Barbados Government And News Media Happy To Profit From Opera Interactive Consumer Fraud

How To Make A Fortune Defrauding Bajans

Hey folks… I have an idea on how to make a fortune from those stupid Bajans. All we have to do is to let the government and the media take a cut of the profits and we won’t have to worry about any government intervention or media exposure.

Let’s start a phony contest and charge everyone a dollar or two to enter the contest by using their mobile phones. Never any winners – just pure profit.

And like we said… spread the profits around to the government with taxes and bribes, and to the newspapers and television with lots of advertising revenues – and we can run this scam forever.

Or at least until regular folks catch on to what we’re doing.

Hmmm…. this Adrian Loveridge character is causing trouble for us. He sent another letter asking the government to do something about the ongoing fraud.

Loveridge is spoiling everything. Same goes for Barbados Underground.

Oh well… we’ve made millions so far!

Here’s the letter from Loveridge to the government of Barbados asking them to do something. I hope he doesn’t really expect the government to give up all that revenue from those poor, dumb Bajans!

Fair Trading Commission

Personal attention of Judy Maynard
Officer-in-Charge Consumer Protection Division

re: Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd case # 3/12/4 (648)

In your written response dated 14th November 2007 to my concerns emailed on 29th September 2007, you gave a number of assurances that this company had been instructed to comply with Fair Trading Commission requirements.

These included that the company ‘Clearly state in its advertisement that Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited is the operator of the competition’ and Additionally, Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited has confirmed that the names of the winners of its competition will be published’.

Appearing today ( 1st December 2007 – Saturday Sun) is half page colour ‘ad’ (page 36) Barbados Lucky Numbers, which states the ‘winning number: 0083526’ and there is no mention of the operators of the competition, ie: Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited.

This is the same ‘winning number’ that has been displayed throughout the duration of the competition and to date I have not seen any list of ‘winners’ in the media.

Bearing in mind the parent of this company, Opera Telecom, has been found guilty in no less than 21 cases which breached the rules of regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom, it appears the assurances given to the FTC are meaningless.

I would ask you in the interests of Barbadian consumers that urgent action is taken against this company.

Thank You.

Adrian Loveridge
1st December 2007


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4 responses to “Barbados Government And News Media Happy To Profit From Opera Interactive Consumer Fraud

  1. Rebranded

    Keep up the good work Adrian L, even if some ignorant Barbadians like to see the large majority of stupid ones taken advantage of, that\’s no reason for the rest of us to approve.
    The FTC is Failing To Comprehend its mandate and you know what they say about a fool and his money, the same can be said of Bajans, money is here today, gone tomorrow like Zoom.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    I support your call Adrian wholeheartily but regret to inform yoy that it is clearly evident to me that this case must have received the person attention of the PM let me suggest that knowing how these things operate and with whom you are dealing that it would be fair to believe that the owners and operators of this Opera Interactive have had discussions with Owing and have promised him his share of a commission for allowing this scam to operate unabated and uncontrolled so long as he gets his share of the scam money.

    If any of us will or can appect the operation of this scam so long as Owing is drawing money from it we must be kidding ourselves big time.

    It is with eager anticipation that we await his voicings on matters such as VECO, DANOS, GREELAND, THE CHEQUE and so many others why would expect him to address this matter from which he is drawing another salary.

    I support your effort but believe it to be Wishing in Vain.

  3. Avatar

    Well, what did you expect?


    You really think that Opera & Owing is gonna stop with this? It’s MONEY, people! Any is gonna do anything to get it!

    Armageddon, come soon…VERY soon!

  4. White Rabbit

    Just remember, FTC stands for F____ the Customer. Sorry about the off-color inuendo.