbroom

    I sometimes just wonder why!

  26. Rumplestilskin


    Maybe, why not? Devil’s Advocate and all that?

  27. Sargeant

    Bimbro why do you find it amusing to comment on someone’s looks and appearance?

    For the record the blogs do a good job in exposing the political and social ills that permeate this society that the politicians and mainstream media would hide from us. CL may just be provocative in raising the issue as she should know that any journalist in Barbados who writes articles critical of certain people or exposing some practices would find themselves on the breadline. Barbados is a small country and the protection and freedoms that journalists in Europe and North America enjoy are absent.

    I support BFP in their efforts and hope that they continue to expose the corruption that is now so evident.

  28. Bimbro

    December 8, 2007 at 2:16 pm
    Bimbro why do you find it amusing to comment on someone’s looks and appearance?


    Please indicate where I said that I was joking. When I’m joking I usually say, so!

    Why do I comment on it? Because I’m not blind! That’s the whole reason for the existence of this blog, if you did n’t realise. To comment on things! I can’t recall hearing that it was prohibited to refer to a person’s looks. I don’t remember you objecting when Cliverton said she was pretty!

    Please, go and get some sense! Maybe that’s why some of them going around Barbados look such a disgrace, because people ‘won’t comment on their looks’!!!!

  29. Richard

    submitted to the lioness ladys blog.

    I am not sure I understand what you are getting at here. Are you saying that because the nation is an established entity with real honest to god Journalists that they should not be critized?

    I don’t think you believe that. I think that you asked and very competently answered your own question in your treatise….

    “When it is clear to me that the folks at BFP have no clue how real journalism works. For one, they hide – behind firewalls, behind fake names. Real journalists do not have that luxury. Your byline is right out there and if you make a mistake or worse libel someone, people know who to sue and/or get fired.”

    Lol, I wonder if you really understood what you wrote above. its really funny. Let me (someone who isn’t a journalist, or ever traversed the hallowed halls of the Nation Newspaper) ask a quite possibly stupid question (embarrassment).

    If these honest to god journalists operate under these circumstances, do you expect them to really go out on a limb and actually do critical journalism?? Hmmm. Remember these few facts. This is a small society. There isn’t much scope for getting another job if a journalist was fired for actually bringing credit to their profession let alone making a mistake. People have mortgages to pay. Barbadians are docile and polite and not encouraged from birth to ask questions, contradict or enquire or rock the boat or do much in the way of critical thinking.

    I personally read the nation to get the gist of what’s happening, man bites dog, accident on highway etc. I don’t expect much more from it.


  30. BFP Cliverton Not Signed In


    CL, neva mind the comments of people with no taste and no manners. Your smile is radiant and you still make my poor damaged heart go pitter-patter.

    Alas, it was probably never meant to be.



  31. E

    Are we for real devoting this kind of time and discussion over a child who probally cannot even spell the word J-O-U-R-N-A-L-I-S-M.

  32. Bimbro

    BFP, why have my comments been ‘awaiting moderation’ for so long? Indeed, why at all????


    BFP Comments

    The government thugs have been vandalizing the comments section so “always moderate” is on. Please refer to the “what is moderation” tab at the top for more information.

  33. J

    Dear Bimbro:

    Re your post of December 8, 2007 at 7:07 am about Caribbean Lionesse’s hair, teeth and beauty:

    That is her real, real beauty (no help from any beautician)
    Those are her real, real teeth (no help from any orthodontist)
    That is her real, real hair (no help from any hairdresser)
    Her beauty, her teeth and her African hair are gifts from her great grandmother on her mother’s side. Evalina was an African woman born in Barbados in 1879, died in Barbados in 1969. An authentic, hardworking, working class Barbadian woman who worked climbed these hills and worked these fields until she was well past 80. Lionesse’s capacity for hard work is also a gift from her great grandmother Evalina.

    Dear E

    Re: your post of December 10, 2007 at 4:57 p.m. Lionesse is no child. She is a very well educated Caribbean woman. Among the top 1% in the 11+. Among the top 1% in the SAT English. Among the top 5% in the GRE English. A master’s degree by 24. and yes indeed she can spell journalism and all of the 500,000+ words in the English language.

    Dear Hants: Re your posting of December 7, 2007 at 9:05 p.m.
    No. Caribbean Lionesse is not on the BLP’s payroll nor the DLP’s payroll, nor the PEP’s payroll nor the NDP’s payroll. She is just a thoughtful non-partisan Caribbean woman who earns her living by the sweat of her brow and brains. And no she will not get Cliverton or anybody else drunk to steal confidential information. She does not do drunk. She keeps her head on and she expects the same of others (including dear Cliverton)

    Dear Anonymous: Re your post of December 8th, 2007 at 1:00 a.m. No, no, no. Caribbean Lionesse’s former colleagues at the Nation are not roping her in to take heat off them. Her views are entirely her very own.

    Dear Onlyheavencanhelp: Re your post of December 7th at 10:29 p.m. that Caribbean Lionesse is part of the status quo. I can assure you that she is an authentic working class Caribbean woman and NOT part of any status quo.

    May God continue to bless this independent thinker and may He continue to bless you too.

  34. CL’s Blog is now invite only and she is at US Embassy and writes excellent releases full of warmth & humanity…. Reviewing this thread made me recall why I avoid any topic with that prat ‘bimbro‘ or shall we say correctly bimbo? Since such idiocy can only come from a dumb blonde?

  35. Hey hey, this nah happen in long time…