Scotland District: 50 Years Of Instability, Landslides and Soil Erosion – What A Great Place For A Garbage Dump!

With the Government Soil Conservation Unit is celebrating its 50th anniversary, it would be good to pause to consider why that unit was formed in the first place, and then why Barbados is putting a dump at Greenland of all places.

Assuming what we are hearing is true, it appears that no engineer wants to sign off on the Greenland dump leachate pond liner because it is likely to fail due to the instability of the soil.

How many tens of millions of dollars spent so far on creating an environmental nightmare?

Who knows!

Unit to mark 50 years
Published on: 10/27/07.

GOVERNMENT’S Soil Conservation Unit will celebrate its 50th anniversary starting tomorrow with a thanksgiving service at St Andrew’s Parish Church.

The unit was established primarily to stabilise the Scotland District in light of the increased incidence of soil erosion and landslides, as well as an overall decline in agricultural production.

The celebrations will also be used to highlight its contribution to Barbados’ small business development and tourism.

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4 responses to “Scotland District: 50 Years Of Instability, Landslides and Soil Erosion – What A Great Place For A Garbage Dump!

  1. peltdownman

    50 years? Multiply that by 10,000!

  2. Jerome Hinds

    To think that over $ 90 million was DUMPED down in GREENLAND….or was it someone’s pocket !

  3. Wishing in Vain

    We have had millions spent on one study after the other when the study does not present the position that Liz Thompson wanted she got new studies done, but quite amusingly in all the studies they all have concerns about Greenland as a suitable location for a garbage dump.
    when Mr Richard Goddar a son of the soil told them that this was a bad location for a dump he was scorned at they have wasted millions of our taxpayers dollars and what have they got to show for their indiscretion?
    Nothing, nothing, nothing this so typical of this admistration all rant and rave but no action, with Mottley being the worst in this department, how can she talk as much as she does and it says nothing of substance.
    This has the appearance of a sickly admistration on its last legs, when the Prime Minister chooses to repeat the statements of the Leader of the Opposition’s speech from Mr Thompson speech of the night before it certainly shows me how far removed from the effective day to day operations of the affairs of Barbados Owing and his gang of thieves are.
    PS Owing we are still waiting to hear you on the subject of HARDWOOD HOLDINGS !!!!

  4. John

    After the mouthful spoken by the Attorney General regarding the prison it is clear that his must be one of the guiding minds in cabinet behind Greenland.

    He is the member for St. Joseph, part of which is in the Scotland District and a member of the Owen Arthur Cabinet.

    His demonstrated intellect and understanding at Dodds clearly extends to the Scotland district, part of which he represents.

    It is discernible at Greenland.

    Thus, Greenland still needs to appear in the Physical Development plan as a landfill ….. and be approved by Parliament.