Retired Barbados Chief Geologist Accidentally Reveals: No Cave Studies Being Done At Arch Cot Collapse!


Leslie Barker Explains Caves – And Probably Much More Than He Intended…

On October 31, 2007, the Caribbean Waste Water Association hosted Mr Leslie Barker, retired chief geologist for the Barbados government. Mr. Barker spoke on Karst theories as to how Arch Cot cave-in happened.

I’m no geologist, but frankly Mr. Barker explained things in a manner that made sense at the time to most people in the room… even if I now find my own notes to be a bit confusing.

Barker stated that Barbados has largest ACCRETIONARY PRISM in the world by way of BASAL SEDIMENTS, this sets the way for MUD DIAPIRISM which creates MUD REEFS at sea level.

This island is made of 3 types of LIMESTONE – hard, sandy and rubble – and Barker told the audience that TROPICAL lime erodes faster and even moreso with rain; Barbados is full of Geo-Morphic features – caves, sinkholes & gullies.

Barker warned if you see a circular depression in the lime then there is a high probability a sinkhole has formed or is about to!

He stated his personal theory that when Barbados formed, the fissures created to let water run off formed the initial gullies of the island; he pointed out there are not many Gullies in the South.

Barker also believes that Welshman Hall Gully is a collapsed cave, but did not elaborate.

The Truth Slips Out!

Frankly, it was all a bit technical for a non-geologist like me – but then Mr. Barker said something that caused more than a few people to glance around at each other. Because what he said is directly contradictory to the “official” government line about what the government is doing on an ongoing basis to investigate the Arch Cot cave-in and the geology in the surrounding community!

According to Mr. Barker, there are plans, but not immediate ones, to do geo-technical drilling for Arch Cot exploration. The government is using only Resistivity Surveys at the moment, and no speleogy (cave) experts have been hired at this time!

In Other Words – There Is No Serious Ongoing Effort To Determine The Extent Of The Cave System Under Arch Cot!

Oh sure… typical of our government, lots of talk, lots of “plans”, lots of press conferences, lots of “good intentions” on the radio talk shows.

But no cave experts have been hired. No drilling is being done.

Mr. Barker said that the Arch Cot Cave has yet to be explored for depth and that the roof of that cave is less than 3 metres thick. He said that the Codrington family’s was built close to the edge of a cliff, when new rules indicate that buildings should be no closer than 10 metres from edge of promontory.

The Government’s “Ongoing Response” To The Cave-In Is A Sham!

That is what I got from Mr. Barker’s statements: lots of “plans” but nothing really being done. This was confirmed a few days later when I saw an article in The Nation News Arch Cot Folk In The Dark where local residents were complaining of inaction.

In light of what I heard at the lecture given by Mr. Barker, the newspaper article isn’t a surprise.

The Ministers were all happy to grandstand in front of the cameras and make big promises while they were in the media spotlight, but when it comes to real actions – to work the long haul and look after the folks a Arch Cot – nothing but promises.

There are no ongoing investigations of the cave system under Arch Cot, folks.

And tomorrow, when government reads these words and says “Not so!”, ask them the name of the cave expert they have hired, and when he started work…


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8 responses to “Retired Barbados Chief Geologist Accidentally Reveals: No Cave Studies Being Done At Arch Cot Collapse!

  1. Anonymous

    Someone from Barbados Free Press was at this by-invitation-only meeting?

    That is interesting!

  2. Salt

    Yes, People from BFP are like salt – in everything!

    Reporting all the REAL news all the time unlike the old traditional media.

    That is more than interesting! Truly significant!

  3. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    HAHAH I just like BFP. Call it hog wash or foolishness but nuff pretty talk from scribes and pharisees aint nutten knew in Bimshire. Is BFP revealing the true news, cause they seem to be hitting the nail on the head concerning many facts about our crappy government system.

  4. theNickster

    No surprise here, the Bees only deal in illusions, wonder if a geo-survey was done on Illaro Court. Owen might be hitting bottom sooner than he thinks.

  5. This is the same Leslie Barker whose geological expertise Government used to justify their location of the landfill at Greenland.

    Oh dear!

  6. OMG

    Cant believe I miss this.

    Thanks BFP. This will be passed on to the appropriate solicitor.

    Can anyone out there provide answers to the following questions?

    1. Which government minister was building a Day Care centre at the back of the collasped apartment?

    2. Who allowed construction to begin again after it was stopped for one week prior to the Cave In.

    3.Who knows the name of the owner of the apartment block.

    4. Will the powers that be write off the date (August 28th) on the death certificates as an error?

    5. When will the inquest be held?

    6. Who will a famous Sgt. get his side cash from now that the Codringtons have closed the DVD store.

    7. What is the media really doing with the telethon money? Trust me, they aint give a boy a cent.

  7. Roelant van der Lelij

    Actually resistivity surveys and other geophysical methods are probably the most efficient way of determining where the hollow spaces are underground. Air has a much higher resistivity than rock. Locating hollow spaces with resistivity surveys is like locating aircraft with radars. One places equipment on the ground, presses a button, records the results before moving on.
    In contrast, drilling holes is expensive and also very slow. And if you “just miss” the hollow space, you might have a false impression of security.
    On the other hand, anyone can interpret the result of a drilled hole, whereas it takes a geophysicist to understand the meaning of a resistivity survey.

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