Found On A Sleepy Friday Morning – Sarah Ann Gill, Rihanna’s New Guy, Constitutional Satire

I Hate Night Shift

Shona was out the door early this morning about 15 minutes after I arrived home from night shift. There’s not much of a family life some weeks when both of us are working opposite hours, but what can you do? As a couple, we are making more money than we’ve ever made before but we still have zero savings. All those plans we made to be in a certain position at the end of the year are long gone and there is no waste or extravagance to blame. Between the increased costs of just about everything (especially food) and some unexpected major car trouble, this year has been bad financially.

I don’t expect much sympathy from our readers because it seems that everyone is in much the same position. Just a bad year in many ways, but I thank God for my family and friends because I would be lost without them. (And a special thanks to Auntie Moses who is due any minute to look after the little one so Dada can get some sleep!)

Let’s see what interesting blogging bits I can find this morning…

Thanks to Cliverton for looking after the blog last night. I see that he couldn’t help himself and modified the title header with a little Thompson stick-man. I agree with one commenter who said “Priceless!”


Sarah Ann Gill – Cheese On Bread!

Cheese-On-Bread! blog looks at the life of Mrs. Sarah Ann Gill – a “free” black who was one of the defenders of the Methodist church in Barbados when that organisation was known for anti-slavery activities and worshiping “against the law” in houses. You know… much the same situation as Christians now face in Communist China and many Muslim countries.

Barbados’ National Heroes – Sarah Ann Gill

Rihanna’s New Boyfriend – Bajan Reporter

Ah yes… we can’t go a week without mentioning Rihanna’s dress, new shoes, new dog or new boyfriend. But this week, we’ll rely upon Ian Bourne’s superior investigative abilities to determine the answer to the question, “Does she, or doesn’t she?”

Breaking News – UK Entertainment Chain Claims Rihanna Owns A Toy-Boy

The Constitutional Cricket Match – “Let’s Change The Rule Book” – Keltruth Blog

Once upon a time, there was an exciting cricket match at a big school in a small island. The lads were divided into two teams: the Indies, and the Percies. “Indies” stood for “Independents”, while “Percies” was short for “Perceived as Having Political Affiliations”.

… Keltruth Blog has something to say about the Government changing the laws and the Constitution whenever it suits them.

Cricket Match – Constitutional Satire

Government Backs Down On Changing Constitution – But You Have To Watch These Crooks Carefully!

Attorney General Dale Marshall now says that the government will not amend the Constitution to allow them to hand out jobs willy-nilly to party loyalists. (That was the plan, ya know!)

Do we believe Mr. Marshall?

Only about as far as we can see him when he takes his lady-friends out on his boat…

The Nation News: As Is


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3 responses to “Found On A Sleepy Friday Morning – Sarah Ann Gill, Rihanna’s New Guy, Constitutional Satire

  1. gentle jim

    The AG has a boat ??????

  2. BFP

    The AG has a rather NICE boat. Nothing second class for a government minister you know!

  3. The Sentinel

    Hi BFP,
    I recently heard of this website and decided to look it up. After reading some of your previous articles, some shocking, some awesome, frightening, hilarious, thought-provoking etc., I have decided to post a few observations/questions of my own. Here goes:-

    The P.E.P. called it “political corruption and trickery of the highest order”. The Friday, November 23, V.O.B. 7.30 a.m. news referred to it as “tampering” with the constitution, NOT an “AMENDMENT”. The NUPW saw the proposed “tampering”, (V.O.B’s word), as having a negative impact on our, YES! “INTEGRITY”. How can we relate this desire to “tamper” with the Constitution, without notifying the public about the real intention, to some politicians fear of integrity legislation?

    By the way, I, as a neutral observer, having never been affiliated to nor a hardline supporter of any party, was appalled at today’s B.L.P’s NATION column. The attack on the Opposition/David Thompson’s “Delaying Tactics” was extremely weak! The author started by threatening to “shoot from the hip”. The “bullets” were all “blanks”; I felt totally let down. The article lacked inspiration and did nothing to arouse my interest.

    I also expected more from the D.L.P’s column. To me, what I had read before on the BFP’s website about the No-Confidence motion was being repeated in this column. I am beginning to favourably compare the BFP articles to many of the insipid ones coming from the two recognised daily’s. Keep on digging and revealing BFP. Sometimes you will get it wrong; accept this, apologise if necessary and move on. Be non-partisan and let those on either side of the fence know that their actions are under the microscope.

    Like many “would not say” voters, I want to see more energy coming from the opposition candidates. I am not convinced that they are “pulling out all the stops”. Recently, one had a constituency meeting in a rural parish. Most of the voters in the particular district did not know about it and expressed disappointment and frustration. There is a serious need for some candidates to get into their vehicles and use the old megaphones to advertise their meetings. Yes! This is the age of Information Technology, but we must still remember that the old methods of communicating with those in our country districts, especially the senior folk and “boys on the block”, cannot be abandoned.

    On another note, if the “tampering” to the Constitution had taken place, how would this have reflected on the “Moral Agenda” the Prime Minister, Rev. Atherley and others were trying to push recently? Similarly, how does the moral agenda reflect on Minister Clarke’s relationship with his “special friend”? Also, how does this question of morality/integrity in marriage reflect on the P.M.’s relationship with his present wife before they were married. I am not convinced that Rev. Atherley is not being contaminated by being so closely linked to such behaviours. I can argue that “Birds of a feather, flock…….”. That is, unless a politician is a special kind of “bird”.

    Blessings on the creators of this website. We needed something like this long ago!


    BFP Comments,

    Thanks for your best wishes and also your advice and even criticism. We are not journalists but we try to do our best for our children.