Cricket Professional Hartley Alleyne Granted U.K. Deportation Review – BFP’s Cliverton Says “Bring On The Republic!”


After living and working in Britain for the last 30 years, former Kent and Worcestershire fast bowler Hartley Alleyne was ordered deported to his native Barbados last year. He appealed the decision and has just been granted a deportation review.

No guarantee that he can stay in Britain – only a review.

Frankly, on hearing stories like this I think “What’s the use of being associated with Britain any longer?”

On some days, I could support a the concept of Barbados as a fully independent republic…

… except, of course, if the current lot of crooks get to define, establish and administer said republic.

I’ll remain a reluctant “small m” monarchist for now.

Times Online: Hartley Alleyne Remains Fearful Despite Gaining Deportation Review


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7 responses to “Cricket Professional Hartley Alleyne Granted U.K. Deportation Review – BFP’s Cliverton Says “Bring On The Republic!”

  1. Tony

    I wish him well and hope he gets to stay but some comments were attributed to him which I heard on the BBC. He is alleged to have said that that his home is England and that Barbados is just a place that he visits sometimes. That rubbed me the wrong way. How could he make a statement like that? I was living overseas for the past 29 years and Barbados is still very much home for me.

  2. Anonymous

    Feel sorry for the guy and hope things work out for him. But if you read the full article and the comments on it, note that he has a lot of support from British people (including well known cricketer David Gower).

    I’d have thought a BFP writer should know better than to confuse a country with its government.

    On a happier cricket-related topic, in the same Timesonline Shane Warne lists his Top 50 Greatest Players. He puts two Windies players in in his top two. Guess who?

    Read the list for yourselves (as well as the lively comments after):

  3. Paradox

    Mr Alleyne has a 99.9% chance he’s allowed to stay in the UK. He has himself to blame. Mr Alleyne spent as stated 30 yrs in UK. If so, every one who entered the UK for much less time than Mr. Alleyne, was offered a chance to apply for citizenship,(I think in 1998). If he had taken it up he could now be a British National/ naturalized citizen.
    However, when someone becomes the focus of attention to the authorities/immigration, there are rules to follow, no matter country/colour/religion/gender. Every one is given a chance to appeal and each case is judged on its own merits. If he has no criminal record he has nothing to fear. I stated above; he has himself to blame for the predicament he now finds himself in, not the authorities.

  4. Adrian Hinds

    Paradox i agree with you. I came to the US in 1993 and had drafts of my citizenship application prepared well in advance of the 5 yr domicile requirement.

  5. Jim


    I like your blog, it’s nicely laid out.

    I’m sure Hartley will have no problem and be allowed to stay. Unfortunately there’s a complete mad fuss over illegal immigrants over here at the moment because the government appears to ahve no idea who should be allowed to stay and who to go.

    Hartley’s been caught up in the mess.


  6. Bimbro

    I’m inclined to agree with Paradox. People are coming here from all over the world and gaining British nationality in seeminlgly, next to no time, so what the devil has he been doing!

    Sorry for the chap but as Paradox says, he may only have himself to blame.

  7. Maxine Cadogan

    Dear Mr .Alleyne
    How are you. I read your letter on the internet, and I think you have bin liveing and working for the last 30 years in the Britain and know you are facing deportation back Barbados, after so long the goverment refuse to give you a work permit. Has a man that have a wife and three children that are Britain Citizen. Hartlay their are laws that will work for you. Donot give up, because the goverment like to get the best out of poor people, and give you lots of runround. The Britain for got that them colonies Barbados 100 of years, and bout lots of black people to the islands. You do need a permit after 30 years you need residence, becuse if you do not get residence what will happen went you retured to barbados . The goverment would not want to give you national insurance. My dear Alleyne fight for your paper. You live and work for big countris all your life to help the country and people do care bout people living and work The Good old USA the goverment do care bout people also. So it look like all the big counties is the same. I understand.