New Prison Can’t Be Used Yet – Because Government Didn’t Pass Required Law


Is Attorney General Dale Marshall (Or Anyone) Really In Charge?

No one knows how much our new prison costs, and it is unlikely that taxpayers will ever know the truth. Considering that the prison was built by the corrupt VECO Corporation as contracted with the corrupt Owen Arthur government, we should be thankful that a prison even exists.

Only one problem: we can’t house any prisoners there because the Government of Barbados neglected to pass a law declaring the place an official prison.

Can’t this gang of idiots get anything right?

Yup. More of the same old, same old…

Legal hold up preventing prisoners from moving to Dodds

Two weeks after the official opening of the new prison at Dodds in St. Philip the cells are still empty.

Mike Goddard says this is because a legal hold up is preventing the transfer of prisoners to the new facility.

Attorney General Dale Marshall says government needs to change the 100 year old Prisons Act which defines prison as Glendairy.

He expected that the House of Assembly would approve the amendment today and that the Senate would do the same tomorrow paving the way for the transfer of prisoners. Mr. Marshall says the administrative staff has moved-in and all the officers have been trained to run the ultra-modern jail.

He has denied that prisoners are already at Dodds explaining that they have been involved in facilitating the move.

Mr. Marshall is not saying exactly when the final move will be made to Dodds but has indicated that it will be as soon as possible. He is also assuring the families of inmates that they will soon be able to visit their relatives at Dodds.

… read the original article at the CBC (link here)

Read the Nation News take on the story here: A-G’s Word


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40 responses to “New Prison Can’t Be Used Yet – Because Government Didn’t Pass Required Law

  1. Straight talk

    Dodds not defined as a prison.

    Is Harrison Point ? or have the prisoners been held illegally there for the last couple of years.

  2. more

    This should answer your question, Straight Talk

  3. John

    … clearly Government did not realise it was building a prison, ……. neither did Veco.

  4. Wishing in Vain

    It certainly appears to me that this gov’t is very poor at writing the laws of this island if we cast our minds back to the road traffic act that had to be pulled because of the number of stupid errors it contained then two weeks ago they had to change another act dealing with a piece of land in St.Peter because it was incorrectly worded and now this display of stuipidity as Mr Sealy stated twenty something changes on a small act is totally amazing.

    Then again none of this should surprise us but rather we should expect it to operate in this manner when we look at the bunch of wild west cowboys running the affairs of state.
    Marshall, Mottley, Arthur have made an awful mess of this project from the time they set about trying to put the plan in place to defraud us the taxpayers.

    Funny how Marshall is bold to state how well this was done when they only realised that the plan did not allow for a mess area for the staff of the prison and Bizzy Williams had to be brought in to built the hall as an after thought, wonderful planning and delivery.

    The other problem is that the local group seems to rember quoting US $ 67 million and they were US $ 10 million to high allegely, so were does this coming in on budget and within cost and on time when they had 3 different delivery dates and a final cost of US $ 145 million, where is Marshall’s brain in all of this does he think that we are stupid?

    Ask COW or Rotherley what their quote was and in what currency!!!

  5. Jerome Hinds

    You would have thought that a BLP government that professes to be on the path to FIRST WORLD status…..would have demonstrated SUPERIOR organisational efficiency and visionary thinking on this one !

    But then again the old adage holds true……. ” If you start wrong yuh gine end wrong ”

    The start……?

    ** this BLP government giving a dubious contract to a company ( VECO ) with no track record in building a prison…..this company then ends up in court for offering BRIBES to politicians….!

    #### One of those facing court action claims in court documents he have been promised a job at the Barbados prison !

    The End…..?

    ** This BLP government BRAGGED about the Dodds prison being handed over……but at the same time did not LAWFULLY designate the area to be used as a prison !

    That is the mentality of this…..Blasted Lawless Party ( BLP )

    Can always be counted on to break the LAWS of Barbados !

  6. centipede

    What you all keep forgetting is that mediocrity and sub-standard is the benchmark. With these principles firmly in place, are you commentators not being a bit harsh?

  7. Anonymous

    gee guys cut them some slack,willya? they only had a year to amend the law

  8. Anonymous

    this is such a pathetic excuse that we await the real reason for the stall. theres much more to this delay isnt there

  9. Ho hum

    Labelling Dale Marshall an idiot is a gross understatement. It would be of interest to find out what his mentor George Payne really thinks of him.

  10. Anonymous

    “Under that discretion we were able to nominate Harrison Point and Six Roads as temporary facilities
    but of course, that situation cannot obtain for a permanent facility, so what we are required to do under law is to enact that Dodds is for the purpose of this act a new prison,” he said.

    WHY can’t that situation obtain? Dodds can nominated a temporary prison, like anywhere else, for the sake of expediency.
    We all know that Government can do as it pleases. If they want/need to declare Dodds a temporary institution for sheer convenience, it can be done in less than an hour.
    If Gov’t. needs to paint the name Glendairy over an institution at St.Philip to call it the right thing,for legal reasons, I can and will paint the suitable name in under an hour and will charge a mere $73,560 plus VAT
    and that’s a bargain,by today’s VEECKO costing.

    It’s all sooo easy, so why is it sooo difficult??

    wunnuh fall down BAD!
    Drunk AGAIN?? in firs wurl buhbayduss?

    Lookin good, BLP..looking good!

  11. Adrian Hinds

    “year old Prisons Act which defines prison as Glendairy.”

    So what current law allows the GoB to legally hold prisoners at Harrisons point???? What is the difference between Harrisons point and the new prison as far the Prisons Act is concern????

    Uh tell yuh, Lawyer/Politicians are truly losing their importance in politics.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    This is because they are so preoccupied with their own scams and telling what a wonderful job that they are suppose to be doing that they are missing the real important stuff.
    Maybe the prisoners can sue for being held in a place that was reconised as the correct place for a prison. All sentences will beduced by the time spent at Harrisons Point!!!

  13. Wishing in Vain

    Now there is no Cost overrun but this first figure quoted was US $ 60 million but now it climbs to US $ 144 million but there is no cost overrun !!!!!

    “We don’t lie. We don’t cheat. We don’t steal,” VECO says.

    Speaking of matching actions with words, who can forget, “I own your ass,” which is what former VECO boss Bill Allen is alleged to have said to former House Speaker Pete Kott.

    Kott, who is quoted in a federal indictment as saying, “I just want to be the warden in Barbados,” should be pleased to know that work on the prison is progressing nicely.

    VECO recently posted a “Barbados Prison Update” on its Web site. The 1,250-bed hoosegow is 80 percent complete and due to be finished this year.

    Commonwealth, a VECO company, designed the prison and will own it for 25 years, VECO reports. But the would-be warden may be disappointed to discover that VECO’s subsidiary “will have no involvement in the operation of the prison.”

    “The government of Barbados will continue to have sole responsibility for the prison operation, including staffing,” VECO said.

    The prison, using modular construction, was supposed to cost $144 million, according to a statement released by the Murkowski administration a year ago when VECO received an “Exporter of the Year” award.

    The new prison is to replace one that was destroyed during a riot and fire in 2005, according to a U.S. State Department report in March on Barbados.

    Conditions in the temporary prison are “very poor,” the U.S. said, but the new lockup “designed to meet international standards,” is to be finished later this year.

    I was curious as to why VECO would put that odd notice about prison staffing on its Web site, but it’s connected to the wishes of “Warden” Kott.

  14. Pogo

    Maybe Dale forgot he was supposed to hire people to run the jail so Veco had to remind him by posting on its web site.

    Like when Veco reminded Dale they was no mess hall in the plans that Dale and Mia approved. Guess they thought that jail staff leave the jail unsupervised to go for lunch.

  15. more

    The new prison has been in the plans for years. How come they only now realize the law needs to be changed?
    Looks like we will be hearing more about this.

  16. Anonymous

    More say… The new prison has been in the plans for years. How come they only now realize the law needs to be changed?

    Answer: Because they are IDIOTS!

  17. more

    Okay, that explains it then.

  18. frankology

    Why all the excitement, based on our parliamentary system of Government it would be prudent to send the change of address through the right channel, the lower house and the higher house. Possibly, the move could have been in place, but maybe they were advised that it would have been illegal without laying it in Parliament. My posts are based on neutral ground, neither for or against, but the truth.


    BFP Comments…

    One would think that with hundreds of millions of our tax dollars flying around, those in charge might have been intelligent enough to make a “to do” list sometime before starting to dig?

    I can’t figure out which is more outrageous… the idiocy that happened or your passive acceptance of this incompetence.

  19. theNickster

    Hope this doesn’t turn out like Sherbourne, the boys in cuffs could just walk out the unfinished backside of Dodds. Hopefully the power doesn’t go out and open all doors, or some other unforseen mishap. If the law wasn’t passed I could imagine what else was forgotten, in the mad grab for construction monies.

    Oh by the way whose name was on the insurance policy for the current Glendairy facility? hope those walls aren’t covered in flammable substances at Dodds, might be another fire in its future, with owen cashing in this time around.

  20. Wishing in Vain

    Seems a little backward to me!!!

  21. Bajan Observer

    I just cannot believe it…”something sounds fishy here”.

  22. frankology

    BFP, you should realise that we are seeing and hearing this administration correcting the correction of their mistakes. We all know that you must plan your work and then work your plan. But we are seeing the opposite morning, noon and night. It is a whole case of idiotic maneuvering.


    BFP george here

    you are probably right frankology. They say the prison is delayed for lack of a law, but who knows waht the real reason is?

    Lord just bring on the election.

  23. Jerome Hinds

    Lord just bring on the election.

    And BFP…….you gine bring on the money – laundering story ?

  24. Rumplestilskin

    May I humbly suggest that this is the funniest story of the year?

    And ‘cuh dear’, your bajan caption just made it worster.

    That IS funny!

  25. Anonymous

    Rumpy gottit rite!
    “May I humbly suggest that this is the funniest story of the year?”

    Yes, but I’m still trying to figure out just what kinda humour it is
    Black Humour?
    Schlock horror(sheer incompetence!)

  26. Anonymous

    When the new 2007 Transparency International index of perceived corruption came out a short while ago
    it showed Barbados raised from position 24 previously
    to 23 now.

    I no longer have the slightest confidence in Transparency International, or its ludicrous index of perceived anything.

  27. John

    Transparency International’s perception index is based on a minimum of three surveys from three or more agencies and relates to the perception “big business” has of a country.

    The perception index has nothing to to with what the little people on the ground see!!

    That was my reading of the PI from TI sometime ago. It is however a good measure, just doesn’t reflect what the little people know ……. and it shouldn’t.

    The way I understand it being done leads to consistency in measurement from country to country.

    Saying Barbados is not as corrupt as Zimbabwe, or Trinidad or Antigua is I believe true. However, that does not mean that Barbados has no corruption.

    It just means that Barbados is not much better than say Trinidad and is well removed from say Finland or Singapore.

    Everything is relative and the measure as I understand is designed to lead to consistent results.

    Thus I read the measure to say that things really have not changed. Barbados remains as corrupt as any of the other independent Caribbean countries.

    To compare Barbados with Guadeloupe or Martinique or any of the Dutch islands is to compare Barbados with France or Holland, neither of which are perfect, but both of which are better than Barbados.

    Seems that if we weren’t independent, we would not be as corrupt as we are, we could claim the PI of the UK.

  28. Anonymous

    “I are idiot” says it all.

  29. John

    I agree, … I can’t get over it.

    I have been laughing since the picture appeared.

    …. the face is the perfect face for the caption.

  30. Sundowner

    I’ve just been told by a Co Williams worker that prisoners have been transported all day to the new prison. They were asked by police to make sure the highway remained clear, helicopter following the prisons vehicles as well. Can anyone confirm this?

  31. Crusty

    I saw EMPTY prison buses heading north at Warrens roundabout today. There were 4 or 5 of them with multiple police escorts in front and behind. Sirens were on. Guess they were in a hurry to get back to St. Lucy.

  32. Sundowner

    Just been confirmed on the news that prisoners were being taken to the new prison, must have passed that new law!

  33. Sundowner

    So? when was the law changed?

  34. frankology

    The law would have to be passed for the relocation of prisoners, otherwise, we will have a public and political outcry.

  35. Sundowner

    According to the Nation the law has been changed, last week both ‘The House of Assembly and the Senate approved an amendment which changed the 100 year old act which had defined prison as Glendairy’.

  36. Wishing in Vain

    My other issue here is how come the inquiry into the burning down of the prison has so far ommitted to call the AG of that period the one Mottley to give evidence?
    As the Minister responsible for the prison I really beieve that she needs to be put on the witness stand to be questioned by them as to her role in the eventual burning down of the prison.
    It is not good enough that she has played a part in this event but only the prisoners and the staff are getting grilled and not the one who allowed the situation to boil until it boiled over and burnt down.

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