Telling The World Bank To Shove It…

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Here’s a quick link to the Kenyan Entrepreneur Blog where our old friend is documenting how Malawi is telling the World Bank to “shove it up their…”

Well, you get the point! šŸ™‚

Kenyan Entrepreneur Blog: Why Do Africans Still Listen To The World Bank?


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5 responses to “Telling The World Bank To Shove It…

  1. I was sent the original article on Saturday;

    There is a scientific argument against the use of fertilisers, however, with results like these, its difficult to argue.

    As for the World Bank and the other institutions with blood on their hands, their record seems to be improving – but with all the agility of a, I don’t know, a big fat wobbly not very agile thing.

    Good for Malawi.

  2. reality check

    there are thousands of examples every day of creating wealth on a small but incredibly economically effective way from the bottom up through micro credit loans. This involves empowering small disenfranchised individuals in a cooperative spirit of support, social communication and internal accountability.

    the old practice of funding monies from the top down with payoffs and kickbacks all the way through the system, never really empowers anyone but the corrupt and lazy.

    Barbados use to be just about self sufficient in food after the Second World War so we know it is a possibility.

    Maybe the PM could lead us all in a How to garden for our needs lecture or series of lectures through the Nation newspaper? Perhaps the Nation could title it ” The Greening of Barbados”?

  3. Markus loves the BLP

    We at BFP have decided to face reality and throw our full support behind the BLP.

  4. only me

    BFP well this is one article i thought very interesting