Barbados Prime Minister In Nigeria For Christmas – Nigerian Media Report


Prime Minister’s Visit Affirms Commitment Of Barbados Government To Expanding African Ties

According to the Nigerian Tribune, Prime Minister Owen Arthur will lead a delegation from Barbados to take part in Nigeria’s annual Calabar Christmas Carnival. Cross River State Governor Liyel Imoke (shown above) and his state government have been working hard to build up the festival and for the first time there will be two official days of celebration.

A Word Of Caution

In this writer’s opinion, the expanding ties between Barbados and Nigeria are natural given the cultural heritage of the majority of Bajan citizens – but this government’s interest in expanded economic and business dealings with a world-renowned corrupt banking system like Nigeria’s is suspect. Many of the traditional money-laundering venues used by corrupt Barbados politicians have been severely limited by post-9/11 security measures. Nigeria is assuming new importance as a money-laundering center and will no doubt attract many of our corrupt government officials.

Don’t forget your passbook, Mr. Prime Minister!

Further Reading

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19 responses to “Barbados Prime Minister In Nigeria For Christmas – Nigerian Media Report

  1. Velzo

    Its the ideal place for Owen and his new four- member family to spend Christmas. He might get some of those scam monies floating around for the St. Peter Development Fund. And then he can spend it on his family again!

  2. passing through south

    bunch of 2 face ppl on here.everything tune black ppl sing is bout going bak africa and doing business wid africa and now they gine there all of a sudden nigeria ppl them selves don;t know wuh d hell they want in life and always ready to cry down one class or d next of ppl.need to get their act together before they cry down others.and yeah i am black

  3. in search of a safe haven


    you are far too cynical!

    “large numbers of Barbadians came from the Gold Coast region of Africa in particular, Ghana. The Asante, Ewe, Fon and Fante peoples provided the bulk of imports into Barbados. Nigeria also provided slaves for Barbados, the Yoruba, Efik, Igbo and Ibibio being the main ethnic groups targeted.”

    Owen will be doing a kind of roots tour of his ancestral homeland and will be writing about it in the Nation News so we can all share his experiences.

    Alternatively, while Barbadians are struggling at home for Christmas he may be negotiating new BGI slots for direct flights to Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos. This will be a suprise announcement by Noel Lynch in the New Year.

    Hopefully the US government is doing its job and carefully watching the flow of stolen Barbadian citizens money from the US to Nigeria? Also hopefully facililtators of this corrupt regime will be prepared to live in Nigeria for the rest of their lives.


    BFP Replies

    Yes, my friend, we are FAR too cynical here at BFP.

    But ours is a LEARNED cynicism with an excellent grounding in reality!

  4. Bimbro

    Now I KNOW that Arthur’s mad!!!!

  5. Bimbro

    I heard, the other day, that there’re a number of wealthy, africans living in posh houses in exclusive locations in Bim. Is this mere co-incidence!!!!

  6. Compare and Contrast

    BFP: “According to the Nigerian Tribune, Prime Minister Owen Arthur will lead a delegation from Barbados to take part in Nigeria’s annual Calabar Christmas Carnival.”

    Nigerian Tribune: “This time round, a delegation from Barbados, including the Prime Minister of and international artist, Eddy Grant, have indicated interest to be part of the festival.”

    Of course, this is not the fist time that BFP has been more than a little liberal with the TRUTH and HOW THEY PRESENT other news stories.

    Indicating interest to kill Adrian Loveridge is not the same as announcing the killing of Adrian Loveridge.



    BFP Comments…

    You mean… the Prime Minister of Barbados is going with a delegation from our country, but he is not leading it? Really? That IS interesting.

    Also interesting is your perspective on just how close to the line one is allowed to come when threatening to kill someone’s wife or burn down their hotel. You must be a BLP supporter who finds threats of violence to be useful in politics. It merely reinforces everything that has gone before.

  7. Benjamin Dover

    BFP, I am a Nigerian Citizen living in Barbados.If you are Man enough to debate Nigeria’s Image, kindly send me a contact number where we can have a heart 2 heart chat.

    My assumption is dat you are an ignorant victim of plantocracy!! Insular and brain-washed! I can’t say much now, I am sure you will not respond to my call-out, I will keep the folks here posted if U’re just a faceless-lily livered writer.

  8. Omo Naija

    It is unfortunate that for such a so called “educated” society, more more we are witnessing the narrow, non cognizant mind set of Barbadian people. I am Barbadian married to a nigerian and I can say without hesitation that those of us who have been priviledge enough to mingle with the average cofident, motivated, intelluctual nigerian, would know that the author of this extract must be very dull in nature. Next time don’t be so quick with your generalizations. I want to encourage you, before you just start talking at least have some knowledge.
    Atuora omara, o mara, atuora ofeke, o fenye isi n’ohia …….(tell a wise man, he will understand, tell a fool, he will fool around into the bush)

  9. Bimbro

    Excellent, rejoinder, ‘Reality Check’. I have some considerable experience of them, too, and I must say that for the vast majority of it, it has been VERY, NEGATIVE! (I may even be promted to relay a little story of just one of my experiences, if prompted – amusing, yet, telling!)

    The links you quoted say it all. As I intimated above, Africans/Nigerians, in Bim – OMG, we finished!!!!

    So impressed, once again, by the depth and breath of BFP’s knowledge and only an amateur organisation too! Keep up the good work, BPF!!!!

    Perhaps, it’s just me but I think that if I were PM of a place I would want to spend it at home with my own people!!!!

    Is something wrong with me?!!!

  10. Bimbro

    P.S. BFP, might you not consider running for parliament, yourself?!!!

    Your breath and width of knowledge and integrity seem like qualities which Bim could well do with in the House!

  11. Leviticus

    Omo, do you think we expect you would say your spouse is corrupt? Come on.

    The truth is that the corruption index for Nigeria is high! There are millions of poor Nigerians who are suffering because of the greed and dishonesty of the top layers of Nigerian society.

    Is Owen Arthur, the grandson of one of the largest white land-owners in St. Lucy, not entitled to inherit the same legacy?

  12. Freedom Lover

    With the Dictatorial behaviour of PM Aurther, and with the DLP having him on the ropes, Remember he took off his boxing glove? Let’s Prayer his visit is nothing Sinister. OH! to the Nigerian living in Barbados, we have to rescue this Country so you can continue to have Refuge here.

  13. Benjamin Dover

    I doubt if some of U can see beyond ur nose. My people say that U should remove d speck from ur eye b4 U dislodge d log in others.

    Bimbro, U’re a lost soul!! If everything BFP get from the www is correct, u’ve been sold 4 10 cents.

    I see BPF wishes 2 remain faceless, he’d rather send more western propaganda. Why not send us some stuff on what is happening in Bim. I’d be interested 2 see what U can dig up on homosexuality in all echelons of the society, the quiet sale of scarce lands to the higgest bidders, and the unusually high levels of ‘softness’ & feminity exhibited by bajan men.

    Enjoy ur blog, it’s a gud learning tool for ignorant dunces who’ll lime on the block & lament whilst hard-working foriegners chomp a large piece of ‘the rock’. What’s wrong with Nigeria, T&T, Guyana buying into what the British, Americans & Canadians have been enjoying all along?


  14. 9ija4lyfe

    I have never witnessed such cheap display of ignorance, mediocrity and illiteracy. The degrading comments here about NIGERIA just exhibits nothing but shallow mindedness.its a pity that these comments are from people that call themselves educated. what you bajans need to do is to get proper education and exposure, not just sit on your little rock and feel the world ends where you live and survive by CNN. As a Nigerian i lived in bim for a while and i could not cope with the backwardness of some people, like those posting daft comments. guess what? you need to talk about what’s happening in your house and stop ‘maliciousing’ about us.


  15. paul sealy

    Glad to see that Benjamin Dover is a recipient of the scarce land in Barbados..i guess to you are one of the high bidders that made sure that future bajans are displaced while my corrupt prime minister takes the earnings he made off those sales to your corrupt country… the way not all bajan men are “soft and feminine” as you would have the world think…they are some that would kill you in the blink of and eye..uh-huh…and yes we know there are foreigners that will come here and work for $50 dollars a day or less and put good hardworking bajans out of see,a bajan knows the value of his money and he won’t work for chicken feed
    Last but not least most if not all of you foreigners will soon get a rude awakening from bajans in the future if things don’t start looking right “bout hay” very soon..hint to the government…bajans ain’t sleeping nah more here!!!

  16. Trinininja

    I am not surprised by the comments.West Indians as a whole have very limited exposure to Africa.Their view of the world revolves around their backwater countries and what they get fed on cable tv,its even more frightening that they are not able to discern and interprete what the white dominated media feeds them.If you look at the way Barbados is portrayed u will not want to have anything to do with Bajans too.Open your eyes my people,the world is changing and changing fast!!! No friends,no enemies! common interest man!!!

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