Was Rihanna Asked To Leave Her Cousin’s Wedding… Or Like Cher, Is Media Overdoing The Story?


UPDATED: January 14, 2010

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What do you think, folks? Rihanna’s dress at this wedding: classy or trashy?

Media-Take-Out Says Rihanna’s Revealing Dress Upset Family

To whom much is given, much is expected… or maybe too much is expected.

The web and blogs are buzzing with a rumour that Rihanna was asked to leave her cousin’s wedding for dressing immodestly. It reminds us of a story a few years ago when Cher attended a wedding and then had to leave when she became the center of attention. In that Cher story though there was no hint of bad behaviour… it was Cher’s celebrity that took away from the wedding couple’s special day. Cher then made a decision to leave early so the wedding could proceed in peace and with proper dignity but the media over-played it.

We wish that the current Rihanna wedding rumours were simply a case of celebrity, but sadly the photos being published online at the very least show a lack of judgment on the part of Girl Gone Bad.

It was a family wedding in Barbados and no doubt Rihanna’s celebrity was a factor, but here at Barbados Free Press we all agree that she shouldn’t have worn that dress.

Here’s the story and two photos from Media Take-Out so you can made up your own mind…



October 30, 2007. When MediaTakeOut.com showed you photos of Rihanna attending her cousin Nigel’s wedding in Barbados a few days ago, we thought that the event went off without a hitch. But we couldn’t have been more wrong. Yesterday our inbox was filled with emails from party guests who claim that Rihanna was asked to leave the wedding early.

The trouble began almost as soon as Rihanna arrived. Tells one of the more than a half dozen partygoers who wrote in to MediaTakeOut.com, “I was shocked when I saw what Rihanna was wearing. Every time she moved, her [breasts] looked like they were ready to come loose.” The tipster added, “[The bride comes from] a very Christian family. [Rihanna] should have known better than to show up wearing such scandalous attire.”

And there’s more. According to a number of eyewitnesses, Rihanna refused to eat the food offered to other guests. An insider explained to MediaTakeOut.com, “She brought her own food and wouldn’t touch anything else … Our food must not be good enough for a big star like her.”

At one point in the evening, the bride’s family decided that they’d had enough. As one family friend puts it, “Rihanna was taking away from the [bride and groom’s] day so we thought it was best to ask her to leave. She understood and agreed”

But before leaving, one guest claims that Rihanna gave the family a piece of her mind. The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “She started arguing with [her aunt and her mother] … Even though they were in the back, you could hear Rihanna yelling at her mother.” The insider added, “Her mother is a very easygoing woman, so she just stayed quiet and waited for Rihanna to calm down …. If she were my daughter, someone would have had to call the police.”

… read the full story and photos online at Media Take Out (link here)


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421 responses to “Was Rihanna Asked To Leave Her Cousin’s Wedding… Or Like Cher, Is Media Overdoing The Story?

  1. unfortunate

    don’t care whether she was asked to leave or not, as a bajan she should have known better what to wear to a wedding and what she had on was not appropriate, regardless of where the wedding took place. (having said that, 15years ago I went to my first wedding in Barbados and was amazed and the things people had one.. one women, not the bride, wore white.. nobody seems to care the wedding is for the bride and groom, not the guests)

  2. John

    Was the PM there?

  3. Sundowner

    I’m sure this all media hype, and who cares, leave the girl alone!

  4. goldenbead

    The dress was gorgeous but inappropriate for a church wedding. A shame if the story about her behaving badly is true.

  5. skines

    OMG visible breasts, how offensive. Thats it!! no more breast feeding on the bus in Barbados.
    How is that green dress more modest than Rihanna’s.
    Maybe Rihanna is on a diet, did anybody ask her ?

  6. bubbles

    Media takeout.com you can’t be serious printing anything from that site .. lies and made up stories. Let the girl be.

  7. Sapidillo

    Family members and those sending out the invites should have known that Rhianna, with her celebrity status, would have drawn attention regardless of what she wore. If she had decided not to attend that would have caused just as much criticism.

    Why is it that bajans take pride in seeking out criticism more so than looking to praise.

    If a top celebrity had held their wedding in Bim and Rhianna, an invited guest, wore that same outfit would bajans be huffing and/or puffing.

  8. Rihanna is a very young girl. She has been extremely lucky to be at the plateau of the USA entertainment industry where millions of entertainers over the world can only dream of.

    She may not know it, but she is walking dangerous ground. Many have lost their minds, money, and even their lives.

    She needs wise, caring and honest managers to shape here future, otherwise, she will end up another statistic – a “has been”.

    Stardom is only for a time.

  9. Anonymous

    I see nothing wrong with what she was wearing.

  10. admirer

    I love Rihanna too Eddy and your advice is wise.

  11. Hugh

    Excellent Photoshop manipulation in image of her back.

  12. Anonymous

    K I L L

    L O V E R I D G E

    S T I N K I N G

    W H I T E

    D O G

  13. John

    She is lucky The Reverend Errington Massiah wasn’t the priest officiating!!

    He is a pretty straightforward character and has let loose over far less revealing dresses in church.

    Suspect she would have got an earful.

    …. doesn’t mean he would not be pleased and respect her for her success.

    … then again maybe she is unlucky not to have come face to face with The Reverend.

  14. Hants

    Tabloid journalism??????

  15. Half full or Half empty

    I guess no one else’s breast were showing or the backs for that matter why are Bajans like that I suspect all the hype was that “hey it’s Rihanna” It probably was more her celebrity than anything, I mean so what you saw a breast or two I see a lot of them on an everyday basis. The girl is beautiful and she wore what she thought would have been beautiful on her not that she was trying to out do anyone else but she’s in that world now she wears designer clothes, shoes and accessories stop being so judgmental if is was me and I had a dress like that to wear hell yeah I was wearing it and ya know what not a boy would have had a problem because I’m not a celebrity.

  16. Jerome Hinds

    I can’t see the face in the second picture…..is it Shona’s ( Ah mean the ” sight ” by the……oops sign ) !

  17. Bajan Observer

    I say:
    Bajans should just be happy and proud to have a worldwide successful singer, no criticize her for anything she does. Too many shortminded people in this Country + too much ignorance.

  18. Jerome Hinds


    November 6th, 2007 at 12:21 am



    Did you see the DRUNKARD on TV 8 stammering & staggering from the effects of strong SPIRITS ?

    Proclaiming what a pathetic CROOK he is……that he is too BUSY to investigate the HARDWOOD issue !

    No doubt he is telling Barbadians that he is too BUSY to tell them about :


    It is time this political CHARLARTAN…..be sent to DODDS for some good HARDWOOD !

  19. Anonymous

    storm in a teacup again?

  20. barbabadosfreepress

    Did clude mascoll say in the nation the cost a living is so hgh is because of our standard of living? what an ass the standard of living is also high in canada, but the cost of living is very cheap in comparison. Weel Weel clydie, please keep your mouth shut

  21. I aint no big rihanna fan but mediatakeout has it in for rihanna. I’ve been following their site for a while now because of a previous rihanna story and all I can say is that they seem to have a real fixation on the girl. Every day they have a new story on her; she get breast implants, she dress was falling off onstage, she father duz sell clothes from the back of his suzuki van and real poor, she was seen making out with bounty killer, chris brown this or the other movie star. yesterday’s story was apparently now she is a lesbian.

    you cant take that site seriously when it comes to rihanna news. get another source please.

  22. Jay

    this is gossip/propaganda

  23. Anonymous

    While the story has clearly been blown out of proportion, you have to say, that dress is not appropriate for a wedding, anywhere. She really should have known better. Shame on her.

  24. jinx

    I saw Rihanna was on the Tyra Banks Show.
    She looked gorgeous and carried herself very well.
    Well Done Rihanna !!!!!!!!
    She is a celebrity now, along with so many others before her who have had to endure such scrutiny and “nit picking”!.

  25. Pablo. T

    I see nothing wrong with Rihanna’s dress I have witnessed on many occasions young girls in the newspapers who are exposing most of themselves with short mini skirts and halter tops, Please I have seen less on some of the school girls, who are supposed to be representing their school and maintaining a high standard. So please get off Rihanna’s case, and show some praise for such a wonderful person.I feel that the expectations that are set for Rihanna by Bajans is to high, she is an international star not the Queen. And still young so why must she dress posh, Rihanna is a down to earth person who remembers her roots, and if people feel that she should act like a Bajan Yankee. Well they should research her a bit more, and see that she is close to her roots. So shame on you all who feel it is right to put her down.

    Pablo. T

  26. Anonymous

    If this dress was worn by a “normal” everyday woman in barbados there would be no talk about it , all you bajans who have something bad to say are just jealous

  27. najo

    Should a person be allowed to do what so ever they want because that person is famous. I’m sure that most Barbados are proud about Rihanna’s accomplishment but we are not about to sacrifice our morals for fame. Dressing modestly is one of the values that means alot to us and we donot intent to change that, not the God fearing Barbadians. I would never allow any lady under my care to wear that thing Rihanna wore to that wedding, she has no morals. We want morals and fame not a sex object.

  28. Anonymous

    Storm in a C-cup…

  29. LilNubia

    I think the dress was quite nice, but inappropriate for the church. We need to respect the sanctity of the church.

  30. Sundowner

    A lot of dresses worn at weddings and more importantly, funerals are inappropriate for church, I’ve been to a couple of funerals where I thought I was at the wrong venue!
    Rihanna looked great, I really can’t see what all the fuss is about and can’t believe we’re all still writing about it, me included!! Like Anonymous says storm in a C- cup, or storm not in a C- cup!

  31. jinx

    What i see is a society which uses the church as a “veil of purity”.
    Their mode of dress may be appropriate but morals are seriously lacking……….
    oh and by the way….
    “Let He Who Is Without Sin, Cast The First STONE…..

  32. Sapidillo

    Bajans criticising Rhianna are full of it and it aint Sugar!!

    Let me add… so as not to be embarrass by the clothes one might wear to an event, why not add on the invite or whatever, “no skin showing please.” chupse

  33. Roy Boy

    “up and on” Rhianna.

  34. Nonny Clarke

    wunna ent got nutting better to do? Lef de woman! Talk bout Gov selling BS&T lan; cos-a-livin.
    Or dem tings too high for wunna mentalities???


    I like Rhianna and I am very proud of her, but damn, she shouldnt have worn that dress. Her breast is showing too much, she leaves nothing for the imagination. She has a great body and I have seen pictures of her in some really nice, sexy yet conservative dresses, she could have worn one of those. I think she is sending bajans a message, that she just doesn’t give a f*ck what they say about her because the top of that dress is similar to the white top that she had on which they all made a big fuss about.

  36. Juanne

    I am no big fan of hers, but what we need to realize is that she is young and still immature… Like any one growing up she will make mistakes. whether it is sleeping with every Tom , Dick and Jane or wearing too reavealing clothing. I believe that being bajan, she would of should know what is acceptable in the churches here, the dress is fabulous, but suited for L.A where she is currently living now. I also agree with Eddy.

  37. daisia

    i think they were right…the dress rihanna had on was really not appropriate… and then carrying her own food… that would make anyone feel bad… i guess rihanna forgot where she came from, she is this big star but before that it was right in barbados that she lived, it was the caribbean flavour that made her who she is… and then arguing with her mother..shame on her…a mother is everything and for her to be arguing with her mother.. how much more does the good girl want to get bad

  38. mar

    i believe rihanna should respect her self because this is not an example for the next generation that is coming up. it is okay to do these things but look at the affect that it is doing. i pray that rihanna would step down from this music thing and turn to the lord, cause this is not of the lord this is of the devil and the lord dont expose you like this the devil does, so rihanna if you see this turn to the lord and ask him if you are going the right road cause there are only two roads to travel one right one wrong and you are going in the wrong direction its okay to get fame and fortune but you have to die and leave them and if you die in your sins you are going to open hell’s door when the lord comes so think before you do. thank you.

  39. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Man I do not understand you people. Did the girl not announce to the world that the “Good ole bajan Girl Gone Bad?” I am sure that it was not written in Egyptian hieroglyphics (is that the write spelling). Rihanna is slowly (if not quickly) becoming a product of the God-forsaken plaque that is depicted in North American mega stardom. It seems that if you do not portray some sort of deviant behaviour, (which is just a mere publicity stunt) than you ain’t part of the in crowd. Man I like Rihanna bad bad, but to the tell you the truth if she gets any ‘badder’ it will be really sad sad sad. After all she is the Good Girl Gone Bad

  40. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Man can someone teach me how to spell?

  41. Anonymous

    As I say, this incident a storm in (or as Sundowner points out, nearly bussin out of) a C-cup.
    But what has happened to her doh? I agree with the poster above. This “gone bad” thing has really spoilt her appearance in my opinion. She used to look so sexy and fresh and nice, but now – well, I dont wanna spell it out too crudely. I still like her.
    But “gone bad” has another meaning to the one she intends, know what I’m saying? And that ain’t sexy at all…

  42. BAJANS stop hating. If you are without flaws then good for you.

  43. bigpicture

    “i believe rihanna should respect her self because this is not an example for the next generation that is coming up” – Mar

    The real issue isn’t the dress, its who wore it, seems like thats the fact that most people seem to ignore. I’m sure most of us have been at either a funeral, wedding, cocktail party etc and had to stare in awe at what was worn, not to mention what seems to be workplace attire now(thats where the examlpe to the next generation goes down the drain). I agree that she should have been more thoughtful if not conservative (which seems to refer to a cassock in the eyes of the barbadian public), but the fact remains someone with her level of esteem and media attention will generate such comments. It’s not a dress, breast or even the events at the wedding, its just the person involved that’s at the heart of this.

    Will we ever be able to let go of the single-mindedness, and tackle the real issue?

  44. Me

    Look, Rihanna wutless. But so are alot of girls in Barbados.
    People so stupid…Rihanna cuda wear an umbrella and some Bajans would say she look good and people just hating.
    If she slack, she slack. And she slack.
    But congrats on the awards Ri Ri…you’s my girl.

  45. ANS

    Wardrobe malfunction. That is what I say. A simple case of. Rihanna is young and she made a mistake. A mistake by not securing that dress with double sided tape/ toupe tape. Whoever is in her PR machine let the side down. They should have (1) keep it under wraps that she was going to the wedding and (2) ensure no wardrobe malfunctions. I never see double sided tape selling in Cave Shepherd yet. If she was any other person, nobody would be looking at her. I recently went to a vow renewal cermony where the couple treated it like a wedding due to the first ceremony being a civil one. I was wearing white halter neck short dress and trust me nobody was looking at me. It wasn’t overtly sexy. I tend to leave that for club nights out and not family get togethers.
    Rihanna does not have the same luxury. She lives in a world under pressure that the average bajan has no concept of. As for any mention of not eating the food, maybe she was on a diet, why automatically think the worse. who cares. well the media of course. As for those who talk about respect, decency and appropriateness, I say hypocrites, to paraphrase the Bible and the Church, judge not less you be judged, first take the log out of your eye before you remove the speck from someone else, if you are without sin you cast the first stone. No one is perfect, not even me and nobody tells any of you what to do. Stop throwing stones at Rihanna and at any body else trying to make it in this world for that matter.

  46. SLIMS


  47. SLIMZ


  48. lee

    it doesnt matter how much you all try to sugar coat it, it was very wrong of rihanna to do what she did. as i was a guest of that wedding i can personally say that she has become a big disappointment to her family in terms of her behaviour. they are all proud of her and her sucess but in tern she lost all respect for them, especially her mom. you should have heard the things she said, its sad to see that she has forgotten where she comes from

  49. Anonymous


  50. lee hmmm,

    December 4, 2007 at 12:06 am

    it doesnt matter how much you all try to sugar coat it, it was very wrong of rihanna to do what she did. as i was a guest of that wedding i can personally say that she has become a big disappointment to her family in terms of her behaviour. they are all proud of her and her sucess but in tern she lost all respect for them, especially her mom. you should have heard the things she said, its sad to see that she has forgotten where she comes from

    u sure u got the right rihanna, hmmm, only if her mom would come online to clarify this, but then again, dem is bearly laugh at deze comments and so on

    ya tell a bajan de sky blue, and ya hear de sky duz give ya de flu

  51. Anonymous

    once again …Mr. know it all Kadri ….boy you are a trip…..always ready to discredit a post .

    Lee …you are so right on this one….no matter how much greatness you achieve in life….one should always respect others.
    I too know her personally,and sad to say it but you are right.

  52. it int bout na know nuttin all anonymous, its a matter of wunna need to mind wunna own business, wa rihanna do int got one ting t do wid wunna, as de girl do sumting wunna on de girl case, but i bet if somebody tell wunna bout sum ting wid wunna, wunna wanna kill and cure, leff de damn girl and let she be, before rihanna was known, everything she was doing was gine on in bim and no one would blog or comment about it

    wunna int nuttin but hypocrites, remind me of al sharpton

  53. i bet u anonymous int know who or which company in barbados this email was first sent from, but yet u feel u know it all, that woman who started that email should be disciplined internally. as a young person do something, wunna does talk crap, thats why jamaican music and trini music will always be on top of ours, why? because we dont support each other and what we have, always crying down we fellow man, na wonder de people who wunna say is de white man treat us de way wunna duz get treat.

    if ya cant treat ya own good, dont expect another people to treat u any better, common sense int education skippa

  54. Anonymous

    What people like you fail to realise Kadri ,is that when she was nothing here….that was one thing ,she is now a superstar ,there fore you argument of leaving her alone is nonsense.
    The thing is ….I am one of her biggest fans but right is right.She was wrong for her behavior ,whether rich or poor manners is paramount.
    As you seem to know it all….do you know that there is a website dedicated to discredit anything Rihanna says or does?
    Fame and fortune does not come without a price son.We love her and would like to see her at the top but also we hate to see her change.

    On the note of Jamaican and Trini music being on top of us,you should be the last to talk ….I dont see you putting your energy into Bajan music.

    Home drums beat first skippa.

  55. Anonymous

    This from a guy with alternative music on his web page……where is the Bajan music you defend so strongly…..Home drums beat first guy.
    Then again…education aint common sense.
    You talk about crying down our own but look at how you dealt with cheese cutter…you dont even know him ,you are new to this blog but you dismiss him as illiterate…..please son….take your own advice,research other posts and apologise to the man.
    Only then would you be taken seriously or with any credibility.

  56. I dont see you putting your energy into Bajan music.

    say you dont see, this is why i always say get proof, little do you know i did some stuff for barbados music as u call it, like moving on on darron grants second album in 2000, bam bam which was a hit in the uk but not here, little man in bim its who u know and not what u do, do you know that those commercials on 98.1 turn up de radio and turn it up is me, both lyrically and vocally, hmmm, still i did nothing

    This from a guy with alternative music on his web page……where is the Bajan music you defend so strongly…..Home drums beat first guy.

    buddy here u go again as a sore loser, music has no nationality, if its produced here in bim or by a bajan its bajan music regardless the genre

    learn the game before u play dude, if soca is produced in bim do you call it trini music, if reggae is produced by a bajan or in bim u call it jamaican music, u are soo dumb u prove it by ur comments all the time

    i am a bajan and i live in barbados where i produce my own music, so therefore my music is bajan music, not american, because i am no american neither was my music done in america

  57. talk about rihannas behaviour if u were there at the time in question, hear say is not admissible, wunna does catch onto everything thrown infront of ya instead of getting de facts

    regardless if rihanna is big or not its not the point, when we all are taken down from our race, creed, religion and status, we all are human

    you sound like some people who insult michael jackson for his change and still put chemicals in dum hair and skin for a change

    you really need to think and find out de facts before you speak skippa

    in bim, its not about how much songs u do or how good they sound, its about who ya know and who know you, and i will never kiss up to no one to get airplay “skippa”

    many bajans making it all over de world big time just like rihanna and other who i guess u never even hear bout, some from years back who i guess u dont know either, but because she is young, look good and maybe get somewhere where u wish u were and cant get, u people insult, thats just the black man for ya, this is why forbes magazine has no back billionaires, too love to keep each other down with scandal and low remarks.

    rihanna was never the first and she wont be de last but i proud of her

    dj grandmaster flash, dougy fresh and many others were in stardom, and yes they all were bajans.

  58. oh yes, and the artist who refused to join de bandwagon and released his music when no one else would, and appeared on morning barbados and the chatroom, simply because i believe in keeping de crop over alive for de people, yea that was me, get ya facts straight buddy

    this was crop over 2004

  59. jodiperry

    To all the fashion police, moralists,traditionalists, some perspective and then some advice

    First the perspective. Barbados is a small nation with a population of 250 thousand. It has produced and international ICON.
    Do you guys have any idea how badly France Europe’s so called cultural epicenter with 60 million inhabitants would love to make that claim, or Europe even (except the UK) with over 300 million would luv to have an internationally known icon/pop star who would wear a ‘conversation piece’ dress to a wedding??
    I live in France and they do agonize over it.

    Through Rihanna, Barbados has become a member of an extremely exclusive club of nations, namely the USA, Canada, UK, Jamaica Australia and Sweden.

    Not exactly an accomplishments to be pissed on by the moralists, fashion police or those of whom we never speak.

    As for the non issue of the dress, growing up we were taught that is was uncouth and ill mannered to comment negatively about one’s appearance whether in manner of dress, or physical features. Where did that go?


    ‘Be there’ for Rihanna, she’s young, gorgeous, talented and vulnerable and needs your unconditional support. (and I’m not even Bajan)

    Reserve that scrutiny for your preachers and leaders, and avoid going the way of JA who gave Marley his accolades after he was gone. We all know where that road leads

  60. Anonymous

    Guy ….get a life.
    What I have done for artists here in Bim and beyond, you cant even come close to .Unlike you with your arrogance and boastful ways ..I dont need to expose who I am,neither do I need to post the things I have done.Their success is my gratification.

    All I would like to see from you is some humility guy.
    Deal with it.
    Maybe it is your dismissive attitude that drives you …who knows…..anyhow I still think you owe Cheesecutter an apology…be a man… that is all I ever have to say to you again.
    Good luck with your music guy.I really wish you all the best as an artist but as a person….well…..lets just leave it there.Peace.

  61. lol anonymous, if i was boastful my list would have been longer, sometimes u need to let people like you know where things stand
    the problem i have really has to do with the crap many people like you who suppose to be “intelligent” and “highly educated” put out as comments without even thinking the wide scale
    as a proud bajan, i support all local artist and their work, and if you want to become a blogger or be active in any public issues as someone whow ill air their views, trust me its best if you have an open mind, which i suspect you dont have because of your comments.
    i really dont care who certain persons are behind the names here, i dont, so dont think i do
    thats why i say what i have to say with an open mind and im not scared to use my real name either
    because nothing scares me, we all are mortals.
    it saddens me to see how much we talk about we hate to hear rihanna this and rihanna that, ask any jamaican if they or other jamaicans are tired of hearing about sean paul, beenie man, bounty killer and others.
    just move on with ya all lives and leave the girl alone

    jodiperry, i endorse your comment, very well said.

  62. Jinx

    Time and a place girl, OOPS is the only way to describe. I agree the girl in the green dress has a similar style going on-if it had been just that girl I bet it would still be thought inappropriate. You are not there to show how HOT you look or out shine the bride or pick up a man, i feel really sorry for my Bajan sisters. Time and a place!

  63. Pickles

    To me it looks like she was at the wedding for a good while enjoying herself,and why should she behave so when she knows she has an image to uphold..oh well

  64. I love you Rihanna (K) ..(K)

  65. you arem y best singer I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …

  66. sisi

    She had a boob job look how big her boobs are!!!!

  67. Rhianna (its my middle name)

    Plz leave Rihanna alone, let her live in peace. Everyone makes mistakes…

  68. kASI

    c all a wanna who beating down d gurl n critizing she is jus a bunch a haterz.1 ting yal gotta realise d only reason so much attention was put into dis ting in d 1st place is cuz is Rihanna we talking bout.if was n e normal person no1 wud even mention it.so wat if she wore a revealing dress who cares,she doesnt so y shud u.luks like imma ave 2 inform wanna haterz of sum facts dat u neglecting.
    1)mediafakeout.com is d biggest gossip webiste in d wurl how in heaven’s name wanna gone even consider beleivin n e ting dat dem put on here..
    2)if wanna luk at mo pics of dis weddin u wud c dat rihanna arrived in d afternoon n left in d night after d wedding was ova.
    3)Rihanna wud neva even tink of disrespecting her family much less her mom i mean she is bajan she aint 2 old 2 get a ass whoopin,tink about it ppl.
    4)she is down 2 earth n loves her sum bajan food,y wud she even tink bout refusing d food.
    n finally yall plz get a life n lef d gurl alone.d same Good Girl Gone Bad jus won a GRAMMY 4 yall n was proud 2 mention Barbados in her speech,which celeb ever mentioned where dem cum 4rm in dem speech,yea dat wat i taut 0.
    giv her sum credit she aint do nun wrong

  69. New on the Blog

    To all the people on here critisizing yet again…someone who has done nothing wrong!
    I have been to weddings in Barbados and what Rihanna was wearing was not all that bad. At least she looks good in the dress.
    I’ve seen alot more exposed body parts and extra skin in outfits that are like 3 sizes too small for people at weddings, church services, funerals, parties not to mention just walking in Bridgetown. All claiming to be Christians.
    So get off the morality trip will you?
    What’s next? what kind of toilette paper she uses and how much?? She has done this country proud.
    Find something constructive to go after instead of a young woman who has gone after her dream, and been successful!

  70. jamaicangirl2007

    what is that at the back of her neck? by the way, i don’t think she is THAT great…but yes, she could have dressed better, weave and all.

  71. Me 2

    your name indicates why you dont think she is that great….the rest of the world thinks she is that is why she is phenomenal.

  72. Rihanna #1 Fan


  73. jamaicangirl2007

    Me 2: I only wanted to know what that was on the back of her neck…and you’re right…as a self respecting Jamaican woman…where beautiful women reign supreme here…..let’s compare our Miss Worlds and Supermodels huh…..I don’t think she is anything to write home about. Her music is great but that’s it…..phenomenal? I don’t know about that.

  74. Anonymous


  75. fara

    The damn girl is a celebrity, jealous! jealous! jealous. I thought Barbados was more advanced than that.

  76. tia

    hey guys, im an African American from the us and here all we hear from this girls mouth is disrespect for Bajans (sorry if this name is politicaly incorrect for me to say) she talks about how you guys never have positive things to say about her and her family because of were her mother was born. I dont know anything about immigrant and native relations in Barbados but i think if anyone hated her its less because of her nationality and more about her being sooo stuck up sometimes. Yes she has catchy music and im proud because she has put her country on the map for talent searching, but shes not really that great. To americans she is popular we love her, but sometimes she acts like you guys banned her from her home. To us Blacks in the US she acts like the young WHITE hollywood celebs. I know people steriotype us as video hoes but when AA female artist decide to become so sexual in their attire and performances is usually after the 20th b-day. Rihanna got naked at 18, and thats not hott. She already has sex appeal to Americans and Europeans just because she is from the islands, we find people from that part of the americas to be sexy/beautiful as a whole. Why does she need to be naked already, she has a whole carrer ahead of her, too much sexy is for the old and desperate. Men around the world would preffer her over a black american because to them she seems exotic, without the angry black woman attitude asscociated with us AA here, to them she is a fresh breath of air. I dont want to knock anyones prefrence but she is not proving to be anything other than what they steriotype her people as. Every time she mentions Barbados its never held her tonge with pride like it should be, just more like she knows that being forieng will make her sexxier in our eyes. I dont get why she has to be so sexually mature and disrespect her people to fit in with white america. She is being Nicole Ritchie number 2. I think she is good at everything (but singing) she does so i wonder why ruin it by running away from the people who love you. But then again maybe that is the reason she has accomplished much more than many young African American women who dont want to be the steriotypical video hoe that people see them as.

  77. Mari

    Life is too short, whether her dress was appropriate or not doesn’t really matter. I am Christian not as conservative as the bride and groom or their family but I think this was blown out of proportion. She is a celebrity so they should have thought about that before they invited her, so what if her boob popped out, you have free will not to look. Besides what should matter is that the bride and groom is getting married and they are happy I think its ridiculous to worry about someone stealing your thunder on your special day. My advice is to the bride, groom and the family if this is all true is to grow up and not be petty. My ex-best friend was so ridiculous when she was getting married she forced me not to buy a strapless bridesmaid dress because she was wearing a strapless dress, what a ridiculous request? what difference would it have made if it was strapless or not, it wasn’t like I was going to buy a white dress. I hope when I get married I am not as petty and ridiculous as some people, I would just let it go, what matters is your getting married to the person you love and you should allow anything to get in the way of that- not a celebrity, a revealing dress or anything.

  78. boom

    Image Barbados getting 2 more SuperStars as big as Rihanna or having an awards show with 30 top celebrities.
    I don’t the little star struck island could handle it, might cause a breakdown.
    It’s almost unbearable now…nit picking and pure jealousy’s … Shame.

  79. everybody makes mistakes

    everybody makes mistake. maybe rihanna made a mistrake that she didnt realize that dress was innapropiate so give her a se cond chance guys.

  80. dominique

    wow. I can understand thye whole dress thing but so what if she doesnt want to eat someone elses food. I dont at a lot of stuff that a lot of people eat

  81. J

    Rule number 1 is: Do not show your breasts in public unless you are nursing a baby.

    Rule number 2 is: Show your breasts in private as much as you want.

    Get it??

  82. Jerome Hinds


    With such lovely ***s Rhianna can show them any place, any time !

    That is the exception to the….RULE !

  83. J

    Good Manners Rules:

    When you sit at someone else’s table you eat what is offered unless you have a pressing medical reason not to. If you have a pressing medical reason you should inform your hosts well before the event. Not “liking” the food offered is not a reason not to eat it. It is always bad manners to bring your own food to a wedding. Hosts should make an effort to meet the legitimate medical needs of thier guests.

    The wedding is not the “big day” for the bride and groom to behave as they feel like. Less we forget the couple has invited the guests and the guests have honoured the couple by attending. Guests at weddings should be treated honourably. They are not there to worship the couple. They are present to share the couple’s joy on that date. The guests are not background for the couple. They are honoured guests. It is therefore inappropriate to ask anyone to leave a wedding unless they are in the process of committing a criminal offense and in that case the police should be called. Any other bad behaviour should be gently and PRIVATELY chided. However should a guest be asked to leave they should not quarrel, fight, holler, nor scream. They should leave quietly and unobtrusively.

    If the ceremony is taking place in a Christian Church or a Mosque or other religious edifice the guests should dress as though attending a religious service, which is what church weddings are. To the best of my knowledge that means that in churches in mosques, in temples etc. neither male nor female guests at weddings are permitted to show their primary or secondary sexual organs while in the religious building. So no breasts nor penis’ should be on display. In the interest of good manners guests should also respect the beliefs of their elders who may be more conservative than younger people. No good reason for this except that one day coming soon you will be old too and then you may have become wise and will understand.

    Wedding season is coming up, I trust that everyone remembers to be on their best behaviour.

  84. J

    Storm in an “AA” cup or an “A” cup or maybe a “B” cup at most. But most certainly not a “C” cup. You fellas letting your imaginations run away with you.

  85. CraZy_BoY

    I can SaY Just that She IS ssooooooooo SeXy Girl, aND I LOVe hER :D:D:D:D, and everything what I will say abOut sHe it WIll Be POSITIVE !!!

  86. Zoii says: Why would Rihanna wear a dumb dress that is my question?

    Julie says: She didn’t know, that is why it says “Oooppss” dah, think people!!

  87. Rock Stone

    What a shame! I thought Jealousies no longer exist in Barbados!

  88. sweetie

    listen eh all u just here bad mouthing the poor gal at least shes doing soemthing wit her life wah all u doing than sitting at a computer on a day to day basses talking pure s*&%…..yall shoul dbe biging yup the gal how many westindian ppls that yall can say well their doing something u kno and they proud to be black and the proud of their acground she could have just said screw this small island wedding whether be family or not u kno… but she went she took the time out of her BUSY life caz as we all kno she is a young gurl and she should be worry about her life or making a life for herself so all that want to bad talk she…just kno she had and i give she mad props and respect for even stepping foot in the wedding thats why it not good to keep some family members close to and the thing is that i bet u half of all u that on this thing that talking s$%^ about her n bad mouthing her is prob first cusins and aunty and uncle STOP HATING…thats why westindian ppl when they make it somewhere in life dont look bac on the rest caz all like to put down and critise…

  89. straight forward

    rihanna is a sweet girl but come on bajans all of us going head over heals for her but think of it she don’t give a dam about us i know her from school and she always bitching about ppl heating her which was not true now she @ the top do u really think she give a dam about bajans and all that thing about bajans are heaters come on every have a right to their own view and for me i know she is not a saint as she try to be and a few good fellas run through her body already and that is the facts so bajans stop dreaming she don’t really like us she like the att:

  90. cindy

    PSHHH! this girl’s a BIOTCH anyways

    i won’t be surprised if she had argued.

  91. cindy

    **RE: JOLIE**

    your so stupid…how would you know that it was an accident??

    the publisher put the “OOPS” there!!
    don’t say “DAH, think people”
    don’t try to make us look stupid…you’re the one who’s stupid…”DAH, think JOLIE”

  92. robinso

    thats a nice foto no matter wat, she love her self so she is not ashamed of anything even her private parts

  93. Hi…!my names is visar and im from kosovo ..I love you so much…i wanted to meet you because you are favourite singer ////I LOVE YOUUUUU….By Visar…

  94. There is a time and place for flaunting yourself and it sure as heck aint at your cousins wedding. She still looks amazingly good but she hasn’t got much class!

  95. yo rihanna shouldn’t had to leave that wedding because it is not her fault that she looks better then everyone else.

  96. TO MY megusta much Rihanna and everything that I am going to say is positive. And no matter what the other DIG

  97. 33

    esta tan buena ke me la cojo

  98. J

    Dear Anonymous: You is a peeping Tom? Wha’ you peeping at?

  99. cheesecutter

    I can’t believe this thread still pulling.
    There’s a time and place for everything.
    But then, nowadays eveything goes.
    Check funerals…once a sombre occasion…..people dressed decent and in all black and reflecting on death.
    Now its a celebration,with backouts and undersized bras. and talk about the wake afterwards…..the bar ram man.
    No wonder people got a special account in the bank fuh dem funeral. wuh loss.
    Bajans got to show off when duh living and when duh dead too.

  100. am trust

    see, that was such an immodest dressing, she never did well, well, its just dressing.

  101. Not The John We Know At BFP

    Lekkerdingggetjeeeeeeeeee! oow ik wordt opgewonden

  102. John

    Thas’s not me!!

  103. Elena


  104. Emily

    okay, this is ridiculous! its just a small slip up, it happens to the best of us, and that woman with the green dress is no less showy than hers. people just need to leave the poor girl alone!

  105. she must be imbarest

  106. Jamina

    This is not true! You’re all haters! I was there at the party and Rihanna is a very good friend of mine! The bride even praised her for wearing such a wonderful dress… And I feel, she looks gorgeous! Rihanna wasn’t asked to leave early, she just left because of her schedule! Dumb haters!

  107. Kuccu

    I believe rihanna have no money to buy a polite dress, not a cheap dress like that. its lack of thread! you become a cheap girl, rihanna!

  108. leave the girl alone, and mind u which girl wouldn’t want to wear that dress, no matter which accession i seen far worse dresses at weddings. and Rihanna is still young she wants to have fun. I don’t believe her getting thrown out the wedding tho full of rubbish

  109. i love u rihanna i want a tattoo like your u so pretty

    keep ya head up high to the sky lol

    love rihanna biggest fan in the world china shouse

  110. mr ard

    were’s the pic without the thing covering her nip???

  111. andres

    hallo mein schatz rihanna… kuss

  112. 119

    i think her cousin shouldnt kick her out its a free country

  113. John McGoldrick

    The problem might be that she doesn’t like anyone else in the spotlight but her. If thats the case.. Very sad. Shame being booted from a wedding.

  114. John McGoldrick

    OK, I would like to re phrase my comment.

    Jamina, you shouldn’t have called us “Dumb haters.” You should be calling the blog a “stupid hater”, or call the idiot that got their facts wrong and published it on the web a “stupid hater.”

    It’s not our fault the media missleads us from time to time.

  115. rihanna je super vie pekne spievat ja ju stale počuvam no je naj super spevačka a nanu nikto nema!

  116. it depends which way u look at it. wearing a revealing top to a church wedding is not right, but rih still looked awesome in it. anywayz, peepz should mind their own business-who REALLY cares – seriously?

  117. Partial

    Are you people serious? Leave the little girl alone. She is a teenager for heaven’s sake and will make several mistakes as she matures. It is part of growing up. You people are going to make an issue of everything she does? Go make a vegetable patch in your back yard, take your dog off the piece of rope that it was on forever and carry it for a walk, bathe it, hell, bathe yourself. Damn! Find something to do. Get a life!!!

  118. i live in asia

    damn, i can’t believe that just happen, i tought she was just a nice girl, but i the back of all that looks like there’s somethin’ else, but in anyway i’m still her big fan:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-]:-] , and i don’t think that’s a bad thing cuz maybe she’s in a hurry or maybe she want to start a new trend , just think positive ppls. god !

  119. Free Free

    okay, i don’t think that Rihanna really cares about anything anymore she’s rich it happens to the best of us. And why would the bride praise her, come on now no one would praise her for wearing something like that, that’s not something you’d wear to a wedding. especially a christian wedding.

  120. maxwell

    she so stupid 4 always dressing in a mad person way

  121. 177

    Forget what she is wearing. She is Rihanna!!! That is all that matters.

  122. silly rabbit

    that dress would have been the talk of that wedding dispite who wore it

  123. Rihanna gurl thats not kute! you need to cova that up~! I bet you Chris Wouldnt lyke that and speaking of Chris…..He is my man Jasmine and Chris 4 lyfe so Rihanna Fall Back………U could neve be BEYONCE you fake barbatos stank!

  124. Nicole

    the original photo is on the internet and it is not that revealing. The star makes it seem like you can see her nipple and makes the dress seem very raunchy-you cannot see it !
    I find it hard to beleive this dress caused offence more than a cleavage revealing one !
    This story is hyped up for sure

  125. Nicole

    The dress is very elegant in my opinion. It’s not like she is showing everything. Come on, this is a young girl with a gorgeous body-why should she feel ashamed of it !
    She has tiny breasts and this dress makes the most of what she has in a subtle yet sexy way.

  126. $tephany DuPree

    I think that everyone was jealous of Rhinnas Dress and if CHris Brown dont say anything then I wont either and for the mother thing I would of went off on my mother in heart beat because Rhinna was probly the one to pay for that damn wedding and so it comes to my conclusion that they were all jealous bucause they old fat asses could not get into that gorgous dress. I got ur back Rhinna.

  127. leah

    Fame obviously went to her head, when things start to go wrong in her career and it will being a celebrity she’s going to need her family there to support her. She can’t treat them like that and not expect them to treat her the same. They probably don’t even recognize her any more with all that make up and attitude. If you ask me she’s forgetting who she is, her music don’t even have a little taste of the islands anymore, before you know it her accent will be gone. What’s going to make her different than other female music artists?……….nothing.

  128. U boys try to play cool. That dress is so ugly! Rihanna. A shame for u”!

  129. ruby

    as for the jamaican…please go and learn to speak properly and leave rihanna alone

  130. bajangal

    Has anyone realized that Rihanna is not even aware of your existence? Y’all stressing and getting angry over someone who can pay duh bills without worrying. Please!!

  131. 56.83

    If any of you know this so called ‘story’ is made up.The website that made up this story, is not even a reliable source. lied about the whole thing.Mediatakeout makes up all their stories, that’s the only way they get people coming to their site. Already there have been many people who went to the wedding making it clear on that website that the story is false and made up.

  132. 56.83

    And if you’ve seen the pictures of her at the wedding she wasn’t showing any nipple, they only did that to make you talk and gossip about her dress.

  133. Jacklyn

    I agree with the family for asking her to leave because Rihanna disrespected them, showed a lack of good judgement by exhibiting more that what was required of her. She could have worn an outfit that was a little modest. Hello, it was a wedding not a club.

  134. I dont think Rihanna wore that dress just to try and show off.She probably was just trying to find something that she thought would make her look pretty.
    I admit that the dress was not appropiate for the wedding, but leave the woman alone.Let her where what she likes!!

  135. styles

    well i think rihanna is a great person but in fact if ur family is a church goin family u shouldnt be goin with a dress like that but iam like dat also i love 2 be the center of action but its a time and a place for it she could of pick another dress next time she will kno but i know that wasnt the whole story

  136. i think rihanna was wrong for wearin that type of dress being that the famiily was a church goin family but iam like that 2 i love to be the center of attention but its a time and place for that i guess being a star isnt enough for her i love rihanna and like everything she does but she was wrong but sexy people like dat cant turn all dat off lol

  137. what is that at the back of her neck? by the way, i don’t think she is THAT great…but yes, she could have dressed better, weave and all.

  138. shaaz

    As kid site say, “Only bout hey”. Any place else Rihanna would be loved and held high, but here in Barbados, she is chewwed up and spit out! You guys got to stop watching other people glass windows and clean all the dirt off yours!

  139. shaaz

    To miro, the thing in her neck is called a TATTOO. If you’ve never seen one before just stand at the top of Broad Street for 2 seconds and about 1000 would pass you in that time. As for the weave, who doesn’t wear, nearly all of the white celebrities that you would hold so dear.
    You need to check yourself and stop being so hypocritical as you probably might have worn a weave or two in your time.

  140. bloomer

    First of all for all of you who are talking about the press overdoing the story, it is not true. The press is correct, I was there and I was so shocked from the time I saw her. I thought to myself “what the hell, this girl wants to destroy the wedding?” all her breast was let loose and she was feeling bad and uneased her self cause she kept dangling her hands close to her breast as a cover up and holding her head down after all the whispers and veiwers looking at her and talking. She even blurted out at her mom who felt so ashamed she didn’t say a word. I think she used some drugs before she came to the wedding and I think she is using drugs even now!! She is not the same and she has been acting funny and really rediculous!

    Rihanna is just showing herself to be the true Nasty character that she is. she should be ashamed of herself. Tell me who good man would want her after she has been exposing all that and more? Not Chris Brown for sure!!!! cause he once said in an interview that he wants a woman who is modest and has morals and good behaviour and that is not her.

  141. Caramel Kid

    For the love of peace….can we just get off this subject now? How come no-one asked her to leave the Church then? As for the food issue…how many of us have gone places including weddings and avoided the food? When did that become a crime? The girl could have had some special dietary need at that time and quite frankly the menu probably had on a lot of heavy food like greasy macaroni pie that is now our national dish. Either way what the hell is that to do with anyone else? She should not have to justify every little aspect of her existence to everyone celebrity or not.

    I suspect a lot more has been made of this than was necessary cause in customary Bajan style people can’t wait to “wash duh mout pun yuh”. While the dress was a bit revealing I maintain it is no worse than what many girls and even big hardbacked women wear these days and if the wedding was as Christian as all that she would have been stopped from entering the Church. I suspect if she had a stole there would have been less fuss but the girl look good so no matter wah she wear she woulda stop traffic! Moralism is a convenience game in this country so stop talking s___e and lets move on!!!

  142. Nicholas

    I Just think that the media is blowing this piece of news. I mean, come on, this is the twenty-first century. Rihanna can wear anything and still cause a sensation because the media is being too harsh on her. I don’t see anything wrong with wearing a dress like hers. Instead of blindly criticising her, they should admired her gorgeous body and her dress. Not like they dress any better. Whad a stupid couple. Glad Rihanna gave her family a piece of her mind. The way they treat her is like she’s an outsider. Fark them

  143. samuel

    hi riha you look sexy in this dress. don’t care about what people said. love you

  144. Sara

    I love you Rihanna,and you are my BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG,BIG FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!My dream is I talk with you,and i`m from SERBIA!!!I L O V E Y O U U U U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. as much as i love you girl,to be honest,you shouldn’t have worn that dress to the wedding.
    i mean,what you were trying to was to steal the spotlight from the bride……come on girl…..
    we all know you deserved it(the spot light)
    i must say,that dress looked sizzling HOT!!!!
    i totaly dig you……
    luv ya!!!!

  146. Yardgal

    I agree with my fellow Jamaican she isn’t spectacular…but what she has is good. I think her obvious european features have helped her, in the states; however, she needs to be careful of the backlash from haters, who seem to think she is trending white. Baji people, support her, there is going to come a time when she needs home. Also be honest in your criticism…yes! her dress was inappropriate for ANY island wedding. “BIG UP ALL ISLANDERS, SUPPORT YOUR PEOPLE!!!

  147. person

    I THIMK IT WAS JUST AN ACCIDENT,!!……….no girl nos when her boob is going 2 pop out!

  148. wow

    that dress shows WAY too much skin to be at a church wedding and wat if her whole boob were to fall out huh ? and plus there are kids whom were there .to me i think she knew wat she was putting on and she didnt care im mean come on that dress is TRASHY NOT CLASSY!! also kids (and adults) are fans of her and her music if the kids whom are fans of her saw this wat kind of exsample is she setting for them,huh ?

  149. simaa

    huups…noo stava sa.. :DD

  150. chrissy

    yall just mad cause yall not her !!!!!!!!(the people woh put it out)

  151. trashy!

    this pic is trashy not classy! classy aint like tht!! but again its something tht represents her cause she always wanted to be dirty! thts what it said in one of the articles….tht rihanna always wanted to be dirty…..and i think tht is clear to me already!! by seeing this pic…..but again being dirty or not is totally her choice…its her life…but being dirty in a wedding is totolly low!! go show ur boob somewhere else! to chris or something….but not at a wedding……like someone said there are small kids there!

  152. RichieRich

    Leave Rihanna alone, she’s just being herself. Seriously, people need to mind their own business.


  154. yea J@$mine chris is my man so back off 227

  155. candice

    yoall should leave rey alone.Shes pretty and fab.go rey love yah

  156. .92


    whey wunna now come from
    this thread was around for quite a while now

  157. you guys are just gorgeous,crazy and stupid liars

  158. anonomous

    stay straigh, keep your head on

  159. Esmeralda

    hey Rihanna I Love your music , My favorite is Don’t Stop The Music and my mom like your hair cut of the video.

  160. cat

    stop showing your body everywhere.

  161. Bajanpride

    Seems we are going backward. All this free education and Rihanna is all you can find to discuss. Some of you cannot tell your kids what to wear, atleast she can afford the dress she is wearing.

  162. i’m bajan people make fun of me i feel sorry.

  163. .228

    it’s ok she didn’t mean to show her personal body parts.

  164. .228

    everyone knows that rihanna is drop dead gorgeous! and the dress is gorgeous too! rihanna might have worn a dress that showed her personal body parts but come on it was an accedient i bet.

  165. .228

    who ever is leaving bad comments it was and accedient and we all know you like it.

  166. marylyn

    she should have cover ed a little bit more well just the boobs i wouldnt want that in my wedding (kids ) are always present but nothing is wrong with what she’s wearing is just her boobs were loose (see picture) because look at what every body else is wearing. and like cher she should have left in peace and let the bride and groom have their moment. she has become a snob but i still love her music but wouldnt want to meet her.

  167. All of them are dressed like they are going to somebody’s prom. Stop pin pointing at Rihanna.. losers.

  168. iraqi

    I think this pic has been edited by asepcific mean
    otherwise it will be shine on rihanna to be like this
    iraqi comment ………..

  169. jose

    chida foto rianna


  171. like rihanna is my biggest and fav singer but just because someone saw her boob maybe that person should have been more kind and tolden rihanna to go to the washroom instead that person had to put it in the news paper.GOD HELP .rihanna is an awsome singer and i dont think anyone asult her of being a slut.
    love u soooo much rhianna

    yo biggest fan SAVERIA
    i wanna be a singer just like u
    go to my website


  172. like theres always someone who puts it in the
    newspapper . like rhianna is the cooolest hiphop r&b rockstar
    i wanna be a singer just like u go to


  173. I see that Circuit City is featuring a “live chat” Rihanna.

    See Keltruth post: “New Circuit City Promotion promises Live Chat with Rihanna!”

  174. Jaide

    I think somepne edited this pic to look like that(like multiple people have said). I don’t think Rihanna would be able to stand there and not realize that her breasts were out!

  175. mrcaribmon

    hey just got to say this,i disagree with watt she was wearing,but i think the main reason she was ask to leave,was her status as celeb,it stole the moment that should be a special time in the bride and groom’s life…on the matter of watt she wanted and didn’t want to eat more than likely she’s on a special diet,as a female artist i bet her label put alot of emphasis, on how she looks,caz as talented as you’re your looks sells u more

  176. dave maguire

    rihanna, i am ur greatest fan but i must say i am highly disappointed in u. you of all people should have known better.
    u are not a porn star and i beg you please don’t let the huge money you have drive you mad.
    it would be bad for me to hear you have gone mental and i might even end up committing suicide so please. dave

  177. The scout

    Hi Folks
    This matter was reported many many moons ago; come on you still flagging the girl. Rihanna has matured way beyond many of you, she’s a TRUE ambassador for this country. This young lady is more popular than another bajan ever and she ALWAYS “big up” Barbados, even with her accent. Talk about the positives and stop dwelling on one negative incedent . Is it envy or what? Go girl, as a bajan I’m VERY proud of you.

  178. Good girl’s gone bad…i think she has nice boobs but i dont think its a good idea to expose those two nice boobs in public. i like her cos she’s hot but not to spoil a wedding ceremoney in Barbados.

  179. Nanci

    Rhianna should know better than to wear that dress with no top, but that’s what celebrity life does to some people, they forget the core values of life. Then she started throwing a hissy fit because she couldn’t get her own way. Rhianna thinks because she is this big rich celebrity she can do what she wants, just like a lot of them in the US and all over the world. They must realize the public is who put them in the status they are in. I would’ve kicked her ass out the wedding myself. She should’ve worn something more appropriate and respectful and stop being a spoil brat. Rhianna said she went to comber mere school but she don’t speak too intelligent to me either, she have a little girl mentality, yes she is pretty but don’t forget beauty is vain

  180. Nanci

    yes she wore that dress to get attention to herself, she is a little vain bitch and her sounds don’t have any meaning, what do her songs teach kids or young people, absolutely nothing, and talk about she is an ambassador for Barbados, I see a lot of bajans in the US uplift Barbados daily, just traveling around with the bajan flag on your car can be an advertisement for Barbados, and those people didn’t get an acre of land from the prime minister, so what do you expect from her when she comes to Barbados, she comes there to show off because she knows she is young and pretty, because her father is Indian and her mother is mulatto. She is just another spoil brat.

  181. Nanci

    I think you’ve got it wrong when it comes to Rihanna’s geneology.
    Her father is not a “pure indian” and her mother is far from being Mulatto. She’s browned skinned.

    Let’s give Rihanna a rest. She’s an Ambassador for Barbados. She dresses the way she does because of her occupation and the marketing “expectations” that go with it.

  182. nanci

    rhianna thought she was attending the awards, because that’s where they show off their private parts, the more parts they show off, the more exposure they get along with CD and video sales. I remember when Janet Jackson was bringing out her latest album, she was on tv and other media sources bearing all her body parts in quite revealing ways, the album flopped. People are gradually realizing that is what celebrities do, they expose themselves for more attention. You remember J Lo at some Grammy awards when she wore a dress with half her chest exposed, her legs exposed, two more minutes in the dressing room that woman would’ve been naked at the awards, and she thought she looked good, but sex sells as they say.

  183. nanci

    wake up Eddi you idiot, whatever her parents are, she’s no embassador, embassador my foot, my son is more embassador in the US than rhianna, he visits Barbados every year and wear all the shirts he buys over there to school, when his friends and teachers see the Barbados logans on his shirt, they visit the island in droves and I mean people with money, so Rhianna is no ambassador, they are many ambassadors that advertise Barbados that you don’t even know about, she got that title and the acre of land because she is young and cute, when she get to be 35 no one is going to notice her anymore. Her songs suck anyway, they have no meaning and what is the theme.

  184. J

    Nanci you sound bitter to me. Saw her on Black Rock road on Kadooment day, just enjoying herself like tens of thousands of other Bajans. And NOT drawing attention to herself. Just having some clean simple fun. Her family are hard working decent Bajan people with roots in this country dating back hundreds of years. Both the black and the white side of the family are good people.

    You are just jealous.

    Leave the girl alone.

  185. Nanci

    Do I detect a tinge of jealousy?

    Rihanna wears what the market dictates. Do you expect you’ll see her in ankle-length church dresses?

    As far as her songs go, like you, I don’t listen to them and don’t have any interest in them. But that doesn’t mean I can’t give her credit for her stirling achievements to date, thus far.


  186. getoffhercl*t

    yo! thats wrong!!! get some other news.. oh my!! leave her alone… i bet your a nasty lady thats so jealous of her .. get a life… or get plastic surgery…!!!! stop hatin! you freak!

  187. vherunka

    to je hezky sami cizinci:-D :-D….jo a jinak rikanna je super 🙂 ;-)…tak ahoj dravi CZECH REPUBLIC 🙂

  188. man i love u rihanna ur da best
    i hate people who be talk bout the singer n if the singer is there all up n day face u kno dats called
    fak a$$ people

  189. 0o0o q fuerte pz la nta zoi fan #1 de rihanna
    zizi la amo a la chava ez la mejor me kae de
    huevoz q ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….
    pz espero y venga pronto a mexico bueno bye

    p.d. i love rihanna yes yes is the #1 yesyes i love

  190. A

    Leave her alone!! She can wear whatever she wants, it’s up to her , not anyone else’a problem!
    You can’t say she’s the only one showing her tits to everyone coz there’s other stars worst than her!
    She’s lucky coz she goes out with CHRIS BROWN – he’s so SEXY and HOT!!


    Seems as though Rihanna is broke. Fleeced by unscupulous management.
    See Celebrity Gossip on BU’s blog.
    It’s a shame!

  192. gabriella

    Hello Rihana I love you my love !!!!

  193. Hello Rihana I love you my love !!!!
    i love you are so cool

  194. The scout

    Facts Rihanna is Broke
    What happen? you appear worried, or happy or you sorry you didn’t get some of the money. Maybe it is a “I knew that would happen” attitude. You keep raising the topic, Ask David to give you a special post. You’re becoming like a spanish station on the AM band, ya buuting in on good lines with your own topic. Bajans would tell you “ya unmanly man.”

  195. M@hshid

    L@dies ,do not be so envios!

  196. M@hshid;good girl is bad

    I looooooVVEEe Rihan,But I guess she Caught cold after the wedding partty!

  197. Anonymous

    all of yall be talking like u didnt zoom 5oo percent in her breast so shut up and mind ur own business

  198. man yall would not like if somebody took a pic of
    u so stop taking pic of her

  199. .22

    What has this world and some of our fellow Bajans come to?

    Seriously, leave the Girl alone.

  200. Anonymous

    what is this

  201. christine

    Did you see Rihanna on the MTV Awards last night…she is hotter than Beyonce by a mile, and she is cooler than cool with those moves and all that self confidence. I think she needs to dump Chris Brown because he is too nerdy and not sophisticated enough for her…I think all the crap they write about her is just that…crap. She is seriously talented and if you watched last night, you can see that she does NOT take herself too seriously…she is just confident yet playful at the same time….what a beauty!!!

  202. i will never use thisa dress but if she want use it 4 me is ok i like the songs of rihanna and tath will not change!!

  203. slt cava rihanna i love you

  204. i love you rihanna beucoup

  205. damn leave her alone she probley didnt know her breast was showin it iight rihanna i got ya baq

  206. Anonymous

    horrible photoshop job

  207. başak

    resimler çok güzel ses desen bir numara süperde bir güzeelliği var rihanna number one ı love you rihanna

  208. hai iam denisa .rihanna is favorite and i hev got is tshr

  209. Davika Love aka Black Tarzan

    Listen, as fine as she is. I don’t care, if she walked in with a tea bag suite on. It looked good, and I would escort her anywhere she wanted to go. Looking and fealing fabulacious.

    This sister is on another level, and plato and if she got it, then baby “Rock Wit it”.

    Hey Ree Ree, you can dial me, pin Pal me, text me, or SOS me. it is and forever will be all good.

    It’s your boo, to the rescue and again!


    Mr. Black Tarzan

  210. ishmarsha

    and i would of thought every1 in the world knows that mediatakeout is all about gossip and making up stuff. future more photoshopping. doing that brings traffic and attention to that site…mediatakeout is lol at yall what a shame!

  211. Anonymous

    Plz People LEAVE RIHANNA ALONE It’s her choice she wants to show half her boobs;)
    you have nothing to do with her…
    Wat it she wants to bring her food maybe she on a diet PLEASE REMMBER….
    that *jealousy is a diese get well soon*

  212. MediatakeoutisBS

    Dude this story is so falsified it’s ridiculous. The only thing scandalous around Rihanna is all these jealous tabloids. It’s actually quite funny that they think we will believe there BS. The pictures are taken from seperate events. MediaTakeOut and people like TMZ are fucking stupid. It reminds me of when they said Charlize Theron was being a bitch at the RNC in ’08, she was actually quite polite for someone with a parasite pretty much attached to her backside. But oh well, they don’t give a damn about people’s feelings until it suits their profits.

  213. Serser

    Damn media feeding us bullsh*t… why cant they just tell us the truth about her? that would be more entertaining.. and they definitely shouldn’t invade her privacy at a wedding to get it.

  214. .12

    you are so sexy end hot vere sexy a love you rihanna

  215. karina cantu

    a la rihanna
    se le ve
    es natural
    esn todas
    las mujeres

  216. Maya

    The woman standing right beside her is showing just as much skin, she has on spaghetti straps! None of those women are dressed as if they’re attending a wedding.

  217. mangoskin

    I know she knew better than that because island people never enter a church dressed like that, im from the island and they are very strict about there dress codes for church and she was wrong for that. She knew attention would be on her anyway so why try to do extra.

  218. 90s

    nobody can deny that rihanna looks gorgeous, but this was someone else’s big day-so she should have dressed modestly, like the rest of the people in the pictures.

  219. I´m Juliana from Brazil and I think she´s so perfect girl….She sings as a birds……she´s so capable to do everything she wants……
    so….that´s What I think…..

  220. Patrick Toad

    i lkk rihanna shes a beautiful person, her voice sooths the riot of screaming fans, imagination lkk no other, comes up wit great songs, her high e and a’s to die for. when im just in my room wanting to chill i hope she comes on the station so i can just lie there and think, u no deep inside think. so kodos to u rihanna. a loving fan ptb

  221. Rihanna

    e aí, blz??

  222. Anonymous

    para que le ponen ese ups

  223. .79

    i think she looks pretty in all her dresses because she is too pretty to wear that dress.

  224. Gorgeous

    Rihanna Can Wear Wateva She wants She Is Amazing and amazing people can do that

  225. Anonymous

    onde quer que eu vá vou te levar pra sempre cada segundo guardado no meu coração

  226. Emily

    how the hell do they get these pictures?!?!? its a totall invasion of privacy

  227. hello rihanna plis soy cristo te kiero muxo

  228. Proxie

    you knw wat, i completely agree with Emily….its total invasion….give the celebs a break man…they’re ppl jus like us we all make mistakes…..dese guyz hv time 2 waste i c dats all….i consider dat to be stalking….these ppl r jus obsessed…

  229. Concerned Citizen

    I must first say that as a Caribbean National….I am happy that our ppl are reaching this far in life…..

    Another thing…..I love Rhianna to death….she is a young, wonderful and adorable person….that dress she wore to that wedding was off the hook…..Fabulous if you ask me….it’s quite revealing yes…but hey…..aren’t ppl allowed to wear what they want anymore?…..I don’t think she was looking for attention….she just wore a dress that best suits the occasion…and she was rocking it……

    However, if the ppl at the wedding really had such a big problem…then it was only wise that they indicated what should be worn so as to prevent eye turning…….it’s not entirely Rhianna’s fault…she has a damn good figure and no matter what she had worn….there would’ve been distractions either way;)

    Plus the Media needs to mind their own damn business…

  230. DELISHA


  231. twinkles

    rihanna is a woman she can make her choice on what to wear or what to do. u cant control de girl

    if i was a celebrity i would wear dat dress and she erns de money to buy and wear de dress so wh0 soever ave a prob den jump af a cliff cause unu just nuh ave nuting fi doo but trouble har

  232. Anonymous

    hi i love rihanna and her boobs

  233. MATEA


  234. MATEA


  235. anita

    i dont know why you put that
    you only disturf rihanna

  236. ja stvarno volim rihannu jako ima odličan glas i znam da to svi misle

  237. THUNDER


  238. The Scout

    YOU PERVERT. All you see is a sex symbol. Go and jerk off

  239. 1234

    black bitch i hate you!!!

  240. 1234

    rihanna is a black fucking he/she…. looks like a fucking zombie with male hair style

  241. Rihanna what do you think with that picture?

  242. kerem

    rihanna seni çok seviyorum sana hayranım ama bu görüntüde ne

  243. rere

    ew, i think its funny

  244. indiana

    u r really cool! i think u look beautiful in any kinds of dresses.I like your tattoe and your hair cuts.

  245. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rihanna butiful rihanna te amo

  246. patty

    rihannaaaaaa is the best i love herr i love u soo oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  247. Anonymous

    mogli ste i nesto popularnije hahaha .
    ma salim se ja ovo je stvarno cool

  248. u r so nasty who wears in the right min would wear a dress lyke that nd i really dnt care if everyone calls me a hater but seriously that is just nasty plus ur not even petty someone pretty is Jessica Alba nd my boy dnt even lyke thats how ugly u r!BYE B****

  249. Anonymous

    trkiye cok gzllll

  250. Alejandro

    Mui sexy Rihanna! Estoy maravilhado…

  251. Madeline

    the tabloids are overdoing the fact that her dress outshined the bride! that’s all!

  252. SaySay

    I don’t think anything is wrong with Rihanna’s dress. If she was a regular person people wouldn’t have said anything about her dress. It seem as if people are jealous of her and like to fine anything bad about her to bring her down. Rihanna continue to do your thing.
    Much Love,

  253. john

    umm can u remover the “oops” thingy 😉

  254. RESPECT!—Aretha Franklin…

  255. liz2125

    OMYLORD what is her prob? I think she should be able to figure out thats kinda……rude to wear to a wedding. i mean seriously. It’s called feeling a draft, honey!

  256. I lOve RiHaNna She Is A woNderFul sIngeR aNd i waNt 2 Be juSt LikE Her weN i GroW up!!!!!:) KicKing Her Out Of Her OwN coUsiNs weddInG is Not Nice……—> aNd shE wasnT BeinG diSreSpecTfUl shE jUss WantEd 2 weaR a siMple Nice Blue dreSS thaTs it..No Harm No Faul..Its Not liKe she ExposEd anYthinG bcUz if shE diD deN daHt wouLd be a DifferENt stOry….Im her #1 FAN!!!! aNd iLl alwayS be There 2 baCk her Up….

  257. ajshe

    hey rihanna im ajshe i love you im girl and im 9 yors old im from MACEDONIA im not so match many.MACEDONIA is not beauty and pipel on macedonia is crezy ou ou ou and you ic swwet and im hip hop my mother is name bekime my father ejup my grandmather ajshe and ny sister erza,and i love so match wwe diva candice michelle my sister i love maria maria not so match beauty diva candice is beauty diva sweet diva and i love you,you is swwet`i girl and you from ………please iou com ON MACEDONIA.YOU LOVE CANDICE MICHELLE AND I LOVE JOHN CENA

  258. akshan

    rihanna is peng, why wudnt u want 2 see her naked

  259. akshan

    she flippin peng, i do her defo,

    wots rong with a blue dress, she probs jus wanted to stand out becuase she is so irresistable,

    nd i say she shud off got em out

  260. blue dress issue

    right so now this is sooooo stupid
    ok so yeah people wear exposing dresses SO WHAT!!! what is all you peoples problems if you hate rihanna then ignore her there are people in the world who think that she is amazing so let this blue dress thing go let it fly away BURN IT,KILL IT ,STAMP ON IT AND FORGET ALL ABOUT IT she is a human and how do you think she is taking this

    treat other how you expect to be treated!!!!
    you wouldnt like it and nither does she

  261. viviane

    i love you rihanna…

  262. viviane

    rihanna you is bealtifu

  263. rihanna your my favourite musik.i like your musik.my favourite musik is dustribia . you are very prety and intelegjent. this is from mi natyra

  264. Carol


    I am Brazilian..

    I love Rihanna!!
    I love chris Brown!!

  265. Joe

    i luv rihanna she’s ok. i wish i could evre see her

  266. pierre louis taina


  267. Lady Anon

    Cannot believe that one whole year later, this is still being discussed. Sheesh.

  268. Sam x

    Why have people left so many comments about this the celebritys don’t care what you think – like they read this. So stop wasting you time sending stupid messages

  269. SuzieQ.

    It was great that Rihanna went to her cousins’ wedding even if she did leave…., but i think papparazii(mispelled) is to deperate…i mean com’ on it like ppl have never seen a breast b4.

  270. JAMES

    ah!!!!!!!!!! rihannas breast is the hottest i have ever seen

  271. Lulus

    wow……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..(NO OTHER COMMENT! : )….)

  272. thatsthebreast

    the breast looks damned good.

  273. i luv rihanna she is the best singer ever

  274. ik hou van jouw fotos

  275. Anonymous

    rihanna la proxima vez procura taparte un poco mas

  276. you my best of the musik

  277. o my god is that rihanna i love her she is the best singer for me it looks horible :)R!H@NN@:)

  278. rihanna you are the beautiful….no coment :D:D

  279. mariane

    rihanna i think you shouldn’t wear that dress cause you might loose some of your fans. when i saw that picture i was like “i will never listen to her voice again because she’s getting more and more baaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i love you anywhere

  280. Mila

    Oh puh-lease, The stupid tabloids make such a big deal of this, so what if she wears “atrocious attire” i mean she’s a popstar, maybe a LITTLE innapropriate, but honestly, LEAVE THE POOR GIRL ALONE!!!

    Love u Rihanna, always 🙂

  281. Natusqa

    awooojte vsetci!!! Rihanna si sice moc nestrazila ti jej padajuce saty ale ten hlas… mno nadhera :O)

  282. 218

    girl you are all that haters every where you go

  283. The Scout

    The more you haters/envier talk about Rihanna, the more her fans LOVE her. GO GIRL. At least two Grammies this time. Oh Lord, these haters are going to drop dead with envy but who cares.

  284. no need

    this is a truly a lie, am sure dis aint Rihanna. All her haters should rest over her. She’s a good girl n won’t mess around wearing stuffs like dt. She is a star n if u aint cool with dt, u can go jump into d ocean

  285. lol shes so sexy on her dress…

    she must be wearing something simple 🙂

    but still she looks nice 🙂

    i love rihanna


  286. mery

    she’s unic!!!and beautiful…….i love rih so…the others:shut up!!!

  287. GAIL


  288. RORI

    RIHANNA you are beautiful i love you .

  289. wow rihanna i hate you sooo much no offense only cuz your datin my man lol CHRIS BROWN your soo lucky and i’m almost 19 now and i loved chris for when i was 5 years old i always listened to his songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  290. ewwwwwwwwwww.IM sorry thats not me thats my cousin.whos wedding?

  291. Anonymous

    hi!| my name is miky i live in italy i love rihanna she is very!! very!!!!1! fantastik bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  292. Edit

    Szia Rihanna.Ha tudsz magyarul akkor akarom tudni,hogy kibe vagy szerelmes,és,hogy mi a másik neved.Megtudhatom tőlled,hogy már meg vagy-e nösülve.

  293. 10

    i haaatttteee rihanna she is soo rude and bad mannered she was rude to my sister boyfriends friend and also rude to my sister friend she thinks she is a star if not for umbrella everywun would be like rihanna who??? stupid unmannered hussy

  294. Anonymous

    you got marrid

  295. The Scout

    What is rude? People like you expect to control others. The problem with you and those like you is simple. YA TOO JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS. About her popularity, long before Umbrella, she was a household name all over U.S.A, Britain, China, Canada and many other places throughout the world. Some of you envy that young lady so much that it is turning to hate. Why, because she is a bajan that made it and not you?

  296. Not J

    Poor rihanna,
    It’s not her fault! The paps are always following her around.

  297. J

    The comment above was NOT made by this J.

    BFP: Please do not let anybody else use my handle.


    BFP says,

    OK, fixed.

  298. J

    Dear BFP:


  299. kalkidan

    u r so unique. keep on doing that. u really express pple’s feeling. i like u girl

  300. kal

    don’t say anything about her dress as if u guy r prefect. u know what, she fits in the close not u guys. she need to breath leave her alone.

  301. geanell

    i think d chick is hot not 2 mention a diva bt her family got 2 c that she is now a flickin celeberity…………so flick wat eva ppl may say i love her shes hottt!!!!!!!!!.

  302. bueno RiHaNna es hermosa se le nota que es muy amante de la moda y no estoy de acuerdo a que ella tan bella tenga comflictos con una super bellesa… que bellonce..arian bellisima pareja de canto lol…

  303. Diva

    HATERS………..Just jealous,that’s all.

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  305. Poor rihanna,
    It’s not her fault!

  306. HMB

    For the first time Barbadians have someone who is poised, talented, beautiful and represents the country well – rather than giving this young lady the support she needs it seems like Bajans are exercising their usual jealousy and envy because this Rihanna has gotten a break – this is so rediculous.

  307. rihanna rocks

    rihanna doesn’t have hair like that so the picture is fake!
    the hair looks as if it would belong to a dread head!
    and the dress is beautiful!
    and oh you might say who had on the dress then?
    well someone could of bought the same dress to scam her!
    come on look at the hair(she has smooth hair not krispy)

  308. Rihanna i am a really big fan and i ill never what to see you sad or anything… im really sorry what happend to you its soooo soooo sad.. plus if this makes you better ill say something nice your the best singer ever Rihanna… my friends say your dumb butt ill tell them who there messing with i once said too my friend tamara you cant jude anyone that you dont now lol!!Cool?Or not cool?? lol.. hope you write back!!! love your # one fan Amy Ackels.. Hope You Get Better And I Hope You Feel Really Really happy Next Time I’ll Write A Bigger Letter LOL!!! Love Amy Ackels LOL BYEBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hug hug Kiss Kiss

  309. now that’s what i call soo funny she wasn’t even looking the camera took the pic while she was too workful on her cellphone or whatever ind of phone she has but still lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  310. fine yaar

    Hey rihanna i really like u, pan tu hey kai kelas. Lagnamadhe ashe kapde ghalun yene tula shobhate ka??? Thodi tari akkal thev. Ani ho thode jast kapde ghatle tar kahi bhighadnar aahe ka? Mag hi kangushi ka? Ti pan tujya pahunayacha lagnat?
    Ok yaar let it be. Nxt time come nude. We will enjoy really…

  311. Anonymous

    you people need to get lives

  312. breannie

    i dont see why ya people like talking smack about her and the bitch is you not her you cant tell people how to run there lifes

  313. jfhsofiasopiq

    i love you rihanna !

  314. I think that people should just mind their own buisness and leave her alone because it’s proberbly not even true because the media twist people’s words up all the time if they havent got a good enough story and u shouldn’t be so gullable. I luv u Rihanna, and i hate Chris Brown for hurting u.

  315. gökhanaslan

    inanılmaz bir kadın…

  316. jon

    plese remove the oops plese is not fare

  317. Josh

    rhianna ur peng as…

  318. hey luv your music nd videos!!=)

  319. Anonymous

    ses nule tros tros nule ses music

  320. anonymous

    Media is definitely overdoing this, because other people shown in the friggin’ picture are wearing dresses less conservative than Rihanna’s. So, get a clue people, would you!

  321. hackmaskate

    wow lol this is a good pic =) http://www.hackmaskate.net

  322. debbie

    i dont like rhianna bt am in love wiv chris

  323. helooo rihanna how are you ,,,my name is dominika and i em 11 years and i am your best fan in the world ,,,,and you are my best singer i the world you have the nices voce in all world ,,,and i love you oh my god ,,,,,and my small sister love your song umbrela she is 4 years old so bey and please write me back i love youu so mach me and my sister love you so mach so bey bey


  325. anon

    i know the bride and rihanna was not asked to leave!!!

  326. what or u said a adout rihanna she is a bitch so what

  327. i love chis brown me an his is get mine today

  328. Tamike

    i think rihanna is a bitch her own family no way.bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttcccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  329. lamia

    she is ugly

  330. TYSIA


  331. Anonymous

    iğrenç ve ötesi bunu yapan orospu

  332. very sexy i love that tattos 🙂

  333. lulu

    I don’t see how the dress is any different from the other dresses worn here.

    Exhibit A
    The aqua blue dress worn by the girl to her right.
    Looks like the same amount of exposure to me

    Leave the poor kid alone people!

    They are just jealous cause Rihanna’s a big star now, that’s all

  334. grace

    i bet she just done dat 2 get attention she is such a sket ewwwwwwww showing ur boobs must b out of ur mind

  335. PsycHuntress

    To lulu- I agree with you that the dress of the girl next to her is inappropriate in terms of the exposure of her cleavage and the adjacent areas.
    However the difference between her and Rihanna is that Rihanna will be photographed, said photograph will travel around the globe and Rihanna as an official and unofficial ambassador for Barbados should be aware of such.

    If the wedding was in a church then the dress she chose or that was chosen for her, was not in good taste, considering the side view that was provided.

    I agree with you that some people are jealous because she is a “big star” now. I was like that for a short time when I was younger because I felt that she was not the most talented and that there were many more talented singers and song writers who could do a better job but were not and will not be given the opportunity that she has gotten. I dont think so anymore cause it was a fluke, a case of persons knowing persons knowing persons and that is how she got her break.

    However, not everyone is like that and many people are simply concerned with the message that is sent about Barbados because she is, as i said before, an ambassador for the island. The latest debacle that has her in the news 24/7 (I am not going to spell out the situation, ya’ll read or you should), and I have seen comments wondering if this is a general Bajan woman mentality and reaction to such actions. Who can say what generalization people are generating and have generated about Barbadians, and specifically Barbadian women based on this?

    I understand that persons should be given a fair amount of leeway for self-expression and to be individuals, to live their lives. However, I think one should consider the bounds of what is appropriate according to the norms of the society that one is operating in and act accordingly, unless one does not care. And especially when you are basically one of a kind at the moment in terms of the international stage, one has to pay even more attention to these parameters.

  336. PsycHuntress


    I think that when it comes to certain situations as well persons must learn to exercise tact….so do not believe for a minute that I place all blame on Ms. Fenty. Far from.

    The guests should have exercised tact, and should have also respected the bounds of privacy that should reign at a private family event.

  337. amalie

    hehehehheh ståkar rihnna=(=(

  338. Anonymous

    looks so sexy

  339. Wow Sexy lady on the floor!

  340. Sam

    This is the way to go…
    Rihanna… u r so cute

  341. asena

    no rinnaha no you a beautıful star ı love rihanna

  342. asena

    ıyyy iğrenç manyakmı bunlar ya rihanna ne yaptn sen ya yakıştmı sana bu

  343. i love rihannas dress

  344. natasa

    rihanna zakon

  345. hey the dress was nice but choose an appropriate one

  346. zehra

    rihanna yakışmamış.güzelliğin gitmiş

  347. zehra

    rihanna ben seni sewerim ama bu ibneliği yapmıycaktın.ama yanlışlıkla olmuştur umarım

  348. Hi Rihanna i am on MAcedonia in Strugaa i Live in Strugaa

    And i Love your Muzik and i love you too

    I like too see one dayy

    Love:Strugaa (L)

  349. Rihanna i speak English or not all what can i do to talk whith youu Pleas tell me somthing ok

    Bye: Strugaa


  350. Rihanna are BEST for ever

    you are perfekt

  351. arjeta

    Rihanna are Best for ever

  352. Danizinha

    I love the Rhianna, and I think they should let her
    live her life in peace! seem to be neglecting numca! Rhianna kisses <3<3<3

  353. Jeremy

    Yeah mediatakout isn’t a very good gossip site. TMZ is better, they always cover rihanna but better

  354. Anonymous

    wow thats mad crazy the whole story………………….. but i like rere she looks great in the dress but it seems as if she does not care she knws her people and how they would react. thaT dress is not for any wedding her whole back and breast are all out…. she should knw better.but mistakes r made to learn she is young with money. that usually means she feels she can do wat she wants.

  355. i hate that nasty skank. who the hell brings their own food to there blood relatives’ wedding? that big foreheaded bitch. i hope she chokes on a umbrella… ella ella aye aye aye!!!!

  356. Amber

    So what are you trying to say? Rihanna should be deported???

  357. begüm

    hello!! my name is begüm i live in turkey i to seem like rihanna 😉 she is very beatufull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. Anonymous

    my name is emily i live in england wowww…… rihanna is crazy girl yuvvv

  359. je e mire po e rrahur nga nje moster si chris broun trapi

  360. stella

    çok güzel bir kadın

  361. 44.136


  362. Leave the young star alone. She will grow it out. People learn by their mistakes and some pay dearly

  363. She has her own life to live, yet you judge and get into family matters

  364. abdul

    u re so sexy rihanna

  365. cdh

    The shot looks like it’s at night, not at the beginning of the wedding. Her nipple prorbably wasn’t exposed judging by the angle of the material and certainly the keybob is a photshop trick, it doesn’t match with the lighting in the rest o the picture. I.e., I doubt that she was thrown out. She carries herself well in that picture. She appears to be someone who walks with confidence. She appears calm, not like she has just been asked to leave. I’m sure the weather was warm and that she had no need to wear a shawl, so for a beautiful young lady I say nothing appears inappropriate.

  366. raiane

    i love your musics it dusunt mater wat other people say jis be your self

  367. raiane

    i think you are butiful gist the way you are oh and nice dress

  368. raiane

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  370. an

    he..he..he…another photoshop tricks. you guys should not make any judgement, till such photo was properly verified. Rina, next time be more careful please.

  371. Brionna

    Rhianna is a very beautiful girl and why would
    someone tell her to do something I wouldn’t do it

  372. isso

    hey rihanna am libaann….
    lk i love u so mush nd i love ur music take a bow please dont stop the music…………

  373. crystal wisdom

    rehanna shoud get married instead she is beautiful

  374. unk

    what is wrong with her boobies coming out? i wouldn’t mind!!!

  375. Fake Breast Police

    Too bad she went fake, smaller is better than big fake ones….

  376. she should not have worn that dress to the wedding.she could have worn it to the VMAs but not the wedding an a hope di stories bout her behavior is not true.

  377. Unkown

    I think rhianna is a nice beatiful young women who every on make mistakea soo dont hate her i don t think she should of been kicked but probly just get changed umm hot dress for partys not for a wedding umm ive read all the comments and the article and id like to say forgive the women she will always make mistakes

  378. rihanna i believe in you and i know i am crazy (not really crazy, but difficult)
    you’re an amazing girl

  379. Bajain girl like rihanna

    Don’t riri I am a bajain girl and I love you.

  380. i like for get breast show

  381. evelina

    that dressss is nice but she was to small to rohanna

  382. Anonymous

    q bella

  383. 32

    she alright
    leave her

  384. egypt

    i may be the first person to say this because im a big big big fan of rihanna.but she is so much better than beonce.rihnna is so raw till its not funny.peolpe that say she are right is hating and hate that you got money and you famous.but its not even about that.it is about you achiving this fantastic goal to becom who you are right now because you the badest out of any women singer so keep doing what you doing.like i said beonce is so old and she need to sit down some where and retire.I LOVE RIHANNA**!!

  385. egypt

    i may be the first person to say this but you are so much better than beonce.beonce is old.people might say you ware ugly cloths but they are just mad because they are not you.but its not even about them or that.you are the badest.the people that say this and that they are just hating because you are famous and you have money.but its not about that eathier so the people are also hating because you achived in the goal or they are hating because you are better than any other female singer out right now.beonce is so played out and old.little do she know she need to sit down some where and retire.like i said keep ya head up and countinue to be my role model.youll see me in the future.I LOVE RIHANNA***!!!!!!!*****!!!

  386. elijah

    its incredible but i still adore her

  387. 125


  388. aliişşş

    I am from Turkey but also cruel malmısınız you I like you …

  389. Rihanna she so hot 🙂 I can’t imagine she was that hot . I like her so much she is my favorite singer that’s pretty cool. your hot alot 🙂

  390. I adore her so much………….. 🙂 and I’am from Haiti

  391. emma

    so bad for her but still love her

  392. Rhianna is a very beautiful girl

  393. nelly

    just because i left my fly open it dosent mean it was on purpose this things happen

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  395. salut tout le monde j’aime bien cette facon de penser ce commentaire mais l’ immobilier est mon objectif avant tout.

  396. at first i thought the dress looked beautiful from afar, then when you see her popping out. what was she thinking? totally inappropriate for a wedding, even for a celebrity.