New Video Footage: Illegal Construction At Vaucluse Barbados


No Rule Of Law In Barbados

Every Bajan no matter what their political affiliation will acknowledge that we have two sets of laws on Barbados.

One for the connected, and one for the ordinary folk.

As history has shown, if you are rich or part of the connected class you can beat your wife, defraud the government or even commit murder without worrying too much about the law or real penalties.

The owners of a piece of land in Vaucluse built an illegal racetrack and continue to expand it despite orders to stop work issued by Town Planning.

Of more concern is that Town Planning issued Enforcement Orders that have been ignored by law enforcement.

The owners of the Vaucluse property continue to defy the law and they don’t seem at all worried about enforcement.

How Much Of A Bribe Has Been Paid… and To Whom?

When government fails to act in circumstances where the law is being so openly flaunted, it is only reasonable for Bajans to ask “Who took the bribe?”

We know how things work with this government. Oh, it won’t be a straight trade “You take this money and ignore our racetrack”. It will be a little more complex than that. Perhaps a large campaign donation to the ruling party, or perhaps the hiring of a certain consulting firm in the USA to work on a totally different project – with the payment for the “consulting” going to the company’s US bank account.

We know how things work around here.

It is not just the engine exhaust that stinks at Vaucluse.

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Newly Taken Video Of Illegal Construction At Vaucluse

YouTube Vaucluse 1

YouTube Vaucluse 2



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6 responses to “New Video Footage: Illegal Construction At Vaucluse Barbados

  1. U. Goodenough

    I missed this post by Barbadpos Freepress, only coming upon it today. Thanks to the Barbados Freepress for highlighting and providing links to the development beside Dukes in St. Thomas.

    This is not an approved project by Town and Country Planning.

    We do not want to be political footballs. We don’t want to be victimised as a result of perceived political bias. We are pleading our case out in the open.

    They have no planning permission. They were told to stop. We wrote objections.

    Yet they defy and they have during the last month and a half to cut, bulldoze and roll roads in there. We have proved it to you by bringing you pictorial evidence and Utube videos.

    They are cutting, bulldozing and rolling over our rights.

    Please those in power: let no liquor licences ever be granted; let no aproval and sanction be granted by the Royal Barbados Police Force; and finally, please, please…do not grant them any approval after these facts.

  2. crossroads

    where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  3. U. Goodenough

    You mean, where there’s a will there’s a way someone will break and avoid the laws of the land to get what they want?

    Pictures forthcoming, evidence of the weekend steam-rolling of the roads cut at the site.

    I am one of the few people who dares to speak out and say this is unacceptable in a democratic country… a country like Barbados with its fine upstanding reputation… this Bimshire, this Little England, this Little Apple.

    As a patriot it is sometimes necessary to point these things out.

  4. U. Goodenough

    Forgot to add, “and it’s impeccable rule of law”.

    I have hope that this will end up being an example of upstanding justice. Yet I have fear that it might, if we do not speak out, end up as a victory for the lawless, and an incentive for those supporters to learn the ways of lawlessness.

  5. Tina

    After many visits to the island over the years I have to take on board the saying “money will get you anything”. There is so much corruption it is unbelieveable. Isn’t there a minister who has managed to get away with the Land Tax on properties he has? Its about time the government looked after the people rather than the tourism industry – which pays meagre wages to the people of the island. There will be nothing left of Barbados for the bajans soon. How about giving everyone a bit of land – Rhianna can afford to buy her own!

  6. U. Goodenough

    The Minister has refused the application for the illegal track. Our petition against illegal criminality has been upheld by the powers of the Barbados Government.

    May God bless those in our government who remembered the good of the citizen residents; and may those who continue to seek wreck our homes, wreck our peaceful rights, and reduce our land values remember this day.