It Is A Darn Shame That Adrian Loveridge Is Of The White Race

When it comes to making a success of tourism, perhaps the most knowledgeable person on the island is hotelier and journalist Adrian Loveridge. We watched over the years as Adrian’s knowledge and organisational talents were initially embraced by the “official” government tourism sectors and the local media – only to be cast aside when he started to ask “difficult” questions that highlighted not only government incompetence but outright lies by the Minister of Tourism and others.

(For a typical Adrian Loveridge question, see today’s Barbados Underground article What Is A Reasonable Time To Wait For A Government Department To Respond?)

For the offense of telling the truth and being more competent than many government tourism officials, Adrian Loveridge was tossed off government committees, fired as a journalist and in the end threatened with death and the destruction of his hotel by government BLP supporters. The latest threats against Adrian made by BLP supporters using the comments sections of this and other blogs center upon Adrian’s white race…

“Kill the WHITE bitch!” say the BLP government supporters, “Chop off he rasshole head. Kill he f*cking wife. Burn down he hotel.”

Nice folks, some of those BLP government types.


But open racial prejudice is nothing new for our BLP government that frequently stirs up old racial wounds when politically convenient – or as an alternative to addressing the veracity of reasoned criticism.

As mentioned in past BFP’s articles, this racial prejudice comes right from the top government leadership: the Prime Minister regularly uses racial slurs in public speech (see here), the Minister of the Environment said during a debate on national television that no “Caucasian male” should dare to tell a member of the government what to do (see here) and the government’s BLP party website shows only one race of Barbadian – and only darker skin tones of that race. No Indians, no whites, no orientals, no mixed race folks. (see here)

The Barbados Government continues its support of Ikael Tafari, the Prime Minister’s appointed Director of the Commission for Pan-African Affairs, who time and time again has spouted racist positions. (see here)


Even David Thompson, the leader of the Opposition is often characterised as “white” by his opponents as the worst thing they can think to say about him. (See BFP’s Barbados Government BLP Agent Plays Race Card. Calls Opposition Leader “White”, Equates With British Slave Owners)

It is one of the dubious talents of the present Barbados Government that Ministers they can smile and shake the hands of white and asian investors in the afternoon and then curse them for their race at a political rally in the evening.

If the outside world only knew!

But that is the reality at this moment in Barbados, and the BLP government does its best to fan those old flames of racism every time an election comes around.

Adrian Loveridge is unelectable in 2007 Barbados because of his white race – and that is a shame because it is Barbados’ loss and not Adrian’s loss.

Unlike so many of the government’s “experts”, Mr. Loveridge has actually proven for decades that he is a success in the tourism industry. His Peach and Quiet Hotel is consistently highly rated by such respected organisations as Trip Advisor and is often featured in foreign travel publications – for free we might add. No multi-million dollar advertising budget for Peach and Quiet, yet his hotel handily outperforms the larger government subsidized operations every season.

As pointed out today on Keltruth Blog, Adrian’s Peach and Quiet Hotel has just been declared a top pick by the New York Times. (See Keltruth Blog’s New York Times picks Peach and Quiet and Sea-U!)

It is truly a shame that under the present government, talented people like Adrian Loveridge are often excluded because of their race. Perhaps that would change under a new government, perhaps not. There is much history and some very bad history that we all have to live with – but we as a nation must be wary of those who seek to keep the wounds open for their narrow and selfish political purposes.


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25 responses to “It Is A Darn Shame That Adrian Loveridge Is Of The White Race

  1. Gorilliphant

    “a nation must be wary of those who seek to keep the wounds open for their narrow and selfish political purposes.”

    Are you talking about yourself, Mr. Loveridge?

    We know you haven’t realised it yet but… Massa day done!

  2. BFP

    Note from BFP about the comment by Gorilliphant above…

    Opponents of Barbados Free Press and other Bajan blogs that criticize the government often accuse the writers of being white or as in this case, even of being Adrian Loveridge.

    We have said many times that race and culture are always just below the surface in Barbados. That’s just a reality – but it doesn’t mean that we can’t progress or become colour-blind as we move forward as a society.

    Friends of BFP know that like the reality of Barbados, the colours of our writers’ skins run from very dark to very light. Marcus and Shona are of entirely different races and their children are somewhere in between. Cliverton is dark. George is light. Robert is somewhere in the middle and obviously had some oriental ancestors somewhere in the mix.

    Even the darkest of us are a mixed breed stew.

    But we are BAJANS first and last. That is our decision for our children and for our country’s future.

    The Government of Barbados under Prime Minister Owen Arthur displays one face when on the world stage of international relations – or when talking with foreign investors.

    But when their guard is down or they believe they are talking to their chosen core audience in the racial majority, this government displays a disturbing attitude towards citizens who are not of the racial majority.

    As we pointed out over a year ago with the Government party’s official website…

    “(The Barbados Government BLP website has) a powerful feel-good message of progress – until you realize that the images only show Barbadians of African heritage who have darker skin tones. No lighter-skinned persons of African heritage are shown. No Barbadians of Indian heritage. No Oriental races. No Asians. No whites. No Barbadians of mixed race. No mixed race couples.

    Only persons of African heritage who have dark skin tones.

    My friends, that is a powerful, powerful message. It is also a disturbing message in light of past racially-charged comments by both Prime Minister Owen Arthur and Environment Minister Liz Thompson.

    If the Barbados Labour Party truly believes that it wants to represent the interests of all Barbadians – no matter the colour of their skin or their racial heritage – then the BLP should change it’s website to reflect all our citizens.

    But if the website fairly represents how the BLP views Barbados and their vision for this nation, then they should leave the website the way it is. Don’t change a thing BLP, unless you really mean it.”

  3. Warrior

    BFP says:#

    It is truly a shame that under the present government, talented people like Adrian Loveridge are often excluded because of their race. Perhaps that would change under a new government, perhaps not.
    Are you sure Mr. Loveridge is excluded because of his race or is it because he asks pertinent and pointed questions that some people would rather leave un-answered, or even his resoluteness is the face of victimization and threats and still speak the truth even though it may hurt, still continue to stand on side of right when all else is going wrong.

    Remember in this society those are qualities and character traits that have been thrown in the dumpster. I am sure that most of the marauders.. oh, sorry, merchants – in Barbados are some what white and the government seems to be frens wid dem.

    I don’t think it has anything to do with race.


    BFP Comments…

    Hi Warrior, race certainly plays a part – of that there is no doubt. But Adrian’s competency and questions are also foundational to his rejection. Like everything ’bout here, there is seldom one simple reason or one solution for any problem. We have tried to make that point in the article. I’ll have another look at it to make sure the point is clear. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    Is Warrior saying that Loveridge is electable in Barbados? Couldn’t happen with him being white.

  5. Thistle

    If the colour doesn’t come into play, Warrior, why do those dirty-minded, foul-mouthed BLP bloggers/supporters harp on the colour of Mr. Loveridge all the time when they post their filth on here and on BU?

  6. Hants

    The BLP does not have to to show white faces on their website as long as the White people continue to make money and live in luxury.

    Adrian Loveridge is different from the majority of White people in Barbados.He has chosen to participate in Barbados “politics”.

    White Barbadians keep a low profile, focus on themselves and leave the problems and politics to the rest of the population.

    The white vote is always trivialized in Barbadian politics and that is why the BLP advertising is not directed to them.


    BFP comments

    The PM’s “politics of inclusion” have been very effective in excluding from Barbados politics all races except the majority. It is not only the whites who are excluded, but indians and orientals also. I suspect that in another time a different ruling class said that black Barbadians weren’t interested and “keep a low profile, focus on themselves and leave the problems and politics to the rest of the population.”

    Minority races are simply not welcomed into the political debate, and when they have the nerve or sense of duty to speak up, their race is used to shut them up.

    It be the truth, Hants.

  7. reality check

    those in power have been playing the race card for many years even though they have been pandering to offshore investors and tourists for the same amount of time.

    Its a real paradox to do business with people you essentially loathe or hate.

    Its an interesting dynamic that reminds me of a kind of reverse rascism that was present in the deep south of America in the 1950’s.

    This is the last refuge of politicians who have no answers and want to deflect attention from their incompetency and “tiefing”.

    The world needs to be fully informed of the facts so they can decide if this is a country that is truly open or really closed to all but the chosen few.

  8. Hants

    BFP……The truth is that the majority of whites and Indians (prior to recent Guyanese indians)
    are rich and just stand on the sidelines and get richer compliments of the Black population.

    I don’t think any political party rejects people based on race.

    Do you think white barbadians want to become members of political parties?
    Membership is still cheap.

    Capitalist Business people all over the world focus on making money and “Politics” is just used when necessary as a “business expense”.

  9. BK

    I don’t agree that White or Indians are being excluded. Barbados is a Black country and that is where the powerbase sits. Why would a 95% Black country vote for an Indian or White person? It this case I don’t think race is a factor at all.

  10. KA

    Further demonstration of the “racism” inherent by goverment relates to their verbal support for a Caribbean Community,

    But they don’t seem to want Guyanese and Dominicans and Trinis flooding our shores or our businesses.

    However, when you look, how many Barbadians are married to non-Barbadians. How many Trinis and Guyanese have contributed to Barbados in a positive way.

  11. Bussa Goddard


    Your preoccupation with “black racism” suggests that you are a either a black individual with low self-esteem brought on by discomfort with your own skin or a very insensitive white soul. How else can one explain your preoccupation with dark-skinned black faces on a politicial website, rather than ask why in a country 95% black and about 3% white, the is a preponderance of whites at the real seats of power. Not only do the white companies like the C.O. Williams Group (who by the way earn a significant chunk of their income from black taxpayers) have a dearth of blacks at management level, our underperforming public companies largely are lead and chaired by whites. If BFP is serious about addressing racism then it would spend substantially less time on “caucasian” comments by a public servant and start to ask questions about how can our country be effectively developed if business leadership is selected from 3% of the population. While I am somewhat saddened by the Trini encroachment, it has at least awakened some to the reality that the real racism in Barbados – the one that has a social and economic impact – will in a global marketplace undermine our country to the detriment of white as well as black Bajans.


    BFP Comments

    Firstly, in the context of published threats to murder a Bajan because he is of the white race, I would have hoped that you would have at least given some acknowledgment that you don’t approve of such threats. Secondly, your mention of Trinis starts to reveal your attitude. You don’t like whites, you don’t like indians.

    As to the website of the BLP only showing one race, that is a message not an accident. If you or any of the BLP leaders are uncomfortable with us pointing that out perhaps you would do well to have a little introspection.

    The white power structures in many areas of business have been and remain a factor in Barbados, however your total discounting of the black majority rule in politics for 40 years is absurd. Government expenditures in the last 13 years of majority rule have been billions upon billions and the control of THAT is power. The fact that the government of the day chose to have cricket parties rather than build hospitals and schools is not a function of white or black power – it is about unaccountable thieves.

    I well know who I am and where I came from. I also realize that the largest impediment to my son’s success is the destructive attitude that you seem to be carrying around.

  12. Straight talk

    Don’t blame whitey for using the status quo to succeed.

    That same path is open to everyone.

    It comes down to spirit, not rum, but
    the entrepreneurial kind.

    Risking everything on your own talent and hard work.

    It may take another generation to establish itself here in Barbados, because it needs a generation raised and educated by enlightened parents who have themselves been capitalistically trained.

    Mentoring parents who have seen the future and will encourage their children to aim higher and expect better.

    If Bussa Goddard decides to influence his 100% black government to actually do something to enable talented bajans to overcome this business prejudice it may make a difference.
    Crying foul and weeping in your Mauby will always be ignored and rightly so because it is pathetic and defeatist.

    We’ve had 40 years of independence and still complaining about the same old, same old.

    Make your voice heard, make them listen, make a difference.

  13. centipede

    BUSSA GODDARD said “our underperforming public companies largely are lead and chaired by whites. ” Apart from BS&T, could BG name the other underperforming public companies that are largely are lead and chaired by whites? I’d really like to have this information. I’m standing by.

    2. BFP ~ could you publish the Board Members of the 12 Premier Companies in Barbados, please. I want to know, re Company #1 how many are black, how many are white. And the same thing for the other 11. I don’t want to know the names… just the racial components. Thanks.

    3. The ‘white people’ are not as foolish as the black public may think there are. Until recently, the slightest problem in the society was blamed on the whites. Funny that we don’t here that so much these days. Why is this? I ask the Q but I can give the answer: they have withdrawn from public participation (by and large) and are happy, happy, happy among themselves.

    Once upon a time when they were seen in the insurance field, in banks, in offices as salesmen and so on… they are gone. You’ll notice just about every one of them (with a few exceptions) is now an ‘enterpreneur’ and is running his own business.

    They have moved off the cricket field, etc.

    Is the society the better off for this? Methinks not. But guess what… guite a few are marrying blacks… marrying the educated and socially prim black girls.

    In the meantime we are seeing the entry of ‘Indians’ (Asians) and some Orientals taking up residence. These are the new whipping boys for us blacks. We don’t like them… because we are frightened of them. We instinctively know their work ethic leads. We sit down and watch them move in and take over. We sit and watch as we sit on our hands comfortably warm under our asses.

  14. Avatar Gurl

    Okay, wait….hold on…

    If that is the case, why does the BLP seem to cater so much to the elite? Most of the elite in Barbados IS white, so they can’t EXACTLY curse them behind their back..the white (and smattering of black) elite is their bread and butter!

    Can’t play double games here…ESPECIALLY not when it comes to money!!!!

  15. KA

    If we look at England, and to a lesser degree Canada and the United States, these are basically white countries with a strong minority presence.

    While there are some racial divides, it is not uncommon for non-whites to be elected to office in predominately white buroughs.

    Also, when you look at brochures and advertisements, efforts are made to be inclusive of a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

    It is good to see that a place such as England can have Barbadian-born mayors, curry as a national dish, and Sikhs sitting in Parliament.

    It will be good to eventually see a Barbados that does not encourage division but sees that everybody can be a part of society without having to be the right colour, religion, or nationality.

  16. Warrior

    October 30th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

    If the colour doesn’t come into play, Warrior, why do those dirty-minded, foul-mouthed BLP bloggers/supporters harp on the colour of Mr. Loveridge all the time when they post their filth on here and on BU?
    At this point they would use anything to distract us from what is really going on. Even colour and race. They are doing what they are either being paid to do or love doing it just for the fun of it.

  17. Sraight Talk +

    This is the joke of the day. The rich easy living car racing, golfing, yachting and bird shooting etc crowd repeat this all the time.
    “”””Don’t blame whitey for using the status quo to succeed.That same path is open to everyone.It comes down to spirit, the entrepreneurial kind.Risking everything on your own talent and hard work””””<<

    What hard work? What does whitey risk? COW is best example he borrow $22,000 from his uncle in 1940s or 50s to start business. Blacks back then could not even vote far less borrow money. Whites then and now risk nothing. They accumulate money and wealth because of inequitable structure of economy where blacks are virtually locked out of big business from tourism to real estate to wholesale and retail and every significant commercial activity in between.

  18. Straight talk

    Sorry Sraight Talk +:

    I thought we were talking about today – modern Barbados under a black majority government, with their incentives and assistance for business start-ups, but seems you want to dwell on the past injustices.

    Tell us what approaches/risks have you taken this year to attain your goals, and how did you get locked out?

  19. jefm

    Befor we deal with the BLP: the black natives do not exercise love and goodwill towards each other. This is evident in the way we treat each other in our neighbourhoods, in our business transactions, and in our communication. Parents must be good examples to their offspring. Let us try.

  20. Bussa Goddard

    Definitely seem to have touched a sensitive nerve with you – hence your risible, irrational response. First I have posted here enough times on the corruption of this government to dismiss your implication that i am a supporter (my problem is that you spend some much time denigrating the corruptees, but not focussing on some of the local corruptors). Second I do not discount the black majority rule for the last 40 years. I am of the view that for the most part we (black, white, Asian) have been well served by successive Barbados governments over that period – the same cannot be said for earlier periods when governments had only the interest of a small group at heart.

    Now to the “somewhat saddened by the Trini encroachment” = “you don’t like Indians” thing …..well that comment leads me to wonder about your maturity (sounds like the type of logic I would expect coming out of a school yard argument). I was also “somewhat saddened” that Barbados lost to Jamaica in the KFC Cricket tournament – who do i dislike now? ….Rastas perhaps?…no no, i forget ….the Chinese? got ‘nough Chinese in Jamaica. Please dear (by the way I have concluded that you are dark-skinned black female of low self-esteem – sexist “dear” was meant to really rile you up)…. just because I have some Nation pride it does not mean that I dislike people from other countries or different races.

    Regarding the website, please recall that I started my post with the words “your preoccupation with black racism”. In other words I did not dismiss its existence, but rather questioned your lack of balance with always dealing with black racism, despite the limited evidence of its impact on things that matters most – social and economic advancement – and not addressing white racism. You have insulated yourself from the reality that name calling, while offensive and even intimidating, bears no match to the damage caused by institutional racism. You have of course not addressed my point regarding the preponderance of whites at the helm of Barbadian public companies, despite them representing only 3% of the population. Conversely, even if they did not get their faces posted on a website, white and mixed raced Barbadians have been well (perhaps overly) represented (usually as Chairmen) on a number the key statutory boards – Sir Alan Fields, Chris DeCaires, Colin Brewer, Charles Tibbitts, Anthony Hoyos (David Edwards, David Dean, Tony Ellis, Larry Tatem and Sir Steve Emtage of the mixed race crew). I believe all but Tibbitts were chairmen of statutory boards or Government owned corporations and I am sure they are / were many others. And I am not talking about no Child Care Board or UDC or NAB or other nay nay boards. I am talking BNB, ICB, BTI, GAIA, Barbados Port Inc. (boards where big info and big money flows). Come to think of it, I believe that Adrian was once on the BTA board – correct me if am wrong. One should also not forget one Phillip Goddard, who even after he got drowned in the QEH mire as Minister of Health, was appointed as some special envoy for the PM. BFP, there are a number of reasons why this government needs to be removed from office -but being racist towards white people is not a charge that can be laid against them.

    Finally though, I must concede your first point to you. I should have started my post stating first that, as reported by your blog, the vilification of and threats against Adrian Loveridge are reprehensible and should not be tolerated. I am a big admirer of Adrian for his courage in standing up to a government whose power has gone amok, while others quiver. However the evidence as presented above suggests that Adrian’s race is only incidental to the hostility and venom heaped upon him.

  21. John

    The sooner we realise how easily money and power corrupt people of all colours the sooner we will do something about it.

    Corruption is a two way street and has more to do with what is (….. or is not) inside a person than what is on the outside.

    The problem that the powers that be have with Adrian L is that he keeps asking questions, …….. I mean repeatedly, ……… the man just won’t go away, …… and he is consistent and calm.

    We have alot to learn from him.

  22. vetlet

    I second what you say. Being a majority in a country does not mean you exclude minorities from Government. Scotland has minority MSPs, and it is around 95-96% white.

  23. foolhardy

    About that Cow thing.$22,000??? in the 1940’s or 50’s when to build a chattel house cost about $120.00. $22,000 dont sound a lot at first but when you realise that it could have built 176 houses you get an idea. what black man in the 40’s or 50’s could have borrowed that type of money or had an uncle who could give it to him.

  24. foolhardy

    but that is how the whites operate even now. they give a son or nephew or cousin start up capital usually to operate as an entrepreneur in a risk free setting and by risk free i mean a business which is integrated into the supply chain or horizontally linked to an established business.

    eg island tours and safaris which are linked to the big cruise and tourist businesses.
    valet , servicing or mechanical businesses linked to the automobile dealerships.

  25. foolhardy

    these relationships are not dependant on cost effectiveness or even relative quality.

    if a small unrelated firm chose to offer these services even at a much lower cost they would not succeed because the business and patronage is steered towards friends and relatives.

    this is why i have no problem with the trini takeovers because at the end of the day they are focussed on profit and performance