Barbados Hotel For Sale… Buy As Many As You Like And Kill Those Jobs!

Where exactly is our tourism industry going?

An ‘ad’ that appeared today (Sunday) in the Nation caught my eye,

“Hotel for Sale. South Coast Hotel, Christ Church.

Magnificent Hotel, well appointed with 112 rooms. Approximately 1.5 acres of land – Price on Request.”

Being curious, I went onto the website to solicit greater details, and to my horror, found it was just one of no less than eighteen hotels listed for sale in Barbados.

Already, we have lost 26 hotels over the last 12 years, and if as rumours persist, Sandridge Beach Hotel has been sold, that will make it 27.

Why do so many hoteliers want to get out of the business?

Yes! Most of us can see the short term profit in selling our properties to a developer for condominium conversion, but is it really in the national interest?

It is quite indisputable that it has already had a significant effect on employment in the industry, so where do we draw the line in terms of national policy?

Adrian Loveridge


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29 responses to “Barbados Hotel For Sale… Buy As Many As You Like And Kill Those Jobs!

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Sadly we have no national policy on most things furthermore Tourism the only policy that is in effect is doing what earns money in the pockets of the elected few!!!

  2. anon


    Do you call the following a hotel

    “25,000sq.ft. of land and 90ft of Beach front. Visit our website at

    Well this appears in the list of “hotels” on the site to which Adrian refers!!!

  3. John

    Words are funny and make me chuckle. For example:

    November’s here, but as yet no analysis as to whether Condom-inions work or whether the tourist sector will take sick and die!!

    Our minister of tourism, the right honourable Noel Lynch has promised us a Govern-mental report ino the efficacy of those Condom-iniums as up to the date of the promise, the efficacy was unknown.

    … borrowed the Govern-mental from another blogger. …. thanks for the chuckle.

  4. John


    Remember the furore the multistorey hotel at the corner of St. Lawrence Gap caused when it was built on a tiny piece of land?

  5. anon

    Adrian L

    Check your listing of 18 hotels for sale and tell me which hotel this is

    “Oceanfront property. Great location for condo development etc.”

  6. Hants

    Hotel owners are taking advantage of the Real Estate boom in Barbados.

    The pursuit of profit at the least risk is a fundamental principle of some business people.That is Capitalism.

    Buy a Hotel for $5million and 5 years later sell it for $8million.

    Take your profit and run. Good luck to the new owners and former employees.

  7. If as reported on these sites that SANDRIDGE HOTEL has been sold, what is the minister of tourism doing?

    Will he awake from his slumber at his million dollar plantation home and say enough is enough? Never because he to is pandering to the rich west coast folks the Bjerkham’s and that ilk, will he have the balls to deny the application to convert it to condos?

    I bet you not ,the short term is that contruction workers will get empolyment but what happens after this the maids, the cooks, the bartenders, the housekeepers, reception desk, the front office managers,the gardeners, the waiters and waitresses all dissappear as a lost generation????

    Wake up you clown and put your foot down and say enough is enough.

    Even if it offends Owing his money is safe he has accumulated masses of it, so do what is right for the island not yourselves.

  8. Adrian Loveridge


    Go back to the South Coast Hotel for sale that was advertised.
    112 rooms. Approximately 1.5 Acres of land.

    1.5 acres X 43,560 square feet = 65,340 square feet
    divide by 112 rooms = 583 square feet per room.

    Now the 25,000 square feet you highlighted……..
    25,000 square feet divided by 583 square feet
    = 42 rooms.

    Of the 160 or so registered hotels, guest houses and apartments on Barbados, 110 are defined as ‘small hotels,’ which under CHA classification is 75 rooms or less.
    But in reality the typical average size of our small hotel on Barbados is 21 rooms.

    Now remind me again how many condominiums they are building on the tiny piece of taxpayer land that up to now has been left idle by Hotels and Resorts Ltd at Dover Beach?

  9. Hants

    “Yes! Most of us can see the short term profit in selling our properties to a developer for condominium conversion, but is it really in the national interest?”

    Adrian L…….speak for yourself. You have the “national interest at heart”.

    Some Hotel owners have their interest and hearts in other countries.

    It is all about Business,money,profit.

    Fellow Canadian bloggers, have you seen any ads on TV showing Barbados as a Tourist destination ?

    I am seeing Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic but no Barbados.
    Canadian dollar is 1.o7US or $2.14 Barbados.hello,eh.

  10. Wishing In Vain

    Hants, Thats why my call call to Lynch to wake up from his slumber and to act now before we miss the boat.

  11. Hants, I haven’t seen any TV ads promoting Barbados. Plenty for the countries you mentioned as well as Mexico. Long term stays in Barbados are VERY expensive. Perhaps more private apartments should be advertised here. Let’s hope the Canadian Dollar will stay up there but not good for the export business.
    Have a good day, eh.

  12. Anonymous

    national interest? what emotional crap is that? when the cashier at big b wants her money what are you going to say? national interest?
    this cold hard world is about money baby money! – not national interest.
    you think owen has any such silly sentiment towards barbados? get real. sell de dam hotel
    barbados got too many already and stop any further development too – its already too damned tacky!

  13. anon

    Adrian L

    I am of the view that you are totally misleading persons who read your comments. I suggest you provide readers the website you are referring to and let them judge for themselves.


    BFP Comments

    Oh, so you’d like citizens to judge for themselves, would you? So would we and undoubtedly Adrian would agree!

    So let’s see all the government’s raw data published on the official Government Information service website.

    Let’s start with someone answering the question as to whether visitors arriving for a cruise are counted multiple times!

    Spin spin spin Mr. Government supporter. Its all you can do.

  14. reality check

    “national interest? what emotional crap is that? when the cashier at big b wants her money what are you going to say? national interest?
    this cold hard world is about money baby money! – not national interest.”

    when you have no jobs, 20% unemployment, few visitors because you have priced yourself out of the tourist market,VAT at 25% and people are rioting on the street, look back on these times as idyllic.

    You won’t have to worry about the politicians and the big-ups. They will be offshore sipping pina coladas with euros and pounds.

    Think it won’t happen?

    Look at Guyana and Cuba. They both had and have their dictatorships and are still suffering greatly. This is the “equality of poverty” that dictatorships bring you in their search for power. They will play spin, rascism, bribery and ballot shenanigans to stay in power.

    Simply put, Barbados gave 4 years too many to one party and neither party has checks and balances to protect the long term interests of Barbadians ( ie 8 year maximums on the PM, truly indepedent judiciary, strong integrity legislation with severe penalties etc. )

    We vote people out of power with no idea of the substance of who we are voting into power nor any idea of their credentials. This is what happens when a country has no free press and the people have no power because they are desperate for change at any price.

  15. La De Da

    Ponder on the heading and subheading of this blog and really THINK– the heading assumes that selling off mainly small (and probably not very profitable hotels) or turning them into condos is or is going to be disasterious for employment. The subheading asks “where is our tourism industry going”–I think this should really say “where is our HOTEL industry going” and here is what I am seeing–the hotel capacity is being taken up by the building of bigger hotels with much more marketing capability etc. e.g.–The new Hilton, the one being built on the Paradise site, A potential one at the old Mobil refinery site, the Pierhead (which I see is now being dealt with in a positive manner) etc. In other words it is just a change, not a disaster– the workers will get jobs at these new and exciting modern properties–it is not all doom and gloom the condo business will find it’s level and Barbados will continue to set trends in new areas as it has in the past.

  16. Backra Johnny

    I agree with La de Da

    Too many doomsayers on this site !!!
    OK so we need a change of government and will probably get one.
    The new government has to deal with health, transportation, education, cost of living, tourism, … ahmm almost everything .. but all is not lost!! and to put forward that we are one step away from a Cuba or Guyana is way too negative .. no matter how much you dislike Owen.

    reality check …. who have we ever voted into power without know their credentials and in fact every single iota of their private life to boot

  17. reality check

    Too many doomsayers on this site !!!

    I don’t have rose coloured glasses only history to guide me?

    Hopefully I am very wrong but assuming the DLP gets a kick at the can, they will have a horrible job ahead of them.

    They will only be able to move things forward if they have dedicated men of integrity that are prepared to stand up and a free press.

  18. Pogo

    Is happening at last. Instead of letting private owners run small hotels govt borrowedd big GEMS money and bought all them up. Profits. commissions and gorging at the trough for all the friends and huge unpayable debt for the country. Of course after paying too much and no hotel management skills in that bunch it all has fallen apart.

    That is how corruption works. Don’t believe? then wait till you see the GEMS audited statements?

    So now the new idea is to turn them all over again with more graft and friendly contracts for all to profit from. Watch the cost of living up up up but never wages for those lucky enough to work at the condos.

    And as for condos has anyone forgotten the laws are broken and R. Farley promised to fix em up just as soon as he has reelected himself?

    Welcome to Barbados where a new schemes are hatched to cover up the old horrors day to day.

  19. anon


    I am not a Government supporter. I am a realist. When you get someone like Adrian L misleading the public then I have to speak out


    BFP Comments

    Please tell us all exactly what Adrian L said that is misleading. And also what he said that is true.

  20. Adrian Loveridge


    As BFP says… bring on the evidence. I will be the first to admit that I am wrong, if in fact I am.

    La De Da…

    Nice theory, but thats all it is, I am afraid.

    The new Four Seasons at Paradise will actually be smaller in terms of hotel rooms than the Cunard Paradise Beach Hotel.
    And what cost can be put on the loss of the rooms and revenue since 1991?

    Yes! The new Hilton is larger (112 up to 354 rooms) but the loss of those rooms over a six year period ( a potential 245,280 occupied room nights) means the new Hilton has to be absolutely FULL for almost TWO years to make up for the loss of occupancy.

    Plus you did not explain the loss of 2,000 tourism sector jobs between 2002 and 2004.

  21. La De Da

    Mr. Loveridge,don’t look back, –look foward– (you may yet have a larger part to play) Replacement for Paradise being smaller dosn’t mean less employees, maybe in the new hotel the employee/guest ratio might be bigger. Hilton being down for such a long period (for whatever reason) is “history”– These blogs allow the “small fish” like me and you to make a small input and maybe an idea or suggestion might make an impression on someone in a decision making capacity. It is my opinion that sometime in the future your ideas and suggestions will bear some fruit, but meanwhile–“look foward” you are keeping people THINKING

  22. anon

    Adrian L

    I have told you already to provide readers the address of the web site which has the 18 hotel properties for sale you refer to in your intial comments.

    I certainly found a web site that had a listing of 18 properties that ranged from land for hotel development and actual hotels

  23. philipstone

    I just wanted to say that it is sad to see the amount of development taking place on the West Coast, I recently stayed at the Sandridge and it’s a very friendly hotel with great staff and a large loyal following in the UK.

    According to local people that I spoke to the developer who is building the condominiums next door and subsequently is purchasing the Sandridge supports the elected party who should be governing properly and that’s why planning permission was granted to build these eyesores.

    The government needs to be made accountable to the community. If the west coast continues to be overdeveloped for the wealthy few who can afford to by a condominium regular people like me who love Barbados will take their vacations elsewhere in the Caribbean.

  24. Wishing in Vain

    Very well said my friend sadly we have a Minister of Tourism who is a thief, an idiot and a liar and does have a care about the job at hand, that is a good part of our reason for the state of affairs in this island.
    Secondly we have a PM who can be bought by the rich elite so he to has no moral or standards.
    Thin we really have a hope in hell?
    I do not think that we do.

  25. Adrian Loveridge


    Yes! its very sad.
    Do you think all those good staff that have helped make Sandridge a success over the many years will get work in the condominiums?

    27 hotels now lost over the last 12 years and that is before ANY report is published considering the detrimental effect of condominium conversion and its consequences on employment and visitor arrival numbers.

    Does this sound like responsible policymaking to you?

  26. Forget about who owns the hotels. We have to bring visitors to Barbados and we have to make it affordable. We have competition all around. Look at Dominion Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Costa Rico, St.Lucia and Jamaica, to name a few. They would love to take business from Barbados. I’m in Canada and the USA. If I have $5,000 to take a little vacation, I look to see how many days I can get with this money. My first choice is always Barbados. But if I can get double the time somewhere else, that’s where I’m going.
    Is there a website that lists the hotels for sale? Your help is much appreciated. Cheers!

  27. Wayne A. Murray

    My fellow Barbadians, you all have stood by the way side for so long with your heads under the bush that is overgrowing the country side and now decided to wake up. Shame on all of you, you are the owners of that island and you all stood by and let the politicians have they way. haven’t you all learn anything thoughout your life time whae it comes to politics. Politicians comes around when there is an election and buy your votes with Rum and beers, some chicken and laught up in your face and make you feel that they are feeling your pain whaen they are the one that is bringing on the pain. The reason why they are drinking with you and laughing up in your face is to see how much more BS you can allowed him or her to give out. So you get drunk and your stomach is filled you go home and wake up the next day and vote for the con-artist that have been screwing you all for the past five years. So quit the bitching and pull your heads from under the brush and take back your country. you need to organize let the government know that you had enough the message has to get out one way or the other. Stop calling in on Brass tax and complaining because some of you sound real stupid. CornBeef lovers I am out ta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. craig findlay

    who knows about the merrecks resort being built in Barbados. Is this a genuine development- good for the country

  29. lola

    the problem with this hotel which we know is the savannah is bad management why did they not get rid of all heads of department when the government had been turn over but it is alot easier to get rid of the hotel so that the big dogs can survive’ restaurant is already gone its so sad and alot of staff where sent home from all four gems restaurant but only the small fish