Independence Day Lime With Hit For Six At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

We see over at Bajan Reporter that this Friday from 4pm to 9pm, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary is having an Independence Day Movie Lime featuring the movie “Hit For Six”.

Happy hour, grill fish and chicken, beer, more beer and a great time.

Details and a display advert are over at The Bajan Reporter. (link here)

(Hmmmm…. wonder why our friends at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary told Bajan Reporter about this but not Barbados Free Press?)

Probably just an oversight…


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11 responses to “Independence Day Lime With Hit For Six At Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary

  1. Crusty

    For IBLACK: last time I was there for the monthly lime, the colour mix was about the same as the Barbados population.

    For BFP: It is likely that Bajan Reporter read the Sunday Sun where there was a quarter page paid advertisement for the event.

  2. TOUCHE BFP! That will teach you to be so touchy.

  3. I was e-mailed the notice directly from the GHNS, my News-Blog carried a fair bit on Hit For Six earlier this year with the B’town Film Festival – as for Graeme Hall, they are pro wildlife regardless of race.

    It amazes me how certain twits equate appreciation of pets as racial along a particular line when you consider that in India; they have different states which revere rats and monkeys depending on where you go. They let them feed in the open and all.

    In Africa, many tribes apart from Masai revere their cattle as children, they are not just monetary units or vessels holding blood and milk for a beverage! Are these folk honorary caucasians? Please!

  4. Sundowner

    Well done! are some people PROUD of the fact that they mistreat animals? does that make them feel good? pathetic people.

    Challenge to BFP Vermin-
    I saw plenty, and was HANDED two at Warrens before work this morning, maybe you need to open your eyes.

    Oh sorry you’re BLP so have eyes closed to the real world anyway.

  5. Anonymous


    It has been done. Ha, Ha, Ha.

    See for yourself.

  6. only me

    keep cutting my comments its ok

  7. only me

    just goes to show how biased yall really are

  8. Yardbroom

    I was rather surprised, that BFP was not given the opportunity – first hand – to advertise the Independence Day Lime at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. When one considers the publicity BFP gave to the Nature Sanctuary, and the people that became involved as a result, and took a stand, it was an interesting decision for the management at the Nature Sanctuary to make.

    It is the right of the management there, to advertise events as they please, just a thought about “public relations”, so important in matters of this kind.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Happy Independence Day to you and all the BFP family.

  10. OMG

    Is this event still on ?

  11. Anonymous


    That w h i t e Canadian idiot Allard must be desperate and deranged indeed.

    Foolish a s s h o l e.