Who Owns BajanTube.com ?


New Bajan Website For Video Uploads Is Exciting – BUT…

Hello friends,

Just a few minutes ago we received notice of BajanTube.com – a new video upload website somewhat like the famed YouTube, but focused upon Barbados.

What a great concept. They have a few technical bugs to work out with .wmv files, but the entire site looks like a very professional effort and we are excited that Bajans are becoming more adept at using the internet to communicate outside of the normal censored media.

One Caution

We don’t know who owns BajanTube.com as they have deliberately used an anonymous service to register the domain and administer the website.

We have also suspected for some time that at least two of the smaller Barbados blogs were established by the BLP government to gain a window into the very active underground Bajan political blog scene – with the hope that they would be able to one day identify the writers of Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground.

So just remember, my friends…

Uploading a tourist video on an anonymous Barbados video blog is one thing. Uploading a political video raises many issues in a country like ours where the government rules the media with threats, extortion and legal blackmail.

BajanTube.com for vacation videos… wonderful.

But for the political satire and reporting… YouTube remains a much safer choice for Bajans.



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8 responses to “Who Owns BajanTube.com ?

  1. Anonymous

    Paranoid much?

  2. nommos

    “But for the political satire and reporting… YouTube remains a much safer choice for Bajans.”

    or you could just upload a calypso with it’s normal biting social critique and mud-slinging and name-calling…….and of course, a woman with a backside to stop traffic wukin up really really really stink……

    what’s the big difference – talk or sing???

  3. Anonymous

    oh THIS should be fun!!!

  4. RumShop

    Well… Its nothing Fancy.

    Just a YouTube Clone Script.. they are dozens.

    But it’s certainly a diplomatic motion this time of year!

    Good Job.

  5. RumShop

    Hate to rain on this parade…

    The site Bajantube.com appears to have been registered @ the Godaddy Registrar (or one of their resellers) who use the Domains By Proxy private registration service – can’t get that info unless you are the Government and have a warrant.

    Other than that, the site itself is hosted at Citrexhosting (according to the NameServers) and they host the FFMPEG youtube cloning script. Its good, it works… but that’s how it’s been done. Good work still to whoever is doing it.

  6. Inspector Poirot

    Hats off to Bajantube!! Thumbs down to B.F.P. Getting nervous are we?

  7. jason

    ye, i feeling this

  8. TheWatcher

    I for one do not know who owns it. If it is a site set up as a business who’s purpose is to make money, then that should not be terribly difficult to find out. However I believe that this is not the point.
    Those who love to post online and then see ourselves on the web acting the fool do not understand the dire nature of what we are doing.
    Put simply. The web grows. Storage continues to increase dramatically so there is no need to delete anything we write or post online. This means an archive exists of all of our actions and those thoughts that we cared to share. If you are in the younger generation who seems distracted with all this web activity, there is a word of caution to you. What you do and say here, can and may be used to judge your character in later life, even if you are not the same person that you were when you initiated these actions. Parents have a role to play in all this, by monitoring the activities of their children.
    All I will say to the You-Tubers and their spin-offs is to be careful!