Investor Nightmare: Barbados Decides To Nationalise Corporate Waterfront Property In Pierhead Area


If this government’s long record of corruptly expropriating land for the personal profit and convenience of party members and supporters isn’t enough to strike terror in the hearts of new foreign investors, then Prime Minister Arthur’s recent statement on the Bridgetown Pierhead Project should do the trick.

The Prime Minister has just told the owner of one of the most desirable pieces of land in Barbados “You only thought you owned that land that you’ve been paying taxes on for all these decades. Now that it is so valuable, we declare that our previous contract to develop the area is null and void. Barbados will now own the majority of the asset. And bye the way… Try to find financial backers for your project now that we have announced this, suckers!”

As we have seen many times in the past, Barbados Government land expropriations are always a murky swamp of unanswered questions. It is nothing for a piece of land to be expropriated and then find some time later that a Cabinet Minister has built a home upon it or that the land has been rented out to another business!

Even former Barbados Chief Town Planner Leonard St. Hill confirms that the government often takes land without legal process and without paying the owners anything! (See BFP’s Foreign Investors Watching Barbados – As Former Chief Town Planner Tells The Truth About Government Land Thefts)

The government’s lapdog newspaper The Nation is again spinning the story without asking a single question. The PM vilifies B.S. & T., the owners of the property, tells them the existing contract is null and void and then tells them to find new financial backers. Sure, Mr. Prime Minister: those statements should attract all kinds of stupid international investors willing to sink big money into the project without knowing whether or not the government will take their investment.

By saying what he did and in the manner he said it, the Prime Minister of Barbados just publicly devalued B.S. & T.’s asset – all the better for government to pick it up for a fraction of the real value.

All of this is cloaked in the National Flag of “it is best for the country” while the Government’s friends, supporters and family members move into place for a piece of the action. With no transparency, integrity laws or conflict of interest rules – it is legal for elected and appointed government officials to personally profit from the decisions they make while in office.

International investors aren’t blind to this type of happening, and lately its been happening frequently in Barbados.

Oh… one more thing: the “team” that the PM has appointed to deal with this includes “Instant Millionaire” Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch. Hmmm… I guess we’ll be hearing lots of radio interviews about the project then… (Or maybe not… see Barbados Tourism Minister Storms Off Radio Show – Audio Now Available!)

Here is the article from The Nation News. Pay attention to the tone of the article because it is a masterful piece of propaganda…

Pierhead Push

GOVERNMENT WILL COMPULSORILY acquire the property to begin the Pierhead Development Project if it has to come to that.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur, speaking at the opening of the Clico Corporate Centre yesterday, said Government had made a decision to become the principal partner in the project and had informed Barbados Shipping & Trading (BS&T) that it intended to develop a new partnership arrangement.

Arthur told the gathering Government had enacted in Parliament the Pierhead Development Act to show the great role the project would play in the development of Bridgetown and Barbados’ economy.

He said Government was often accused of being slow and the private sector fast, but Government had transformed the Old Spirit Bond, the Old Harbour Police Station, and the Boardwalk to make the Pierhead project work while all that had happened on the other
end was that different financial partners had been brought to the table.

Arthur said the conglomerate had assets which were valuable to Barbados.

“Barbados Shipping & Trading owns assets that can be of tremendous strategic importance in the future transformation of the Barbadian society. We will not succeed in taking our country to the next level of development unless we carry out the transformation of our capital City.”

He said Government had worked assiduously with BS&T to see the best beach in Barbados pressed into service and this was one of the reasons for relocating the Coast Guard.

The Prime Minister also said Barbados was being bypassed by yachts because there was no marina in that location.

The company had a right to manage its interest, he said, adding that Government could not remain mum on this issue.

“We have seen this project move from one potential partner to another to another, but what remains constant is its strategic significance to the transformation of Bridgetown . . . within the context of the transformation of the Barbados economy,” said the Prime Minister.

He said Government was making positive steps to address the relationship with BS&T to ensure the project came to fruition.

“We have been seeking to be part of a broader arrangement where Barbados Shipping and Trading will be the lesser partner, and they can go ahead to raise the money.

“Today, Government made a fundamental decision to become the principal partner and if they want to come in they can do so.

“I met with them and indicated that I had appointed a team led by the Deputy Prime Minister of Barbados and including the Senior Minister from The City, the Attorney-General, the Minister of Tourism to see how we can move from where we are, to where we want to be, where that project can come alive to the benefit of The City,” said Arthur.

… read the original article at The Nation News (link here)


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58 responses to “Investor Nightmare: Barbados Decides To Nationalise Corporate Waterfront Property In Pierhead Area

  1. On the face of it, this move by Owing is another flagrant abuse of Government’s right to acquire land.

    Historically such a power was reserved for such community necessities as bridges, road widening, water drainage, electricity substations, etc.

    Here it seems nothing more that totalitarian disregard for private property, with all the stench of potential profiteering and ministerial greed.

    Barbadians must not tolerate such piracy.

    (Besides which such an acquisition throws a spanner in the works for BS&T’s acquisition by Neal & Massey Holdings as it will seriously diminish BS&T’s prime real estate holdings).

  2. Anonymous

    so tell me .. all the time coast guard was renting dah land?? bs en t mussee mek a good lickle ‘change’ ouka dah deal, nuh! whuh kinda rent went down? thief thiefin from thief mek god laugh yuh doan know?

  3. Wishing in Vain

    I am now certainly fully convinced the lunatic has gone fully stark raving mad.
    Since when has the gov’t decided to accquire land in anger with an owner?
    We need to check this idiots progress and to let him know that this method of operation is totally unacceptable in our society.
    For some strange reason it seems that Owing has lost his brain and is in a very reckless mode of operation, we the citizens deserve better than this from them.
    Is this the first step and method to get VECO involved in this Pierhead project ?
    My earlier information that Barbados Tourism Development agency was given directions that VECO were to build operate and lease this project for the gov’t of Barbados now tell me who are the VECO operatives in Barbados let me advise you that Owing See Thru Arthur, Hallam Nicholls, and Glyne Bannister are three of them do I need to say more????
    It is clear to me than Owing is in a very aggressive mode recently with his cussing out of Hammy Lashley (I cannot believe than he could that amount of abuse and still consider running under Arthur again) his harsh and destructive words to Mr Alleyne that eventually led to his demise,but this action against civil society is disgusting and sick to say the least.
    He needs to take a break and chill for a while and to keep his hands off of the purse strings of the treasury before he makes another rash decision without his brain being engaged that will affect all of us the taxpayers, come on Owing you have stolen enough from us in this last term that you are no longer a pauper but I beg you please to not rape us anymore in these last few remaing weeks or months that you have left before you are commited to Dodds or Coral Ridge.
    You remember what happened to Adams when the pressure got to him he was erdicated like a mouse.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree 100% with the PM on this matter. Let’s hope he moves quickly to aquire this or these properties. This is crucial for the development of Bridgetown.

    BS&T has been playing the ass for much too long. No wonder they are in such a sorry mess right now.. I am rather surprised that the PM took so long in dealing with them.

  5. Anonymous

    The Prime Minister killed BS&T’s share value overnight.

  6. Anonymous

    m e g a l o m a n i a ?

  7. `—————– PM took so long in dealing with them.
    I wonder if he got annoyed with you and came along and took your home and all your land from you in the manner that he intends to here would you be so happy.
    These are the actions of a communist or a dictator or simply put a mad man who is drunk with his own self importance and arrogance

  8. Anonymous

    p s y c h o s i s _ l u r k s _ a g a i n ?

  9. Anonymous

    “These are the actions of a communist or a dictator or simply put a mad man who is drunk with his own self importance and arrogance”
    maybe that’s why someone posted the word megalomaniac? would be be correct description of the problem?

  10. Hants

    “GOVERNMENT WILL COMPULSORILY acquire the property to begin the Pierhead Development Project if it has to come to that.

    Prime Minister Owen Arthur, speaking at the opening of the CLICO Corporate Centre yesterday”.

    Get it ?

    Owen Arthur can play hardball because the Trinidadians are lining up to invest in Barbados as Oil prices continue to rise.

  11. Adrian Loveridge

    Looks like yet another visit to the CAIPO office to see WHO now actually owns:

    Pierhead Development Inc.
    Registered # 19108
    2000 – 9 – 27


    Pierhead Project Investors Inc.
    Registered # 24799
    2005 – 02 – 01

    Could these now be 90% owned Government companies (like Hardwood Housing Factory Inc) and what, if any interest does the Enterprise Growth Fund have in them?

    Who are the Directors, the chairman, what is the share capital?

    Have any audited accounts ever been published for them?

    So many questions!

  12. Wishing in Vain

    The post did not last long on the blp website I wonder why???

    HARDWOOD AND MASSCOLL // Nov 2nd 2007 at 8:20 pm

    Am I to assume that when I see as many as three posting my your operatives on one day it clearly says a lot to me about the levels of confusion and concern that is within you adminstration and your lack of organisation ( does this have anything to do with the fact that Mottley has withdrawn her services from the upcoming election campaign) maybe it does.
    However getting back to the matter at hand, it is a clear and distinct message that all is not well within the party and these are desperate methods of bombarding the people with hype and spin to achieve your purpose.
    Why not address the concerns of the masses about issues such as the overspending on the PRISON by US $ 80 million and the fraud that we have in DANOS, Hobson and the 3 S road works projects now recosted at three times the orignal cost and not a word from you Mr PM on the matters at hand, why not explain the people the mystery of that cheque for the $ 750,000.00, the mega expensive baths, the unfinished building at Newton, these are some of the things we want replies to.
    Rather than if Arthur can run things better than Thompson we know that both can run things and on the evidence it certainly appears that we need a more virile mind and not the tired one we have running things now.
    Please put that major upset behind you of that full page advertisment that showed up Farley to be a lazy unworthy representative of the people, and get the well cleaned and working but do not hark on Farley for too much longer after all he is spent force.
    Move on to a more meaningful purpose and try to start paying the gov’t workers on time even paying them would be a bonus, and maybe even try paying the PRISON staff so we do not encourage another fire at Dodds within its first year of operation.
    My first suggestion to you is to fire both Noel Lynch and Jerome Walcott and install workers to fill their post it is not to late at least it will appear as if you were actually trying to right the wrongs of these problem ministries, and also while at it stop paying lip service to the hospital and put some money into it and stop trying to run the island like a corporate affair.
    Please have a heart to those that need the help the most the sick and the suffering in our society.

  13. Bajan

    RUMour has it that a combermerian is in hosptial in a coma from too much alchol it is a 3rd former

  14. Adrian Loveridge

    8th October 2007

    ‘Battle for BS&T no problem for Pierhead project’

    Gerayln Edwards

    Daily NATION

    ‘the top BS&T executive (Anthony King) said most of the project plans were on hold while Government completed the marina portion being handled by Barbados Tourism Investment Corporation’.

  15. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian Mr Tony Ellis was the Chairman to the best of my recall, what I can tell you is that he was the one who stated that he was instructed by Owing to look into an arrangement with VECO and to do a BOLT arrangement with them.
    His words not mine, he sings in Owings choir and has no choice to do as Owing tells him to do another pawn in the chess game.

  16. Anonymous

    can owen lose st.peter?

  17. Wishing in Vain

    Adrian Mr Tony Ellis was the Chairman of the divison of gov’t responsible for overseeing this project.
    What I can tell you is that he was the one who stated that he was instructed by Owing to look into an arrangement with VECO and to do a BOLT arrangement with them.
    His words not mine, he sings in Owings choir and has no choice to do as Owing tells him to do another pawn in the chess game.

  18. Wishing in Vain

    Well lets say that Beverley will not be out there busting her behind for him this time around and she contributed to his campaign a no small way, coupled with that there is a strong rumour making the rounds that she intends to return to campaign against his for his disrespect to her.
    Mr Benn although being a cousin of his is not of his ilk and many of his cousins hate him for his ways and actions.
    Mr Benn is a very likeable person with great charm and chrisma, so much so that he recently paid out of his own pocket to have lights erected at field in Boscobelle and when Owing heard about it and that Mr Benn had had them installed at his own expense, Owing flew into a temper tantrum and instructed for them to be removed.
    So we will have to wait and see my call is the longer they wait the less likelyhood that there will be a single safe seat in the up coming election.

  19. anon

    Adrian L

    Points for you to note:

    1. There is no requirement to provide details of shareholders of a company to the CAIPO

    2. There is no requirement to provide financial statements of a company to CAIPO if the financial statements of the company are consolidated in the financial statements of a company which owns it

  20. Hants

    BS&T is still seen as a Whyte people company.

    Taking them “out of play” in the Pierhead project will have a “spin” for the next Election.

    Everything the BLP does is now going to be about winning the next election.
    Could this be another “Kensington Oval”……Land owned by “BCA”, $300million stadium built by Government.

    The timing and location of this pronouncement by the PM is very significant.

  21. Hants

    Meanwhile, making reference to CLICO, the Prime Minister said that he was greatly pleased with the expansion of CLICO in Barbados and the new investments the company was making in various sectors. These, he noted included the tourism sector and the partnerships it has forged with Government, inclusive of the new justice complex which is adjacent to the Corporate Centre. With that in mind, he gave the company the full assurance that they had the ABSOLUTE SUPPORT of Government in their future endeavours.

  22. more

    Tell me again who was it that gave the $750,000 cheque to Oweing?

  23. anon


    Did you not read that the $750,000 cheque was returned?


    BFP Comments

    sure… after he was CAUGHT. The dishonesty still happened… and what about the other cheques that weren’t returned?

    Thieves everywhere in the government.

  24. Adrian Loveridge


    Thank you.

    Even if that the company is majority owned by the Government?

    And secondly, how can the Public Accounts Committee investigate the financial dealings of that company, if the audited accounts are not either laid in Parliament or made a public record through the CAIPO?

    Are you telling me that neither Hardwood Housing Factory Inc, or Hotels and Resorts Ltd have any obligation have to make their audited accounts a matter of public record?

    I am not trying to be difficult but its something that I am sure needs general clarification for transparency.

    Can you also confirm that Government does NOT have any substantial shareholding in either Pierhead Development Inc, or Pierhead Project Investors Inc.

    If they do NOT, does this mean a private developer is building on Government (taxpayer) land?

  25. anon

    Adrian L

    Why do you think I would be privy to details of shareholders of a company

  26. anon

    Adrian L

    FYI. The Public Accounts Commitee has no authority to investigate the accounts of companies in which Government has no equity.

  27. Hants

    Prehaps Owing was trying to show CLICO publicly that the Government will give them yet another opportunity to Invest in a BLP Government of Barbados.
    Is Politricks of Inclusion at play here?

    In the next few days I am sure that BS&T will respond. The Directors owe an explanation to their shareholders.

  28. Rumplestilskin

    From above” We have been seeking to be part of a broader arrangement where Barbados Shipping and Trading will be the lesser partner, and they can go ahead to raise the money”

    If those words are accurate, lesser partner….can go ahead and raise the money? Huh, what ‘lesser partner’ would raise the money for a project which it does not control?

    Secondly, one of the above posters is right, if this goes through, Neal & Massy just get ‘juk’, whomever sold their shares, earlier or to N&M got away early!

  29. Rumplestilskin

    Secondly, do I see another ‘Port St.Charles’ at Carlisle Bay?

    If this is indeed developed into a Marina, will ‘average’ bajans have beach access. Whom will develop and own the property?

    Will financial details be made available to the public?

    Whom will control this project, can we be assured that this property will not be ‘transferred’ to another private group later on?

  30. Rumplestilskin

    Could THIS be why Ansa Mcal ‘split’ so suddenly?

    They had wind of this?

  31. Roger Rabbitt

    Can anyone say whether any financials were ever laid in parliament for BTII?

  32. iisnoone

    Has Mr. Arthur been spending too much time with Messrs. Castro and Chavez?

    It seems as though the assets of B.S.&T. have just been diminished. B.S.&T. shareholders should call for accountability. I don’t think that B.S.&T. will make any meaningful response, as I think the whole island is gripped by terror.

    What is amazing is that Mr. Arthur knows that there is a free press that he cannot control, and yet he continues to do as he pleases.

  33. reality check



  34. Eyebother

    I don’t have any problem with government nationalising land, particularly prime Bridgetown beachfront property– IF it is going to be used in the public interest — a park, a public beach complex accessible to all Barbadians, a museum, a concert hall or theatre, a national library. But this is likely to turn into high rise property development in which the government will transfer this now public asset to the benefit of various corporate sweethearts. So sad Owen, you are such a disappointment

  35. Eyebother- Don’t you realise a country cannot afford to have a Government that seizes whatever property it wants? They will always concoct fancy but phony excuses to justify their actions.

    What do you think will happen to private sector investment confidence when they realise Government will grab whatever plums it fancies?

    These are the actions of a greedy totalitarian mob.

  36. Wishing in Vain

    This is a disgraceful act being carried out by Owing and his gang of crooks,desperation and disorder by a dying administration its worst example of misuse of power.
    The one good thing is that Owing will not have the time to make this scam a reality so as it stands it pure election talk, the onus is on all of us to make sure that he does not get the chance to put it into play.

  37. Wishing In Vain

    Simply put you look and listen to the four websites above and if after anyone can still vote for that joker ASSCOLL then both that person and ASSCOLL are warped and sick persons.
    He has squirmed and wiggled his way to a point of financial comfort with the assistance of Owing and at the peril and disgust of Mottley and the rest of the party, do you or anyone else really believe that the rest of the party will sit back and allow him to walk over them on his march to financial satisfaction?
    No way will they allow him to do so, I suggest to you that the rest of the blp with maybe just maybe the exception of Owing are waiting and hoping for his demise at the poll there is no way that the rest of them will be satisfied with him overtaking their dreads of power.

    More importantly the other facto of the election surely must be the tardiness and general apperance of a tired looking and performing Owing, tired is clearly manifested in his tired and lack lustre speech of Sunday where he adopted Mr David Thompson speech of the night before as part of his speech, what does that tell you? it tells me that here is a leader you has dried up of ideas and programs and one whos blindfolding of John Public is no longer working and as a result he is stuggling to change gears he has been stung by the revelations of that cheque the gross mismanagement of the affairs of the island, the corruption and dishonesty in gov’t which he has been a part of, the affairs of VECO, the PRISON, ROAD WORKS 3 S, DANOS and the KICKBACK AGREEMENT, the lack of pay for the civil servants,the baths,the CWC, the Alleyne affair, the Hammy Lashley affair, the Oval Fiasco all of these are causes for the weakness of Arthur.

    He has overseen a structure where has allowed for wholesale corruption by he and his closest partners like Shorey, Wilkinson, Cox, Bannister, Nicholls and more recently ASSCOLL have been allowed a free hand to overcharge or be on the inside of deals only known to the PM.

    A classic example why would the PM send a message out to a land owner asking what his selling price for the land is when told the price Owings ambassador tells the land owner the Gov’t will pay you double price for the land (cost of $ 8 million) if he agrees to pass back the overpayment of $ 4 million to he Owings account!!
    This is but one example of the nature and the extent and manner of their stealing in this gov’t it has reached a new high and will contiue to grow if it is not addressed and if they are not removed from office and power.

    The Owing Arthur adminstartion has served its time in office the first two terms they did a good job but the flood gates opened wide this term and they have shown themselves to be the most dishonest bastards in politics, with an abundance of infighting and hatred among sitting members and they are being led by a dishonest drunkard who has served his time and is obviously devoid of new ideas that he is now resorting to rehash Mr Thompson’s speeches of the night before, you can do better than this Owing the question is do you still have the will or the reason to do it, my verdict is that he has exhausted his energy on doing his personal money making deals and has extended a lot of effort to keep them out of the public domain but they keep cropping up just like VECO and the Cheque and DANOS all did.

  38. Anonymous

    thanks bfp good work done.

  39. Eyebother

    The rights of the public over the land and resources of Barbados (and any country for that matter) are always to triumph over the private property of any individual or corporate presence. That is true in every country in the world, and particularly in constitutional monarchies such as Barbados (bet you forgot that was our constitutional status) where all private property is subject to the Crown. So cumpulsary acquisition is not a problem for me, that is part of the power of the legislature in a democracy. The problem is how that power has been used– and not just by the BLP under Owen.

  40. Anonymous

    has anyone ever noticed the large waves that crash over the pierhead, every hurricane dat passes? would you put condos there? why did the coast guard move? because waves mashup one of their buildins? I wunt be buildin there not there of all places not when hurricane does lick it up every time but have fun putting down whatever wunnuh like

  41. Bush tea

    What is it that is said about the man who builds on the sand again?

    I smile when I hear the prices being paid for beach front property. ….I am betting that one day coming soon, ‘beach front’ property will again be cheap enough to become public parks and picnic spots.

    One can’t but have great admiration for those who invest in such property when hurricanes threaten every year, and who can go to sleep next to that great big ocean every night…

  42. John

    … then again, if sea level rises, the beachfront land will disappear!!

  43. Straight talk

    … then again if air fare rises, the beachfront land ( and condos ) will be abandoned!!… and Bajans will be able to afford their piece of the rock or are we all Wishing In Vain?

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  45. peltdownman

    The land at Freshwater Bay was sat on by Butch Stewart for over 10 years. Why was that not nationalised in “the public interest”?

  46. gentle jim


  47. Wishing in Vain

    THERE HAS BEEN A CERTAIN DESPERATION in the tactics of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) in the past three months. The features of this desperation are unique. We have seen BLP desperation before. In 1981, fearful that the electoral reforms it introduced would wound it politically, we saw electoral irregularities of a magnitude never witnessed in Barbados’ history. Errol Barrow said the election was not free and fair.

    In 1986, as the curtain was closing on a BLP Administration, the campaign it ran was the most corrosive ever. Political attack advertisements were the order of the day and issues of race and identity came to the fore. BLP leader, the late Sir Harold St John, said the BLP spent US$1 million on ads alone, hiring the top ad firm – and the shortly-thereafter
    disgraced – Saatchi & Saatchi.

    This year is different. No, we don’t mean the sight of Mia Mottley dancing across a temporary stage singing “People Are You Ready?” while Mascoll tells her she’s ready! We have seen all of that in the past and it confirms that, despite Owen’s reservations, Mia is definitely his replacement. And Mascoll loves her dearly!

    We don’t mean the full-page attack advertisement on David Thompson two Sundays ago. All that means is that the BLP has been wounded by the serious Hardwood allegations and blood has been drawn, so the only way to deal with it is to attack David Thompson. Can you imagine a BLP Administration having to spend thousands in a paid political ad to respond to Hardwood Housing when all of Barbados was ready to listen to Mascoll’s replies without having to pay? Some members of the public would pay Mascoll to respond!

    We don’t even consider Liz Thompson pulling out her stinger and carting it around as she did a cutlass on a political platform in 1999. None of these can compare to “Girls Gone Wild”, try as they might and no matter how they try to shock and awe us into believing that this beleaguered and deadweight Administration still has some life.

    This Government paints an ugly, sorry picture now wherever they go and whatever they do. The policy mantra to reverse this blight is called “Face It And Fix It”. But that is a total farce.

    Fourteen years after they were elected – and their political friends have had a field day with prices, chalking up massive profits through price-gouging of the poor – the BLP now says that it has a policy to deal with price-gouging! For all of those 14 years Owen Arthur says: “We can’t go back to the bad old days of price controls. We can’t remove surcharges. We can’t do this and we can’t do that.” Lynette Eastmond says that price controls won’t work. Mascoll, on hearing
    Chris Sinckler say a DLP government will introduce selective price controls, says it’s foolishness!

    So after emptying our wallets for those 14 years, and on the eve of an election, the blighted Minister of Finance now tells us that he will make an assault on prices. Does someone think Bajans are really stupid?

    As we said before, an election is around the corner, and in true “face-it-and-fix-it” style, he is now facing judgment day with the electors of this country and he doesn’t want them to fix him, so promises galore will be the order of the day before the big day.

    “Face it and fix it” is a farce.

  48. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘We also invested in the Pierhead Project during 2005’

    ‘We have also signed a memorandum of understanding with Government to work on developing a new luxury resort at Harrison’s Point’

    Williams Industries Inc, Annual Resport 2005.

  49. Anonymous

    did anyone see the pm on cbc-tv last night? he’s simply too busy for us? cbc-tv needs to screen that little skit again, so we can all see it.
    he will lose st.peter.

  50. Watching

    Curious stage antics from Arthur on cbc last night. His mouth was trembling and he was jumpy. Is he normally like that? On morning news Arthur talk about children becoming computer literate. I am sure Opposition leader said same thing days before. Trend developing where Arthur simply rehashes what Opposition leader says. WIV noticed it.
    Anyone else?

  51. Wishing in Vain

    Did the Royal jack as turn the corner or what !!!!

    Royalrumble // Nov 6th 2007 at 12:55 pm

    I have never seen this party in more turmoil and confusion as I have seen in recent times this a sign of the times when by your own statements a group of wild boys can put this group of people is such a spin that they resort to self praise and compliments of themselves, how sad it looks to John Public.

    The old people use to say self praise is no praise at all, have you never heard this comment before?

    More importantly rather than the beating of your own chest boners and praising yourselves maybe a little look into why you are finding the going so tough will assist in righting the wrongs you are accused of lets start with the mystery of that cheque Owen for the small sum of $ 750,000.00 why did it as Mr Thompson state that it reporterly went to you personal bank account.the cost and conditions of the Prison project eventually costing three times more than it weas budgeted for and why was Rotherley et al not given a real opportunity to do the work is there any truth that there was a call to build in a 7 % commission to be payable to party members? And why are we working with a known company that is willing to pay bribes to politicians to get contracts awarded to them?

    The road works why here again have we chosen to award a contract to a know fraudster like DANOS who is before the courts for robbing the taxpayers of Jamaica in what he described as the Jamaica kickback agreement is there the same Barbados kickback agreement in play here in Barbados as well?

    Here again the cost of this project has tripled in cost even before getting near half way in the project.

    Or tell us about this prearranged plan to wheel and deal with the PierHead project if what I am hearing it sounds too much like VECO or 3S DANOS deal one filled with dishonest partners that are before the courts for fraud, bribery and corruption.

    Then we have the fiasco that the PM and Mascoll have created in HARDWOOD HOUSING INC.

    Or what about the deal with Pem,berton and the Chineses illegal workers?

    Or the baths that were built for more than most nice four bedroom homes could be built for.

    In closing what we want to know is why these things are not being addressed not a word about any of them but instead your callous remarks that you the PM is not going to do a thing about HARDWOOD HOUSING it is a disgusting statement showing the extent of the dishonest in gov’t abosolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Never a truer word has been spoken!!!

  52. One-day Coming...so_n

    Early in the take over bid game Dennis Kellman-(MP for St Lucy) to his credit raised the matter of the Pierhead Lands! Owen has now jump on the bandwagon as he has been doing over the last few weeks with every thing from the Cost of Living to Increases in Public servants car allowances etc. Yet they say his team is superior. What nonesense and rubbish! Yet they refused to address issues pertaining to wastage or corruption. I vividly recall the leader of this Barbados Government saying years ago they were committed to open government – the government has never been more SHUT…up until now. Now ,they are opening. Opening for the business of electioneering . I trust that after that day we will not have to witness more of the same. In God I trust.

  53. Linchh


    I must admit that I am confused. You said: “The Prime Minister has just told the owner of one of the most desirable pieces of land in Barbados “You only thought you owned that land that you’ve been paying taxes on for all these decades. Now that it is so valuable, we declare that our previous contract to develop the area is null and void. Barbados will now own the majority of the asset. And bye the way… Try to find financial backers for your project now that we have announced this, suckers!”

    However, you said in another post that Government has signalled that it intends to obtain the land currently owned by the BS&T on which part of the project is to be sited. If it does so and becomes the primary sponsor of the project, how, and why, would the BS&T continue to be involved in it?

  54. peltdownman

    I sincerely hope that in this day and age of heritage tourism, when countries around the world are preserving their historic waterfront areas, that we are not going to see our own government destroying the waterfront warehouses that grace the Careenage. Whatever development takes place must include the renovation and makeover of these beautiful buildings, a la Spirit Bond. Tourists just love them, and will flock to the area, which would otherwise be dead, as most of the condos that will be built will end up being empty for most of the year, as are most overseas-owned properties.

  55. Sundowner

    I agree the warehouses should be preserved but unfortunately tourists do not ‘flock’ to the Spirit Bond and I’m not sure how many of the original businesses are still there. I was told that tourists do not like to ‘walk down alleys’ off Broad Street to the Spirit Bond! a real shame. Maybe the other side which already attracts tourists with The Waterfront Cafe and various shops would be more lucky.

  56. From Porters with Love

    It is a growing trend in this island that these rich and famous Sandly Lane gang are buying up every piece of land on this island.

    Along with the The Sands enormous property built on the road at the Coach House are, driving a little further north as we will now see the hoarding being erected along the Sunset Crest area along a very nice of beach front property, but not only are they grabbing the beachfront properties but now they are also grabbing hold of inland properties you will see just opposite Queens Fort drive hoarding being erected this too is now the latest construction of the Sandy Lane Owners group, my point is that now the availabilty of the seaside land is drying up that this group is now prepared to move inland and to drive the price of these lands well out of the reach of regular citizens.

    The Gov’t has no land use policy and no real desire to implement any such controls because it benefits them in the private payoffs that these same politicians collect from this same gang, let us not forget the St.Peter Development committee which has millions on its account with Arthur and Julie being the only two with signatures on this very large bank account.

    If we do not address these massive land grabbing methods that is taking place it will be sooner rather than later before we fuel an uprising or revolt.

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