Illegal Racetrack Construction Continues – Barbados Government Does Nothing


Rule Of Law In Barbados Is A Joke

The Government of Barbados remains silent as the lawbreaking continues.

As citizens, when we see our government allowing such lawlessness we can only conclude that the government is one or more of the following…

– Incompetent
– Uncaring
– Corrupt

If there are any other alternatives that we should be considering, please let us know.

New fresh-today photos of the continuing construction can be found at Barbados Underground: Pictures of Vaucluse Raceway Under Construction.

Further Reading On Barbados Free Press

November 11, 2007 – Mr. Prime Minister – Do We Have Law Or Not On Barbados? Your Call, Sir…

November 14, 2007 – New Video Footage: Illegal Construction At Vaucluse Barbados



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3 responses to “Illegal Racetrack Construction Continues – Barbados Government Does Nothing

  1. Wishing in Vain

    As much as I would like to think otherwise I hold no expectations that ANYONE will halt the race track development as we are seeing.

    Since when have any of us lesser morals had the money to buy status, and the control of the gov’t including Owing See Thru Arthur as the Williams brothers have or the Coziers have?

    Let us not forget the role played by BIZZY in pushing the DANOS 3S ROAD WORKS project thru Owing and company.

    He has power and he knows very well how to weild that power and control, afterall Owing is simplt a case of having to give back to Bizzy by the gov’t for the goodwill he Owing has received from this family remember the Port St.Charles Condo/ Hallam Nicholls/ and the cash funding of his election funding.

    We are silly to believe that our lowly voices can or will make any impact on their wishes.

  2. Rumplestilskin

    Car race track, big roads, condos. Buhbayduss getting develop…

    Moving to furse worl’ status.

    But cant get a few houses build for lower income. Heck, even middle income people can no longer afford house and land.

    Ha, massa day done? Who say?

    You know who in control? Check who are the big BLP backers, nuh.

    Not same massa? Massa buying out alla de land and alla de corporations.

    Yes sah, no sah.

  3. Rumplestilskin

    Tell de Calypsonian to re-write he song.