Guyana’s Crooked NYPD Policing Adviser Indicted In USA On Corruption Charges – Sounds Like Some Recent Barbados Government Hirings!


Told You So! We Warned Guyana Against Hiring Bernard Kerik

Guyana’s former big-shot policing and security adviser has just been indicted (again!) on corruption charges in New York State. (News stories here & here)

From about August of 2006 until April 2007, Guyana had an on and off again love affair with former New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. First he was hired under a $20 million dollar Inter-American Development Bank programme to reform policing in Guyana. Then after a public outcry against hiring a person who had been the center of corruption investigations for years, we learned that Kerik hadn’t yet been hired – or so the Guyanese Government said.

Then Kerik’s hiring was on again, then it was off.

The behaviour by the Guyanese government was puzzling. With previous bribery convictions and new corruption allegations swirling all around Kerik, why didn’t the government just toss this bad apple from the big apple? Why did they even consider him in the first place?

The answer is probably in something that Auntie Moses has been telling Shona every since she was old enough to understand…

“Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you everything about you.”

Corrupt Politicians Hire People Who Operate The Same Way

As we told our readers in February 2007 in our article More CARICOM Concerns: Guyana Hires Crooked New York Cop As Security Czar, Bernard Kerik had already been convicted of corruption and bribery charges long before Guyana hired him!

So why would President Bharrat Jagdeo forge ahead with Kerik’s employment? Why would he have considered him in the first place?

That’s easy… Kerik had already proven that he was not against engaging in some bribery, kickbacks and other political corruption. With 20 million coming from the Inter-American Development Bank, Jagdeo needed someone who would be agreeable to spreading the wealth around!

Does Bernard Kerik Remind You Of Some Recent Hirings By The Barbados Government?

VECO Corporation

Jonathan Danos, 3S Barbados SRL, 3S Structural Steel Solutions

Ken Jenne & Innovative Surveillance Technologies (IST)

Can’t Our Government Deal With Anyone But Crooks?

The answer is, “Yes they can, but they don’t want to.”



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3 responses to “Guyana’s Crooked NYPD Policing Adviser Indicted In USA On Corruption Charges – Sounds Like Some Recent Barbados Government Hirings!

  1. Green Monkey

    Hmm, and guess who was pushing for Kerik to be appointed the USA’s Homeland Security head, none other than his good friend and now leading Republican presidential contender Rudy “9/11” Giuliani. I am sure Rudy thought Kerik would make a good fit with the rest of the Republican in-crowd and hangars on making a few spare coppers to support their needy families and feed their empty-belly kids off of the war on terror.

    Rudy Giuliani refused to say if he’d consider pardoning his old friend Bernie Kerik – who was indicted Thursday on federal corruption charges – if elected President.

    “It wouldn’t be fair to ask that question at this point,” the Republican presidential hopeful said in an exclusive interview in Dubuque, Iowa, just hours before Kerik was indicted in New York.

    “He may or may not be charged, he may or may not be convicted. Who knows what happens?”

    As uncomfortable and hypothetical as the question may be, it’s one of many tough queries Giuliani will face as his former police commissioner’s case winds its way through the courts amid a white-hot presidential race.

    The indictments are due to be unsealed today when Kerik – whom Giuliani pushed in 2004 to be U.S. homeland security czar – is expected to be arraigned.

  2. reality check

    the threshold for something to go to trial from a Grand Jury in the United States is very low.

    My prediction is that Kerik and O.J. will both have to face long trials. The prosecution has piled up many charges and something may very well stick in the end.

    They both consider themselves to be above the law and don’t think before they act.

  3. Straight talk

    Green Monkey:

    I attempted to extend your thread with a comment but casually mentioned the president of the U S A.

    Then the moderator comes in and you may see the comment tomorrow at 5.45am, but buried in its original chronological position.

    Suffice it to say for now Guiliani is a criminal.