So Much For Integrity: NIS Fraudster Rommell Marshall Nominated As Candidate By BLP


Another Government Man Buys His Way Out Of Criminal Charges

In tonight’s edition of the CBC evening news (November 12) I watched in total astonishment as a news clip showed Rommell Marshall being selected to contest the general election on the BLP ticket unopposed.

This is the same Rommell Marshall who only a few weeks ago was before the law courts of Barbados for failure to pay NIS contributions into the treasury for persons employed by him. He avoided prosecution because he made arrangements to pay all monies owed.

Here is what astonishes me, Mr. Marshall is an elected official, and a representative of the people in his constituency, he is a former minister and member of government, yet this same Mr. Marshall despite his current position and past credentials was delinquent in paying NIS contributions for persons employed by him. These employees, had they suffered any illnesses or accidents, would have been shocked, disappointed and angry when they applied for payment via NIS only to learn there was none.

I find it reprehensible that an elected official can flout the laws of this country, escape punishment by simply paying the monies owed, then without missing a heartbeat run to his constituents and seek nomination to represent them as the honorable and honest representative,this alone would be utterly disgusting, but it gets worse.

One would have thought that any Politician (especially one elected to represent the people) whom it was proven had committed such injustice, would find themselves unable to run for elected office again because their integrity would have been compromised and thus be a liability to the party their represent.

Not so in Barbados.

Mr. Marshall is nominated unopposed on a BLP ticket to represent the party in St. Michael. I guess his party sees nothing wrong with what he did, since there was no condemnation or punishment. Instead they reward him.

So much for Integrity.



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32 responses to “So Much For Integrity: NIS Fraudster Rommell Marshall Nominated As Candidate By BLP

  1. reality check

    well I guess power and electibility above all else when you are desperate. Here is another politician who has been bought off and a deal cut or is that made part of the politics of inclusion like Mascoll? When you own the courts you can force a man to a compromise that benefits your agenda.

    Who is running against him in the opposition party and why should Barbadians vote for that person?

    Get ready for the election goodies!

  2. Lady Anon

    I was absolutely amazed that he had the gumption to put his hat back in the ring. He was found guilty of a crime!!!! How can he in good conscious put his hand on the bible and swear to uphold the law?

    It just shows us doesn’t it…well if others are blinded, it certainly shows me.

  3. liz

    “I guess his party sees nothing wrong with what he did, since there was no condemnation or punishment. Instead they reward him.”

    What do you expect. . . .
    The voters must see nothing wrong or they would not have put him back in.
    Sad sad sad.

  4. Anonymous

    Only bout hay!

  5. Wishing in Vain

    Our problem in Barbados is that we have no standards, Marshall not only commited fraud with his workers but he was also the one involved in scam with the excessive payments for the insurance for the transport board buses under his ministry this fell when he served as minister of transport and works.
    So on the evidence it certainly appears that he has dabbled and continues to dabble in illegal acts that are designed to fatten his pocket.
    This is clearly ok with the likes of Owing, Mottley et al within the ranks of the party what this does say to me is that if they openly embrace he and his actions they in turn would expect him to do the same with regard to their actions.
    Dishonesty abounds within this blp administration at every level, but if they are allowed to do it and not pay the price why then worry or fuss?
    Remember Marshall was decleared the hardest working minister and then promptly got fired, maybe we can hope to see Mottley fire him and Owing when she becomes the PM (maybe after ASSCOLL stint).

  6. Civilsociety

    That is the beauty of a democracy. If you don’t trust him, or you don’t like the way he runs his business, don’t vote for him, and don’t spend your money at his business.

  7. iisnoone


  8. outsider

    He fits right in to the BLP- lawbreakers, scammers, piggies at the trough. The lot of them.

    Sad thing is that Bajans are not allowed to learn to think

  9. Jerome Hinds

    Hello folks…….let us all remember with this BLP government…..corruption follows corruption !

    Owen Arthur…..yet to explain where that
    $ 750,000.00 cheque came from and why…!

    ** Yet he has REFUSED to go to the House of Assembly since the question about the CHEQUE was raised !

    Owen Arthur…..yet to explain where the FBI report has vanished to and why….!

    ** Yet he calls the the DLP supporters and members ” WILD BOYS “…!

  10. Young Gun

    i dont think he has enough buying power to win his seat this toss.. from what my bredrin tellin me.. he ain gettin much love on the block or from the voting youth in the area at all. he went soliciting votes a mth or 2 ago and left the area with the back tyres on that fancy ride flattened.

    doan mind wah you see on tv.. the mindless idiots that sit around clapping for the show politicians put on dont represent the entire area. ppl thinking, noticing, and i suspect will be deciding against him.

    dude is a fraud.

  11. dboo

    Lawyers help us out. Since Rommell Marshall pleaded guilty as charged and paid NIS is he officially a convict. Like the fellows in the convoy between Harrisons Point and Dodds .

    Is a convict eligible to contest a seat in parliament? Owen Arthur has taken his insulting of Bajans to a new and scary low. He already fired Rommell Marshall twice. Mascoll used to say so when he was a Dem around the time Rommell insulted his mother.

    Rommell, Mascoll ,Arthur. My thought on these three is Barbados deserves better.

  12. Tony

    Lady Anon I don’t think he was found guilty. The case might have been withdrawn by the prosecution. However it doesn’t absolve him from being immoral in accepting the nomination. This whole BLP machinery is corrupt. This group is the worse I have ever come across.

  13. Sargeant

    What are the precedents? If persons are charged with this offence are they given the option of paying the money owed to escape prosecution? Given Marshall’s position and the way things work in B’dos I’m sure that the prosecutors/police would have ensured that they had the “political clearance” to lay charges. If you can escape being charged simply by paying the money owed why didn’t Marshall pay the money to escape the negative publicity. Something smells about this one and watch for the behind the scenes story to come out soon. BTW didn’t the PM recently make a statement about integrity of public officials? talk about empty rhetoric

  14. Wishing in Vain

    I sit and shake my head in disbelief when yet another day in the life of Parliament and our Prime Minister is yet again another no show, now let us put this no show into perspective when one considers that he has been a no show since the budget reply (where he received a hammering from Mr David Thompson with regard to his handling of that cheque) but since the budget until today he has not seen it fit to represent the people of St.Peter in the House of Assembly.
    It begs the question what exactly is the reason that has kept him away from doing the peoples business, is it a fear of coming face to face with Mr Thompson ?
    Or is it his fear that he will get some harsh questions about his handling of a multitude of questionable deals ?
    Fear not Owing this will be addressed by the DPP after the next election, no not in the House of Assembly,no not just yet it will come when the time is right and ready.
    You need not hide at this time you need to face the public and face the music.

  15. What's he do?

    “Civilsociety” mentioned, “don’t spend your money at his business”…anyone know what he does for business?

  16. Velzo

    David Thompson weighed into Mascoll today with a biting and sharp attack. I cringed as he spoke but everything he said was true and no one could challenge it at all. Mascoll is making a total mess of himself and I suggest that they muzzle him for the time being. His stocks are extremely low.

  17. Wishing in Vain

    Trust me if I were ASSCOLL I would pick my opponents in debate very carefully and certainly I would run far as hell and hide as best as I could everytime I saw David Thompson coming my way because he does not come out of any debate too well once David Thompson is part of the debate, he was left in tatters and made to look a total idiot today.
    (I know guys we know that he is an idiot)
    Actually I am not sure that he ought to feel comfortable debating against any of them on the other side, sadly ASSCOLL there are no Gearboxes in the House of Assembly but based on his level of peformance today he may even be challenged in a debate with Gearbox his performance was that poor today to leave he and the party severely concerned about his status at election time.
    What ASSCOLL has not realised is that the DLP has his measure and they know how and what to say that tears him to pieces and instantly his temper cuts in and he then becomes unable to speak or deliver what he wants to say, and from there it is all downhill rolling to the pit for him and today was a classic example of this manner.
    When he fell apart today he did so in such a grand style the opposition and his own members began to laugh at him, anyone with any sense of pride and dignity would have been ashamed.
    What a disgrace to the House of Assembly is this where it has reached ?
    More amusingly was towards the end of the fireworks when he thought his mic was switched off he said to Prescod hey Pressie I knew he wanted to debate me but I got him , if ASSCOLL could seriously feel for a minute that he came out that exchange looking good he has to be mega sized idiot and clown.
    The boy is simply an upstart and a clown , I am sure seeing that Owing has neglected his job since the Budget he must be smiling at the way watching he ASSCOLL being destroyed by he Owing and the party that he is so at home with and also in no small way David Thompson is becoming his worst nightmare, he seems to have these nightmares at every step along the way even in full daylight he is being haunted.

  18. Adrian Loveridge

    Just a simple question (or two).

    Rommell Marshall ‘was selected to contest the general election on the BLP ticket unopposed’.

    Just how many financially qualifying members of the BLP voted for him and how many members of the BLP are there in St. Michael West Central?

    Why has no one brought up the subject of the awarding insurance contracts for Government entities?

    And finally, how many registered BLP members voted for Clyde Mascoll’s selection?

  19. Anonymous

    “Buys his way out of criminal charges”. Come on, the penalties for the crime were a fine and he did as ANYONE else in his position would have done and paid the fine and that was that. If you want to see the penalties aren’t severe enough, that is fine, but don’t make it seem like Rommell Marshall somehow perverted the course of justice. I could even accept the conclusion that he doesn’t deserve to be an MP after not paying NIS for his workers, but let’s not take it too far now.

  20. Civilsociety

    He owns a shoe store in Bridgetown. The name was printed in the arcticle the paper published, but can anyone remember the name?

  21. Wishing in Vain

    Is there any parish that has had two Prime Minister elected from that same parish?
    I think not but we are about to create history by Having St.John delivering both The Right Honourable Errol Walton Barrow and The Right Honourable David Thompson to the people of Barbados.
    Congrats to the people of St.John for having first elected Mr Thompson over 20 years ago to see him rise to the post of PM is a credit to the voters of St.John and to Mr Thompson well done.

  22. Wishing in Vain

    Please pay attention to two excerpts taken from the BLP website, if I were them I would stop posting the lies as they are doing and report the truth, and report on the VECO, PRISON,ROAD WORKS ,3S DANOS, GREENLAND, NEWTON UNFINISHED BUILDING, CHEQUE , THE BATHS, HARDWOOD HOUSING INC, ST.PETER DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE FUNDS.
    Then maybe people would take them more seriously, it is not amazing that those that are at the head of the stream are not saying a single word in defence of any of these massively cost over run projects?
    I wonder why this is? I am sure if everything were above board and honest they would be trying to destroy the Opposition on these matters.

    2 responses so far
    Anonymous // November 15, 2007 at 12:29 am

    You clearly have missed (I assume it did not serve your purpose to the the following) the fact the when the votes of the two opposition parties are counted they far exceed the number of votes cast for the PNM by nearly 50,000 votes how then can you conclude that the voters did not want change?
    They most certainly and clearly wanted change beyond any shadow of a doubt.
    In an attempt to sway the Barbadian voters why do you willfully LIE as you have done in this case to try to prove a non point ?
    This merely exposes you and your party as a group of liars intent on lying to fool the masses of Barbados.
    When you do things such as this lie, it tarnishes you and all your party as a group of power hungry liars!!
    Grow up and try to learn to ( it maybe hard but try nevertheless) speak the truth for once in 15 years and people will respect you more for it.
    st,peter pub // November 15, 2007 at 12:23 pm

    owen you wont be so lucky you crook we are going to throw your ass how could you go in to politics very poor and with in a little more than 12 years u are worth 90 million dollars yes by shaking down people you crook

  23. Wishing in Vain

    Bring on the vote of No Confidence bring it on and let us have some more fun with the idiot, lets hear him scream and shout and get to the point where no longers speaks that you can understand what he is saying lets do it and give the public more entertainment at his expense.

    My feeling will be that every member of the DLP team will be well armed and ready to take up the challenge of the debate despite the depths Owing will stoop to be dirty, my advice is to focus with the mission at hand and to deal with it clinically and destroy him as he deserves to be destroyed.
    You may find that some on the other side may even remove themselves for the vote or better yet if they could get past their fear of Owing terrorising them in the middle of the night with his now famous abusive telephone call while in his druken stupor, they may even vote with DLP.
    They must press ahaed in the knowledge that they are doing what is right to do and do so without fear.
    Owing is sadly shows the traits of a spoilt child and his bullying and his dishonesty have gotten the better of him, what a fine team he and ASSCOLL make two compulsive liars both of whom consider the deal and how it will enhance their bank account before of putting Barbados first, sounds like most of them from the blp does it not ?
    Reminds me of MM Noeless Lynch and his arrogance and his now famous walkout when asked where he so quickly ammassed his wealth on the salary of a MP me to I want a plantation but not on my small salary but Lynch manages to get it done.

  24. Royalrumble

    Well let me say from the outset that for as long as thompson lives he would never ever win a credibility contest with the Hon. Clyde Mascoll .

    I was the most shocked person today when I heard that the party that is talking the most about integrity legislation as two candidates in the line up for the next election who have both stolen money from various places.

    First, irene sandiford the candidate for St. Andrew has yet to return the money to the credit union that she and stephen lashley stole. Then lashley the candidate for Christ Church West Central has not only stolen from the credit union but also from Guilds at UWI and Barclays Bank.

    And if you think that that is bad hear this. thompson’s close friend and former DLP parliamentarian, richard byer took a poor young working class Barbadian to court this week to force her to pay him $2030.00 to write four letters for her. That works how to be $507. 50 per letter.

    Now this is a man who should have by now been occupying his cell in the new prison for his infelicities when he was Clerk of Parliament. This is a man that has the nastiest reputation in the legal fraternity for ripping off people.

    Just imaging the dog that these people would do in this country if ever the electorate gave them the chance to run this country. The things I have listed here are not the tales like the ones made up by the Dems. These are true and the evidence is available.


  25. 75K

    if u do your research u would find out dat de mistery check is for 75,000 dollars and not 750,000 -even so it is still theft. follow this up closely and axe de rite ppl and you will find out about the zero that makes it so much larger than it really was. 75k -not 750 k.
    you’ll see

  26. Wishing in Vain

    With your call to stay clear we must by extension stay hundreds of miles away from the BLP crooks in the same manner, as they have failed to explain any of their illegal actions, the Cheque,
    Hardwood Housing,Newton unfinished building, Baths, Greenland, Danos 3 s road works, VECO and a Prison costing triple the budgeted figure.
    You and your gang of crooks should be the last to mention dishonesty as you and your lot are the masters of the art of dissappearing monies.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    Wow Royalidiot I thought that they still had you locked away to prevent the spread of Rabies?
    They must have let you out of the pound!!!
    Please do not bite anyone and spread the Rabies sickness that you have.

  28. Adrian Hinds

    ha ha ha ha I am surprise that RR could think that a Lawyer can out do Ezra Alleyne.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    sorry buddy $ 750,000.00 know people at the head of the bank and involved, can still show you the cheque my friend.


    BFP Comments…

    $750,000 or $7.50… The number of zeros don’t make it any more or less unethical.

  30. Royal Rumble should ask David Thompson about Sylvan Greenidge and Henderson Bovell when they both worked at the DLP offices in Parliament. They both had made some serious financial blunders which could have landed them in jail. David Thompson bailed them both out!

    I can tell you about Sylvan, PM Arthur’s personal assistant, from his days in St. Philip. He was a crook par excellance. Bovell owed every store in town and was on every debt collectors list.

    Ingratitude is worse than obeah.

  31. Anonymous X

    You are one of the biggest liars in Barbados. How could you accuse Ms.Sandiford and Mr.Lashley of stealing money from the credit union. Clyde was around the same credit union and you should have asked him before coming online with your garbage. Incidentally I am amazed at how Clyde changes his mouth. He is now saying that Credit Unions should not act like banks. When he was on the Board of the Public Workers Credit Union he was one who was trying to get the central bank to give permission to the credit union to issue cheques in the same manner as the banks.
    This is what happens when you associate with Owen!

  32. Jerome Hinds

    Just like the scenarios in Jamaica, read the link below :

    We gine lost wey some of these BLP archcriminals in the new prison !

    ** Greenland ** Flyovers ** New Prison ** CBC free STV service ** Warrens Building ** Hardwood Inc !

    Oh….and about Hardwood……a lot gine be on the MEN – U at the new prison !