Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons – An Evil Threat To Our Democracy. (Yes, We Said Evil)

“If it can be confirmed that Simmons has acted improperly, then Keltruth Corp. feels that the Governor-General, Sir Clifford Husbands, should intervene and impeach the Chief Justice.” … from Keltruth Blog article Police, Army and Chief Justice in Barbados

Barbados Chief Justice Calls For All Police And Military Power To Be One Force Under Government

In a recent speech to senior Caribbean police officials, David Simmons showed that he continues to have a political agenda that always supersedes his role as Chief Justice. His every word and action during his very political speech underlined that there is no independence of our judiciary and that he continues to function as a political leader.

David Simmons should not be making political speeches. He should not have even been attending a conference of senior police officials let alone instructing them in his new vision of Barbados government where the police and the military are to become, and in many ways have already become, one entity.

David Simmons is no fool. He is an educated, powerful and experienced politician and effectively is still acting as a senior Cabinet Minister for his BLP Government.


Simmons knows exactly what he is doing, and he has chosen the side of evil.

Our Chief Justice is an educated man and a student of history. He knows full well of the importance of an independent judiciary and he also knows how important it is that the judiciary can be seen to be independent.

Yet, because David Simmons is unethical and values his personal benefits more than the independence of the Barbados judiciary, he accepted the position of Chief Justice when he knew he should not. He knew that as a career politician and former Cabinet Minister, his appointment would politicize the courts – but it did not matter to David Simmons.

We have called for his resignation on this matter alone, but now Sir David Simmons has gone even further and shown his and his BLP government’s true lust for power.

Now it can truly be seen that David Simmons had both a personal and a political agenda when he accepted the office of Chief Justice.

The New Barbados – Envisioned By Our Chief Justice And His Political Party

History is replete with examples of what happens when the balances and independent cross-checks in a society break down. This naturally leads to abuses. History tells us what happens to democracy and freedoms when the boundaries between the military and the police become blurred – which is why every dictator in history sought to consolidate control of these most powerful societal institutions.

Good Men And Women Everywhere…

Good men and women instinctively realize that the consolidation of government powers in the hands of any small group is dangerous. That is why democratic societies take care to split powers and responsibilities among of the various arms of government, and to ensure that societal institutions function with independence and always under the scrutiny of other balancing entities.

No one person, group or institution should have the power to operate without being accountable to society at large, and this accountability is often structured into the system on multiple levels.

There can be no real justice or real democracy when the political arm of government also controls the day-to-day operations of the police, public prosecutors, court administration, judges, military and other power bases and institutions in society. Throw in a weak and cowardly news media and you have all the elements necessary for a dictatorship.

Chief Justice Sir David Simmons Is No Fool – He Is A Man With A Political Agenda

It is a fundamental truth that the consolidation of too much power weakens democracy and undermines individual rights.

All Bajan citizens had better start to pay attention to what is happening to our little democracy.
Read the entire story at Keltruth Blog before you do anything else today.


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26 responses to “Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons – An Evil Threat To Our Democracy. (Yes, We Said Evil)

  1. Anonymous

    This man simmons is a dangerous man.

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Just the latest of a series of postings, this time by someone calling themselves Christie, of almost daily death threats to myself and my wife and promises of destroying our hotel.

    Still absolutely NO-ONE from the Royal Barbados Police Force, the ruling Government including our Member of Parliament, Reginald Farley or even the Chief Justice has contacted us to say they are investigating these threats.

    I wonder what the international media would make of it?

    ‘Daily death threats to British investors’

    It might actually help sell a few condominiums!

  3. paul sealy should know by now that all Sir Clifford does these days is meet with centenarians and celebrate with them..besides that what else does he do besides being driven around Barbados at his leisure.?…this is just another step to stay in power by these small group of Lodge boys who follow the international rule of the Illuminati while keeping bajans poor and stupid….face it,lets make way for the police state cause bajans ain’t rioting for nothing bout here.

  4. paul sealy

    For the members of the BPF and the BDF…will you sleep good at night knowing criminals of this kind are giving you orders to arrest,detain and most likely shoot and kill bajans?…cause that is what this lot want Barbados to become,not just a police state,”THEIR” police state,if members from both sides blog here just remember when they give the order to “shoot to kill” just pray to God none of your family or families family is in the streets rioting. the election…you fassyholes are looking desperate…David Thompson can you please step in here seeing that right now you are the only hope for Barbados..please… voice your opinion on this very sensitive topic next time you speak to the media…thank you.

  5. Thistle

    Paul Sealy, I write under correction, but I do believe that Sir Clifford Husbands is an ex-Harrisonian, not an old Lodge Boy.

  6. Pancreas

    Thistle I believe he means Lodge (where members dress in weird outfits with weird ceremonies and activites) as in the Organisation not the School.

  7. Thistle

    Okay, thanks for the correction, Pancreas.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    We must have really reached the stage that the like of these the above are reported to the police and to have something done about these vile comments.

  9. gentle jim

    Wishing In Vain,
    I have been asking this for some time now, but to no avail

  10. Anon

    I have always thought well of the Freemasons. I know that many of our leaders are Freemasons. I would love to see the list of members that have benefited by their educational programs.

    What charities do the Freemasons sponsor in Barbados?

    Having a thirst for knowledge, I am considering joining. Can anybody join, or are poor people excluded?

  11. Some of the above messages are not posted by average bajans but by some sick demented minds. One can only hope that they are not seen by foreigners as it would not bode well for the tourism industry.
    However, foreigners do not know this, do they?

  12. Anon

    I would just ignore him. Alcoholism takes a terrible toll.

  13. John

    I see Commissioner Darwin Dottin is exploring means to prepare the RBPF to combat cyber crime.

    The FBI is going to help him.

  14. BFP please delete all those disgusting attacks on Adrian Loveridge. Showing them drags down and demeans this blogsite.

    Mr Loveridge- Be consoled that Barbadians have plenty mouth, but much less guts. Words come easy but not action. A blogsite like this is a great vehicle for such cowards which is why I feel BFP should use its moderating powers more thoroughly in keeping this site clean.

  15. Anon

    It is quite likely that BFP are at work and have not seen these posts, otherwise they would have taken them down immediately.


    BFP replies…


    I just got up after working night shift and grabbing a quick four hours sleep. Sorry I’m a bit late (was supposed to do spam patrol from 8am to noon) but I had to work late. Cliverton is on at noon and I have just finished an article just for him! 😉


  16. Straight talk

    Who’s F?

    Have we a new moderator?


    BFP replies,


    Still sleepy. Typo key slipped. Should be M

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  18. Pat


    You cant just join the Freemasons. You have to be nominated by a member. Then there is a vote. Members are given two balls with which to vote. One white the other black. If you get ‘blackballed’, you are OUT. That is where the expression ‘ being blackballed’ comes from. Both my father and grandfather were members. In Barbados my grandfather belonged to Solomon’s Temple which used to be on Roebuck Street. My father to Prince Hall.

  19. Straight talk


    Some slip, Marcus, F > M.

    Sure it wasn’t Freudian?

  20. resilient99

    I am very sure that this blog while it continues to serve the narrow-minded interest of the Dems at this time, it will one day regret that blinded enthusiasm for untruths, innuendo, blatant lies, and all other forms of perpetrations. Barbados Free Press needs to improve in every regard. What a shame!

  21. Straight talk

    I find most of BFP’s posts quite informative and invariably thought and response provoking.

    Whenever they make a slip by being too enthusiastic they apologise and set the record straight.

    Other commentators’ views on here sometimes have a degree of “untruths, innuendo, blatant lies, and all other forms of perpetrations”and if these offend your sensibilities you should post your own opinion to provide evidence or balance.

    The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for free speech and other information which otherwise would not be available to bajans.

    Don’t attack the messenger, refute the facts……if you can.

  22. Don't Like Dancing

    Straight talk is bang on. Resilient99 should refute the facts in this story if he/she can. I read the Keltruth story and the Nation News story where the Chief Justice makes the comments and I AGREE WITH BFP.

    The speech by the Chief Justice was political and should never have been given by a judge. The points made by BFP about David Simmons having an agenda ring true also.

    Can Resilient99 refute any of these facts as told in the Nation?

    Resilient99 might disagree with the conclusions by BFP but I suspect that many agree.

    A Cabinet Minister has no business walking into the position of the top judge. It makes everything he does suspect and undermines the courts and the confidence of the people in the courts.

    Simmons should resign.

  23. Velzo

    I remember that David Thompson objected to Simmons’ appointment but Barbadians – frightened as usual for names like Simmons – refused to stand up and be counted. Why do we always miss the significance of these things? The danger inherent in such an appointment being politicised is serious.

    We are now paying a price for the obscene way in which Owen Arthur facilitated his walk straight out of the Cabinet into the post of Chief Justice. Even members of the BLP were shocked. Louis Tull said that Arthur made Machiavelli look like a school-boy and we didn’t listen.

    All those who Simmons cussed from platforms – and he cussed many – would have to live in fear every day that they might have to appear before him.

    The only thing more dangerous than that is coming up against his brother Peter.

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