Barbados Free Press 2nd Print Edition Hits The Streets!


Hard-Hitting Paper Edition Is Distributed By BFP Readers

How does a blog publish a paper edition throughout the country and the world? Easy! We publish the print edition online as two .jpg files that our readers can print at home or work.

Hand them out to your classmates. Put them in the toilet stalls at work. Leave a few on the ZR seat when you reach your destination. When no one is looking, put one on the restaurant table next to yours – then watch the fun!

… or, as one very creative BFP reader did last time – insert the BFP print edition into each Nation News or Barbados Advocate stacked at the store counter!

Chief Justice & Director of Public Prosecutions Featured In Print Edition

This issue we feature two important stories that Bajans have never heard mentioned by the government-controlled Barbados media.

Chief Justice David Simmons In Hot Water Over Land Fraud

Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock Corruptly Uses Police To Collect Back Rent

Barbados Free Press readers are familiar with these two important news stories that are supported by court documents posted on the internet at Barbados Free Press and Keltruth Blog.

The truth about political corruption and abuse of position by Bajan big-ups needs to be told, and if the Barbados news media won’t tell the stories out of fear or complicity with the government, then ordinary citizens will tell other citizens about the goings on.

The Barbados Government & News Media Are Stunned About Their Loss Of Control Over The News

If each one of our readers prints and distributes just five copies today, we can have 25,000 to 35,000 BFP news flyers on the streets by tomorrow night. If we all did that each day this week, over half the population would have a copy in their hand by Sunday.

So fire up those inkjets folks! Last time we received an email from a Ministry staffer who loaded up the laser printer when the boss went for a three hour lunch. Now that’s what we call initiative!

Here Is Our 2nd Printable Barbados Free Press Flyer

Page 1 – bfp_nov_07a1.jpg

Page 2 – bfp_nov_07a2.jpg

Just what you need to create a one page flyer printed front and back.

Further Reading

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BFP Nov 14, 2007 – Business Dealings Of Barbados Chief Justice Sir David Simmons Exposed On Keltruth Blog!

BFP Nov 5, 2007 – We Publish All The Documents: Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions, Police Sgt Paul Vaughan And The Blank Search Warrant Scandal

BFP Sept 24, 2007 – Barbados Director Of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock – Ordered Police Thuggery Over His Tenant’s Unpaid Rent – Night Raid, Woman Strip Searched Over Unpaid Rent!


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49 responses to “Barbados Free Press 2nd Print Edition Hits The Streets!

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  2. Hants

    BFP files are safe to download.

    Good job BFP. The printers will be humming today.

  3. Bubbles


    Perhaps YOUR printer and YOUR ink and YOUR paper… and YOUR time. (Or that of your boss.)

    But CERTAINLY NOT mine.

    It always makes me laugh to see how BFP hides while trying to get the idiots to take the risks and do the dirty work.

    Unlike you, my parents didn’t raise any fool.

  4. reality check

    more BLP threats to suppress freedom of information.

    Welcome to the Police State!!!

    We knew Cable and Wireless has always been an instrument of the corrupt. Now it is confirmed.

    By the way, truth is an absolute defense to defamation and libel, except in Barbados where the PM, Chief Justice and others determine what they want the truth to be and how cases are decided.

    Good work BFP!!!


    Let the truth be told


    reality check,

    Sounds like you need a reality check yourself.

    Shouldn’t you be out and about distributing libelous material somewhere?

    Pathetic clown.

    I’m just itching for the police to snatch the first idiot caught distributing that rubbish. I can see the article in the Nation now, with a photo from the court yard. Some fool held in the grip of police officers on both sides, with a caption reading “Man charged for distributing libelous material”.

    The whole of Barbados will be laughing at the fool.

    And BFP will come online and crow about how good it was for their blog publicity.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    NOT ME BOSIE, fear not the job will be done, with or without your help, but nevertheless it will get spread far and wide.

  7. reality check

    Not Me Bosie

    Thank-you for proving everything that BFP has been saying for the past two years.

    Barbados and Zimbawe—one and the same

  8. iisnoone

    Who decides what is libelous? Can facts be libelous? Oh, I forgot. Even daring to ask a pertinent question is libelous in Barbados.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    Like where did Lynch find the millions from to buy a plantation house based on a salary of a minister of gov’t?

  10. Adrian Hinds

    Good job BFP, i will be delivering this copy in the stronghold of the BLP on Thats were the well to do Bajans, the ones that continue to seperate themselves out from the rest of us does hang out. 😀

  11. QWERTY

    Adrian Hinds,

    Sure you can deliver it… and be laughed at for your troubles.

    Another pathetic lunatic.

    It is amusing to watch you weaklings striving in futility for the attention of the powerful.

  12. Tony

    It is amazing how the dissemination of pertinent news has been suppressed by the mainstream media for such a long time, and now that another entity has the balls to get the news out some persons are panicking. Only BLP political hacks will behave this way.

  13. Leviticus

    I will most definitely deliver it to all of my friends. I will not hide.

  14. Thistle

    Yes, Qwerty, we all know Julian Hunte is mad, because he supports Owen Arthur and the BLP.

  15. Mikey-Spice


    Why are you talking about Julian Hunte? Are you mad?

    Seriously, you people need help!

  16. Thistle

    Why don’t you ask Qwerty the same question?

  17. Adrian Hinds

    November 27, 2007 at 6:31 pm
    Adrian Hinds,

    Sure you can deliver it… and be laughed at for your troubles.

    Another pathetic lunatic.

    It is amusing to watch you weaklings striving in futility for the attention of the powerful.
    Qwerty: are you a representative of Bimshire’s powerfull? Would you be man or woman enough to come out of the closet and have a chat with me? Take your pick, over the phone, email, IM, facebook whatever you like, i can rise to the occasion and face of with you. Certainly you have a lot to say and i have the time to listen and respond. One thing that i can assure you of is that there isn’t a so called powerful person in little Barbados that I fear. Are you game?

  18. pansy

    Who is Julian Hunte?

  19. Thistle

    A madman who the police pick up every now and then and whip him off to the Psychiatric Hospital. He calls Brass Tacks regularly and boasts about his uncle COW Williams and sometimes launches forth into his family history.

  20. Andrew

    I like when de Bees start cussing duh one-ah-nuddah on this Blog

  21. more

    I like your style Adrian Hinds.
    Your perspective is like a breath of fresh air.
    People like you keep people like us going here in Barbados.

  22. Pat

    Adrian, dont hold your breath. They dont have the courage. There were others on this blog who tried to take you on and where are they now? Gone through the eddoes.

  23. Kathy

    Good for you, Adrian! And great work again, as usual, BFP!

    But I am horrified at what “NOT ME BOSIE” has to say. I hope and pray that I will never see policemen arresting any person for distributing printed matter anywhere in Barbados. It might have happened in Nazi Germany or some totalitarian dictatorship, but not in any free nation!

    All the same, I guess if the police can strip and cavity search a lady for back rent …

  24. Adrian Hinds

    November 28, 2007 at 2:29 am
    Libel laws in Barbados also extend to the printing and distribution of libelous material.

    You can bet your life that these BFP cowards will keep themselves hidden deep underground, while trying to encourage the idiots to be the guinea-pigs.

    Monique, is that you are concern about the welfare and wellbeing of those who may be so incline to distribute these flyers or are attempting to scare people away from so doing? So you know our libel laws have been replace by the Defamation act from which it would be very difficult to judgment that stand in favour of anyone mentioned in the flyers. My only lament is that i am not in Barbados to prove you wrong, as I would personally deliver copies to the David Simmonds, and to that Guyanese expat Charles Leacock.

  25. Pondereplay

    Well I just download print and distribute …

    Hear that???

    The sound of silence….

    No police

    No cable and wireless

    No blp death squad


    And i gine be doing it again tommorow…

    so come and get me bastards!

    I here waiting….where part you all are huh?

    Tekking long man. stupse…look you blp lot and your support cronies at cable and wireless are a waste of time.

    Maybe I should use gov’ment paper tommorow…that would give me the satisfaction of know tax-paying blp supporters helping to spread the message of truth and accountabilty.

    You all will be an even sorrier bunch when ppl wake up and realize that you are essentially powerless to stop freedom of information in good ole Barbados. What will you do then? Run and hide?

    In fact I going across to your own blp blog to post to my hearts content right now. And there is nothing you can do about it.

    C&W has the ablility to track bs my a$$. They can’t even track the trail of their own piss.

    Wake up ppls these losers are powerless to track a thing if you just use simple common sense, we have been through all this already.

  26. Adrian Hinds

    November 28, 2007 at 2:44 am
    Adrian Hinds,

    “My only lament is that i am not in Barbados to prove you wrong”

    You were probably also not in Barbados when Starcom Network paid out $60,000 to Noel Lynch.

    It’s all good though. Keep on keeping out, because Barbados needs less jokers and clowns like you.
    Well the way i see it is if it takes 30,000 usd to get the truth into the public domain i say it is worth every penny. Anyway the 60,000 was hush money as the result of a libel threat. If there wasn’t so much fear in Barbados for these lilliputian mcguffies, Barney Lynch would have had to prove that he was defame in a court of law and to successfully do so he would have had to account for his wealth in manner that is different from what was suggested and what is probably the truth. You see i don’t have the fear that Vic and David and others do.

  27. Adrian Hinds

    November 28, 2007 at 2:46 am
    Adrian Hinds… the BAJAN “expat” calling Charles Leacock a “Guyanese expat”.

    Boy, get a brain. You are not a man.
    Why, haven’t you heard of the Pot calling the kettle black? did it make it any less a fact on the account of the Pot being black itself? 😀
    People Like Charles Leacock come from a country that is a standing disgrace, a failed state by any measurement. It is not a surprise to me that the office of the DPP is such a disgrace and a failed entity, it’s head is steep is such best practices. 😀

  28. Adrian Hinds

    Wuh happen Monique, you lost your dial up connection? 😀 I like these little tirades of yours. 😀

  29. Bajan Youth

    Great work BFP, keep it up. As soon as i get my printer back up and running you can be sure it will be humming.

  30. outsider

    Here is what we do. Gather a fund of $50,000. Simmons and Leacock match it put the money in the bank. Then a public hearing with a foreign unbiased judge to decide if BFP print edition true or false. Winner take all.

    If Leacock and Simmons agree our family and friends will send the first $2,000 to the bank right away.

    Leacock and Simmons won’t do this is? Why not or do they only play a game where they stack the deck. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

  31. Anonymous

    I distributed twelve copies at work, people were shocked at the contents.

  32. BOOM! DLP just lost the election!


    Published on: 11/28/07.


    DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER MIA MOTTLEY and Leader of the Opposition David Thompson engaged in an angry clash of wills yesterday on the floor of the House of Assembly, over the latter’s refusal to call debate on a no-confidence motion against Cabinet minister Clyde Mascoll.

    Thompson gave notice of the motion, prompted by several public allegations he has made against Mascoll’s involvement with Hardwood Housing Factory, ten days ago, but has said he would debate the motion in his own time and not at Government’s prodding.

    It had been expected that Thompson would have signed the unaltered original motion yesterday, which had been vetted by Speaker of the House Ishmael Roett, thereby paving the way for the debate to start, and Mottley offered to permit an “oral tabling” of the motion.

    Thompson declined

    But an angry Thompson declined, taking umbrage with the fact that the Leader of the House was privy to his correspondence with the Speaker, and accused Government of “total incompetence” and degrading the standards of the House by meddling in a matter that was only between the Speaker and an individual MP.

    “When I am satisfied with my resolution,” Thompson declared. “I will debate it.

    “If I am satisfied with what was presented to me when I arrived here [yesterday] morning to sign – which has been amended – then I will sign it.”

    But he insisted that Mottley could not force him to “sign, speak, stand up, leave, go to the bathroom or do anything else in this Chamber
    and I am not going to accept any dictation by members on that side. Debate what you want to debate!”

    The heated exchanges between Mottley and Thompson during the brief 45-minute sitting prompted the Speaker to ask the St John MP twice to take his seat and ruled him out of order.


    The Speaker then intervened to provide background to the dispute over the previous nine days, and accused Thompson of taking advantage of a section
    of the Standing Orders “that was not very clear”.

    “. . . But I believe that a no-confidence motion is a motion that can cause serious harm to the person involved and it is not something that a House should take lightly . . .,” Roett said.

    “But I think that a great disservice has been done to this House by the way this matter has been taken to the public and to bring me into it to give the impression that I have not done what I was supposed to do.”

    The Speaker also determined that the integrity resolution accompanying Thompson’s no-confidence motion was not connected, and therefore they could
    not be done together, and stressed that the rules of the House “clearly state the procedure for a no-confidence motion”.

    The House was adjourned until next Tuesday when Mottley said Government would again call Private Members’ Business to facilitate the Thompson motion.


  33. Mook

    How much does the law courts in Barbados slap on idiots who are found guilty of distribution of libelous material?

  34. Wishing in Vain

    Desperate attempt at abuse of power
    Published on: 11/28/07.

    I FEEL COMPELLED to write this short letter on the matter of the suspension of the Constitution of Barbados that was recently attempted by the Barbados Labour Party administration.

    Government claimed, according to the news report, that there were 3 000 individuals in the Public Service who were not appointed. A bill was
    therefore laid in Parliament to suspend the Constitution for a short period so as to permit Government to appoint these people.

    This action, if condoned, would have allowed Cabinet to bypass all the established procedures for appointments in the Public Service of Barbados and do its own thing.

    What is really shocking is that in a democracy like Barbados, a Cabinet could conceive of such an act.

    The next logical step in this behaviour would be for Cabinet to suspend the Constitution of Barbados in the event that there are people in the Public Service who it feels should be disciplined or dismissed.

    What a chilling thought!

    Luckily for us, Leader of the Opposition, Mr David Thompson, the trade unions and in particular the National Union of Public Workers, and the People’s Empowerment Party took a strong stand against the move and the Government was forced to agree to revert to the long established procedures.

    What has become of the interest groups – the Bar Association, the Chamber of Commerce, the Barbados Employers’ Confederation, the Small Business Association, the Manufacturers’ Association, the Hotel Association, the National Organisation of Women, the credit union movement, the Barbados Economic Society, the newspaper columnists, the University of the West Indies – in this country?

    We have not heard so much as a squeak from them on this attempted abuse of power.

    Have they lost their way like this Government and do they not care about what threatens the citizens of this country? Or do they dare not utter one word in condemnation of this Barbados Labour Party administration?

    Barbadians must wake up and be aware that desperate people would stop at nothing to hold onto power/office.


  35. Mook

    The same that the courts of common sense and decency slaps on brainless thugs and drones.

  36. Adrian Hinds

    The BLP is a dangerous lot, who have demonstrated the depth that they are willing to go to retain power.

    They floated the idea of once again suspending a portion of the constitution the last was for CWC 2007 this time purely for political gain. Now the BLP party member and SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT is intent on making changes that is intended to convenience his party. Has he no shame?


    “More evidence why our system of governance and in particular our parliament is such a farce. Here you have a speaker of the house who is suppose to be impartial in rulings, and in his interpretation of the standing rules of the house, yet he cannot bring himself to take off the shackles of his party membership, and affiliation.

    Just as the concepts and actions that are characterized by the statement “Justice must not only be served, It must be SEEN to have been served, so too, should the actions of the Speaker of the house must not only be impartial, and be to the letter of the rules, he must be SEEN to have been impartial and act to the letter of the rules.

    In one breath he refers to the rules as clear as they relate to the procedures, and in another he accuses the parliamentarian who happens to be a member of the opposing party, of taking advantage of a section of the Standing Orders “that was not very clear”. They are clear and yet not clear.

    Why is there a big issue at this time for this BLP politician masquerading as an impartial arbitrator of debates in the people’s house?… He goes on further to wear his party hat while on the throne on high. He claims that he is disturbed, and that a great disservice has been done to the house by the way the matter has been taken to the public, and to bring him into it, to give the impression that he has not done what he was supposed to do.” I hope that he is suggesting that his disturbance is caused by the way it was presented to the public and not that it went before the public in the first place. He can see, apparently, with his BLP party blinders on, that this revelation to the public is not right, yet his own actions of discussing a private member’s correspondence with him in his capacity of the Impartial speaker, he in turns, discusses it, with the Leader of the House;… and what would be at cause for him to so do? His party allegiance is the same as that of the leader of the house is it not?

    This man who would want us to look no further than the silly regalia he wears and the silly monotone speech pattern he delivers his utterances in, and ignore the glaring fact that his party allegiance will always come first and that like all others before him, he has demonstrated the inability, to be truly impartial, and to truly adhere to the rules as they are. That he would now at this time and to the convenience of the Political party of which he is a member, make the statement that a resolution is not to be determined on the outside.”, but is willing himself to look outside of our parliament into the parliament of Trinidad to institute a stop gap rule to deny an Opposition parliamentarian the use of a process that has precedent in that chamber. Mr. Speaker while you are identifying rules that are clear and then not clear, and now seems to see something wrong with a private member having the ability to debate his/her resolution at a time of his chosen, what is your opinion of the constitutional law that allows a prime minister the right to call elections at a time of his choosing? What says you? Just like a no-confidence motion is no trivial matter so too is an election, is it not? Mixed government of the kind we have is a farce, a continual enigmatic Pantomime, where the responsible and those not responsible are all the same. ”

    My views above are the result of two articles in todays nation news.

  37. Andrew

    Listened to Brass Tacks today.

    Man David Thompson has truly disturbed the Beehive.

    Yuh should hear them coming one after the other,
    with a lot of nonsensical arguments.

    One fellow even said that if David postpones the
    No-confidence vote next Tuesday, that he and half dozen of his cronies (all Blp hacks) will be staging a demonstration of some sort.

    Well good thing that David Ellis has more common sense, than they give him credit for.
    He handled the program evenhandedly, and did not let the huffing and puffing faze him at all.

    The problem with the BLP, is that David Thompson is messing up their plans to call a December election after they promised the people that prices will come down by yearend.

    Well the goat bite them in their B**sie

  38. Leviticus

    It was quite revealing of the state of mind of the BLP and Mia’s disquiet. I went to the BLP meeting in St. James on Sunday as an observer although I did wear a red shirt.

    The BLP is a shadow of itself. Owen, Kerrie, Rawle and Liz did not fail to disappoint me. The Dems have them reeling. I thought that Kerrie Symmonds would have rersponded to David Thompson’s serious allegations about his honesty.

    The week before David Thompson disclosed in Fitts Village how Kerrie Symmonds, immediately upon becoming a Minister, got someone at BST motors to adjust the manufacture date of his old Rover motor car so that the person buying it would qualify for a public officers loan.

    No response from the BLP or Kerrie. This was a serious open allegation of dishonesty made against a Minister.

    There is some reason why the BLP must have Hardwood out of the way. But the prospect of David Thompson on his feet anywhere is not one I would relish.

    They have to get it out of the way and that accounts for their anxiety.

  39. Adrian Hinds

    Better yet Let me deliver one right to your doorstep.

  40. Anonymous

    Not only that but I have been informed that Kerrie Symmonds also bought a plantation somewhere in Christ – Church after he became a member of the BLP.

    Any one got any more info on this?

  41. Adrian Hinds

    wait nuh body aint gine answer B.E.P.E???? 😀 poor B.E.P.E shouting, cussing and carrying on in vain nuh body aint listening to wunnuh. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  42. Anonymous

    Dear QWERTY,
    Your sheer arrogance will get you nowhere.
    THIS(the arrogance) is what is bringing about the downfall of the BLP.

    Your odious Us,Superior vs. YouPeople,The Inferiors is disgusting and decidedly un-Barbadian!

    May you live long and suffer nuff,
    you inconsiderate selfish greedy BLP bastard!

  43. Anonymous

    Mook asked…

    How much does the law courts in Barbados slap on idiots who are found guilty of distribution of libelous material?
    You’d need an active police force to make an arrest first, duuhh…
    and we all know they stay in the station,most of the day.

    Too hot outside, and their salary(laughing at that!)
    simply doesn’t justify any particular activity, not strenuous activity.

    Distribute the leaflets as you see fit.
    DON’T hand them out individually.
    Leave small stacks of them here and there
    – 5 to 10 copies per pile, no more.

    ZR vans are by far the best venues!
    No BLP’s in the ZR vans, that’s fer sure!
    They’re all driving BMW’s

  44. Adrian Hinds

    Would that be the same police that Owen cusss and dismiss? they are going to do things to favour somebody that don’t like them? that make them smeall hell? and why should they enforce the law, Laws that are seemily no longer sacred, but have now become foot-notes to the BLP to meddle with as they see fit? Uh tell yuh the more the political class thief the more Bajans will see to it to do the same, the more the political class treat to the laws of Barbados as a play thing, the more Bajans will continue to disregard them, ……we all know although we will most likely ignore it, ….that it is a cultural trait of ours to do wrong things as long as we can point to others who are doing the same. Tell me uh wrong. 😀 and then tell me what you think of Lil Rick’s song “Do fuh DO” if i hit you hit me back, if i jam you jam be back do fuh do. 😀

  45. Adrian Hinds

    November 29, 2007 at 12:49 pm
    Dear QWERTY,
    Your sheer arrogance will get you nowhere.
    THIS(the arrogance) is what is bringing about the downfall of the BLP.

    Your odious Us,Superior vs. YouPeople,The Inferiors is disgusting and decidedly un-Barbadian!

    May you live long and suffer nuff,
    you inconsiderate selfish greedy BLP bastard!
    Uh agree with you except that it is decidely very Barbadian. All is takes is for some persons to grace the halls of a high school so designated in their minds and by their perception to be a prestigious institution and that air of superiority comes right out. And good forbid if one from any stratum of society has the good fortune to live in an area so designated to be prestigious, it gets even worse. What about the Job? Bank teller? prestigious store clerk? lowly and frowned on,….it doesn’t matter that both jobs are in the retail sector. Barbadians will find the silliest of things to segment themselves out from others. Thier names, kind of hair, skin tone, wall house vs. board house, kind of car, ha ha haha ha ha. I have known person to switch party’s base on where they were in life previously as compared to where they are now. 😀

  46. Royalrumble

    Concern Citizen against Corruption
    In All Barbados
    West Indies

    November 28, 2007

    Barbados Free Press
    George Street
    St. Michael

    Dear BFP,

    I am hoping that I could get your assistance in having a matter placed in the next edition of your magazine.

    Since you are in the business of sniffing out corruption I am certain you would want to help me to warm Barbadians about a well known DLP lawyer that is swindling poor working class Barbadians out of their hard earn cash.

    He was recently overheard boasting to a friend of his how much money he his investing in the DLP’s election campiagn and what position he was offer by Thompson if the DLP wins the next election.

    The lawyer of whom I speak is Richard Byer and the person he robbed is an unemployed young lady. She is willing to meet with you at your earliest convenience and provide you with all the proof to show that she was swindled out of $2030.00.
    The sum may seem small but you take into account that this lawyer has been doing this for almost twenty years now then you can appreciate the gravity of the problem.

    This is a real life experience not the ones that are cooked up on your blog. If you are really serious about stamping out corruption in Barbados then I know that you would want to meet with this lady and publish her story.

    Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation.

    Yours faithfully

  47. Wishing in Vain

    Seeing you under the skirt of the blp, maybe you can respond to when will we hear about the proceeds of the cheque that Owing deposited to his account?
    Tell as about the DANOS 3 S ROAD WORKS SCAM?

  48. Wishing in Vain

    Wow what a tremor!!!!

  49. Anonymous

    Barbados is now very much like Bird’s ANTIGUA
    and the general bacchanal of TRINIDAD.

    Look whuh gone en happen, nuh?!