Moses Wood, Tuk And The Barbados Landship


The Barbados Landship – Preserving the Ship and Its Engine

Never Mind De Boss: When you have a spare 27 minutes today, head over to Google Videos and watch a wonderful documentary film about our Barbados Landship.

You have probably seen parts of the Barbados Landship documentary that was released earlier this year on DVD, but you really owe it to yourself and your children to watch the entire film from start to finish. It is truly a masterful production that explores the history and contemporary activities of this uniquely Bajan organisation. (Although not as unique in history as you might believe! The film also goes into our historical connections to the larger black maritime traditions.)

Go ahead – take a long lunch today…

Online Video: Preserving the Ship and its Engine

The Barbados Landship: website here


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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this video. I picked up the post, with links to you.

  2. 194

    I have been trying to access this documentary but every time I click on the link it tells me private. How can I access the documentary??