Telegraph UK Article: Barbados – A Great Place To Live

All the politics and issues we have with the current government aside, we wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. It is interesting that with one exception each of us at BFP has lived for a time off the island and then chose to come home.

New York City vs. Grape Hall?

No contest!

From the Telegraph UK…

Life in Barbados – Telegraph Mentor

Julian Armfield says Barbadians are extremely friendly and there is a huge expat community on the island…

I first fell under the spell of the enchanting island of Barbados in 1994 and was drawn back at least once every year afterwards.

In 2003 I met Susan, who is Barbadian born and bred. We married here in 2004 and I moved permanently to the island although I commute regularly to the UK to perform my duties as Chief Racing Correspondent for BBC World Service Radio.

Susan is a Real Estate Agent and we both have an extensive network of contacts in Barbados. We will be pleased to assist anyone planning a visit to the island, whether it be for a holiday, wedding or to purchase or rent a property.

Introduction to Barbados: As a journalist and author, I can think of nowhere more perfect to be based than politically stable Barbados.

The scenery is stunning and it is a huge bonus that all our beaches are public.

The open-air lifestyle makes it easy to make new friends and there is an abundance of good restaurants and places to visit.

Barbadians are extremely friendly and there is a huge expat community…

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6 responses to “Telegraph UK Article: Barbados – A Great Place To Live

  1. Anonymous

    GREAT place to live – if you’re loaded!
    Even Trini can’t too afford Barbados again, yes?

  2. Anonymous

    Julian Armfield says Barbadians are extremely friendly and…

    ..and let’s not get carried away,here!

    Bajans can well be cold fish when dey ready!

    SOME of them might be described as very friendly (extremely is an extreme word, much misused!)
    – but EXTREMELY friendly??
    I don’t think so.

    Trinis are far friendlier, and even them I wouldn’t describe as “extremely” friendly.


    Extremely: the English language’s most misused word –
    particularly by The NATION newspaper
    who use extremely every day of life,
    when VERY is the word they mean..

  3. Bimbro

    How I wish that I could say the same for Blighty!

  4. Paradox

    The aim here is to sell a product and that is what I perceive he was trying to do.
    He is not aware of the day to day activities of the state and the things most Bajans care about; health,cost of living,transport, roads,to name a few.
    If one has money he can have a lovely time in Barbados. When he gets fed up, he can move on. The ordinary Bajan CAN NOT.
    How easy it is to jump on the next flight or perhaps on a private jet.
    There are many like him who can fork out US10-15 million dollars for a condo by the sea and use it once a year, who cares?
    This good life is only a dream for many Bajans, which will never come true. Perhaps the caption should read:
    “To those with dough,Barbados is de PLACE”.

  5. Since it takes so much dough to live in Barbados, I recommend getting hooked on FREE communication. I live abroad and have been using a video messaging service called ooVoo to stay in touch with friends in other countries. With great video feeds, its a good way to make them jealous of your incredible locale. It also allows up to 6 people to video chat at the same time. Check it out at

    Best of luck in de sunny land.

  6. Rumplestilskin


    Are you not being extremely critical? Althoug it is very astute of you to point this out.