Seagate Maxtor Hard-drives Contain Trojan That Secretly Uploads Your Files To China!


Investigators suspect Chinese government authorities were involved as part of “an aggressive spying program relying on information technology and the Internet,”

How Many Other Manufactured Hard Drives Contain Chinese Spy Programmes?

You have to hand it to the Chinese Communists – they sure know how to violate rights, spy and subvert.

That Seagate Maxtor external hard-drive that you purchased to backup all your important files came with a heck of a warranty: it guarantees to secretly send all your passwords and copies of your files to Communist China via the internet!

So far, its only one brand of hard-drive that has been found to contain the secret trojan computer programme, but think about all the hard-drives, cell phones, PDAs and other electronic gizmos you own that contain very personal information and also connect with the internet or telephone networks.

How many of your electronic gadgets were made in Communist China or under Chinese control?

The Communist Chinese are master spies with a long-term political, economic and social agenda.

While our current Barbados Government has been begging for scraps from their ChiCom master’s table, Barbados has also allowed joint police and military “training” programmes with Barbados personnel. And how about all those computers that the Communist Chinese “donated” to our military and around the island?

NOTHING be free, friends.


Computer expert Adrian Kingsley-Hughes warns all readers there is a moral to the Seagate story: “Practice ‘safe sectors’ and scan, or preferably wipe, all drives before bringing them into the ecosystem. Don’t assume that a drive is going to be blank and malware free. Trust no one.” (article here)

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9 responses to “Seagate Maxtor Hard-drives Contain Trojan That Secretly Uploads Your Files To China!

  1. Pogo

    Would the Chinese be here in BIM to help government spy on us?

    Secret orders in council and new international electronic evidence laws last week tell us somebody be looking at our emails.

  2. Anonymous

    If everyone used Steganos Security Suite then they would have to worry about such things.

  3. Hard Driver

    Just on a point of clarity, Maxtor and
    Seagate are two different brands of hard drives.

  4. DFX

    Hard Driver
    November 23, 2007 at 10:30 pm

    Just on a point of clarity, Maxtor and
    Seagate are two different brands of hard drives.

    Also need to point out that Seagate owns Maxtor.

  5. banned

    The US have been spying on everyone through the US of their operating systems and firmware for decades. Why the sudden concern about China?

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, what’s the big deal? The US is doing just that and even have laws to make it legal in case something comes out. Just encrypt your data and use a secure VPN to establish your Internet connection. I’m using SecretSubway for example, it works perfectly!

  7. J. Payne

    The Windows operating system is said to have backdoors which the US National Security Agency (NSA) can get into as well…

    NSA key to Windows: an open question
    September 4, 1999
    Web posted at: 4:43 p.m. EDT (2043 GMT)

    (CNN) – Microsoft operating systems have a backdoor entrance for the National Security Agency, a cryptography expert said Friday, but the software giant denied the report and other experts differed on it.

    The chief scientist at an Internet security company said Microsoft built in a “key” for the nation’s most powerful intelligence agency to the cryptographic standard used in Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4 and Windows2000.

    To use cryptographic applications in Windows, users must load its cryptography architecture in a standard called CryptoAPI.

    A year ago, researchers discovered there were two keys, or digital signatures, that allowed the loading of CryptoAPI — Microsoft had one but the identity of the other keyholder was a mystery. [ . . . ]

    NSA and Microsoft Worked Together on Windows Vista Security
    posted on Friday, January 12, 2007 4:41:49 AM

    –The U.S. agency best known for eavesdropping on telephone calls had a hand in the development of Microsoft’s Vista operating system, Microsoft confirmed Tuesday.–

    The National Security Agency (NSA) stepped in to help Microsoft develop a configuration of its next-generation operating system that would meet U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) requirements, said NSA spokesman Ken White.[ . . . ]

  8. Eyebother

    Come nuh, the Americans (and the British) have been doing that long long time. If you live in our waters you doan have to worry about the Chinese. It is the Americans who want to keep the Caribbean on a short leash– worry about them.