GoWEB Blog Laments Christmas Store Displays Set Up Before Independence Celebrations


“In recent years, I’ve become aware of an alarming trend. Businesses’ promotion of Christmas is superseding and overshadowing Barbados’ Independence celebrations. I don’t know why no one quarrels about this, but I feel as though I must highlight this issue with great urgency.”

Our friends over at GoWeb Blog are upset about stores holding Christmas promotions before Independence Day. We think they have a good point.

GoWeb Blog: Independence or Christmas?


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14 responses to “GoWEB Blog Laments Christmas Store Displays Set Up Before Independence Celebrations

  1. theNickster

    The individual is speaking from an emotional perspective, which is easy for most people. “Christmas” is the single biggest money making season of the year in most if not all “western” countries. Those of you who don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas (pagan festival and other reasons) still may own a business and may have noticed that business seems a little better this time of year.

    This “limited self governance day” that people mistakenly call independence day, is only a recent thing compared to Christmas. In the past, November was the running up time to Christmas, it was the month of preparation so to speak.
    Now those of you who have the information can correct me but wasn’t it a big fuss when Barrow set the date around that time (business people not wanting the independence thing messing with their christmas plans and such). Not to mention the day itself had its own meaning already which most barbadians like to over look. Even the coat of arms has symbols and meanings that people never looked into, the national pledge wasn’t instituted till four years after 66′ and so on. If this place was truly independent, jokers like Owen would have been tossed out the moment they slipped up, central bank governors wouldn’t have the power to alter a country’s path, and our national symbols would truly have their own meaning.
    Till those things are changed all the noise, about the colour of decorations (thats all places do is change the colours after the 30th) and what music that plays, is just meaningless.

  2. caribdude

    This is very true but as a former retailer and buyer for stores in Barbados it is very hard to push the best season of the year back for a season that makes no money. Retail in Barbados has been punished by both governments in the past and are still being punished. High duties, constant restraints, price gouging and very difficult customs regulations. Christmas is by far the main shopping season in Barbados, what stores make in December can carry a store nearly all year. Independence was planned badly, September would have been a better month for Independence since its the worse retail month on the calendar. Thus celebrations in September would have been better received and a small boost in retail would have been felt by all. Xmas has been here far longer than Independence, so my feeling is that we deal with both together and not make one overshadow the other. I am a very patriot Barbadian but as retail goes December is the life blood for the retail industry world wide and it just so happens that Independence clashes with this. All around the world stores are decorated in November and some as early as October. Its a costly exercise advertising for Xmas so retailers try to maxamise on this, three weeks is not enough.
    Hence when the Government of the day is looking for all this money to renovate the Capital and bring Bridgetown into the 21st century the lean on the private sector for funds and support, where does the government think their money comes from – RETAIL – hence Xmas makes up 2/3 of this revenue.

  3. Anonymous

    This is a classic example of where we are today as a country.
    Our indpendence seems trivial but the pagan festival of Xmas is well celebrated.
    We have no pride anymore here,even Halloween is now promoted better.

  4. Lady Anon

    I don’t celebrate Christmas, so it is not an issue. Store owners get no more money out of me in December than they do at any other time of year.

  5. centipede

    What does the price of sugar have to do with going to the moon?

  6. Truth

    The chief offenders, those pushing “Christmas before independance” are the Indian retailers.
    This is done with calculatingly despised malice.
    They look down on us but yet they “love our money”.

    I am not seeking to incite racial disharmony as we all are one, but this issue needs to be addressed.

    How can you come into another person’s country, reap the social and monetary benefits but yet despise and desregard their norms?

    We need to stop buying from these people to jolt them to reality.
    Perhaps then, they will agree that we do indeed have a little sense.

  7. Lady Anon

    I guess then that Cave Shepherd is owned by Indians…Harrisons is owned by Indians…DaCostas mall is owned by Indians and the list goes on and on…

  8. Anonymous

    Who idiot chose Nov. 30th as Independance day anyway? Everyone should know that Xmas is just around the corner.

  9. Anonymous

    Maybe we should change the month we celebrate independance.

  10. KA

    I don’t see why people can’t celebrate both at the same time.

    I’ve seen a Christmas tree done in gold and blue with little Barbados flags on it.

    There is no reason why we can’t start hearing some Holiday music on the radio now.

    Pricesmart is carrying eggnog, the stores have out the chocolates, it is feeling like Christmas in London and Toronto and Orlando.

    What are we waiting for? Snow?

  11. Jerome Hinds

    What are we waiting for? Snow?
    No……waiting for Owen Arthur to PUKE !

    Coming soon…….during the No – Confidence motion !

    Stay tuned to a station near you !

  12. caribdude

    Being a Patriot has nothing to do with Christmas or Independence, if it were not for retail 1/2 of Barbados would be unemployed, its logistics.

  13. OMG

    I dont celebrate christmas but I love the atmosphere in town.

    Glyne Murray set up certain traditions for Independence before he left the island. Have you not seen how beautiful the city is lighted.

    Also what do you think NIFCA is? INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATIONS. And preparations for the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts started well in July, the activities only culminate in November.

    Go to the Gala at the gym on Sunday evening and you will see that many Barbadians have been preparing for Independence for months.

    We as a people decide what we give our support too and I do not celebrate Nimrods Birthday…but I take gifts…hypocritical I know…but I would take a gift for Independence too.

  14. Bajan Touchstone

    While I sympathise with the retailers desire to maximise sales during the most lucrative period of the year, I am still a bit irritated that some of them have done absoluteley nothing to celebrate our nation’s independence.

    I was driving up the South Coast last week and saw snowflakes and Christmas trees in the Vista Cave Shepherd, and the main one in town as well as Harrisons (which CS owns as well) and Dacosta Mall all fully christmased up.

    While I celebrate Christmas and admit that it is also my favorite time of the year , I still believe that there should also be some commemoration of this nation’s independence day before we are bombarded with the blitz of Christmas decorations and music.

    We Bajans will leave here and go all over the world and assimilate into and adopt aspects of others culture without question (that is why all of a sudden we celebrating Halloween bout here) but we just dont seem to appreciate fully how much things we have to be thankful for and how far we have come as a people (despite how many problems we have and how much work there is to be done)

    Maybe the date of independence shouldnt have been November 30, but that is a debate that should have occurred 41 odd years ago, not for us to banter about in 2007. Novemeber 30 is the date that was selected, Lets celebrate!

    I would like to see some blue, yellow and black not only in the stores, but all across Barbados in our homes, schools, churches, roundabouts etc. Our lacklustre attitude towards independence is picked up by our children, who in turn become apathetic and even more nonchalant in their attitude towards this society.

    Besides, most average Bajans are so cash strapped that they dont shop til on or around the December payday anyways, so I dont get the argument about Independence taking way anything from the retail sector.

    Christmas trees and the snowflakes can start from December 1….