A Different Kind Of Fish Being Hauled In Off The South West – Barbados Drug Running

Some Folks Look To Make More Money Than Is Legally Possible With A Small Boat

Almost two years ago, I first wrote about going out fishing at night and a common technique that we use to catch more fish. On our family’s little boat we call it night tree fishing while some folks in Trinidad call it “table fishing” or “log fishing”. A good skipper and only one helper can make some relatively good money this way and many Bajans support their families with only a tiny boat.

You will never get rich fishing with a small boat, but you can survive if you work hard and get lucky occasionally. And yes, some of us are “luckier” than some others. Of course, some of us work harder too!

Luck, hard work, knowledge and good techniques are all fine – but the fisherfolk hate it when they have been out all night setting up a tree, and then those bad old charter fishing boats come out of Bridgetown and just drag by OUR tree to steal OUR fish. Some bad blood and words happen over that. Even talk of shots fired a few years ago although it was only talk.

Theft is what it is. Nothing but theft from charter boat people who already can make US$1000 in one day.

Whispers Around The Waterfront

Big money is nothing to the charter boats, but if you take a couple of large kingfish from folk in a small open boat you are stealing right from their children’s table.

But it happens all the time and folks get a little desperate. Never greedy, understand. More desperate. And then you hear whispers around that so-and-so who isn’t very lucky fishing has a new GPS given to him by a “friend”. And we look at each other and think “I doan want no friends like they friends.”

So it is no surprise that some people make a couple of “extra” trips a month way off shore. And sometimes when certain boats are offshore it is a funny thing that you will see the same fellows sitting out by Grantley Adams runway talking or maybe doing a little kissy kissy in the car with their girlfriends.

They might be kissy kissy but they have one eye on that certain hanger where those two shark-mouthed aircraft sit like hungry predators in their caves. If the predators come out, the kissy kissy stops and phone calls are made. Of course, there are also those who claim to know in advance when the shark-mouths will fly.

The police and the Coast Guard will never stop the coastal runners – there’s just too much money to be made and folks get desperate on this island so there are always those who are willing to take a chance once in a while.

But not me.

When I watch my son sleeping or see the smile on my woman’s face when I come home, I know that I could never put the ones I love at risk. I could never take a chance on making an “extra trip” no matter how bad things are.

But don’t think that I haven’t thought about it a few times.


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6 responses to “A Different Kind Of Fish Being Hauled In Off The South West – Barbados Drug Running

  1. Rumplestilskin

    You think that it is only the ‘little fish’ fishermen taking a bit on the side?

    How about all of the massive construciton going on all over?

    Do you not perceive potential for this to be money-laundering on a grand scale?

    Most of us with jobs cannot afford the land let alone the huge houses and condos being built.

    Most of us could not afford to fund and build these condos to sell?

    Where do you think the money is coming from?

    The ‘little’ fishermen are only a small fragment of the whole.

    And the whole has got to be ‘big boys’ to afford such construction.

    Money DOES grow on trees…for some.

    We need the FBI to come and investigate fund flows and assets ..internationally…for many locals and foreign residents alike.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    By the way, no one can get rich so fast as I see some doing….unless they are magicians.

    So whadaya think, huh?

  3. Our Fisherfolk continue to have hard times so long as the golden promises of Mia Mottley remain a fiction.

    If the Tobago Fishing Debacle had been handled better they might be able to put more flying fish in our kitchens, and not be faced with the temptation to fish for contraband instead.

  4. Anonymous

    Rumpy sez..
    By the way, no-one can get rich so fast as I see some doing….unless they are magicians.
    So whadaya think, huh?

    I think the sooner we cut the HUGE attraction to the GIGANTIC MONEY
    by legalising the stupid stuff,
    the sooner we get over this “problem” that we’ve been led to believe is a problem!

    People will destroy themselves any which way they please – be it legal or illegal!
    I can smoke and drink myself to death via Society’s two wonder drugs alcohol and tobacco,
    and no-one gives a damn,
    or I can do it via the underworld’s Ganja and Cocaine,
    and no-one still gives a damn-

    -except the alcohol industry,
    who thinks all rec.drug money should come THEIR way
    and not go to South America!

    Just say No to South American drugs!
    – NORTH American drugs however, are cool.

    And you wonder why the kids zero attention to this stupid ‘war-on-drugs’ stuff???
    They can see right thru the hypocrisy!


    Anonymous , so beautifully spoken . You forgot to mention the petrochemical and paper industry which will stand to lose billions too if Marijuana was ever legalised . Remember alcohol was once legal and weed legal . So many people died in that ‘war’ too .I wonder when they will flip the coin again and turn another set up of people into criminals .

    The stuff about the FBI coming in by Rumpie is crazy as they can’t even get a handle on it in their own country . Especially since alot of the real movers and shakers in the whole thing operate at very high and ‘untouchable ‘ levels for the most part.

    Legalisation for consenting adults is probably the best way to defuse the whole thing . It will take much of the profit away immediately, that’s one of the big drives. Then again , what will all those people addicted to their big profits do then . Hmmm , now thats another problem . But please don’t ever mistakenly feel its about what its doing to us poor little people.


    Ooopps , that should read
    ‘Remember alcohol was once illegal and weed legal’