Barbados Apartment Collapse Deaths: New Blog Asks Why Official Time Of Death Is Days AFTER Officials Declared The “Rescue” Was Now A “Recovery Effort”


Time Of Death Was AFTER Rescue Called Off

A new blog called Truth In Barbados is demanding a full inquest into the deaths of the Codrington family. The blog is obviously run by family members of Donavere Codrington, who perished with most of his family after their rented apartment collapsed into a known cave in the early hours of Sunday, August 26, 2007.

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the remaining family and friends of the Codringtons. Frankly, we had been reluctant to report on the story that many folks believe that at least some of the trapped family died two days after officials announced that the “rescue” was now a “recovery”. This is based upon the Coroner’s certificate of death and the fact that Donavere was heard by several witnesses calling for help in the hours following the initial collapse.

Barbados Free Press and many others continue to demand a full and wide-ranging inquest into this tragedy to ensure that it never happens again.

Now that the story is having some exposure due to the Codrington family itself, Barbados Free Press will link to Truth In Barbados blog and report the details as painful as they may be.

Once again, our hearts and our prayers go out to the family and friends of the victims.

Truth In Barbados Blog 


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14 responses to “Barbados Apartment Collapse Deaths: New Blog Asks Why Official Time Of Death Is Days AFTER Officials Declared The “Rescue” Was Now A “Recovery Effort”

  1. Frankology

    Nowadays, the first cry on people’s mouth is “An Inquiry” Why is all this speculation of the time of death of the family who perished in the Brittons Hill Collapse. One of the residents, David Benn stated he did hear Donavere’s voice a few minutes after the collapse. That is a reported fact, what this blog did not state was the boulders that fell while people was speaking to Donavere. Mr Benn did say, within minutes a massive boulder fell and he heard Donavere’s voice no more. Another massive boulder fell along with rubble. I visited the area around 10 a.m and whilse in the Culloden area of the cave, more rubble keep falling. Let’s be realistic, where those bodies were located, not even Houdini could have survived. Forget the coroner’s reported time of death and deal with reality. No one could have save anyone from that massive collapse, not even the Dale County Rescue team. Whilst at it, speak to the Almighty and he will direct your path.

  2. iisnoone

    At first this question did not grab my attention, but on examination I realize that there is a problem.

    To the best of my knowledge, a competent medical examiner, based on hard evidence obtained during the autopsy, can specify the time of death within hours. Even so, tragic mistakes often happen.

    To my logical mind, declaring someone dead after a boulder fell is speculation, although I admit that I shared the same speculation.

    My view is that the tragedy occurred when the apartment was built over the cave. The members of the Codrington family are martyrs, as their deaths will make it more difficult for dwellings to be built over dangerous caves. We may not be able to rescue someone from a cave-in, but we can adopt rules and regulations that will make our houses safer.

  3. OMG

    I am going to be FRANK.

    Well late into Sunday August 26th, as all sat and had refreshments from top notch eateries (might not be a word) Donavere Codrington, a family provider, Cassandra Linton Codrington, shy sweet girl and their INNOCENT children were alive.

    When all sat to wait for the Miami Dade Crew and their dogs, and the subsequent delay caused by a weather pattern, Donavere Codrington, a family provider, Cassandra Linton Codrington, shy sweet girl and their INNOCENT children were alive.

    When Attorney General Dale Marshall chnaged the efforts from rescue to recovery on Monady August 27th, everybody sat around some more… cause why risk life to bring up corpses, but I am in possession of a document that tells me, Donavere Codrington, a family provider, Cassandra Linton Codrington, shy sweet girl and their INNOCENT children were alive.

    When FAITH MARSHALL HARRIS signed the cause of death warrant as due to internal and external injuries, some rather Frank tests, say Donavere Alberto Codrington, a family provider, Cassandra Linton Codrington, shy sweet girl and their INNOCENT children dead TUESDAY AUGUST 28TH, 2007.

    But frankly, whose Faith Marshall Harris, when Frankology say dem dead since Sunday Agust 26th foreday morning, when a boulder fell.

    Quite Frankly I would like to butt up pon you, Frankology, walking down Broad Street, and cave you in with a slap cross ya head.

    Who mek you a coroner????

  4. frankology

    OMG or “Obviously a Mental Ghost”, you seems to be a poor listener and you cannot understand the written word. I did not say it, it was two residents from Brittons Hill who reached the scene minutes after the cave in and confirmed hearing Donavere’s voice before two boulders fell over thirty feet within the cave. You wasn’t there or I wasn’t there at that time. You are behaving as though the bodies were less than one foot deep. The bodies were removed from under massive amount of rubble. Why did it took so long in locating and removing those bodies. Just follow the continuing episode of Bob Woolmer’s death. Everyone have a theory, but the fact is, Woolmer is dead.

    By your post, I can see a close connection to the family and thus your reason to be angry, I also know Donavere and Troy Codrington and it hurts, but we have to deal with pain based on the reality of that pain. We cannot be a warrior with the world and use your pain as an excuse to be violent. Let Donavere, Cassandra and the three innocent rest in peace and since you are that emotional due to their deaths, make an about turn and use your energies to assist Donavere’s other children.

    OMG, lie down and allow a bobcat to cover you with a bucket full of rubble and you can come back and tell the world your ordeal.

  5. OMG

    I see I have two comments awaiting moderation but I did not post any.

    Frankology, I will not be swayed. I lie down under rubble every Saturday night, thats the night I live over the pain, anguish and desolation that the Codrington family went through.

    Thats the night I ask, will I awake tommorrow on my bed, or 100 ft below the earth waiting for two days with internal and external injuries.

    The Don I know wouldn’t want you for a friend. The Don I know fights to the end….an end that never came until Tuesday 28th August.

    Don’t waste your time trying to distract me. I witnessed first hand the gluttony and smiles and back pats for 5 days.


  6. OMG

    Anyhow I going and sleep, Frankology, if you see me, (cause you and a lot of others think you know who I am), RUN.

  7. frankology

    Good look in your request for an Inquest. The Don and Troy I know have a lot more sense than your present behaviour. He would never associate with your violent behaviour. But let me tell you someting, your threats do not frighten me. I will stick to my observation that no one was in a position to save their lives. You can keep the anger, you sure will not create sympathy or empathy, but withdrawals from the public towards a common cause.

  8. Anonymous

    OMG needs therapy, quite clearly.

    Talk to a shrink dude.
    doesn’t mean you’re mad or anything,
    just means you need help to work thru this torture in your mind.
    Talk to Victor Forde.

  9. Just Waiting

    I think BFP should reconsider linking to this blog.
    It seems to be very personal and the owner/operator is showing signs of emotional stress and probably not very objective at the moment.

  10. frankology

    Thanks JW. I agree.

  11. OMG

    All right, all right, i took ma pills.


  12. Wishing in Vain

    It must be a burning passion but I to agree JW

  13. ME

    It was turned into a political event. We don’t need an inquest to let them waste our money. Just vote out the jokers who used it as an opportunity for make political milage.

  14. Avatar Gurl

    Oh man…



    And ALL you can say is, “WE DEMAN AND INQUEST?!?”

    The victims would demand a heck of a lot MORE, I can assure you!

    They would demand their LIVES BACK!

    But they’ll never get them…and it’s a shame that everyone wants to get greedy and political about it!

    Do you think De DVD Man would want his in-laws fighting over an adorable 3-month-old girl just so they can get her “money!” It’s disgusting!!!

    An inquest…what do you think THAT will prove?

    Give that little girl her life…let her live it!


    P.S: The preceeding statement was a purely hypothetical one, but the rest of it was all real. Deal with it!