Who Belongs To This Dangerous, Dirty Pile Of Rubble?


Not Just An Eyesore: Barbados Children At Risk

Have a look at this ghastly eyesore that residents of Sanford, St. Philip have been putting up with for weeks. The pile is growing daily and poses a real risk to children in the area who naturally want to climb anything in sight.

Heavy chunks of concrete rubble are precariously perched all over this pile and it is only a matter of time until a child is seriously injured or killed.


Can We Have Some Government Action On This Please? 

Let’s hear from anyone who knows who the culprits are and maybe we can get this mess cleaned up!


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2 responses to “Who Belongs To This Dangerous, Dirty Pile Of Rubble?

  1. jinx

    Is there not a hardware store, not to mention a few upscale homes quite close to this rubbish heap? Surely someone must see this going on right under their noses?

  2. Don. C

    Look wunna better clear up this rubble before someone get damage and all wunna got a lawsuit on yuh hands i can’t understand why wunna let such a beautiful island get so littered with this garbage all you need to sort this out bring in the Government Minister reponsible for the area to sort this out because it look like wunna does wait for trouble before anything does get done I watching wunna progress i see somebody dun take photograph of the rubbish which look dangerous somebody gine get hurt badly wunna hear.