Mr. Prime Minister – Do We Have Law Or Not On Barbados? Your Call, Sir…

UPDATED: September 29, 2011

Now that Bizzy Williams is again saying “Piss on the Law – let developers do what they want“, we thought we’d pin this November 11, 2007 article to the top for a few days.

This background lets you know just how much Bizzy and his pals said “Piss on the law” back in 2007 and before.

Original article published November 11, 2007…

Government Failed To Stop Illegal Development At Vaucluse – Citizens Wonder “Who’s Being Paid Off?”

Friends, we received the following article from a citizen. David at Barbados Underground also published the same piece. (BU article link here) We think that the happenings at Vaucluse are so important that the issue should be on the front burner for as long as it takes.

Because what is happening at Vaucluse is very much an illustration of what has gone terribly wrong with Barbados.

Either we have law in this country, or we don’t.

Not one law for the connected rich and another for ordinary folks – but one law for all.

And remember: a law that is not enforced is no law at all.

Mr. Prime Minister, do we have law or not on Barbados?

Dear Barbados Free Press,

There are just a few things that motivate me to write publicly. When something is wrong, legally and morally, and it affects your community, should one be quiet, or should one place it before the society? When one has a small successful business in a supposedly also successful, happy Caribbean Island is it right to intervene in a community issue? What gives one the right to fight on behalf of community?

People Are Doing A Development At Vaucluse Without Town Planning Approval

For several years now I have led a campaign (quietly in our area) against the establishment of a race track in an area of Vaucluse Plantation, adjacent to Dukes, and close to the villages of Shop Hill, Christie Village, Dukes, Whitehall and Vaucluse. In the beginning it was due to the noise and the antisocial aspects of such a thing being established. A child was killed on the roadways by a truck, unlinked to the track. My family and I were nearly killed by a drunk driver in a line of traffic coming away from an event at the dirt track a couple of years ago. Now, with the mode of its development I observe a dangerous trend in Barbados, one that we should be extremely wary of.

At Christmas 2005 there was a Town Hall Meeting at Lester Vaughan School, where objections were voiced against retention of the dirt track, and further objections were voiced against a drag strip, and expansion, and paving, as proposed by the developer. Subsequently written objections were sent to Town Planning and the Minister. One of those who spoke out against this track being established was the Honourable Cynthia Forde, M.P. for St. Thomas. Ms. Forde has been a friend of those who are against the track, and has spoken out against it whenever we, the residents of the community, have asked.

We mounted a petition, an unfinished petition, in our community and received 300+ signatures, covering half of Shop Hill and Dukes, which were delivered to the Prime Minister and to Town Planning: against establishment of this track, with grounds. Many of us wrote objections, which were never acknowledged, or responded to.

Town Planning has issued both ‘Stop Orders’ and ‘Enforcement Orders’ on this development, but to no effect.

Thus we see a picture of (on one hand residents, Town Planning and the M.P. for the area Cynthia Forde) speaking out against; and on the other hand we see the owners and developers doing a development without Town Planning approval.

Is this OK? Is it legal? Is it morally correct? Should owners be allowed to retain something that has gone against all rules and regulations? Just what kind of people do things this way?



The Evidence

Attached are 4 Google earth pictures from 2006, showing the area of the track in 2006. As you will observe when you open it and magnify, the track at this time was a dirt track.
The track shown was subsequently paved, which you will see in the 2007 Google earth picture in the following link: (Google Map Link Here)

Even More Construction Has Proceeded In Recent Weeks

There has been no approval for any development of this track, and it has been at Town Planning for years as an application. Is it OK for people to develop without permission in Barbados?

During the last 2 years the people making this track have really gone ahead, by paving, and just this last month they have brought in backhoes, bulldozers, rollers and trucks.

They are making real roads on this site.

I called Town Planning’s enforcement division on October 3, 2007 when I saw the heavy machines working, and they sent an officer to stop them, but they did not stop. I called again a day later, and they sent an order for them to stop, but they did not. I called Ms. Forde, who called Town Planning. By this time everyone was telling them to stop, and do you know what they did? They did not stop.


Yesterday, November 9 2007 I took photos of heavy equipment working at the site, and I took pictures of roads they have made during the past month. From these photos, and looking at the Google Earth images you can PROVE that work is being done, and you can PROVE the time when it was done, and you KNOW that they do not have Town Planning approval. The pictures of the machines working show roads that are NOT ON GOOGLE EARTH- they are brand new!!!

We the residents said ‘No’. Town Planning said, ‘No’. Minister Forde said, ‘No’. The only person left who can say ‘No’ is the Prime Minister. Will they listen to him and stop?

I have lived in Barbados for 40 years, requesting and being granted citizenship in this special island. I have always believed that Barbados, above all countries in the world, was a place where one was safe from victimisation, where one was protected by the upstanding legacy of our heritage. I thought that all were equal in Barbados under the law. Today I ask a simple question: Are we the special place I thought we were, or not?

Thank you


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58 responses to “Mr. Prime Minister – Do We Have Law Or Not On Barbados? Your Call, Sir…

  1. Tony

    If all the information I read is correct, and I have no reason to doubt it then it is a disgrace. The residents need to obtain from the PM what is the situation with this matter and Ms. Forde needs to apply some pressure. Failing to get any satisfaction they should start picketing Ilaro Court. This foolishness has got to be stopped.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    I must first say that I sympathise with the residents of Vaucluse and its surrounding areas but what this is saying to me that we have a serious set of double standards happening in Barbados.

    These double standards are clearly evident in this situation where Owing has a member of his party supposedly representing the residents of the area now she is supposedly trying to support their cause (now if she is or if she is not is another issue because by saying she is but does nothing really she is not) but despite her attempts to reach a settlement in favour of her people she has been stonewalled by the other part of the double standard and that is the Owing I like collect money Arthur side.

    I will be so bold to state that Owing is prepared to turn a blind eye to this development because the white elite of Barbados are involved and he has been paid off to issue the permissions quietly to them in exchange for some election cash, and the lord knows he really needs another million or two really.

    The movers and shakers of this project are the Coziers from Eastern Land Developments the bidders that want the 4000 odd acres of Barbados Farms lands and one Bizzy Williams another one of those vultures for the same lands.

    So my friend in a nutshell you have not got a hope in hell to keep the race track out with these players being involved and part of it, your best bet is to seek the support of the candidate for the DLP and explain the situation to them and let them focus on it and make it a platform issue then the DLP will address it when they form the gov’t or for the blp to become so aware of the size of the issue that they have no choice but to address it right away(I wish you luck in this approach).

    My best wishes are extended to you for a favourable result.

  3. Adrian Hinds

    Isn’t this a job for the POLICE?

  4. reality check

    The planning and land process is the most abused area of the law in Barbados starting with the PM who overrides recommendations by The Chief Town Planner and The Town and Planning Department.

    Why picket just for Vaucluse? The list is as long as your arm including The proposed Water Park, the proposed amendment of the Physical Development Plan, Chancery Lane and on and on.

    The process has been hijacked for political and personal contributions and favours. What position does the opposition take in this abuse?

  5. U. Goodenough

    an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law

  6. Frankology

    Lets deal with class.

    Suppose the said Vaucluse area was landmarked to be a Golf Course, would you be in the forefront to bring an injunction to have it stop? I bet the answer will be a resounding NO!….why, only the status quo will be able to partake in this upperclass sport. We have our children and grandchildren, regardless of colour, creed, sex or faith who wait for months just to see one day of quality motor sports. The ratio of public participation versus violent crime at any motorsport event is zero, yet we see comradie amongst every social sector.

    Yes, I disagree with the developer going ahead with construction, but everyone must ask and I am dealing with the rationale behind the said Goodenough since he state “For several years now I have led a campaign (quietly in our area) against the establishment of a race track in an area of Vaucluse Plantation”. Was the reason to object and continue to object based solely on a certain class that will be badenough for an area that should be goodenought for people of his kind.

    Now, this entire area is almost rab land, if the Williams and the Coziers had embarked on Villas and sprawling multi million country houses, I bet my last dollar, everything would have been goodenought.

  7. Frankology

    We speak daily of illegal car racing on our roads, we speak of recreational activities for our children and grandchildren, yet a certain class is objecting to a massive foreign exchange earner at Vaucluse. By the way, the land do not have one solid structure. Was the Town Planning department pressured in issuing these orders? Once you have papers as ownership of a piece of land and structures thereon, should someone build on that land, I said that to get answers for this…Why did the Town Planning not issue refraining orders to stop the LOC from building on Kensington Oval?

  8. Waterboy


    Let’s deal with facts not emotion.

    Goddenough is not bringing any injunction he is merely asking for the enforcement of the law by those who have the responsibility to do so.

    The developer has rights and the resident(s) have rights. There is a planning process and in this case it seems to have been abused in a most cavalier manner by the developer.

    Right now we have only heard one side if the story and it would be great to have someone from the developer’s side contribute and not the emotional piffle about “our children and grandchildren, regardless of colour, creed, sex or faith who wait for months just to see one day of quality motor sports”.

    We may all love motorsports but when the lawful authorities and planning process are ignored we are surely half way down a abyss from which there is no return.

    “In the state of nature…all men are born equal, but they cannot continue in this equality. Society makes them lose it, and they recover it only by the protection of the law. ”
    Charles de Montesquieu (1689 – 1755)

  9. Waterboy


    “….yet a certain class is objecting to a massive foreign exchange earner at Vaucluse.”

    Massive foreign exchange earner at Vaucluse? Motorsport may be “massively” popular. It may draw “massive” crowds. It may have “massive” sponsorship. It may be just be just “massive”.

    Please bring the numbers to show that the so called raceway at Vaucluse is or will be a massive foreign exchange earner. Methinks you have let your massive emotions run away with you.

  10. Frankology

    Based on your statement, I can see that you do comprehend how foreign exchange can be earned from motorsports. At the moment, we are just getting off the ground with international participation from top drivers from various countries. These drivers do not come alone. One driver might have as much as ten to fifteen people with him, from family to pit crew. These people stay at apartments or hotels, these people eat, these people drink and party hard. They bring hard cash. Look at Rally Barbados, hundreds of motorsport enthusiasts along with the media come to Barbados for this excitement.

    Ask your friend at Banks and he will tell you about profits during motor events. Ask the many Hire Car Companies for a car during motor sports and you cannot get a rusty old car to rent. Ask the many gas stations the amount of money made from spectators crowding the gas stations to buy drinks, snacks and anything that money can buy. Ask the bakeries the amount of bread that are sold for this day. Then when you are finish tell me why so many people loose their voices the next day. Why? because of the constant excitement.
    That is what you call massive, and that is a Fact.

  11. More-than-interested-bystander

    Having just read through the information and responses referring to the illegally developing racetrack at Vaucluce, I am moved only to say that the facts are the facts and the people continuing to go against the law should be taken to task asap. What kind of a country can Barbados be if the law can be treated with such “disrespect” (to put it mildly). Does this mean that any of us can disregard the laws we dont like because they interfere with our chosen lifestyle? After all, what is good for one should be totally alright for all. Right or wrong?

    From what I read, the naysayers are doing the “red herring” trick by dragging the supposed class inferences. You can enjoy car racing if you like but a drag racing track is noisy(sound pollution), dirty(dust pollution), to say nothing of the chemicals released into the air adding to the global warming problems, and clogging secondary roads with more traffic than they can handle PLUS the drivers of the afforesaid traffic imbibing alcoholic beverages through the heat of the day and driving under the influence on their way home.
    There is a possibility that I could have objected to a golf course even, since our island water supply and electrical resources are not all they ought to be either. So forget the bringing of that kind of accusation. It’s too late in the history of our island to resort to that kind of talk.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    I am appalled at the arrogance of Bizzy in his submission, because he controls the PM does not mean that he can control the minds and the wishes of the people of Barbados, he may have the money to buy the likes Owing and Forde but he is not able able to manipulate the masses as is trying to do.
    Another annoying aspect of his submission is his call to the writer to go back to where he came from and to leave he and his friends alone to corrupt the peaceful nature of the place, he is absolutely and completely out of place with his arrogance in this call it is disgusting and annoying why should he want this person to leave this island if he is a citizen of this island grossly unreasonable.
    Then again we have learnt that power corrupts and power comes in many forms and money being an etremely powerfull one, and Bizzy and the Coziers do not lack in that department hence their bulldozer mentality.

  13. Frankology

    You can enjoy car racing if you like but a drag racing track is noisy(sound pollution), dirty(dust pollution), to say nothing of the chemicals released into the air adding to the global warming problems, and clogging secondary roads with more traffic than they can handle PLUS the drivers of the afforesaid traffic imbibing alcoholic beverages through the heat of the day and driving under the influence on their way home.
    What about the noise and emissions from the airplanes. Don’t that also count.

  14. Hants

    Every citizen should have the right to peace and quiet.

    It is NOT unreasonable for people to object to the incessant noise emanating from the cars and trucks that race at Vaucluse.

    If you knew Vaucluse had a racetrack and bought a house nearby you would not have a case but those who lived in the neighbourhood and now have to deal with the noise should have the right to object.

    I have said before, in the spirit of CSME, go build the track in one of the lesser developed Islands and start a ferry service to transport Race fans and competitors to said Island. Could be a massively profitable venture.

  15. Paradox

    I agree with every word you say.

    “EVERY CITIZEN should have the right to peace and quiet”.
    If what I read is true, it is disgusting and corrupt to the core. No planning permission and to go against the advice of the local MP in the ruling government.
    This is the time she should be shouting from the bench. The newspapers would print every word she says on the subject.

    My take is :
    The Town Planning Department exists as a department, staffed by ‘perhaps the right people to do the job’, but at the same time, must do what the Prime Minister says whether it’s in the best interest of the land.
    Ms. Forde is in the right position to ask the Prime Minister directly and demand an answer; then tell her constituency, who gave permission.
    Why do we need a department, if at the end of the day the Prime Minister says he makes the decision not you. The department is a joke.Sack the whole lot in that dept. and save the taxpayers some hard earned cash for the health service.
    I wonder if the representative is complicit in this and giving a different impression to her constituency, so as to buy its loyalty for another 4 years.
    ‘Constituency’, you must demand NOW from your representative, to state clearly where she stands and how she is prepared to deal with it. She can resign from the cabinet to show her disapproval.
    No one should have the right to erect a structure in a community without the the approval of that community. It makes no difference who owns the land. The land owner has rights and so are you.

    The law of the land is for all; I must end, ‘the law is an ASS’.

  16. Frankology

    We just like jumping to conclusion without getting the facts. Everybody is criticising the TCP, Owen, The Williams brothers. But, have we seen the facts. Do you know that when you start to build a home, the TCP check with your neighbours without your knowledge to see if your structure might interfere with them? Everybody have the right to object and you might be lucky to get an enforcement order.

    Hants, check with the hundreds of Barbadians who travel to Guyana for car racing?

  17. U. Goodenough

    Our objections were never responded to.

    Our petition was from the Village of Shop Hill, Shop Hill Terrace (an Eastern Land Development out of a Vaucluse canepiece) and Dukes Tenantry. It is only partially done as yet.


    Our rights are important.

  18. Waterboy

    Sunday Advocate, Sunday November 11, 2007, page 50

    Headline – Weather proofing for RallySprint track at Vaucluse

    Excerpts form story

    “No more mud or clay will be on the surface of Vaucluse Raceway when the 2008 RallySprint cup rolls off next year”

    That is what chairman of the Vaucluse Raceway Motor Sports Club (VRMSC), Greg Cozier said they have planned……..

    “The surface will be compacted and semisealed with the secret RallySprint formulae,” said Cozier in the closing remarks.


    Cozier said that there are plans to have motorcross, which is circuit racing for rally cars , once again at the facility.


    “……… our long term plan is to have six events per year…..”


    “….Building a club house and planting trees “, are two of the things they have for the future.

    Read the full story in the Sunday Advocate

  19. Civilsociety

    Isn’t the real issue here whether or not there is a system in place to control the development of this fair land? Forget the argument over whether or not a drag racing facility is needed. I personally say no to that, but that is not the issue here. The issue is simply whether or not the developer have the right to develop this land for this purpose. If the answer to this is no, and they are continuing to develop it, they should be arrested and charged. Done with that!

  20. karib

    let’s be serious, when has the rulings of Town Planning ever stopped private developers from doing whatever they please?

    This is BARBADOS after all.

  21. Frankology

    First, where are the orders, then we can talk about principle. Everyone is responding, but no one see the papers. Where are the other 300 objectors?

  22. Wishing in Vain

    I would hazzard a guess that if the did not have the permission before they will have today, once Bizzy took the time to call Owing and promise him a million or two with half being allocated to the party and half allocated to Owing’s personal bank account all issues will be resolved with one swipe of his pen.

  23. U. Goodenough

    I believe that when good people continue to try, even though they have no strength, their voices will be heard in the end, and the truth will be known about who does these things.

    Thank you to the Barbados Freepress for allowing us to publish and bring these facts to light… before they were able to complete the evil deed.

    They are up there now doing it. It’s a no problem drive. Frank, meet you there?

  24. Freedom Lover

    It’s a sad day in Barbados when developers can do as they please, like violate our laws, so boldly. We need to shut this Country Down, and show the politions who is realy boss, aren’t they our servants?. Lets put some presure on the DLP, if they want to be servants of the people, where is the Nation news paper? The unions, But then again, the unions are in bed with the politions. One thing is for sure, God don’t sleep.

  25. Civilsociety

    I hope we have not reached a point where the likes of Bizzy and such can just pay off whomever, with no backlash. If I lived near there I would be knocking hard on the door of Town and Country Planning right now. Citizens have the right to lodge objections, and at least they then become public record. Has anyone done this?

  26. John

    … and then, just north, is the Lion Castle development!!!!

    Located over a key catchment area for water and not appearing in any approved Physical Development Plan this may also qualify as one more illegal development of many that have sprung up over time.

    Also, based on its potential impact on water it must rank as an even dumber use of land ….. at least for the country as a whole!!!

  27. U. Goodenough


  28. U. Goodenough

    I know of several people who submitted written objections… in addition to the petition with the 312 signatures. I have my receipts for my own written ones. Everything that could be done, was done; and done in a very forthright, logical, legal, calm way.

    What is one to do when one writes a letter of objection and then people request to see it? Should it be placed in the public eye? Thay are not the addressees, after all. I am not sure as to whether this would be a correct move, but I have the DVDs of the illegal activitty and have offered, on Barbados Underground, to share them. Anyone who wants can have copies from here to. Just put in requests and we’ll meet at the track, which they have made fast progress on in the last days. You won’t recognise up there it has changed so much.

    As mentioned over on Barbados Underground, this is not political. What I am trying to do is to show the evidence that this thing has been done illegally. I am hoping and praying that the authorities and people who run Barbados will understand, and stamp this track out.

    It takes time to burn DVDs, but I am prepared to give them to anyone who wishes, given a short time to make them.

    Don’t let Barbados lose its respect for the law.
    Say NO to criminals, regardless of who they may be.

  29. U. Goodenough

    I have now found a way. Check some pretty bad camera videos, but here’s preliminary evidence. Remember, the DVDs show a chronological sequence of events during the months of October and November.

    You’ll be surprised to see the extent of what is going on

    This is no tiny thing place for boys to play. This is a HUGE illegal development. Why are the authorities silent? It is not right.

  30. Waterboy


    Post some of the footage on YouTube and put the link on the blogs.

  31. U. Goodenough

    My problem at the moment is that I’m technologically challenged. The DVDs exceed the 100MB maximum set by Utube, so they either must be edited for posting, or resort to the camera.

    Last night I figured out how to Utube. Guess it can’t be hard to edit DVDs.

    I just came from by the track. They are still up there working. I have to say that my faith in what I thought the Island was has been shattered- not a peep from any of the media- no more action by authorities.

    You know, there is an event scheduled there for Independance weekend. I just can’t believe that this is happening.

    We die with the knowledge that the poor have no rights, and are oppressed by the system in Barbados.

    One thing for certain, this medium, so long as it allows all to post freely is an avenue to EXPOSE. We have so far proven there is one law for one… and one for others. Unless the law comes riding in. Are they too busy, or is there no point in continuing?

    A time for sad reflection. I’ll make some utubes while I think, and take a ride through the vicinity of the track with my camera.

  32. Wishing in Vain

    sent to -:,,,,

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    It is with much regret when I read your story of the coverage of the debate in the house of assembly of yesterday’s date that sadly (maybe for your own political reasons you do so)you fail to mention the friction that ensued between Mr Mascoll and the Leader of the Opposition Mr David Thompson, is it because Mr Mascoll came out of the robust debate badly wounded that you decided to protect him?

    Or was it just very poor coverage of the event on your part?

    Which ever it was you are doing a disservice to your readers when you willfully choose to not report on matters as vital as this issue turned out to be.

    Please remember that people from both sides of the political fence buy your newspaper and they both deserve a higher lever of reporting than you are currenty displaying.

    Please pull your socks up and get real and report honestly and sincerely on matters that affect us all.


  33. Frankology

    Goodenough and your adviser WIV.
    We are hearing of Enforcement Orders being delivered, but I have a slight problem. When an enforcement order is being enforced, the TPD would have been accompanied by officer(s) of The Royal Barbados Police Force. Check with the Belle Zone 1 water issue. Fact or fiction?

  34. Frankology

    Everyone seems to be missing my posting. I never said that I am for the breaking of any law by any developer, home owner or even squatters. If the law was broken, Owen Arthur would be committing political suicide and I will be hear to ridicule him.

    What I have been trying to bring to the public are:-

    Where are the Enforcement Orders?
    Where are the other objectors from the area?
    Why was no Police present with the Enforcement?
    What is the real motive of the objections?
    Why was there no mention of Enforcement Orders in the letter submitted April 2006 in the Nation by Ms. Goodenough?

    My posts have no bearing of being someone with an agenda since I am a real poor man of ethic origin.

  35. Hants

    Frankology asks…..”What is the real motive of the objections?

    Probably to have a peaceful normal existence just like the residents of most residential communities in the rest of Barbados..

    There is a big difference between sitting at a Racetrack watching racing and trying to sleep or go about your normal routine and being interrupted by the incessant noise of race cars.

  36. Wishing in Vain


    Why not take the bull by the horns my friend and contact the TCP department as ask of them what is taking place simple as that, then it will cut out the back and forth on this.

  37. Frankology

    WIV. Did you attend your 8 o’clock meeting?

  38. U. Goodenough

    There is an event scheduled for this venue at Independance. The unveiling of the newly constructed track will usher in a new era in Barbados, a new terrible era.

    Mark my words.

    Now fear this:


  39. Anonymous

    U.Goodenough says…

    We die with the knowledge that the poor have no rights, and are oppressed by the system in Barbados.

    What a load of crap….as if this situation is really about the poor.

    This is a simple case of rich against rich with one side using the poor people to help their cause….at the end of the day,none of them have the poor people’s concerns at heart….just to justify their own personal vendetta against each other…..take it easy ….day does run till night catch it…..soon all will be revealed.

  40. Anonymous

    What the Dukes residents need to do is cash in on all events.
    Like charging for parking,selling food drinks etc.
    Lets face it ,the track is here to stay.Motorsport has a bigger following than any domestic sport on this island.It is controlled by the white people with connections,money and $100,000.00 vehicles.

    Lets get over it now.

  41. U. Goodenough

    This was written by a resident on the parallel thread at Barbados Underground. I do hope copying and pasting it here is OK. But wait anonymous, is Polly lying?

    POLLY // November 12, 2007 at 10:02 pm

    According to representatives from the TCP department the Vaucluse Raceway is situated on land that is considered to be the best land for Agriculture. Namely Vaucluse and Airy Cot in St. Thomas because of the elevation and rainfall. The land is to be reserved for agricultural purposes. Also according to the TCP any request for change of use would be definitely against policy.

    Secondly, the company hired by Vaucluse Raceway Project to conduct an Impact and Environmental study listed concerns about the impact of waste on our water given that Vaucluse is a Zone 1 for water collection.

    The TCP representative stated that the racing circuit started before proper approval was given. Work going on is in contravention of an Enforcement Notice and Stop notice(s). Statements made by the Coziers are to intentionally mislead the public – they give the impression that the Prime Minister is in bed with the Coziers. We have no proof of this.

    The attitude displayed by the Coziers is one that is similar to those you see or hear about from the past. A Cozier referred to our Civil Servants as lazy and ineffective. He said that Barbados has the largest Civil Service and still are unable to get the job done and it was basically not his fault if paper work was held up on someone’s desk. He stopped short of saying if the person was being paid to hold the paper work up.

    The Coziers have continued to misrepresent people in the surrounding areas and have gone as far as stating publicly that Dukes was not impacted by noise or anything else. His reports are basically not truthful and should be disregarded.

    Dukes is primarily affected as we are across the gully from the racetrack. We can hear everything going on at the raceway and the noise is from the crowds as well as the cars. What we are afraid of is once allowed then there is no telling how many races will be allowed to run there – it can be every weekend.

    We have lived in Dukes for over 150 years and this little settlement has remained virtually unchanged. We’d like to keep it that way and we do not think we are asking too much given the about of time we’ve been here. We’ve earned that right!

    People here still go to bed relatively early and keep to themselves. They do not like publicity and would prefer if everything would be resolved quietly. This is not going to be the case because we are dealing with some arrogant men and they care little about fellow darker skins in Barbados. Permit me to digress a bit – but note: You are only considered WHITE in Barbados and that’s why you have not left. I thank God that you are only BLACK like me and that’s all we have in common.

    If our Prime Minister wants to sell us all back into slavery for a higher position in the Massa’s house then who can stop him? The so-called Whites will never stop looking for ways to keep us enslaved. Let’s show them that our education was not wasted on us.

    Back to the real issue:
    The complaints against the race way are genuine. We are concerned about our health, property values, damage to our environment, long-term damage to the water supply in Barbados, damage to the surrounding infrastructure (additional traffic on our collapsing roads). What’s even more worrisome is the fact that we have developers in Barbados who blatantly disregard our citizens, laws, civil service. This is not just happening in Vaucluse and the persons behind the building seem to be the same ones.

    Let’s hope that this can be dealt with professionally with due care and consideration for those who have lived in the affected areas for hundreds of years.

  42. Frankology

    Motorsports was a white man’s sport in the earlier years, but now, we have more blacks in the sport, and one of the clubs was conceived by blacks. So let’s leave colour from the equation. Anonymous, the suggestion of the people from the area selling at the event is an excellent proposition, which the developers should incorporated at the events. Say, build a large stall and divide it in sections to sell, produced, food, drinks and crafts. This would allow the international drivers and pit crews the opportunity to take back to their homeland, something Bajan.

    This is five days and we are unable to see one of the many “Stop Orders” .

  43. U. Goodenough

    But she has said she doesn’t want this and says so. She doesn’t want the track. Why do you tell her what she…should…do? It is her property depreciating, it is her/their/our peace and quiet.

    You say get over it… no way. Would this be acceptable for you?

  44. Mumrah

    I am not saying that disobeying the law is right. But every day there is a cry about the street racers…when u take away the legal tracks…where are these people that you want off the streets going to go…just back on the streets again…so this is really a hard battle.
    I am one in favor of a track that caters to all the different motor sport sections, weather it be rally, circuit, or drag. When u think about it, there are very few evens that have spectators that don’t consume alcohol and then drive, it happens all time, not just at motor sport events.

  45. GT4Madness

    I agree with Mumrah… The correct steps should be taken within the law to get things done accordingly. However look at the other Caribbean islands, Barbados is the only island without a drag strip.

    Sometimes we don’t know what’s good until we have it and then loose it. It’s just human nature I guess. This track will have its ups and downs having an increase in Sales and foreign exchange as ups and noise pollution as downs. These are facts we already know!!!!

    What about the people living near the airport? Or the stadium?

    My guess is a minimal of 1 drag event a month on the strip will place a huge dent in the illegal racing in this country… Not to mention the profits the locals will make as a motorsports event. If St. Michael can put up with the noise from the stadium every once in a while so can the area of St. Thomas.
    I apologize if I went out of bounds.

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  47. 174

    There should be a law to outlaw BFP it is racist and does everything within its nasty little orbit to undermine and demonise out beautiful conuntry. Its hard to believe the cretins who run bfp received their schooling free off the backs of poor though loyal black Bajans.

  48. Wily Coyote

    CORRUPTION, PIE IN THE SKY, PIPE DREAMS, MASSIVE REVENUE EARNER and the list could go on when it comes to describing Barbados political and government affairs.

    United nations Classification
    —- THIRD WORLD and Underdeveloped.

  49. Cup Cake

    Are we take that things in Barbados have reach the deplorable state that when you can get your way all you have do is hold a press conference and CRY?

  50. millertheanunnaki

    Why does a very small island like Barbados need more than one motor sports arena? A fighter jet can fly over this “2X3” piece of land in less than 10 seconds. What is wrong with Busy Park that it cannot be reconfigured to accommodate drag racing? Why take up good agricultural prime land for the luxury pursuits of a few bored rich kids? Why can’t you bored kids who acquired your education through taxpayers money- giveback some of your time and skills by serving your communities and the disadvantaged. The God you claim to worship (Bajans attend churches, synagogues and temples religiously) will be pleased to see you helping others while limiting your hedonism during your sojourn at the temple of Bacchus or Dionysus.

    Since the rich and spoilt boys have already bought off the political decision-makers and their sycophant bureaucrats, it’s a done deal that Vaucluse will become a second play area for the boys to show of their toys (no wonder Barbados cricket and other sports are in such muck).

    Go ahead and play with your toys. The people of Bush hall and surrounding areas have to put up with the noise emanating from the Stadium and the Shooting range (every shot let off is foreign exchange leaving the country, by the way). So the people of Vaucluse and Dukes will have to put up with the noise, pollution from the engines and other unpleasantries.

    But tell us: How (in what way) can the country benefit from this exercise in testosterone release in terms of earning foreign exchange? We can identify outflows of forex by way of the importation of high performance vehicles, parts and accessories, and high octane petrol.

    We will accept that the local economy could benefit given the potential spin offs but please don’t try to bullshit us with this net foreign earning lark.

    Have your fun but do us a favour and stay off our little roads, especially between the hours of 2.00 am and 4.00 am on weekends. We deserve a good night’s rest.

  51. Peltdownman

    The problem is that, as zoned agricultural land, what will happen to the rest of Vaucluse Plantation once the track is built? This is prime agricultural land in a high rainfall area. Will Cozier agree to put the rest of the land into agriculture? Better still, grow sugar to make the ethanol that these gas guzzling toys will use? Simple answer, “No! We will make money out of the track and the rest can go to hell and burn every dry season.” As for the couple of hundred visitors who come STRICTLY for the motorsport, they can enjoy the moonscape that Vaucluse becomes every dry season.

  52. Peltdownman

    My bet is that both Adams and Barrow would not only have refused permission, but would have insisted that the track be dug up, topsoil replaced, and the land used for agriculture. If not used, tax it! In fact, this is one potential revenue stream for government and it has been done before. Any zoned agricultural land that is not used for that purpose should have a premium attched to its land tax.

  53. Troll

    Barrow? Adams? Do you realise that not one GOB has supported sugar cane production?!?!?

  54. Sumptous Quartet

    People on this island slow or what? Barbados does not need nor does Bizzy intend for there to be two car racing tracks on the island. What Bizzy aint telling you is that the planned redevelopment of Bushy Park plantation lands by the NHC in joint venture with JADA or Williams or both will not be harmonous for development with the noise eminating from car racing at Bushy Park, hence the need for Vaucluse.

  55. rasta man

    @sumptous quartet.: You know you may be on to something here.

  56. millertheanunnaki

    @Sumptous Quartet:

    Thanks for connecting the dots (providing the missing link) in farrago of corruption! I can now identify the handmaiden in this public housing boom in a time of serious recession (our minister of casas publico who wants to be a member of the local Cosa Nostra).

    Payback time for last campaign funding, personal enrichment and creation of sinking fund for upcoming campaign bells and whistles and buying of votes.

    Bells should be ringing in ears of Uncle Sam local emboffs

  57. Well I can tell you the noise that comes from Bushy Park spreads for miles around this side of St John, plus the noise of all the motorcycles and other cars who are convinced that noise coming from their mufflers along the roads leading to, and away from Bushy Park, donates power and speed in their vehicles. (All most of them are doing is burning out their exhaust valves, but we’ll keep that part secret and hope they’ll learn the hard way fast ).
    Soon, they will start night racing, and so many of us will have obliterated nights from that too. Then all the racing is inducing people who hardly know how to drive, to race up and down the roads at all hours. Barbados is becoming a weird lawless island. What a shame. What a shame. What a shame ! We might as well, too, start huge casinos and bring in the whores.

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