We Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better…

From Barbados Underground…

Authorities In Barbados Allow Opera Telecom To Piss On Our Rules & Regulations ~ Where Is Minister Lynette Eastmond?

And not to forget about the GEMS Hotels debacle…

Over $150 Lost For Every Occupied Room Night 


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5 responses to “We Couldn’t Have Said It Any Better…

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian, you seem not to grasp that this is a party of deception and lies, and they believe that parties, fireworks displays,and all the razzmatazz is enough to fool the taxpayers and get them past the winning pole, with little attention to the real issues that confronts society, VECO,3S,DANOS, PRISON, GEMS, JAWS,CHEQUE, HARDWOOD HOUSING, BATHS,GREENLAND,UNFINISHED GOV’T NEWTON BULIDING, these are things that ought to grab the gov’t attention but I get the feeling that they are not the least bit concerned about these the real issues.

  2. Frankology

    WIV, forget your agenda and reason. No Government or must I say, “No one likes to deal with the negatives of one self”. The only way negatives will get notice and corrected is by someone speaking out. The only set of people that can speak out about the improprieties of Government will be the Opposition and corrected by the people.
    If the opposition fails to speak, the people works harder and since facts are within the politician grasps, the people might make that crucial mistake. So we await the sleeping evidence.

  3. Frankology

    Comment in moderation is taking long, also the numbers of comments is not insinc with actual posters.

  4. Paradox

    No surprise to majority people of this land that the ruling party does what it likes and cares 2 hoots what people say.If a government; Prime Minister/MPs, behaves as it does and receive no comment from the Opposition; there is no reason to behave like a government.
    BFP can shout until the cows come home;the subcsribers of this and other sites can turn blue in their faces.
    The people who matters are all quiet.Our elected opposition, our church leaders,our teachers, media.
    I find some people having to glance over their shoulders when critical comments are made of the government. Soon one would have difficulty assessing the difference between Barbados and a corupt country in Africa. You heard the tune, “Going back to my roots”.That’s where we are heading.
    This government is not short on ideas on how to adopt diversional tactics to shift people’s attention from focussing on the immmediate problems.
    This is the time a third party should be in the trenches well dug in,fighting for what is just and right.
    The sad point ‘FRANKOLOGY’ is, ‘the sleeping evidence’ may well remain as you stated, “SLEEPING”

  5. Wishing in Vain

    Web Posted – Wed Nov 14 2007
    Survey points to moderate trouble for local tourism product

    BARBADOS’ tourism product is “in moderate trouble”.

    That is the finding of a new international destination scorecard survey, which was conducted by the National Geographic Centre for Sustainable Destinations in partnership with George Washington University.

    The survey – in which Jamaica scored the lowest of all Caribbean destinations – gave the island a ranking of 62, which means its tourism sector has “a mix of negatives and positives”.

    According to the report, which surveyed 111 places, Barbados was a densely populated country “with some of the highest visitor arrivals in the region”.

    It added, however, that although the island was “very clean”, there were some negatives.