Barbados BLP Government Hurls The Worst It Can Think Of At The Opposition – “More Whites Like The DLP”

Government Getting Desperate As Election Options Tighten

You can taste the desperation in the latest government BLP rant published in The Nation News. You can smell the fear as the government finds itself getting backed into a corner with election time coming.

This wasn’t how things were supposed to be. Cricket World Cup was supposed to have been a feel-good springboard into an election: a triumph on the international stage with a thousand yachts offshore and every home on the island transformed into a full-house bed and breakfast.

Instead of a showpiece, the BLP government proved it couldn’t even erect lights at Kensington with two year’s notice. We’ll not recap the entire CWC disaster here except to say that the Prime Minister and everyone else wishes they’d never heard of Cricket World Cup.

Then there were the traffic and cave-in deaths. Although the deaths cannot be laid directly at the feet of government, they highlighted various government failings and unfulfilled promises over the years. No feel-good election springboard there.

No “Feel-Good” Election Mood On The Horizon

One PR disaster followed another all year: Noel “Instant Millionaire” Lynch’s guilty indignation at being asked a simple question on Brass Tacks radio, the Hardwood Housing scandal, cost overruns for the prison and flyovers, hiring contractors who have been accused of kickbacks to politicians, police beating journalists, the hospital scandals and on and on and on.

Hardly a “feel-good” foundation for calling an election.

Yet… the time is getting shorter and the government can’t seem to catch its breath with new corruption revelations surfacing every week. That’s not even considering that the FBI’s charges against prison builder VECO are proceeding in the USA with all those Barbados connections that Owen knows about but we don’t yet.

Nope, things aren’t going to get “feel good” anytime soon!

BLP Government Plays The Racist “Whitey Likes The DLP” Card

So what’s the worst that the BLP can think of to say against the Opposition DLP?

Whites are moving their support from the BLP to the DLP – according to the BLP’s latest rant at the Nation BLP COLUMN: Thompson’s Sorry State

That, today, under Thompson, the DLP’s Afro (black) support continues to fall while its Anglo (white) support spirals upwards is testimony to the extent to which the political makeup of the DLP is changing.

As shown in the last poll, the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) Afro support stood at 90 per cent, while its Anglo support stood at 1.5 per cent. Conversely, the DLP’s Afro (black) support stands at 87.0 per cent while its Anglo (white) support stands at 2.2 per cent. These statistics speak volumes and may well explain why the working-class Barbadians like Mr Mascoll, Hamilton Lashley and others for whom Barrow built the DLP can no longer feel at home at George Street.. .

… from the Nation News article BLP COLUMN: Thompson’s Sorry State

Is White Support As A Group Shifting To The DLP?

Whether its true or not almost doesn’t matter. The fact that the BLP would crawl so low as to paint “whites” as the enemy of the people, the enemy of Barbados, is despicable.

But standard fare for a party that won’t even put a photo of any lighter-skinned Bajan on its website.


Maybe The White Business Class Is Keeping Options Open?

Owen and the gang have been happily doing business all these years with the white business class – accepting “campaign donations” and all the other benefits that have made most of the cabinet members into millionaires while in “public service”.

Which is why it is so outrageous for the BLP to now start beating the anti-white drums.

Does the Prime Minister look like he’s unhappy with the white business class?

It might be true though that the white business class IS shifting its support from the BLP to the DLP…

No one ever said that our business leaders – white or black – are stupid. Business would rather back a winner than a loser.

So the BLP article might be telling the truth about the shift in white support – but the shift isn’t about ideological issues…

The white business class thinks that David Thompson just might be the next Prime Minister of Barbados.


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29 responses to “Barbados BLP Government Hurls The Worst It Can Think Of At The Opposition – “More Whites Like The DLP”

  1. Wishing in Vain

    I was reading that load of nonsense earlier today and as I did so Was wondering if either of these two blogs would pick it up and elaborate on it and I am happy to see that it has caught your attention.

    Yes it maybe true that the support maybe shifting but can you blame them for doing so?

    I think not why would anyone want to be associated with the extent of the dishonesty and corruption as it exist within the blp unless of course you the supporter are just as dishonest and corrupt as the ruling party is.
    It has very little to do with the colour of the skin but moreso to do with the reality of this distraction is bankrupt of ideas and that people are intolerant of the ongoing stealing.

    It is not only white people who are shifting their support but how do you explain the Doctors support of the DLP it is a case of the blp have been in power for nearly 15 years and the dire conditions within the health care system, every aspect of the health care system is sick and needs urgent attention (it has needed urgent attention for somewhile now) but Walcott is so busy doing anything else but what he is being paid to that the ministry is badly neglected and badly under funded (this will give you some idea as to Arthur’s focus and care for those that he expects to vote for him) that it has left the doctors seeking support and hope and where do you think they are looking for this support and hope ?

    Believe me neither Walcott nor Arthur or this gov’t has the ministry of Health at heart hence the desperation that is clearly on the minds of the hardworking doctors of the QEH.

    It is not a colour issue it is more about the reason for the swing of support and that is this admistration is too filled with Bribery VECO PRISON , Fraud DANOS 3S ROADWORKS, Corruption CHEQUE and people are now saying enough is enough.

    The extent of the desperation is clear to see with them posting as many as three different stories per day on their blog site, then this haphazard approach to the suddenly exposed cost of living issues, they ought to have taken Mr. Thompson’s idea and remove the VAT on the Electricity bill would be a serious and sensible way forward.

    The removal of the duty on two yes 2 meats can in no way make any meaningful contribution to reducing the cost of living but here again just another case of hodge podge lets try this to see if it will generate a vote here and vote there for them.
    In closing let me say that not the entire population is as dishonest as Owing and his gang of crooks and want to get this country back on track to an honest gov’t and we in turn do not want to be aligned and associated with gross corruption.

  2. Littleboy

    The race card is nothing new.It lulls the educated, the mis-educated and the uneducated into a sense of dem-really-fuh-we/they-are-really-for-us.

    However, the reality is that no matter who has held the reigns of government the white business class always courts them and gets what they want.

    Despite the setting up of a “Truth and Reconciliation Committee” some years ago, the problem of separatism still exists in Barbados.
    Ask any interracial couple and you will hear about the negative comments endured daily.

    Those who dare to speak out against it are labelled as racist by both black and white.We still have a long way to go as a nation.

    I am afraid that the influx of the nouveau riche, who are presently buying up our land and re-colonizing Barbados, will not help. Too many of them treat their staff and other Bajans with disdain.

    Oh, for a spirit of unity!!!
    Lord help us!!!

  3. Anonymous

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    i d i o t


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    f u c k i n g

    m o u t


    r a s s h o l e

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    m u d d a

  4. Tony

    The BLP is showing signs of desperation when the spin doctors can find time to print this type of nonsense. It is a given that historically white Barbadians were aligned to the BLP. The business class will normally gravitate to the party which they think will serve their interests. I think what has happened is that they are tired with the behaviour and arrogance of the present government. Does the BLP think all Barbadians are stupid? By the way ANONYMOUS why do you have to resort to the vulgar language on the blog? I You have to respect another person’s opinion even if you strongly disagree with it. I am sure that you are a cultured and intelligent person and these writings are beneath your intellect. Is this your way of expressing your desperation?

  5. Wishing in Vain

    sorry but you seemed to have had some hiccups with your site last night and this morning sorry that i posted a second time as it did not say that the post was received

  6. Leviticus

    I congratulate fearless David Thompson, Estwick, Jones and Sealy for a great job in the House. I thank the erudite Freundel Stuart for putting developments in Barbados in context. Denis Lowe has passion and I am voting for him in Christ Church.

    I want David Thompson to tell the country about Mariano Browne who is the new Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance in Trinidad and the big sell-out of Barbados by Owen Arthur.

    He must not be afraid. Tell the country about the cheques from Mariano to Owen, the Coast Guard Relocation project, GEMS, the Hall oof Justice and all of the other things that Owen Arthur empowered Mariano Browne to do in Barbados!

    David, go for it. I know you can do it and the country needs you. You are the only fearless one and you stand tall.

    BFP: Investigate Mariano Browne and you will find some stuff that will exceed your space limits!

  7. Wishing in Vain

    Is it not funny when Owing had the people eating out of his hand and when he was feeding them the crap that he was, how all was smooth sailing and all was fine and dandy but the masses start to speak out a little bit and the tyrant in he and his party appears?
    They have lost touch and seriously so with the average person in the street and the reason for this is the extent of the arrogance and the deception and dishonesty that has been the trademark of this administration in its last 7 years in power and control of the treasury’s purse strings.
    When we allow ourselves to have people such as the Nicholls’s, Bannister’s, Washington’s, Johnson’s, Shorey’s, Cox’s, Wilkinson’s, Lynch’s, Clarke’s, Mottley’s, Liz Thompson’s et al sitting on the sidelines collecting large payments from illegal transactions to be directing these ill gotten gains to their and Arthurs bank accounts it is a very sad day in the lives of the Barbadian public.
    Maybe just maybe the voters now to are learning and seeing the true extent of the corruption and their stealing and are now refusing to accept anymore of it, good for them , they deserve much better than this type of activity.
    I would also like to take a moment to extend my gratitude to both BFP and BU for their public service to this island and because of their effort and exposure of the SLOT MACHINE deal among Owing, Nicholls, Washington and Johnson that the coverage given to this dishonesty in gov’t has delayed or halted the implementation of the 2,500 new machines into the islands every nook and cranny bar on this island, thank you BFP and BU for making a real contribution to the betterment of the Barbadian society.

  8. Yardbroom

    Why do some of the BLP, – I use the word “some” on purpose – resort in desperation to a subject that has an emotional pull?

    The imprint of slavery, is etched on the consciousness of most Barbadians, black and white, as if it never ended. We live in a world, in which just to mention the word “slavery” brings a rebuke, even if it is a silent one.

    Our existence seems to be in a clear glass jar, we pretend no one can see us, but unfortunately it is us who cannot see ourselves, so we do a dance of pretence, that we have moved on, but we are running fast, to stand still.

    Some of us seek the accumulation of great wealth, however achieved, we believe it will take us away – metaphorically – from that dark silent shadow, but it only reinforces that unsavoury mental condition.

    How can it be, that some intelligent people, can invoke race to further political ends, and then easily deprive those of the same race as themselves, from achieving, through ill conceived and corrupt goverance. It makes no sense at all.

    And since we live in a world, which constantly reinforces this behaviour, by the attitudes of those around us, the abnormal has become normal.

    Do our politicians seek to help the poor, or uplift the ordinary citizen? I am afraid they do not. In their first flush of success, they can be easily bribed, and corrupted by the same people they pretend they do not like, and infer that we should despise. However, they are eager to sip cocktails with them – it is all so silly and transparent.

    We must start thinking of proper governance, what is best for our country, all citizens, black and white and the shades in between, we cannot live in parallel worlds, it is not healthy in the long term.

    For the whites, they must be mindful that it is their present day behaviour, that allows the black politician to use race as a method of discord, how is that? because they can point to present day behaviour, and say that is what they are like.

    I am being unfair, I am not, I am being totally honest.

    Almost a year ago, an incident occurred at Highgate Gardens. The post is still active, I wonder how many people can look back at what they posted at the time, and think it was conducive to good race relations in Barbados, we must have the “courage” to always examine our behaviour.

    A black politician that is corrupt, is no better than a white one that is.

    We need leadership, that translates into help and common humanity, for all, but it will never change as long as dishonesty and virile ineptitude, arrogance and a lack of integrity can be seen as virtues.

  9. Wishing in Vain

    It is because of sites like yours and the internet that has put a partial halt to some of the corruption that has been taking place on this island Barbados but the this new means of communication is being used very sensibily by the the progressive and forward thinking party the DLP just another example of the extent of the tiredness and tardiness of the current admistration in power they are now becoming so preoccupied with saving their behinds from jail everthing else pales into nothing while they attempt to conceal their tracks of dishonesty.

    Just look at the piece meal methods that they are attempting to use to handle the crisis of the economy (Is Arthur suppose to be a genius in this department if so he is really screwing us into the ground) and the upward spiralling cost of living, a little of this a little of that but no real or serious plan to address the real problem confronting our affairs.

    Congrats to Mr Ronald Jones who is the parties IT specialist and has done and continues to do an excellent job with their site and the feeding of current information to their website, now you can visit their site like the next day and find the speeches posted and the site updated with new information that is the way to go party.

    I must also compliment them on that introduction at the Deacons road meeting it was indeed an excellent presentation and upbeat and lively lead into Mr Thompson’s hard hitting speach but it was very cleverly put together, nice work !!

  10. Frankology

    BFP. I can see constant moderation might be impossible. Can you set up automatically a spam filter that would deny any submissions that include the word Anonymous from infiltrating these blogs.
    Regardless if this Anonymous is a Bee, a Dee or someone who loves to create divisions, he/she must be stopped before he/she discredit this blog.

  11. iisnoone

    It is strange how the wheel turns full circle. I can remember campaigning for the BLP, and I clearly remember the DLP deriding the BLP as the “Breadfruit, Landlords and Potatoes” party! I only hope that this anti-white sentiment does not affect Owen’s relationship with his good hand-holding buddy Fidel Castro!

  12. Wishing in Vain

    It seems like because my name has been used that nearly every time that I comment now it is going to moderate but I do agree that it needs to be cleaned up some of these comments are nasty and vile.


    BFP comments

    Hi WIV

    We have the auto-spam filter going but it doesn’t catch everything. There are dozens of comments of the same sort of filth that you never see and hundreds of advertisements every day that you dont’ see.

    We’re doing our best to cope with the ongoing attack. The best we can say is just to ignore the idiots. When we reconfigure the filters they find a way around it for an hour or two. It is a constant battle but we are winning because the message is still getting out there almost two years after they vowed to shut us down!


    Nasty and vile is what we do best.

    And that reminds me… does anyone know where we can find a PHOTO of Adrian Loveridge?



  14. Wishing in Vain

    BFP I am not at all being critical of the method of your operation, rather I complimented you earlier, I know what you must be going thru we are behind you 100 %.

    It really does not bother me as I know what they are up to maybe some should post at the blp blog and see how they cope.

    I am almost certain that most will know that none of those comments orginate at my computer.


    Hi WIV

    Of course we know that you would never say some of the things that are said falsely using your name. Same with Adrians (both of them) and us.

    I’ll go back and see if I can find any false comments under your name and change the name to something else. Such nonsense but that’s the way it is.


    Just bring on the election, Mr. Prime Minister!!!

    The people need to speak.


  15. Yardbroom

    BFP: I am very surprised at your method of moderation, in the last three hours or so but I will say no more on that.

  16. Wishing in Vain

    No give them more rope they are doing a fine job of hanging themselves give them more time to self destruct some more.
    Mottley will be the next victim of this adminstration just you wait and see.

  17. Robert2

    We will deal with all you “whites” when we win the next election. Just wait an see. The first example will be Loveridge.

  18. reality check

    Yardbroom for PM!!!

    common sense and well spoken

  19. Wishing in Vain

    When politicians operate on the basis that at least 10 % of the population can be bought this in itself is a very revealing insight to how people from within the blp see these elections and trust me they have the resources to buy much more than 10 % of the vote.
    The second part of this scene is there a fight being created between the Barbadian white elite and the Sandy Lane white elite to see who has more of Owing’s attention and is the Barbadian elite loosing out to the Irish and English elite and maybe this is why they are swinging their money and their vote?
    Think on these things they may mean something to us.

  20. Anonymous

    White people are really the enemy says Owen as he gladly accepts their money. I still remember when he said that he would not allow Port St. Charles to be built up. I think about that everytime I want to go to the damn beach there I have to park my car, walk across a little skinny path at the back of Port St. Charles and finally get to what’s left of the beach. Steupse. Owen, really, the rum’s clouding your vision, wait, no, sorry, you only ever see the money in your own hand anyhow.

  21. check the hands

    Sir Cow has his hands on both persons shoulders but where are their hands?

    I suggest they are tightly holding Sir Cows balls ( read that to mean planning and untendered contract approvals )

    Politics makes strange bedfellows!

  22. Wishing in Vain

    This evening was a most uplifting evening for me as I attended the launch meeting of Colin Spencer and listened to a series of excellent speeches by all of them and in particular Colin delivered a masterpiece a work of art in his presentation but the most reveal aspect of the evening was the playing of the video clip with an interview with Mottley where it was stated her effort to reduce the food import bill she was not eating and meat or chicken and that she was only eating conch very enlightening indeed.
    To Adrian let me advise you that ASSCOLL has not been know for any truthful utterances for a long time now please do not expect him to change his spots and do so now!!!

  23. Fred

    Let the Prime Minister explain his hatred for Barbadians as he said this as recently as Saturday morning?
    This was clearly displayed by himself when his election worker lady was taken by her son to Illaro court to collect Arthur to go to work with him at the gov’t headquarters, from the time he got into the car he apparently started his ranting and raving he cursed her blind for being a little late, then he went onto to say he hates these f____ing Bajans they are s___t, he cursed the entire way to the office then when he got to the office the ladies son was enticed up to his office where the young man had three large Vodkas and he left with Arthur on his fourth, the young driver said how disappointed he was in Arthurs behaviour and manner towards his mother who has helped the party at elections over a number of years and he felt that the treatment handed out to her was grossly unfair, even if Arthur was blind drunk at 9.00 am on the morning.
    In his view Arthurs behaviour towards his mother had been a big let down to him and he was very annoyed and upset with Arthur to the point that he may not be willing to vote for him in the upcoming elections.
    Is this part of the reason that Arthur has not been attending the sittings of the house since the Budget is he hitting the bottle so hard that he is unable to function?
    Why just not call the elections and get it behind him and return to civillian life.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    The post below is proving the point that the DLP are using the WWW to their best advantage.

    November 9th, 2007
    I come to the Barbadian political landscape with a vision for the economic development of Barbados into a diversified and globally competitive economy. Recognizing that our principal resource is the intellect of our Barbadian people, one of the platforms on which this vision is built is the creation of a policy and framework to facilitate
    • the meaningful investment in the creative energies of our people, and secondly,
    • tangible opportunities for commercial exploitation of the indigenous innovation technologies produced to generate foreign exchange.

    From since the time that I was called to service by my party as its standard bearer in the constituency of St Michael North, I have been systematically introducing myself to the constituents and have been very involved in community development activities in your neighborhood, including among other things being the patron of the out-of-season football tournaments falling between the last 2 BFA seasons; the regional tape-ball cricket tournament hosted at the Eden Lodge playing field; and most recently securing sponsorship for the Eden Lodge Primary School’s cricket team competing the Herman Griffith Primary School tournament.

    My educational foundation began in Barbados at the St John the Baptist Primary School and later at the St James Mixed School as it then was and later still at the Erdiston Primary School.

    When I graduated from Harrison College, my tertiary education continued with my becoming a qualified Chemical Engineer by training graduating from the Howard University School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE). I am also an Attorney-at-Law with a Juris Doctor (JD) from the University of Miami School of Law. I returned to Barbados to make a contribution to this country upon completion of the six-month conversion course at the University of the West Indies Eugene Dupuch Law School in the Bahamas to qualify for the Certificate of Legal Education (CLE).

    In addition to being called to the local Bar, I am also a member of the New York State Bar and the American Bar Association.

    In my work-life, I first became associated with the law firm of Carrington & Sealy (est. 1872), in 1996 and have continued my professional practice with them primarily in the fiELD of corporate law specializing in Patent law, fusing the disciplines of Engineering and law.

    In 2005, I became a Partner of that Firm with principal responsibility for the technical disciplines in intellectual property law and medical malpractice litigation. I remained a Partner of the Firm until my decision in September 2006 to serve the community as a candidate for the Democratic Labour Party the next time an election is called in the St. Michael North Constituency.

    It is from this background that I offer my skills in service to the constituency of St Michael North and to Barbados. With the benefit of the DLP’s educational policies, I was afforded the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and expertise to give effect to my vision for the development of Barbados. My daily work with the WTO treaties affords me the opportunity to come to the table with a working knowledge of the oppoRtunities available for Barbados and not with the academic approach that causes this present Government to view these treaties with fear and apprehension.

    I know how to help David Thompson and the DLP team build this economy through meaningful investment in the productive sectors.

    But we need your assistance. I need your assistance.

    The upcoming election is a fight to reclaim good and just governance for Barbados in the interest of all Barbadians. We must require that the present Government account to us for the so-called cost-overruns; for the decisions made as our Board of Directors to spend our tax dollars to prioritize in favour of those persons by my Comrade Kellman’s categorization as the “too few”, as opposed to the underlying DLP policy which informs all of our policy development over the years: government must exist to help those less able to help themselves.

    My fight on your behalf calls this Government to account for being principally responsible for the exorbitant cost of living because of its policy in this essentially retail economy to collect VAT from
    1. the customs broker (+15%);
    2. the Customs Department (+32.25%);
    3. the wholesaler (+56%); and
    4. the retailer (+95%)
    NOTWITHSTANDING THAT THERE IS NO CHANGE TO THE COMMODITY, with the exception of some weebles, or maybe some rust on the BRC!!

    By reason of the way they choose to implement the VAT ALONE, the Government of Barbados stands indicted for being solely responsible for an almost quadrupling of the increase in the cost of most goods which we necessarily have to import through our only commercial shipping port by the time it reaches the consumer.

    Can this be fair? Can this be just? How dare they blame the corporate sector for price gouging?

    To reclaim this government, it requires all of us to act affirmatively. I will be depending on you, and other likeminded persons like you, to spread the positive message that the Democratic Labour Party provides in each of our public presentations.

    In the immediate past election in St Michael North, the incumbent defeated the DLP candidate by 800+ votes in an election when 3,000…………….. 3,000 of your neighbours did not vote!

    We need your help. I need your help. The Democratic Labour Party is depending on you to help spread the message. I need you to encourage your friends and neighbours to come out and vote. If you bring them to the polls with you, we will be empowered to save this economy and to restore hope in the people of this country that we can and will do better. With your support, the Democratic Labour Party will be successful at the polls with the return of St Michael North as but one of all of the St Michael seats.

    Please feel free to contact me at 246-422-6705 to confirm any additional ways in which you can assist this campaign. Your thoughts and prayers for the success of this campaign are appreciated. You are also encouraged to contact me for us to share a more detailed and expansive discussion of the vision for which I fight. Your input will be immeasurable.

    I look forward to hearing from you and of course to ultimately representing you and the wider constituency of St Michael North in this nation’s House of Assembly.

  25. karib

    This is further reason why the BLP time has come.

    After the “negrocrat” foolishness it is clear that sanity has long since left the building and Bajans as a whole need to send a message that we will not be further embarrassed and misused by a gov’t that no longer cares to watch its foolish mouth much less its foolish actions.

    “King Arthur” goodbye.

  26. Wishing in Vain

    IT’S ON!
    THE MUCH ANTICIPATED no-confidence motion against Minister of State Clyde Mascoll over the Hardwood Factory issue will be tabled in Parliament tomorrow.

    Opposition Leader David Thompson made the announcement last night at a Democratic Labour Party mass meeting in Fitts Village, St James.

    And to a roar of approval from those who turned up for the meeting, he further announced his intention to table a resolution on integrity legislation, freedom of information legislation and an amendment to the Defamation Act.

    “I promised earlier this week that I would draft the motion and put it before the people of Barbados, before tabling it in the Parliament of Barbados,” he said before reading the text of the draft to the crowd.

    He added: “I do not expect anything earth-shattering to come from the actual debate in Parliament. There are 24 of them and six of us.

    “But the bringing of a motion of no-confidence is one of many weapons at the disposal of the Leader of the Opposition and I will utilise my option to ventilate the issue relating to Hardwood Housing through the medium of a vote of no-confidence on the floor of Parliament.”

    Hardwood Factory Inc, a company promoted by Government as the answer to low-income housing, came under intense public scrutiny six weeks ago when Thompson called for a probe into its financial operations.

    Then, at a DLP mass meeting last month, he gave Government 30 days to investigate the company, failing which he would bring a no-confidence motion against Mascoll on the ground that he was aware of the operations at the company.

    He acknowledged that the Opposition did not have the numbers in Parliament to win the no-confidence motion, but said the wider issue of “transparency and accountability will be highlighted”.

    In this way, he added “the people of Barbados will get an opportunity to see how public funds can be misused”.

    As far as the proposed integrity legislation is concerned, Thompson said that in order to “facilitate accountability and eradicate corruption”, there should be a requirement for the declaration of assets by ministers of Government and public officials.

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  28. rasta man

    Wonder whatever happened to the Hardwood enquiry? Died a natural death like all the rest????

  29. millertheanunnaki

    @ rasta man:
    The actions of this woefully disappointing DLP Administration have created a large class of indifferent, can’t-care-less and totally “pissed off’ people who will not be turning up at the polls next time around. These were the floating voters who opted for change because they felt that the DLP genuinely wanted to bring about better governance and efficient management of the country’s resources. According to the hue and cry surrounding the Hardwood Housing project and other so-called infelicities perpetrated by the previous administration, the DPP should have been a busy man today.

    Don’t blame the recession or economic downturn on this lack of action on these matters. We will not be listening to you next time around. And this warning goes for the BLP Opposition,too!