Senator Eastmond As Marie Antoinette – Same Attitude


Senator Lynette Eastmond: “From what I gathered from the private sector, there are a number of issues in terms of actually getting food onto the shelves of Barbados. But their responses have been generally positive to this initiative . . . .”

… read all about it at The Nation News: Bureaucratic Pussyfooting


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10 responses to “Senator Eastmond As Marie Antoinette – Same Attitude

  1. Anonymous

    You have a way with words BFP, and that picture is about 1000 of them.

  2. Pogo

    As we recall with the same kind of attitude Marie Antoinette’s popularity with the filthy rabble population of her country was not too good and look what happened to her.

  3. paris

    BFP put the words “let them eat cake” coming from her mouth. Incisive editorial by Nation and bang on target.

  4. theNickster

    Wasn’t Marie Antoinette be-headed?

  5. Pat


    the quote should read: Chicken too expensive for Bajans? Let them eat caviar!

    Marie Antoinette’s reply that the French should eat cake was in response to the statement that they could not afford to buy bread. Cake being more expensive than bread and caviar more expensive than chicken. Chicken and cake? The two just dont jive, no relationship.

  6. shocked

    what shocked me was the unusually critical tone of the nation editorial.

  7. able-2-b-able

    The Nation’s editorial of Friday November 16, 2007 dished it out to Ms. Eastmond good and proper. The photo on front page of the Advovcate tell a sad sorry story of the current Barbados Administration -(see Ms. Eastmond’s face in a closeup). Please not the Advocated online version will not allow you see the details of the photo. I do hope Barbados Free Press will get a good scanned copy and post it online. I may a decision a long time ago that that paper does no do justice news. I do not buy it. I saw it at the newstand earlier

  8. Hants

    BFP…… whats up with the Nation and these veiled attacks on the Government.

    VOB also doing the same on Brasstacks. The moderators are turning up the heat.

    Walk softly and carry a big stick.

  9. Leviticus

    Lynette is telling her friends that Mascoll and Mia are trying to embarass her on this cost of living issue. Check her face in today’s advocate front page picture!

  10. Freedom Lover

    for a verry long time i obesrve and listen to senator Eastmond, and it comes as no surprise to me the tripe that continue to come from her mouth. one just has to review hur past public utterance and tell me if this coment is any different. Her comments lack substance, consisting mostley wish wash, and criticism of Barbadian. So don’t be so surprise, remember the Prime Minister statment Barbadians are xenophobic? now he say we complaining too much. Was she not appointed by him? birds of a feather flock together.Why do you use a word like serve in referance to this government? unless you’re talking about self-help’ if you get the drift. i think the word Governments should be replace by the word Administrators, and maybe they psychi would change, when i checked my collins Dictonary the word Government means, rule, control, and decide, where as Administer, means manage, look after, dispense,etc… so lets hear more about Administration, and less about Government.Probably have the Throne speach reads My Administration…. rather than My Government, how about it people?