Goodbye Steve – Court Asked To Declare Steve Fossett Dead

Three Months Since Aviator Disappeared

Steve Fossett’s wife Peggy has asked a court to declare the missing aviator as dead. Fossett went missing on Monday September 3, 2007 over the rugged mountains of Nevada while on a pleasure flight.

When Fossett first went missing, we speculated…

“Fossett will either be found alive but hungry after a couple of days or it will be the worst. There’s very little in-between when an aircraft goes down in the mountains because injured people don’t survive long in the cold at high altitudes.”

No matter how much the aviation industry tries to enhance safety, nothing can change the fact that flying is inherently dangerous. And every so often when a superb pilot like Steve Fossett goes down we become a little sharper with the checklists, and a little more focused on risk mitigation when we fly.

For a time.

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2 responses to “Goodbye Steve – Court Asked To Declare Steve Fossett Dead

  1. lilly

    It is hard for me to believe that the wife would want to declare him dead. it has only been 3 months since his dissapearance. They state that they have found 6 planes some of which had been missing for years.. no signs, clues of his plane/wreckeage… I would think she would want to hold on to the thought of him being out there somewhere……

  2. rumboy

    Authorities should do a careful background check on the missus before making the declaration. Once that is done abd the will probated, there is no turning back.