Was Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Murdered?


Twenty years from now, no one will remember much about Cricket World Cup 2007 except for one event: the strange death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer in his hotel room in Jamaica.

More evidence of possible foul play surfaced last Friday during the inquest being held in Jamaica. The pesticide cypermethrin were found in Woolmer’s blood and urine as well as in a “straw coloured” liquid found near his bed. Woolmer had been drinking that evening and “somehow” the pesticide found its way into his drink and his body.

While there might be explanations for the fast-acting neurotoxin insecticide in Woolmer’s nightcap, it is sounding more and more like murder to this observer.

From the Jamaica Gleaner…

Woolmer Poison Theory Resurfaces

A QUIRK by Director of Public Prosecutions Kent Pantry left some persons attending yesterday’s coroner’s inquest into the death of Pakistan cricket coach, Bob Woolmer, puzzled.

Mr. Pantry, who has figured in several aggressive exchanges since the start of the inquest, asked Marcia Dunbar, a forensic analyst at the Government Forensic Science Laboratory, about the level of cypermethrin found in the former England player’s system.

But after a brief break for coroner Patrick Murphy to take notes, Mr. Pantry posed another question.

Cypermethrin is a pesticide government pathologist Dr. Ere Seshaiah believes caused the 58-year-old Woolmer’s death on March 18. Yesterday, Ms. Dunbar testified that the substance was found in blood and urine taken from the coach, as well as ‘straw-coloured’ liquid found near the bed in his room at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Ms. Dunbar, who has worked at the forensic laboratory for 26 years, told the court that cypermethrin was found in one of three blood samples provided by the police. When questioned by the International Cricket Council’s attorney Jermaine Spence if this was unique, she responded, “I’m not sure.”

Ms. Dunbar said she analysed several items from the hotel room between March 19 and June 4. These included medication and personals, believed to belong to Woolmer.

She said there were traces of the tranquilliser, chloropromazine, in samples from his stomach with a fair amount of alcohol in his system. Ms. Dunbar said the level of alcohol was within the legal limit.

… read the entire story online (link here)


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19 responses to “Was Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer Murdered?

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Is this a case that the Jamaician Police have no idea where to start looking for a suspect, and would rather this thing went away and never resurfaced??

  2. Dehring b*lls

    Malcom Speed dunnit

  3. Adrian Loveridge

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    o f f

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    r a s s h o l e

    h e a d

  4. Adrian Loveridge

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    h o t e l

  5. Adrian Loveridge

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  6. Adrian Loveridge

    When I see comments repeatedly made under my name threatening to kill me, my wife and burn down our hotel, I wonder just exactly what lengths these people will go to silent a few questioning voices.

    I then totally dismiss any negativity this could cause and look at the positives we have achieved.

    For instance, type BARBADOS in Google News and the FIRST entry that comes up is an article appearing in the New York Sunday Times this weekend called AFFORDABLE CARIBBEAN.

    Only two accommodation providers are highlighted.
    Sea U Guest House and Peach and Quiet.

    The article will be read by MILLIONS of people contemplating a vacation in the region and already we have had literally hundreds of phone calls as a result of its appearance.

    By all means threaten and intimidate us, but it would appear that we are actually doing something right and certainly playing our positive part in attracting additional visitors and revenue to Barbados.

  7. No Name

    Adrian you and your wife have my sympathy because these vile, vulgar and threatening attacks on the two of you are actually the actions of a derainged, ignorant and uneducated morons that has nothing to contribute to the good of Barbados or its peoples. This person/s is mentally sick. But here is what gets me even more.

    I write a few off color humorous or what I think is humorous comments like get the “KY jelly out” or the odd benign cuss word that pales by comparison to what is used piblicly and on a daily basis all over Barbados and the world. And 4 or 5 regulars get on my case with self righteous hypocrisy suggesting that I am “lowering” the standards of these blogs. Yet these and others stay silent when you are not only verbally attacked with the vilest of language but you and your wife lives threatened. Does this not tell you something? I am beginning to think it is time to move on as I do not need this crap in my life!

    95% of who comment on these blogs are in my opinion responsible Barbadians hoping that what they offer will enlighten fellow Barbadians and help Barbados, The other 5% are obstructionists.

    I am also sure that the morons cussing and threatening you and your wife are not responsible BLP members because most BLP members would not behave in this vile manner. I think they are psychos and maybe their is an internet cafe set up at Jenkins.

  8. Rumplestilskin

    ” internet cafe set up at Jenkins.”

    Have you not heard that there are more ‘ out than in’.

    Adrian, well done. Your hotel’s reputation speaks volumes about the hotel and about you. We now need another fifty or sixty as yours (hope you won’t mind the competition).

    Except….. everyone else has converted to condos!

    Ah well. What was, could have still been, never will be.

    Our golden era in Tourism has passed.

    Best wishes.


  9. Rumplestilskin

    Thinking a bit further on it, there are a LOT of lessons in the success of your hotel. Just have to look.

  10. Rumplestilskin

    Regarding the article above re Bob Woolmer.

    Firstly, condolonces to his family for their loss and I do not wish to upset by my comment.

    Nevertheless, in MY OPINION this looks like a case of expedience over reality (gloss over it to end the world cup ‘cleanly’).

    Firstly, the ex Scotland Yard detective may be accused of flamboyance but is no fool.

    He saw the ‘scene’ which he based early opinion on.

    Secondly, the toxin is present in the body.

    How it got there is the question. From all reports Mr.Wollmer was keen on returning to South Africa, his family and finishing his book, so to me this rules out suicide.

    So, how did the toxin get there?

    Res Ipsa Loquitur.


  11. No Name

    On a different note and changing gears. Has anyone had time to read the nonsense Clyde Griffith wrote again in todays Nation news constructed around the recent CADRE poll? It was a pathetic BLP attempt to mislead Barbadians.

    He is trying to tie the rising price of food costs and cost of living in Barbados on the rising price of oil. This man is not only a liar but he is mischievous or deceitful or both!

    The high cost of living and food costs in Barbados has been this way now for over a decade and has continuously got worse because of in-action by the BLP Government. How can anyone blame the rising cost of oil alone that only began in earnest about 3 years ago for the high cost of living in Barbados?

    Every country in the World has to cope with rising oil prices along with other inflationary trends Barbados is not alone as Griffith is trying to fool Barbadians into believing. We ALL pay world prices which now is at $92 per barrel!

    However, in spite of this people in the UK, Canada, the USA and Europe can still afford to buy houses, cars, eat well, take vacations etc. As a matter of fact in spite of the higher cost of oil SUV’s are still selling like hot potatoes in North America if you believe CNN.

    The people of Barbados, THE LITTLE PEOPLE, are being ripped off by high taxes, low wages and an unfair tax system that sees the wealthy not paying their fair share. And this all comes courtesy of Owen Arthur and the BLP Government. And that is the truth!

    Clyde Griffith isn’t going to tell you this, because the man is a BLP buffoon fighting for his political life.

  12. Roger Rabbitt

    No Name
    All BLP operatives think that the rest of the population are foolish and ignorant. Take Jerome Walcott for example. Last night on the CBC news he was seen and heard singing the praises of the prison, the airport, the roads and everything under the sun EXCEPT the hospital. These ppl really think that the rest of us are retarded.
    Sorry,as a rule, I stopped reading the likes of Clyde Griffith a long time ago so I cannot comment on anything these morons write.

  13. OMG

    Of course the man was murdered.

    The Jamaican police said so ever since.

    But then they were made to look like back-at- yard idiots and withdrew in the face of the mighty white propraganda in order for the world cup show to go on.

    How many world cup executives are now dead?

    Has anyone been keeping count???

  14. Undertaker

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King

  15. Undertaker

    Adrian Loveridge: To you I say keep the good work, I admire someone regardless of colour who can stand out and speak their mind, actually make sense, and above all provide the facts, the powers that be in the BTA instead of “fighting” you and others like you should welcome you and together you all could complement each other. Maybe we would have to do like the NCF and get a private group to run it. Well be cautious, and pay little mind to the haters and cowards, only cowards like that say vaile words when they cannot be seen.

    Oh, by the way I sent about 3/4 days at Peach and Quiet a few years back with and old girlfriend and had an warm and splended time. It was truly relaxing and peaceful.



    BFP’s Auntie Moses guesses at the “Until……”

    Could it have been “Until she asked, ‘When gonna be we marry?’ ” Ha ha!

  16. OMG

    Hey BFP give this blog some mileage please.

    Its about our own home spun cave… …oops cover up in the making.


  17. Anonymous

    “Has anyone had time to read the nonsense Clyde Griffith wrote again in todays Nation news constructed around the recent CADRE poll? It was a pathetic BLP attempt to mislead Barbadians.”

    sorry we don’t buy and read newspapers any more.
    Waste of money, and for false misleading disinformation

  18. Anonymous

    anyone notice how Jerome Walcott pontificated on the TV News last night? pointing out this and that new infrastructural object of Bajan pride? circumnavigating his own Hospital?
    equally an infrastructural object of Bajan pride?
    but somehow never mentioned? his own ministry?
    never mentioned?
    High comedy, I assure you.

    The Blp “is in election mode”, and yet no date set! how strange.these guys are DESPERATE, trying all kinda ting!
    They sense the landslide in the air, and are rallying hard, all dressed in red.
    cuuute but no cigar dis time, sweetie!

    More and more WHITE Bajans are now openly expressing dismay with ‘their’ party
    many are turning coat and vote away from Blp towards anything that means change. i reckon dat sez a lot,don’t you?
    in other words, THAT’s how bad it is, dat de whites an dem DWD(done wid dat)!! hoh hoy!

    Mascoll for Janitor at George Street!
    It’s going to be sooo good hearing the election results for Mascoll’s constituency…..

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