DLP Supporter All Upset At Barbados Free Press Over Hardwood Housing and Lawyers – So, Let’s Hear Them Out…

A DLP supporter sent us the following – which we will print in full as received. The letter contains some comments from the DLP supporter taking Barbados Free Press to task for failing to cover the Hardwood Housing scandal as much as, or with the emphasis that the DLP supporter would have liked.

The letter also contains a “cut and paste” of an excellent article on Hardwood Housing by our friends over at Barbados Underground blog. We urge our readers to attend at BU to read the original, and we hope that David at BU will forgive us for posting the entire article here, but the DLP supporter included the article in their letter and we’d like to not change a word.

We’ll respond later to what our reader says.

Take it away, disgruntled DLP Supporter…

Letter to Barbados Free Press

For those that did not make it to Deacons road for that massive political meeting here is the recording of it for you, enjoy it the facts are there for all to see..

First link

Second link 

Since I believe the people at BFP are bright people I would assume that they know that continually harping on the fact that the PM and Thompson and the Judge have the same lawyer is really not the point. We have to look at if really any of the alleged breaches of equity are true and can be up-held in the courts. Whom they have representing them is really not that important.

The fact that they have the same lawyer should indicate to even the least initiated at BFP that all these persons are being sued in their official capacities – that is that it is their offices that are being sued not them personally. In other words the plaintiffs are claiming an abridgement of their rights by these persons acting
in their official capacities. Now sure it is not a secret that the offices of Judge, Prime Minister and Minister of the Crown (under which i assume David Thompson is being named – when he was Minister of Finance) are all constitutionally provided for and so any representation of those offices would have to be by the same
lawyer(s) since they will represent the government of Barbados and its constitutional creatures as listed above. So who then does BFP expect to pay the bill for these fees accept the tax payers of Barbados. After all its their officers that are being sued not David Thompson or Owen Arthur the private citizens. Tell me what is so hard to understand about that. The people at BFP need to think before they write.


Surely BFP cannot be serious listing those wishy washy stories as any real investigation into the Hardwood story.

Imagine that here it is that a company headed by a man who claims he built 500 houses in 6 months in Grenada gets 2 million dollars of the taxpayers money and completely licks it out and BFP has little to say. The company with the backing of Clyde Mascoll says it will build 30 houses in a month and gets a golden handshake from government but almost a year later has only build 7 for UDC which it overcharged by $238,000 for and BFP has nothing to say.

The company get more that 50,000 to buy equipment which the owner Mr. Murrel takes and then goes to Simpson Motors and Consolidated Finance and leases (not buys) and rents back the equipment to Hardwood who already gave him money to Buy (not lease) the same equipment. Yet BFP is worrying about which lawyer is representing Thompson and Arthur.

More still. The Man Murrel even though he is rent the equipment back to Hardwood is not paying the lease payments and mounting up arrears which Hardwood who gave him the money to buy (not lease) is having to pay on his behalf to stop the finance companies from taking up the equipment. And Mascoll in his response to Thompson’s letter to the PM says that it was his idea for Murrel to get the equipment and that it was saving Hardwood 44,000 a month. WOW. Oh, did I mention that Hardwood was also maintaining and paying for fuel Murrel’s equipment which they gave him money to buy (not lease) and which they pay to rent?

What says BFP Oh! sorry they are worried about a law suit in Canada.

So nothing on BFP about the sexual assault on female employees of Hardwood by Mr. Murrel for which (at least in one case) he has been charged. Nothing from BFP about the fact that Hardwood and Murrel fired the operations manager because she wrote the Board about these practices and serveral breaches of the domestic and international labour codes which Sir Roy Trotman wrote the Hardwood Chairman to confirm is true. And nothing at all from BFP about the
inappropriateness of the minister’s wife have employees of Hardwood including Mr. Murrel himself working on her office complex and using equipment that hardwood was paying for twice and servicing too.

Nothing from BFP about the fact that Mrs. Mascoll said at her press conference that she paid Mr. Murrel out of her own money and he intervened and said that he endorsed the cheque to Hardwood who in turn paid the employees of Hardwood that were working on her building.


Which makes one wonder why would the people at BFP hunt about looking for corruption all over the place and when it presents itsself right in front their face they fail to deal with it.

Perhaps again as is their wont they will blame it on the mainstream media for not reporting it. But then again is BFP now acting like the same mainstream media. AMAZING.

Wishing in Vain
October 27th, 2007 at 1:53 pm

light hearted trust me that contribution is not so light hearted at all it is hitting hard.

However what you fail to mention is that HARDWOOD HOLDINGS was on the verge of getting a $ 45 million contract from gov’t (who else) for work to be done now here it is we have a company with a history of issuing bad cheques, arrears on the least payments that Murrell has been neglecting to pay, even after the input of $ 2 million of our taxpayers dollars in this shell of a venture they are unable to manage the company whjat are we to believe they will do with a $ 45 million award?

If they manage to steal out of the $ 2 million budget what does it leave us to think that they will do with a $ 45 million award????

More steal in there big time !!!!

David Thompson Gives Prime Minister Owen Arthur 30 Days To Start An Investigation Into Hardwood Housing Factory Incorporated Or Clyde Mascoll Will Face No Confidence Motion

October 15th, 2007 · 66 Comments

The opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) launched a scathing attack on the credibility and integrity of Clyde Mascoll at a political meeting in Deacons Road last night. All the speakers: Derek Alleyne, Richard Sealy, Michael Lashley, David Estwick, Chris Sinckler, culminating with Leader of the Opposition David Thompson spoke with a single purpose, that is, to destroy the credibility of Clyde Mascoll. The attentive crowd, including yours truly, listened with interest to the different speakers who recollected many positions that Clyde Mascoll once held when he was a member of the DLP. Now, he has sought to distance himself in a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government. The speakers spoke with great emotion at the betrayal that Clyde Mascoll has crossed the floor. Many of them
recounted episodes how DLP members including David Thompson recruited Mascoll from his job at the Central Bank where he was very unhappy and they worked to elevate him up the rungs of the party.

The contribution of the night was delivered by David Thompson with the assistance of video aids. Thompson dissected many events which surrounds the creation of a company called Hardwood Factory Housing Incorporated. Thompson in a hard hitting delivery highlighted several wrong doings since the establishment of Hardwood, a company registered in November 2006.

Here are some of the observations made my Thompson to a large Deacons Road crowd:

Thompson refuted claims that Anthony Murrell, CEO of Hardwood, has a proven track record of house building in Grenada. Thompson confirmed that he sent someone to Grenada to investigate Murrell’s involvement in house building, and specifically to investigate the claim that Murrell’s had participated in the building of 500 houses in a six month time frame. Thompson to a hushed crowd indicated that Murrell, from all reports, spent a total of 3 weeks in Grenada. The housing project he was known to have been associated terminated his services and he returned home.

Details of financial dealings by Hardwood were highlighted.

Thompson produced documents which show that vehicles and other equipment currently being used by Hardwood was bought by Murrell using lease financing arrangements from Consolidated Financial Company and Simpsons Motors and NOT Hardwood. (This information was interesting because it was previously reported in the media that in order to save Hardwood money, equipment owned by Murrell is being leased to Hardwood.) Thompson presented copies of documents which showed that Murrell was badly in arrears at Consolidated Finance and Simpsons Motors; the two companies which he entered into the
lease financing arrangements to buy the equipment currently being leased to Hardwood. In a nutshell, Murrell has received money from Hardwood, a company 90% owned by Enterprise Growth Fund Limited, for the use of equipment but the same equipment has been acquired by Murrell through lease financing which is in arrears. Thompson asked the question why is the equipment not leased/purchased in the name of Hardwood?

Thompson produced a letter signed by Sir Leroy Trotman which highlighted accusations of sexual abuse charges against Murrell. Thompson charged that many of the victims of the abuse are constituents of Mascoll and he had done nothing to respond to their concerns.

The Operations Manager of Hardwood, Carol Phillips, wrote to Murrell (CEO) and Hoyos (Chairman) addressing concerns related to jobs which Hardwood was working on, but the accounting for revenues and expenses were not being accurately reflected in the books of the company.

Thompson questioned the role of Hardwood in the building of a commercial property, said to be owned by someone very close to a prominent politician in Barbados, and where certain individuals working on the construction of the building are being paid by Hardwood while at the same time they appear to be working illegally in Barbados.

Thompson also alleged that Hardwood invoiced Urban Development Commission (UDC) approximately BDS240,000 for foundation work done on seven low income houses in the New Orleans. The UDC through close scrutiny of the invoices was subsequently able to detect that the invoice should have been for approximately BDS129,000.

Thompson questioned why only 15 houses have been constructed to date even though the company has drawn down on BDS2 million dollars in under a year. It appears that despite the rush to get to the market with the low income houses there has been a hitch and the houses have not been deployed due to the lack of land to place the houses.

Thompson using a video presentation listed 19 bounce cheques which have been issued by Hardwood and which is an indication that despite a BDS2 million capital inflow to the company it continues to experience cash flow problems.

Thompson questioned under what circumstances Hardwood was awarded several multi-million housing projects across Barbados despite the company experiencing cash flow problems. Thompson estimates one project has a value of BDS45 million dollars.

Thompson questioned Mascoll’s role in the company Hardwood and why he has been the one to speak about the company and not Minister Reginald Farley who is responsible for housing in Barbados. He also touched on the silence of other Ministers concerning the Hardwood issue and Arthur’s recent instruction to Mascoll to respond to a letter written by him (Thompson) to Arthur. In Thompson’s view it is a clear sign that Mascoll is on his own on the issue of Hardwood. Thompson further charged that Mascoll is aware of all that is going on at the company and he should let the public know the extent of his involvement with the Hardwood company.

Thompson refuted Arthur’s claim that he (David Thompson) as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee had the means toinvestigate Hardwood. Thompson told the crowd that the PAC could investigate a government owned company ONLY if the audited financial statements of the company were laid before parliament. He ended his delivery by serving an ultimatum to Prime Minister Owen Arthur. He gave Arthur 30 days, starting last night, to start an investigation into Hardwood by a third party upon whom they will mutually agree. If Arthur fails to respond in the 30 day period Thompson will move a no-confidence motion in parliament against Mascoll. He threatened that the no-confidence motion would be preceded by unprecedented political activity led by the DLP never before seen in Barbados.

BU wrote yesterday that the political scene is starting to boil in Barbados. We look forward to hearing the Barbados Labour Party response to the accusations tabled by Thompson. Thompson ended last night by urging Barbadians to buckle their seat belts because they were in for an exciting ride!

Previous Story written by Barbados Free Press:

Strange Timing Of A Hardwood Homes Story In The Nation News – And A Question For Minister Clyde Mascoll

Nation Newspaper Report

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Someone In the crowd // Oct 15th 2007 at 5:52 am

It was a good meeting. People listened to all the speakers who were focussed on issues. You forgot to mention Chairman Donville Inniss who was biting in his comments as well.

Anonymous // Oct 15th 2007 at 6:37 am

Arthur rush hot and sweaty on the People Business on CBC maybe to try to deflect attention from the DLP meeting last night.

Adrian Loveridge // Oct 15th 2007 at 7:32 am

All we can hope is that there will be at least one journalist that has the testicular fortitude to ask relevant questions at the Press Meeting Mr Mascoll has caled at 10am this morning.

Four questions I still would like answered:

1) on 9th July 2007, Anthony Murrell, the HHF inc, CEO told the Nation ‘the company HAD acquired several acres of land in Christ Church and St. Peter’.

1) Where is this land and who paid for it at what cost or was Mr Murrell lying?

2) In his Response to the Opposition Leader’s letter published 11th October 2007 in the Advocate, Mr Mascoll stated ‘I was informed that Mr Anthony Murrell is the owner of Vechicles and Equipment which are leased to the company, resulting in a saving of approximately $44,000 PER MONTH in expenditure to the company’.

Exactly what is this equipment and what are the vehicles:

What is the value of them?
What is the lease period?
Are there any balloon or secondary payments due at the end of the lease period?

What interest rate is the lease based on?

3) Why didn’t the company lease the vehicles and equipment?

4) If as Mr Mascoll states in the same response to the Leader of the Opposition, ‘the company’s mandate is to build houses for individuals’, why is it building sports pavillions?
Roger Rabbitt // Oct 15th 2007 at 8:07 am

Can’t recall a larger crowd at any political meeting outside of an election. I was impressed with the quality of delivery by every speaker.

I supported the BLP in the past, but not anymore. Was never a member of any party, but I liked what I witnessed last night.
I noticed that there were plenty high ranking bees in the crowd including a prominent woman who was trying her best to disguise by wearing a hair piece and drawing up in a parked vehicle. We had a good laugh.

Back to the issue. Hardwood Housing was exposed for what it is: a scam.
Is there not a financial controller at that company?
How could they be paying a man more money for vehicles than it would cost had they undertaken the lease arrangement themselves?
Never heard such madness. Then again, everything certain people touch seems to turn to copper, if not mud.
anon // Oct 15th 2007 at 8:42 am

is “roger rabbitt” and “wishing in vain” not the same person

Adrian Hinds // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:26 am

I continue to believe that we will see an election results, that has never been seen before. Mascoll should have heeded good advice from myself and others, not to join the BLP. I continue to wonder what is Mia’s role in all of these things that are undoubtedly doing a great disservice to Owen’s character. David Thompson is set not to disappoint us when he said on taking over the leadership of the DLP, that this will be the mother of all elections. Barbadians are getting closer to realizing that the problem of government unaccountability and corruption is a systemic one, and that only a serious look at, and revamping of our current system of government will make a difference.
james // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:30 am

Surely the problem with Hardwood is that it hurts Mascoll more than it hurts Arthur. We all know that Arthur is the real electoral issue – just take a look at the poll statistics – and that he will leave Mascoll hanging. With such a wide range of scandals to choose from, I continue to be bewildered by the DLP strategy. I guess I must just be a little slow to catch on.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:49 am

When have you last seen 10,000 people at a political meeting in Barbados ?
If you wanted to see a crowd of that size you ought to have been at Deacons Farm this evening, I attended and beyond any shadow of doubt this was the largest gathering at any political meeting that I have ever attended and am referring to as far back as 1960’s, it was huge.

The speakers were of a very high standard but in my mind the three that stood out were Dr Estwick, Chris and David Thompson who was at his eloquent best, they dealt with matters as clincially as could be done but it was left to Mr Thompson to deliver the most telling blows to Mascoll.

He addressed the myth that Murrell had built 500 homes in Grenada after the effects of Ivan it was proven that Murrell spent the total sum of 3 weeks in Grenada and built nothing, the video presentations was a new and fascinating addition to the meeting and they were very well delivered, the letters showing Murrell in
poccession of all the lease contracts and where he paid $ 25,000.0 to Simpson and Conso and where he onward lease them to HHL at $ 54,000.00 and evidence that they were in arrears to the lenders, also to there was hard evidence that these guyanese workers are working but do not have legal status, he also showed letters showing where the union worte Murrell in connection with his molestation of the 3 members of staff, and his attempt to fire one for not obliging him in his nastiness,

He also addressed the issue of the ongoing work on a commercial building being carried out by HHL members of staff but not collecting and payments for this work the building happens to belong to Mascolls wife (hence Mascoll’s comments that he and his wife would be holding a press conference tommorow)

The meeting was a top class presentation of a very high class.

From the sidelines it certainly appears that there is gross mismanagement and corruption involved in this adventure in closing Mr Thompson clearly stated that he was giving Arthur 30 days to address this issue or he will be moving a no confidence motion against Mascoll my only comment would be he really ought to put the motion for Arthur as well.

My congrats to the leader of the Opposition and his team for delivering the facts pertaining to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS they did it in a most professional manner and in a very clinical manner.

Let me state that what I said was honest and true it was the largest crowd that I have witnessed at a political meeting in years and all the presentations were of a very high standard and quality and yes he the Leader of H M Loyal Opposition the Hon Mr David Thompson brought the meeting to an end in tremendous style with a rousing salvo of shots for Mascoll, this is exactly what the nation needs more of serious investigative work and for it to be put out in the public domain for all go over.

I was indeed impressed by the extent of the information that Mr Thompson has at his disposal and how he delivered this information.

Adrian Hinds // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:58 am

james // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:30 am

Surely the problem with Hardwood is that it hurts Mascoll more than it hurts Arthur. We all know that Arthur is the real electoral issue – just take a look at the poll statistics – and that he will leave Mascoll hanging. With such a wide range of scandals to choose from, I continue to be bewildered by the DLP strategy. I guess I must just be a little slow to catch on.

I do not take this leadership thing to seriously, maybe i am dismissive of voting for a Leader since i don’t live in St.Peter or St. John and will never get a chance to vote for the person that is most likely to be selected by the majority of parliamentarians to be the first amongst equals.

I fing it hard to believe that sufficient persons across barbados will place their x for the representative of their choice that appears on their ballot paper, but really meaning to vote for Owen or David. When i go to the polls and i believe that my current representative has been absent without leave or cause from tending
to the contituency’s needs then i will vote for the other guy or gal. Owen and David will not be a factor in that decision. I
believe that party diehardism is on the decline (voting party no
matter what), therefore given the structure of the Ballot where i
select one out of two or three names, none of which will state
prime minister, or leader, and will not have Owen or David’s name
on it, how can someone take this poll to mean that Owen Arthur will
be the PM again?
Hypocrite // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:58 am


You hypocrite.

Why are you crying crocodile tears for Stephen Alleyne when you
worked so hard to kill him with your dirty smear campaigns again

It is the classic story of a man who devoted himself to his
country, only to be pulled down by slimeballs like Barbados
Underground and Barbados Free Press.

We find your comment to be very unfortunate. BU from its inception
has always attempted to deal with issues affecting Barbadians. We
play a pressure role of being an agitator and advocate at a time
when traditional media is hamstrung. The fact that you can make
such a remark is definitely unfortunate.

Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:02 am

anon I am Wishing in Vain now and always, but much to your
amazement people do share the view that this was a massive meeting
with an excellent delivery of the message which was clearly that we
have major corruption going on in this island.
How in gods name that a manager can lease the equipment for $
25,000.00 and then onward lease it to Hardwood for $ 54,000.00
where is the savings to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS ltd in this deal, it was
documented and presented on the video last night for all to see.
Adrian Hinds // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:11 am

Hypocrite // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:58 am


You hypocrite.

Why are you crying crocodile tears for Stephen Alleyne when you
worked so hard to kill him with your dirty smear campaigns again

It is the classic story of a man who devoted himself to his
country, only to be pulled down by slimeballs like Barbados
Underground and Barbados Free Press.
Stephen Alleyne has been exhibting the signs of a person under
duresss for sometime now. Sweating profusevely in air condition
envoirnments, Speaking as if out of breath etc. I have watch him
for sometime during the Legacy unfolding in the Glebe, to his many
TV appearances leading up to Worldcup and often remark to my wife
that this guy needs to take stock of his lifestyle. It is sad that
no one around him didn’t notice these things or did and did not
speak up.
Roger Rabbitt // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:35 am

I do not know Wishing in Vain.
There are times when i disagree with him/her and other times when
he/she expresses something with which I agree.
That style of writing is completely different from mine. If you
were smart enough you would have noticed that.
No, we are not one and the same, thank you.
I am me and he/she is he/she.
Malcolm X // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:36 am

Tings heating up, bosie.
Roger Rabbitt // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:46 am

Sorry to the lady hiding in the back of the dark colour car last
Just learnt that the BLP woman of whom I spoke in my earlier post
was not disguising because of party affilliation, but was actually
spying on her husband who was supposed to be elsewhere but “found
himself” in the presence of his outside woman last night.
Wonder if this will make Pudding and souse.
Roger Rabbitt // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:47 am

Need to get back to the serious stuff. Just could not let that one
go by, folk.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:51 am

As recent as last night it was clearly stated that all candidates
will be expected to sign off on a declaration of their assets and
would expect to be investigated before entering the house of
assembly and there is a written commitment given by Mr David
Thompson in his speech that they intend to put integrity
legislation in place before election are held.
Lets move on and address the issuse of corruption and crime, and
the lack of the same integrity legislation from the ones with the
power to put it in place now but instead they opt to steal and
corrupt the nation.
I would suggest a short email to Mr Thompson to inquire of him his
intentions, I am sure he would only be to happy to enlighten you.
I am nothing more than an innocent bystander that has a love for my
country and a love for what is right honest and fair, I hold no
office am not even really in the mainstream of politics but I am
hating to witness what is obviously taking place in Barbados with
its rape and corruption and have taken the view that something
needs to be done about the extent of this corruption and I have
decided to vote against it, only one vote it may make no difference
at all to the overall outcome of the election result but I will not
vote for maintaining your party in power to continue to rape us
even more, sadly I have voted in the past for this same party that
I intend to vote against, I maybe one of those swing voters but I
vote for what I think is good and is right and the blp is not good
nor is it right for me this time around maybe after they have a
shake up and realise that their stealing must be stopped it will
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:51 am

Ok Rabbit so who is stepping out ???????
james // Oct 15th 2007 at 11:03 am

WIV, “not even really in mainstream politics”. Give me a break. You
are a consummate DLP insider or I’m a purple elephant.
Jason // Oct 15th 2007 at 11:30 am

Wishing in Vain says “As recent as last night it was clearly stated
that all candidates will be expected to sign off on a declaration
of their assets and would expect to be investigated before entering
the house of assembly and there is a written commitment given by Mr
David Thompson in his speech that they intend to put integrity
legislation in place before election are held.”

Wishing in Vain, I can’t find this “WRITTEN COMMITMENT” by
Thompson. Please post it here with the source so all can look at
the whole thing. When will Thompson put integrity legislation in
place? You mean before the election 4 years from now or before THIS

Why doesn’t the DLP have their integrity legislation all set to go?
They have had 2 years to get it together! They should be saying
“elect us and we will enact this integrity legislation within 60
days after our election”

THAT would be something. Right now we have more of the same old

Back to the first topic, Wishing In Vain. YOU SAY that Thompson and
the DLP have said all of their intents IN WRITING.

Please cut and paste it here with the references because I can’t
find it on either the DLP blog or website.

Post it here!
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 11:42 am

You are a purple elephant, I have only been agitated into being
vocal as these issues have been revealed it is disturbing to me.
I have been a supporter of the blp as recently as up to the last
election, what does that suggest to you?
I would be the first to declare that the blp were very good in
their first two terms in office hence my decision to support them
with my vote, however I think that it is clear for all and sundry
to see that the corruption that set in during this last term has
been grossly done and it is for this very reason that I have
decided to become vocal on corruption and dishonesty in public
office as it certainly appears that every single project that has
been undertaken by this gov’t has had massive cost overruns and the
evidence is there to see that the proceeds of these cost overruns
end up in the bank accounts of the Bannister’s, Nicholls, Shorey’s
and Arthur’s bank accounts.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 11:54 am

Some how I feel that integrity legislation will be nearer to being
real under the DLP certainly it never be seen under this corrupt
bunch of bastards that make up the gov’t the blp.
Adrian Hinds // Oct 15th 2007 at 11:58 am

All this talk bout leadership, and winning a sampling poll on
leadership is nonsesne, when it comes time to vote.
Frankology // Oct 15th 2007 at 12:04 pm

I did not attend the meeting and I am not a member of either
political party. I prefer to be neutral in these funny days since I
can criticise both political parties without any repercussions. I
have been constant with my comments pertaining to Government’s
questionable actions with the Highway Project.

I have been listening, watching and analysing the passion of the
Opposition Leader regarding the Hardwood Housing Factory. I
mentioned in an earlier post that I do not condone politicians
being corrupt or associating with corrupt people. I am asking this
question. Is the issue of Hardwood Housing Factory the problem or
is it Clyde Mascoll? If it is the former, deal with the statement
of 500 houses built in Grenada; deal with monies received from the
Growth Fund, deal with the bill of sale for the equipment and who
suppose to be the owner; deal with the delay in building the low
income houses, but let the emphasis be on the company.

In the other context, if Clyde Mascoll is directly involved in any
impropriety, get the substantial facts, ensure that no questionable
informations are left behind and let the PAC, which you are the
leader, or the police and finally the people decide on Election Day
and put him out to dry.

Now, Mr. Thompson. We have endless questionable projects with
individual managing these contracts under investigation. We all
know about VECO and 3S Structural Steel Solutions LLC commanding
hundreds of millions contracts, yet we are not hearing your voice.
We know that the company awarded the highway contract never build a
single highway or a flyover, we never heard if a general liability
insurance is force on the highway; and no one can explain the
massive increase in the cost of works. The people are waiting for
answers. Your public meeting should have directed at these issues
and not dealing with Clyde Mascoll. You are the one who spoke of
your intentions.

Your political action resemble when Don Blackman resigned from the
Barbados Labour Party joined the Democratic Labour Party and all of
his past comrades lambasted him left, right and centre. We all know
Bajans have short memories.

In the next 30 days, let me hear about the other problematic

David // Oct 15th 2007 at 12:16 pm

Frankology~we must urge you to read the BU article carefully. We
made the point that David Thompson has declared that the PAC cannot
investigate a government owned company until it generates an
audited financial statement. Thompson did make the point that he
has been able to investigate the company Hardwoods when compared to
leader of the opposition as oppose to Chairman of PAC.

The other point which you raise about whether Hardwood is a Mascoll
or Hardwood problem, it is both if you accept Thompson’s argument.
It will be up to him to prove it in the court of public opinion.
His political life depends on it.
Frankology // Oct 15th 2007 at 12:30 pm

David, I did read the BU article, I know that he can only
investigate any improprieties as Chairman of PAC after the due
process of going through the usual accounting procedures. What I am
suggesting is why he is focusing only on the Hardwood Housing issue
only. I read and watch everything that was said for the past few
weeks and ninety percent was HARDWOOD. Deal with me as a Critical
Analyser and not a BLP or DLP yardfowl.
Anonymous // Oct 15th 2007 at 12:32 pm

Has there been any word coming out of the press conference which
was suppose to be held by Mascoll today at 10am?

David // Oct 15th 2007 at 12:37 pm

From where we sit David Thompson is the only person who can give
you a sniff of what his strategy is or will be. We can only assume
that he has a strategy and time will tell if it works. Our view is
that he anticipated that the Prime Minister would have called
elections by now. However in this Hardwood issue he has a concern
about corruption in an area which all Barbadians can easily
identify with, that of housing.

Let us see how the BLP responds!
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 12:53 pm

Mascoll was dealt with last night and they will be other attacks in
I think that there is a method of operation involved here lets wait
and see it unfold.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 3:07 pm

October 15th, 2007 at 6:47 pm
I work at hardwood housing and everything that David Thompson wrote
is true true,workers are treated like garbage,because as murell
says he has a big boy backing him.
help us Mr.Prime Minister remember you are the leader of this
country,i commend Mr Thompson for speaking out against the
injustices that bajan workers are faced with daily.
Someone In the crowd // Oct 15th 2007 at 3:12 pm

David you also forget that David T is calling his Hardwood crusade
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 3:37 pm

I am hearing that the press conference just concluded and Mascoll’s
wife told them that she did not want anyone from HARDWOOD HOLDINGS
working on her property but Mascoll brought these HARDWOOD WORKERS
in to do the work, but of course if the work is free I have no
doubt that they were welcomed with open arms.
Reports reaching me state that the meeting did not go well for
Mascoll and Hardwood Holdings, he received some surprises during
the meeting that seemed to stun him.
I will report if and when I manage to speak to my contact again.
Concerned Citizen // Oct 15th 2007 at 5:06 pm

It has come to my obsevation that perhaps Mascoll crossed the floor
in order to bring about the demise of the BLP and that the biggest
instigatior is Thompson. But my PM boy he isnt gonna let himself or
his party fall… poor Mascoll the grass isnt green on any side!!!
Bajan // Oct 15th 2007 at 5:08 pm

Democratic to be bone // Oct 15th 2007 at 7:07 pm

The size of last night’s crowd may suggest that the swing is
greater than 5%. I am extremely dissapointed with Mascoll who would
have given the people of Barbados the impression that he was a
Sunday School boy when he presented JAWS and Greenland. The meeting
was very well presented and I wish we could have more dealing with
Greenland, the Highway & 3S, the Prison, etc and showing how these
over-expenditures and capital projects impact on inflation and the
cost of living we are now experiencing. Government is not at the
least worry as the greater the cost of services, the more VAT is
collected by them to disguise the cash flow incompetencies created
by wastage.
Anonymous // Oct 15th 2007 at 7:16 pm

Already we have seen the crocodile tears of hypocrites like
Barbados Underground (and soon to follow Barbados Free Press)
following the death of Stephen Alleyne. These are the same people
who hid behind the internet for months to wage the dirtiest of
smear campaigns against the same man they now pretend to pay
tribute to. He dedicated himself to making the hosting of World Cup
2007 a success which all true Bajans are justifiably proud of. No
doubt the stress and strain of the vicious attacks and rumour-
mongering of hate-filled and small-minded people such as BU and BFP
contributed greatly to his health problems. It is the classic tale
of national sacrifice… and Stephen Alleyne paid for it with his

We at B`F`P`E pay tribute to his legacy of outstanding work and
offer our genuine and heart-felt condolences to his family.

As a nation we must ensure that we honour him fittingly.

May his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous // Oct 15th 2007 at 7:19 pm

Such was the hatred BU held for this Stephen Alleyne that David has
cleverly pretended to acknowledge his passing by presenting it in
such a way that readers are barred from commenting on it directly,
and he furthermore instructs readers to take their condolences

To David the low-minded dog we say…. God don’t like ugly.
Straight talk // Oct 15th 2007 at 8:27 pm

How can the honest criticism of David and BU take away from
Stephen’s management of what his political masters have christened
Barbados “finest hour”.

Show some respect BFPE.
curious // Oct 15th 2007 at 8:36 pm

The Press confrence that Mascoll Held today which was to make him
look really good ,has done the opposite,Mr Murrell made himself out
to be the illiterate jackass that he is,How do you as a CEO of a
company that has been expose in the press because of the wicked
things that were taking place under his leadership,come out and
admit on national television to having cheques written to him
personally while he is paying the workers from the accounts of
HHFI,MY GOD,this is just so wrong ,does he think that the people of
this country are foolish,not all,no wonder he was able to take all
of his family to Miami so that they can “shop until they drop ”
Where is the interigty Mr Mascoll ?How can we the tax payers of
this country allow this Man to flece a young company out of
Goverment funds so that he can benifit ,but then again the board of
EGFL cannot even touch him either.
as Anonymous says ..God Don’t like ugly.
oh my gwad // Oct 15th 2007 at 8:40 pm

Yes the meeting was ram off but I saw too many out of parish plates
in passing.

I speculate that ALL the DLP suporters were in Deacons Road.

The crowd was big, but not big enough to change a government.

Too much time spent on insulting Clyde Mascoll.
Silent Watcher // Oct 15th 2007 at 8:42 pm

All of the Guyanese workers were fired today from Hardwood Housing
well well well,
not one red cent were given to them, this is just so unfair.
does Mr Murrell thing that these man are Dogs
he better remember what goes around comes around.
Roger Rabbitt // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:04 pm

Turncoat Clydie was at it again today.
What a pathetic individual is this man. Turncoat Clydie should be
ashamed to be talking about integrity.
Clydie, did you learn that word today? It sounded awfully weird
coming from your mouth. YOU are the one who has no integrity. How
do you feel coming out in support of the very policies you
criticised not so long ago? Gems was the worst thing this gov’t did
and all of a sudden, it is profitable and now be sold. You were all
over the place telling all and sundry how corrupt David Shorey and
others were as a result of the inner workings of Gems. What has
happened since then? Have you now seen the “light”? My heart weeps
for the likes of you. We will deal with you in North West.
Have you done any house to house work? Do you realise that you are
not welcome in many many homes out here?
I would like you to replay the tape of the so-called press
conference held today so that you can hear how sorrowful you sound.
BTW, Clydie, the same way how you turned your back on us, we , by
the grace of God, will do the same to you whenever the bell rings.
The script has been written and you certainly ain’t the star.
Can’t waste anymore time on you, Clydie. You are a spent force and
we have really big fish to fry. We have REAL issues to discuss.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:40 pm

Anonymous please return to the part of the jungle where the sun
does not shine you clown!!
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 9:44 pm

I can now confirm that there were 15 NON NATIONAL dismissals at
HARDWOOD HOLDINGS today this is after ASSCOLl said they did not
employ illegal workers.
Now this should be a crime that someone is charged for employing
illegal workers the same as they would do had these been illegal
sex workers!!!
Undertaker // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:02 pm

The Hardwood issue is a strange one, that I am watching closely, if
the DLP has more clear evidence they can break Mascoll, and indeed
gain more votes/seats. If it is all a bluff and Owen and Mascoll,
can show that it is all a bluff then you call elections quickly
after when Thompson is still licking his wounds. So this is really
the deciding factor. Owen will not take it lying down someone has
to take the fall even may be Mascoll. So far it seems like the
Hardwood CEO might be the one to suffer, cause some how he seems to
be not not bright when it comes to money and business.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:13 pm

Murrell is a pawn and ASSCOLL is the player, I personally do not
need anything further than what was presented to the public last
night he is guilty as charged in my books all of them need
investigating for fraud, if TONY HOYOS can be sitting on both
boards the lender and the borrower at the same time and knownly
lend our taxpaers money to a comany that is obviously being run
very poorly where our money is at serious risk of being stolen by
people like ASSCOLL and Murrell and others we have questionh to ask
of the creditabilty of Hoyos as Chairman and his functioning in
that post.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 15th 2007 at 10:14 pm

While all of this is taking place we have the very Tony Hoyos who
is Arthur’s lapdog sitting as Chairman of HWHL and sitting on the
board of the EGFL overseeing this level of dishonesty and
corruption and not saying a word about how our taxpayers funds are
being utilised and stolen.
The 15 workers fired today, the Wife of ASSCOLL saying one thing he
ASSCOLL saying something else and Murrell saying something
different as well, at least they could have got their script right
from before they went on camera, reports reaching me state that one
of the reporters nealy fainted when they put him in this hole for
this briefing.
Now that ASSCOLL has bungled this attempt to quell this issue , who
does he turn to for help?
Certainly not Mottley, Atherley, Rommel Marshall, Liz
Thompson,Billie, he has no friends or supporters from within not
even MR SEE THRU noticed how they have all left him out to dry,
what a bumbling jack as.
No Name // Oct 16th 2007 at 7:31 am

There are so many things going on in Barbados that boggles the mind
that it is really very difficult to understand or believe how such
important Government scandals involving major Government Ministers
and local business men/women can remain under wraps. And more
appallingly little it seems can be done by way of the Democratic
process to compel the BLP to come clean or hold an inquiry/probe to
ventilate the concerns of the people.

I know of few Democratic countries in the world where a Democracy
can or is allowed to function in this manner without the people
demanding accountability.

The next thing that I cannot figure out is, the PM Owen Arthur is
the least impacted by all of the scandalous allegations being made
against his Government. From my perspective his Ministers come in
for more attention than does Arthur who is ultimately reesponsible.
The recent poll suggests Arthur is still more popular than is David

Though over the past several months some sections of the Barbados
society because of their outspokenness have drawn attention to
these scandals they have barely dented the armour of the BLP when
it comes to giving the public FACTS to support their allegations.

What I thought was most significant and I have been preaching this
for months is, that until the key players of the Barbados society,
business sections and Unions get involved the BLP seem to believe
they can snub their noses at the ordinary Barbadian.

Case in point. I made a comment about this very fact on the DLP
Blog suggesting that the Business community and the Union must
speak out and that by not doing so it showed to me anyway that
these segments of the Social Partnership were mere lap dogs for the
Governments conduct.

A few days later in the Nation News I saw where BAPE took the
Government to task over myriad and serious deficiencies they had
uncovered involving “Operation Freeflow”. The Government
immediately agreed to meet with them.

In the same edition of the Nation News both the Business and Union
segments of the Social Partnership said exactly what I had said.
And expressed their concerns that their roles had diminished.
Government reached out to them too by agreeing to meet.

We need more heavy hitters like BAPE, ALL employers, Unions and the
Barbados public to come together as a team to make their voices
heard. And to show by actions that they will not allow the BLP or
any other Government to rule Barbados as though they are above the

The time has come in Barbados that serious change has to be made
where legislation is brought in that allows the people and the
Opposition Parties to be able to get full transparency about
perceived or real corruption within the ranks of the ruling

The thing that makes this so neceesary is this. Take what is going
on now between Government, the DLP and the people, involving the
many shady contracts and the scandal about Hardwood. All of this
because of the late hour may never come to see the light of day
before an election is held. Are we not still waiting for the St.
Joseph Hospital report?

One does not have to specualate why this BLP Government is playing
“hardball” in not coming clean when looking at the many scandalous
and outrageous revelations that led to the Glendairy riot and
burning of that facility. It is hard to believe that even in a
third world Nation like Barbados and involving such an important
facility as Glendairy that so many spurious events that could have
been easily avoided had this BLP Government been doing its job was
allowed to occur with impunity and resulted in the destruction of a
prison. None more so than warders having to wait months for pay

But the serious consequences flowing from the Glendairy incident
clearly caused by BLP incompetence has cost the Barbados taxpayer
$200 or more millions. And the Glendairy fiasco is but the tip of
the iceberg. Because if it is true the contracts in dispute
involving the ABC highway, Airport etc which are all suspect of
corruption and over runs and being built in an inferior way
according to BAPE (as in the case of Operation Freeflow) these
things too are costing the Bajan taxpayer big time and will
continue to as the years go on because of needing pre-mature and
extensive maintenance.

But here is Tony Best in todays Nation News suggesting or that is
how I read it that a lot of what is being complained about in
Barbados is hype by trouble makers. Even allowing that Tony Best is
a brown nosing BLP I find his comments insulting to his countrymen
and women and not becoming the conduct of a professional reporter.

There is no one easy fix for the serious problems facing the
average Barbadian like the high cost of living, not being able to
afford housing etc. But it can be fixed as other countries have
faced silimar challenges and their Governments have fixed it. The
fact of the matter is many in Barbados and the Caribbean region
have lived the good life too long exploiting the masses and using
propaganda to support it.

Maybe if David Thompson is elected he might want to consider
bringing in GENUINE expert advice from overseas to advise him on
policies to address the many health, economic and social issues
Barbadians have been complaining about for decades and being told
there are no solutions to them.

In North America and England there are thousands of high profile,
competent and dedicated retired Professionals, Academics and others
many of whom I am sure would be happy to give their expertise and
in many cases free in helping Thompson go about fixing what the BLP
broke. These people would quickly get to the bottom of and finding
solutions to the problems.

Many probably would welcome the opportunity and be glad to get away
from the winter and help solve the mysteries that so many in
Barbados would have us believe cannot be solved.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 16th 2007 at 10:10 am

Would you seriously expect anything honest or anti the blp coming
from that clown Tony Best?
Bearing in mind that he is putting a shot on the the Billie Miller
therefore would you expect any thing different from him?
No Name // Oct 16th 2007 at 11:40 am

Wishing in Vain you are correct in what you say. And many using
these blogs know what is happening too but regrettably are being
frustrated in not being able to do anything about it. Because even
the “Mainstream” press in Barbados is indifferent to what the
masses are enduring.

I am not so naive as to not to know that ALL Newspapers throughout
the world have their political biases and prejuduices, but the
Nation News and The Barbados Advocate carry this type of reporting
to extremes in favor of the BLP. It has almost reached proportions
of media National treason against the people and best interests of
Barbados. This is no exaggeration of the situation! Newspapers the
world over Barbados excepted respect media “BALANCE” when reporting
on their Nations political, economic and social realities. This is
dictated by and is a responsibility of a “Democracy” and more
importantly a “Free” Press!

And what is even more disgraceful is, that it is the very
mainstream Bajan who without their support these newspapers would
be nothing that are the ones suffering the greatest social
injustices from unconcionable BLP Government practices and

What is also disturbing or it is to me even though it does not
impact me personally is this. Nobody seems to care that of a
population of 285,000 people thousands of them are not getting the
necessities of life that they are entitled to and no one seems to
care except a few religious leaders. Some in the Barbados society
even lie and play games with peoples heads to try and say that only
13,000 are living in poverty.

Yet the very Minister in charge only a month ago said that he was
doing a census because Government did not know the true numbers
living in poverty. This is after the Government came to power 10 or
so years ago suggesting they would be a Government practising
“politics” of inclusion. Lashley too only recently showed concern
for poverty in Barbados after the UN gave a scathing attack on the
regions performance in this area of social justice. Where were and
why were these buffoons not dealing with poverty 10 years ago when
elected? I stand to be corrected but I believe it was Minister
Prescodd a month ago said the reason he was doing a census to see
how many were living in poverty was because the last census done
was in 1989. Knowing this why have they waited until 2007 to try
and find out how many are living in poverty? Obviously it was not
one of their priorities was it?

Newspapers, Government, responsible citizens and others have to
take what is going on in Barbados more seriously and realize that
things cannot continue to go as they are. There is obvious and
serious disparities in the facts of what the more fortunate in
Barbados wants us to believe about poverty levels and what those
facts really are.

The CADRE poll that was recently undertaken found a huge and
lopsided percentage of those polled believing the cost of living in
Barbados is too high. When so many people believe this they have to
be taken seriously and their concerns are supported by factual
evidence that they are telling the truth. You cannot allow lies to
prevail over the truth if you want to fix a problem!

What I believe is behind the cost of living problem is this. The
vast majority of people working are not being paid realistic wage
levels based on the economic realities of the cost of living in
Barbados and inflation. There is also no minimum wage and that does
not help the situation either when it comes to menial labour.

When one looks at the economic situation of Barbados there
certainly are some JUSTIFIABLE factors that might be beyond the
control of most that impacts the price of consumere goods. But this
is true in ALL countries. Yet in other countries the majority of
those holding jobs can live comfortably. They may not all be able
to eat filet but they can afford to eat steak. They cannot afford
to drive a Mercedes but they can afford to drive a basic Ford,
Nissan etc. They cannot live in mansions but they can afford or
most of them can to, live in a bungalow, semi detached or Town
house. The further out of town they buy the cheaper the real estate
and many opt to do that and drive the extra distance to get to
work. None or few of these options seem to be available to the
majority who have jobs in Barbados.

As I have said before how can you boast as having less than 4% of
your population unemployed yet according to the poll about 90% say
the cost of living is too high, they cannot afford a house, food
and other basic things that are enjoyed by most in other countries?
Something just does not add up.

In other countries of the world they cope with raw material
increases just as they do in Barbados but it does not cause a
chicken to jump in price to $20 and stay there. And I know for a
fact that most food items are grossly overpriced and huge profits
are being made on them because of that reason. It is a bloody rip-

Plus wage earners in other countries get raises close to or at the
rate of inflation and some get even bigger raises than that.

I know people living in Canada and on a FIXED income of $70,000
being able to do so debt free, own a house, two cars, eat well,
take vacations and need for little. Healthcare is free and for all
over 65 so is prescription drugs. All is not perfect but it works
to the satisfaction of the majority. Hospital patients do not need
dinner bells to call a nurse.

I realize that you cannot compare Barbados realistically to Nations
like North America but to those who I talk to looking into the
affairs of Barbados all come to the same realistic conclusions.
Corruption, greed, lying about the facts or reality of a situation.
And most of all trying to make the gullible believe that Barbados
is so unique that what works in other Nations cannot and will not
work in Barbados is used to justify the situation. It is all crap
being perpetrated against a Nation whose major population cannot
absorb or understand the BS and lies they are being fed.

What with Globalization, Fair Trade, Free Trade EU agreements etc
all of which in the scheme of things are having little impact on
the Caribbean and which is being blamed for why the masses must do
this and that to better themselves is share propaganda. Decades ago
before all of these things came into place the masses were still
living in poverty, had high levels of unemployment and the cost of
living was high and contiued to be high to this day .

Unless someone is prepared and hopefully David Thompson is that
someone, to grasp the bull by the horns and set Barbados on a new
path of Social, Governmental and Economic justice nothing is going
to change for the majority.
More Scandal For PM! // Oct 16th 2007 at 12:38 pm

I know that Barbados Free Press reads like News Of The World with
every rumour exaggerated ten times, but they linked to a new blog
in Miami that is posting legal documents about the Canadian lawsuit
where Owen Arthur and Chief Justice Simmons are being sued for

We were told this was thrown out of court but like half of what we
hear that wasn’t the truth.

The Canadian court is starting to hear evidence and this could be
the sleeper scandal of the year in Barbados. Not one word in the
Nation or Advocate.

Wishing in Vain // Oct 16th 2007 at 4:11 pm

Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. has commenced a legal proceeding in
Ontario against a group of individuals and companies connected to
the Kingsland Estates Ltd. matter, alleging that the actions of
these individuals and companies have caused financial loss to the

The defendants are listed below. Every few days, Keltruth Corp.
will write an article on a person or business selected from this
list. When the article is published the name below will appear in
underlined bold text, linked to said article.

Richard Cox
Gerard Cox
Alan Cox
Philip Vernon Nicholls
Eric Ashby Bentham Deane
Owen Basil Keith Deane
David Simmons
Peter Simmons
Elneth Kentish
Glyne Bannister
Glyne B. Bannister
Philip Greaves, A.K.A. Philp Greaves
Gittens Clyde Turney
R. G. Mandeville & Co.
Cottle, Catford & Co.
Keble Worrell Ltd.
Eric Iain Stewart Deane
Estate Of Colin Deane
Lee Deane
Errie Deane
Keith Deane
Malcolm Deane
Lionel Nurse
Leonard Nurse
Edward Bayley
Mark Cummins
Francis Deher
David Shorey
Owen Seymour Arthur
Graham Brown
Brian Edward Turner
G.S. Brown Associates Limited
Golf Barbados Inc.
Kingsland Estates Limited
Classic Investments Limited
Thornbrook International Consultants Inc.
Thornbrook International Inc.
S.B.G. Development Corporation
The Barbados Agricultural Credit Trust Ltd.
Phoenix Artists Management Limited
David C. Shorey And Company
Price Waterhouse Coopers (Barbados)
Marjorie Ilma Knox
First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Ltd.
Attorney General Of Barbados
PriceWaterhouseCoopers East Caribbean Firm
David Thompson
G.S.Brown & Associates Ltd.
GBI Golf Barbados Inc.
Estate of Vivian Gordon Lee Deane
Edmund Bayley
Life of Barbados Limited
Owen Gordon Finlay Deane
Veco Corporation
Commonwealth Construction Canada Ltd. and Commonwealth Construction
Frankology // Oct 16th 2007 at 4:21 pm

I am amazed of the many cross section of the Barbadian society who
are implicated in this case. I can see Bees, Dees, Blacks, Whites
and the in-between mentioned in your list. Wonder what’s the inter-
connection with these people. I am looking for the finale in 2018.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 16th 2007 at 4:50 pm

Has anyone visted the blp blog site recently, it appears that they
are now accepting the fact that they are a dishonest corrupt bunch
because the number of blogs on there are nearly all being negative
towards the actions of the party to their credit at least they have
taken their licks like a man, Mottley included.
No Name // Oct 16th 2007 at 7:13 pm

Wishing In Vain I would be frigtened and sh—-te to take you up on
your suggestion that I visit the BLP
Blog to confirm that they are less than honest.

Because me and my computer might pick up the mother of all viruses
“Arthur, Mascoll and Lynch foot in mouth disease”.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 16th 2007 at 7:25 pm

No Name, Fear not we have to get pass this fear of these scams and
be prepared to speak out and speak loud.
Idealist // Oct 16th 2007 at 7:30 pm

Mr Allamby:

We recognise your commitment to the land of your birth, but this
time, keep your posts decent so we can seriously discuss all the
valid points you raise.

I, for one, welcome serious debate.
Please do not lower the tone.
Saint Nick // Oct 18th 2007 at 1:28 am

Everyone keeping lotta noise about Asscoll and Urkel, but few
looking at EGFL and not seeing the bigger picture. How can EGFL
advance $2m of the taxpayers money to Hardwood Housing in such
quick time and without much fuss and under whose authority? Simple,
it is for hardwood houses to be built on lands recently acquired
from Government and certain private interests by some EGFL board
members. Maybe Messrs. Thompson et al should look at, (1) the EGFL
board lending limit (2) the company (ies) certain board members set
up to bring houses to the public and (3)methodology / vestiture
used to acquire the lands. Sadly enough, irregardless of whichever
party is in power, the little fish because they are not too bright
and being dispensible like Urkel are usually shredded and spat out,
but the really big fish like Hoyos never get sent to the canning
plant. Oh, by the way Tony Best is a reporter trying to convey the
impression of a serious journalist. However he is yet to graduate
despite being close to his pension. So ignore him.
Wishing in Vain // Oct 18th 2007 at 8:12 am

Potent very potent my friend, This is my position exactly, here we
have Tony Hoyos sitting on the board of the Lender EGFL while
sitting on the board of HARDWOOD HOLDINGS the borrower and overseas
this scam but yet not a single question is asked of him , why
should this be the case ?
Well more than likely because Tony Hoyos has been installed by
Owing Arthur to do a job for him and to filter the money back to
him in this rip off, remember Tony Hoyos is very closely associated
with Colin Brewer another scamp let us not forget his rein at GAIA
where he arranged for the duty free shops to be run by a company
that he is involved in, at the serious cost overruns at this same
project leaves you to ask why is the connection so close among this
lot of gangsters !!!
The truth is they all should be investigated and sent to prison for
their role in filtering these funds out of taxpayers accounts to
the accounts of a chosen few.
Tony Hoyos as chairman should be the first to be fired but lets
watch the actions of the PM will he take action my guess is that he
will not due to the fact that everyone is aware of his scams and
how he operates therefore he is unable to do anything to correct
these worngs in society.
In a nut shell they all know Arthur to be a dishonest crook and he
cannot threaten anyone with prison because he to could be an
excellent candidate to be an inmate.
Concerned Citizen // Oct 20th 2007 at 3:41 pm

BU had a look at your poll and it made me go WOW! It would be nice
if Peter Wickham could be paid to do a poll by BU
No Name // Oct 20th 2007 at 4:08 pm

Idealist get a life and stop your self righteous hypocrisy that all
on these blogs see you for. Having an ulterior motive—– Jealousy of
others who post sense instead of rubbish like you!

Deal with the REAL purveyors of vulgarity against Mr. Loveridge
befor talking rubbish to me.

You should know by now people do not take you seriously or your
ulterior motive that are obvious even to the village idiot.

You only are making yourself look like the idiot you are when
ignoring a man revered on these blogs Adrian Loveridge humilated
with vile, vulgar comments that you stood silent on.

Get a life old boy/girl it will make you feel a whole lot better.

Wishing in Vain thank you and I intend to!
No Name // Oct 20th 2007 at 4:40 pm

Let me ask you to ponder these thoughts. Why are we surprised that
Journalist in Barbados are intimidated and afraid to fight the good
fight and speak the truth?

Do all on these blogs not say they fear using their names because
the Government would have the police kick down their doors?

Do these blogs themslves not get threats of “Men in Black” coming
to shut them down?

Is Adrian Loveridge a whiteman trying to enlighten the people not
get threats against his life? And humiliated by vulgar insults?

Am I not constantly singled out for attacks of nonsense by “Uncle”
Toms and some white folk?

Democracy is not alive and well in Barbados and the BLP rules by
fear! Dialogue and debate are not strengths of an oppressive
Government. Intimidation is!

When the great and honorable gentleman Peter Morgan was alive did
he not say that Arthur intimidated him, did the Emeritus of
Journalism Harold Hoyte not say the same thing?

Look at the Nation News it is filled from top to bottom with BLP
lackeys, Roxanne Gibbs, Al Gilkes, Mavis Beckles to mention a few.
Then look at your other option the Barbados Advocate long known as
the “whitemans” voice and run by a phony Christian.

Get real Barbados if you want change!
Fred // Oct 24th 2007 at 2:58 pm

I have listened to the call in show today and heard some paltry,
feable excuses being made for an inept lazy minister of housing and
lands mr Farley seems that his ministry is run in nearly the same
manner as he runs his office.
His rambling excuse as to why he has done absolutely nothing for
the people he represents is a sad statement about his lack of
I can sympathise with them as I too have been at the mercy of the
same minister for nearly a year now with little or no forward
movement on my issue, maybe I too need to place a full page advert
in connection with my problem and only then will he get kicked into
action, the real problem is that none of this crop of politicians
really give a damn because their pockets are overflowing from their
past 14 years of taking from us.

David // Oct 27th 2007 at 4:44 am

Posted by WIV to the wrong area:

For those that did not make it to Deacons road for that massive
political meeting here is the recording of it for you, enjoy it.


Hardwood // Oct 27th 2007 at 8:36 am

Good link and powerful evidence !
Wishing in Vain // Oct 27th 2007 at 9:21 am

Thank you David thank you Hardwood, and people say that Mr Thompson
attacked a private citizen this cannot be the case at all he
destroyed himself by his dishonest and nasty actions both
financially where he least equipment at half the price that he
onward leased it to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS for and his moral corruption
of assulting and molesting the young ladies the he employed.


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  1. Hants

    BFP……. It is sad that in First World Barbados, it takes a group of “Part time Amateur Media practitioners” to gather information from ordinary citizens and produce the facts and comments above.

    I suppose Mainstream Media would say “it too hot to handle” or “uh fryten for Owing”.

    I hope the DLP supporter who sent “the letter” will join me in thanking you for printing his letter and other relevant information.

  2. reality check


    another rambling letter about more corruption and abuse of power.

    Of course you should print details of Harwood and everything that comes across your desk that merits attention

    If you read the keltruth site carefully,however, the facts appear to be facts and are damning on the whole system of land manipulation and “tiefing” that goes on in Barbados. The practice of tieing up property on an agricultural basis without significant consideration and for significant years just so you can defeat the rights of elderly minority shareholders and enrich yourself and others who have bought the politicians and their permissions, is worthy of a country that has fallen to fourth world status.

    Harwood deserves attention but Harwood is peanuts compared to the Kingsland issue and the thousands of homeowners in Barbados history who have beed robbed of their heritage in land by slick lawyers, bought politicians and bought judges.

    What was really very telling in the keltruth site was the judge who was sitting on differnt sides of the fence pretending to act as a Director and discharging her fiduciary duties all the while the firm was acting for other parties. In the rest of the world that represents censorship, suspension and often disbarrment. In Barbados this apparently constitutes elevation to the judiciary to sit with the likes of the Chief Justice.

    keep up the good work BFP

  3. Frankology

    This is a reply to the pathetic DLP supporter who believe that everyone should jump in the Hardwood/Thompson/Mascoll bandwagon. I ask, For what reason? The BFP highlighted many associated blogs with this issue. Commenters made posting for and against the stance taken by the Opposition. What more do you want.
    What everyone should be annoyed about, is the deafening silence by the same DLP regarding the highway fiasco. We are not dealing with 2 million here, we are dealing with over $300 million Bajan dollars that can house hundreds of Barbadians per year for twenty five years. But you want everyone to jump on the bandwagon to see a play out of two egos. Well, this is not what I will waste my effort with. This is an inside political affair that can be corrected within hours. Now DLP Supporter let the public know why the DLP is not speaking out about this highway. I know the answers, I want you to tell the class.

  4. Roger Rabbitt

    Be patient. I understand that the DLP has some serious info on the ABC fiasco and that the time for such disclosure is coming. You will be surprised, like I was, when the evidence comes out.
    Timing, my friend, is quite necessary especially on this one. Just be patient. We don’t have far to go now.

  5. Frankology

    While we are waiting for answers from the opposition, the contractor is working in earnest on the flyovers to get them completed. Up to now, we have not seen the plans for the expansion, we have not seen the Impact and Assessment reports, we have not heard about the location of overpasses, we have not receive from the The Minister of Public Works about the new scope of work that will be tripled , we have not receive denial of the highway being widen from Warrens to Garfield Sobers roundabout and the building of six flyovers from as far back as September 2005, we have not heard from the contractor about the financial position of the company regarding to any litigation, we have not heard which company is looking after Insurance coverage. So do not play with the public feelings, we were waiting from 2005 for answers. Let us hear your voice NOW.

  6. Frankology

    Roger Rabbitt, this is your quote, “You will be surprised, like I was, when the evidence comes out.”

    Are you saying that the DLP is in possession of evidence regarding the highway expansion? That observation is based on your language ” You will be surprised, like I was……” Are you hiding important information from the public? Are you not concern about the three million our children and grandchildren will have to pay?

  7. Pogo

    It is simple. If you are leaders of opposing parties and hire the same lawyer then you are disrespecting the people who support each of you.

    Public purse -paying for a lawyer to defend the politicians who were doing deals for their own pockets -don’t smell right.

  8. Wishing in Vain

    BFP I think that it was me who posted the website details for the Deacons meeting on your blog rather than the other blogger you refer to above.

  9. Wishing in Vain


    A woman is said to be at the centre of the Opposition party’s focus on Clyde Mascoll and Hardwood Housing Factory.

    This was revealed yesterday at the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP)
    annual general conference, during
    an unscheduled speech by Mascoll, Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office.

    While Mascoll was not listed among the speakers on the agenda, Deputy Prime Minister Mia Mottley asked for him to be given privilege to speak on the controversial issue after she charged that a non-national woman who was employed at Hardwood.

    Now you know what is so funny about this situation it is that this is the same woman that Murrell is charged with molesting and assaulting, does she not have reason to complain?
    She did not run to the DLP she wrote a letter to the Chairman TONY HOYOS outlining the position of HARDWOOD HOLDINGS and how it was being manhandled and raped by Murrell to which he said and did nothing, now if he Hoyos was installed there as a caretaker of the funds of EGFL why then did he allow this slackness to continue unabated?
    There are many more issues attached to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS that ASSCOLL will not care to address and no amount a ranting at a blp convention to a blp audience will change the fact that fraud and corruption has taken place there and continues to take place there.
    It certainly appears to me an outsider that ASSCOLL has alienated himself from the rest of those within the blp and from his comments in this matter he seems to be trying to buy Mottleys attention, too little too late ASSCOLL in your greed you forgot good manners and honesty and you will pay the price for your dishonesty.

  10. Wishing in Vain

    David over at BU says something about HARDWOOD HOLDINGS is not right but I suggest everything about it from its Chairman all the way down for if he was installed there to see after the $ 2 million input from EGFL then he too has sadly failed at his job when Murrell can lease equipment and then onward lease it for double the lease cost to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS it is a disgraceful act and all of them neens to be investigated for fraud I know that there is already a case for sexual abuse but fraud is my other concern as this is obviously what is taking place there. Using our taxpayers monies, Do you think that we will every recover a $ 1 million of the $ 2 million that EGFL has invested there ?
    I say never.

  11. malick wid teet

    I am with you on this WIV. On reading Mascoll’s remarks its obvious he does not answer any of the questions Thompson posed. Did Murrell build 500 hundred houses in Grenada as Mascoll bragged to Barbadians? What about the leasing scam? Why only 15 houses built after all this time? Why the unprecedented amount of funds from Growth Enterprise(?). The bounced cheques? The rape and assault stories? BWU letter warning Murrell?Tony Hoyos and Colin Brewer are two of the most unlikeable persons I have heard speak. I do not trust Hoyos he appears to be a hard line Athur yardfowl. He speaks like Mariano Browne a foreigner but another untustworthy Arthur lackey. Murrell poor fellow like he is a bit challenged to say the least.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    malick wid teet,
    Example of fraud and dishonesty abound with ASSCOLL.
    Instance # 1 ASSCOLL response to the question of illegal workers from Guyana first he said they had no such workers but by Tuesday after the press conference they fire 15 of them this is yet another example of a major warping of the truth.
    Instance # 2 Murrell lease the equipment to save the company money when as we have see the lease figure from the loaner companies was half of that, was asked of HARDWOOD HOLDINGS to pay he paid $ 26,000.00 Hardwood paid $ 54,000.00 explain where there is a savings in this arrangement to HARDWOOD ?
    Instance # 3 When asked about the work being carried out at ASSCOLLS wife’s office at Perry Gap Murrell states that he had workmen working there and he received payment for work cheques from Mrs ASSCOLL which he signed over to HARDWOOD HOLDINGS is this not compelling evidence that ASSCOLL really did have HARWOOD HOLDINGS workers working on his site in a private capacity?
    Instance # 4 ASSCOLL claims that Murrell built 500 homes in Grenada ASSCOLLS reply it does not matter one way or the other if they built 500 homes or they built none, now why would he make such a claim knowing it to be a blatant lie and an untruth?

  13. Wishing in Vain

    While we are discussing Hardwood Housing it is amazing what the Opposition have achieved to date,

    – they have removed a number of illegal workers that ASSCOLL said were not employed there they have been sent home,

    – we have learnt that with $ 100,000.00 and a politician friend who is due for payback for crossing the floor that is is possible to get a loan from a gov’t agency for the tiny sum of $ 2 million of our taxpayers dollars,

    – we have learnt that HARDWOOD HOUSING is actually a gov’t owned and operated entity,

    – we have learnt that there has been ongoing sexual harrasment and molestation taking place at the work site carried out by none other than the MD himself Murrell,

    – we have learnt that of the story where they built 500 homes in Grenada that they built ZERO homes,

    – we learnt the excessive cost of a few foundations that they tried to rip off another gov’t with the cost on,

    – we are now learning that they have chosen another failure and friend of Hoyos to be the Managing Director this must be to fill the expected void when Murrell gets residence at Dodds for his molestation charges,

    – we have learnt that they are yet to build or sell any of these homes to Barbadians in any numbers as was alleged,

    – we have learnt that Hoyos while sitting on the Board of EGFL could be part of that board that would have oked a loan package of $ 2 million to a company he is Managing Director of this too is a disgraceful act of dishonest but lets look at who was appointed Chairman of the EGFL one Marinao Browne someone who is already before the courts for fraud at another banking operation,

    – we have learnt that ASSCOLL used workers of HARDWOOD HOUSING to conduct work on his wife’s office building at Perry Gap surely this must raise a flag as a conflict of interest?

    In all it says to me that this company is as corrupt and was set up to filter taxpayers monies out to the politicians like ASSCOLL and Owing, a very shameful act of dishonesty.

  14. Frankology

    …and we have also learnt that David is now awaiting the approval of party supporters to say wither or not he will continue with the No-confidence motion. This is the reason I am fed-up with our Politicians. We threatened and then at the 11th hour, we have this new phrase “a new scope of thought”. WIV, this PR damage control on the above post is great timing. What have me surprised, are ten points that can start the motion, yet, we are still awaiting the keys to start.

  15. Wishing in Vain

    This lot are almost as destructive as a pack of Steppe Lemming.
    FOR SEVERAL WEEKS, as the political temperature rose, independent observers would have wondered what ever became of Mia Mottley, the once vaunted heir to the throne of Owen Arthur. Surely the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) election train could not be “puffing, ready for take off” with Mottley nowhere in sight.

    In Barbados today, they are those who still insist the Deputy Prime Minister was demoted when she was stripped of Attorney-General and made minister of “what no one really understands”, but which appears substantially to be junior to that of Clyde Mascoll.

    Mottley, it would appear, was also overlooked for the chairmanship of the BLP, when a few Sundays ago Prime Minister Owen Arthur was forced, constitutionally, to vacate that position.

    It was not David Thompson, but rather Owen Arthur who said on the floor of his party’s conference that Mottley had been seriously wounded in the preceding months. Just when Mottley thought she had sat out and lived down the fallout from a mouthful of criticisms, the Prime Minister brought her plight back into sharp focus by singling her out as a wounded soldier in the special victims unit of the BLP. The political guile of Arthur is amazing!

    Nonetheless, general elections are around the corner and Mottley, it has clearly been determined, must be resurrected and reincarnated if the BLP is to have a chance at the polls. So, notwithstanding that Mascoll has been parading and paraded as the crown prince of the BLP, strategists, it would appear, recognised that he is totally useless in the scheme of things, and that Mottley would have to be politically rehabilitated if several parliamentary seats in St Michael are to be saved. This therefore explains the heightened political activity and media presence of the Deputy Prime Minister in the past seven days. She has returned from seeming political exile “totally rebranded”.

    Mottley has had more positive Press in the last seven days than she had in the previous seven months when her presumably wounded state was considered more a liability than an asset to her party and Government. Today, however, seats have got to be saved in the St Michael area and all of a sudden the portfolio of minister with responsibility for the Urban Development Commission (UDC) takes on new life.

    For four years, the cries of poor people across St Michael for help and relief from the UDC fell on deaf ears. Shadow Minister Dr David Estwick and several of his colleague candidates in the Democratic Labour Party shouted and screamed themselves hoarse, but the UDC was unresponsive to their cries and those of the people. Even at the time of the now historic sprucing up of the environs of Kensington, in the lead-up to the finals of Cricket World Cup, the decision was taken to de-emphasise the role and relevance of the UDC and utilize the up-to-that-point unrecognisable talent of a declared BLP candidate to lead the effort. A few weeks ago the management of the UDC changed hands in an unspectacular fashion, and this too was not touted as any turning point in the life of the organisation.

    But the image of Mottley had to be rehabilitated, and how better than with “a poor old lady” who had benefited fromthe kindness, sensitivity and generosity of this Government, under the minister’s watch?

    Mottley, it can be said, donned her Sunday finest, with tons of make-up and new hairstyle to boot, and headed into the Orleans for a Hollywood-style photo shoot.

    Several years ago, Aaron Truss got a tongue-lashing from Barbadians for the inappropriateness of posing for the cameras at the expense of the pride and dignity of others. Mottley comes 20 years later and does the same thing, and expects to be credited for it.

    There is nothing positive in a photograph of ordinary, poor working-class Barbadians benefiting from richly deserved state handouts in an election year.

    This carefully, and one dares say, professionally choreographed public relations exercise was in poor taste. The programme of the UDC could have been spelt out more appropriately from the public platform.

    But, I doubt such crude political strategies will positively influence the vote of a single Barbadian this time around.

  16. Wishing in Vain

    I think the comments of Steve Belle a respected Credit Union chief about non-consultation and the impact of the amendment to the Cooperatives Act have done untold damage to Clyde Mascoll.
    I think what this ruling party is failing to realise is that they no longer control the means of accessing the news, their domination of the traditional press the TV station, the radio stations, the newspapers are now the most backward means of getting the news but insted the real news is being distributed via BFP and BU where Mottley and Arthur have little or no control or ability to distort the truth.
    So when that clown ASSCOLL speaks an untruth it is very quickly revealed as such on BU or BFP within minutes of his utterance of rubbish.
    You can hide and buy land ASSCOLL but you cannot hide and work it!!!!

  17. Jerome Hinds

    Frankology…… what is wrong with getting the support of the DLP General Council body / membership ?

    That is what is called consensus governance !

    Not rushing through Credit Union Legislation without critical input from stakeholders !

    Ask Steve Belle…..of the COB !

    Not attempting to rush through the Public Service Act without input from the Civil Servants represenatives ( Unions ) !

    Ask Dennis Clarke , Dennis Depeiza & Sir Roy !

    Wha’ after all the DLP does not belong to David Thompson and the elected DLP members……alone !

    If that stinking mouth one…Clyde Asscoll….had listened to David Thompson and others when he moved a No – Confidence motion against Liz Thompson……he would not have embarrased himself and the DLP at the time !

    The new and enlightened leadership of the DLP under David John Howard Thompson……does not operate so…..!

    Over to the people’s Parliament !

    We are a party for the PEOPLE and led by the PEOPLE…..!

    In essence we LISTEN & we CARE !

  18. Anonymous X

    I agree with you..I could not believe my ears. David Thompson needs to be a lot more positive. What does the vote of no confidence have to do with the people. I thought it was the principle involved.
    I am very disappointed with Mr.Thompson’e mouthings

  19. Frankology

    WIV, I am just observing the behavioural pattern of David, do not try to confuse the issue. David’s comment was used about a 30-day period for the No-Confidence motion. He was positive about his planned day in the House, he repeated his plans almost daily, now suddenly, he pull up hand brakes and is waiting on the party supporters on Sunday to give advise. This is the nonsense I am speaking about. You mentioned in my Vaucluse posts of threats and not producing them. In my case, I am still awaiting more facts before making an idiot of myself. In David’s case, he has at least 10 points to start with. Deal with the facts.

  20. Jerome Hinds

    Frankology…….for a ” NEUTRAL ” observer & commentator ( according to you ! ) for David Thompson to pull up hand brakes in your
    ” opinion ” why should that bother you ?

    You are yet to comment on Owen Arthur……saying he too busy to investigate a CHARGE of corruption against his government !

    Portia Simpson in Jamaica a few days ago called for an investigation among her parliamentary colleagues…..based on charges from the government….on the Cuban light – bulb case !

    She did not declare she is too BUSY…..or no longer the PM !

    Frankology…….you are continually demonstrating that you do not UNDERSTAND the meaning of NEUTRALITY !

    Try being……..FRANK………..instead !

  21. Frankology

    You are yet to comment on Owen Arthur……saying he too busy to investigate a CHARGE of corruption against his government !

    He said “bring the no-confidence motion. Forget the arrogance of the man, that’s politrics based on bluffs.
    Look what happen, David fell for it.

    I am looking for this corruption to stop and someone to be made an example, otherwise, these questionable behaviour will be part of our political landscape where future politicians get greedy and allow the gluttony of wealth clouds they integrity.

    So J.H don’t expect me to be emotional, I await the No-Confidence motion.

  22. Wishing in Vain


    You seem to be going from one war zone t othe other here recently.

    Do you feel that he is creating more appeal and support for this motion by these actions,trust me this is but the tip of the iceberg, there is a WHOLE lot more that he has holding close to his chest this is not a battle of he versus ASSCOLL this is about right and wrong and the abuse of a ministerial position, this about dishonesty this is about illegal workers, this is about Arthur’s appointed friend Hoyos’s role as Chairman of HARDWOOD HOUSING and his role as a board member of EGFL sitting on the board of the lending agency while also sitting on the board of the borrower,this about female sexual abuse, this is about bad debts even after $ 2 million of our taxpayers monies have been thrown at it.

    The best is yet to come and it will come, time is longer than twine.

  23. Frankology

    WIV, I want to be as versed like you.

    Have you really checked with the composition of Chairmanship and Directorship within Barbados’ Corporate companies. We are seeing duplication and more with individual serving on companies that can be deemed Conflict of Interest. We are also seeing friends of both parties on these boards, therefore, we will have people with abilities being overlooked because the conceived association with the competition. Thus, we will hear this language as per your post of ‘friends of someone.’

    These are facts of life. If the DLP wins the next election, don’t you feel Mr. Thompson will be canvassing for new managers and assistants to deal with sensitive ministries? If your answer is “NO”, I will feel no emotions in calling you a bold face hypocrite, but, I don’t want to go there, I want to be a difference dealing with behaviour of people within a political or social landscape.

    I am surprise when you state that “I am going from one war zone to the other”. This is to counteract one-sided submissions in order for a balance, where we can discuss and give you the readers, the confidence to be a part of blogging.

    We must thank BFP and BU for the guts to moderate a medium that the old school fear in exposing. Being honest, I never heard about the Vaucluse impasse until I saw the blog. I dealt with it based on the statements that were posted and I separate truth from innuendos and put in some research to reach conclusions. This is the way I present submissions without being vulgar or bordering on libel.

    Keep the work up my friends!

  24. Wishing in Vain

    WIV, I want to be as versed like you.

    Not difficult at all just read a lot and LISTEN a lot, you will be amazed at just how much you will pick up.

    I do not think that there has ever been a case where a conflict is more unbearable than in this case made even more so when clearly this was setup to be a scam of the people, the lender and the borrower being one and the same person !!!

    Please do not attempt to put word in my mouth as I have never stated “Thus, we will hear this language as per your post of ‘friends of someone.’ ”

    This is your deceleration not mine.

    Notice there is no comment about all the other items that have been allowed to take place at HARDWOOD HOUSING, sexual and otherwise.

    Tell me why Murell felt like he could do all these things and walk away free? was it because he felt that his back was covered by those with political clout? It worked for a while when the young ladies could not get him before the courts but who was his saviour in his time of need, I suggest to you that ASSCOLL was not high enough up the pecking order to prevent the Sexual molestation charges from sticking, but it took a higher order to intervene and try to stop the work of the police force from doing what they needed to do.

  25. Frankology

    WIV, we must realise that we might reach Bridgetown, but by different roads. I could have used the language of “this is about Arthur’s appointed friend Hoyos’s role as Chairman of HARDWOOD HOUSING” but I prefer to use ‘friends of someone.’ language meaning the same thing but phrased differently. The answer is the same WIV.

  26. Frankology

    BFP. I would like direct access to the post. I was trying to send an email for this request to no avail.
    Reason, time you finish moderating, my post will not have the same substance with information separating the subject I wrote about.


    BFP says…

    OK Frankology, we’re home today and I don’t have to work until tonight so I’ll turn moderation off. There will be some very bad comments coming from you-know-who, but you’re a big boy…

  27. Wishing in Vain


    On Saturday the17 th of Nov 2007 for the umpteen time this past week the ruling party has now woken up to the fact that there is a cost of living issue in barbados well done to them for having finally awoken from their slumber and finally having listened to the call by the DLP that there was an issue with regard to the cost of living.
    Once again as I type this Mottley is attempting to quell the unrest by holding another press conference ( I assume she is hoping for a front page story in tomorrow’s Nation) so far we have had Eastmond saying nothing will grip or take effect until after Christmas then Mottley jumps in and said no sooner, ASSCOLL figures he has set the world on fire by the removal of the duty on 2 yes 2 items of meat with no regards for all the other components of a meal, least of all any of items that diabetics, and high blood pressure victims need or use, but still he feels what a wonderful thing he has done.
    Last but not lease we have not heard from I am not saying a thing Owing, he has made no comment on anything in a long time is he suffering from shell shock?
    He was last seen in the House of Assembly sweating and stuttering from the verbal assult he had at the hands of Mr Thompson or outside of the house he was last seen in a drunken stupor trying to speak at Ellerslie School and how bad he looked and sounded at that event?
    This admistration is scratching the bottom of the barrel when they are patch working solutions to this countries ills, as we have seen unfold during the past few days Mr Thompson visits the markets and the next day the gov’t issues permits to vend, he mentions illegal workers at Hardwood Housing and the next two days they are fired, he suggest the cost of living needs helping and suggest removal of VAT on Elertricity bills as a start they respond by removing duty on two items of meat, wonderful setup they appear to be doing sometrhing by saying that they have removed the duty but does this really make any difference to the average consumer when the other 30 items are all excessively taxed beyond our reach?
    The lady said is so well on the call in show the other day when she said that the opposition is getting more done in opposition than the gov’t is getting done as a gov’t.
    Her comments may have been delivered in jest but
    the reality is that this is the absolute truth of the situation as it exist in Barbados on Saturday the 17th of Nov 2007.

  28. Frankology

    After the take-over of Caribbean Star by LIAT, we are now hearing of the William brothers purchasing a plane due to poor service from LIAT. What I cannot understand why the Williams cannot use another Caribbean Airline? Probably, this is the new corporate image of these large conglomerate and moguls.

    It is not now of ‘we want a plantation’ but ‘we want we damn own plane’.

  29. Wishing in Vain

    THE QUESTION OF INTEGRITY in public life assumes greater significance later this month as the no-confidence motion against Clyde Mascoll is brought by the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). There are few in Barbados who are not now familiar with the story of Harwood Housing Factory Inc.

    This is a company that, before David Thompson publicly raised the matter a month ago, no one knew was owned by the Government of Barbados. How the Government could form a company with significant public funds without the public knowing, is an indication of the arrogance and lack of transparency of this Government led by Owen Arthur. The public has a right to know when Government takes up their money and invests it in over 95 per cent of the equity of a private entity.

    The saga that continued since the company was established under the chairmanship and wise counsel of Mr Teddy Griffith, who was subsequently and mysteriously no longer on the board after March, is unbelievable.

    Poor corporate decision-making, bad management decisions and doubtful financial dealings led to it being practically insolvent by August. In other words, in less than a year, and with $2 million of taxpayers’ money at its disposal, the company could not meet its obligations.

    Furthermore, after being given $2 million, there are hardly ten houses that the company can show as having been built by it. But we, the goodly people of this country, were told that the other partner in Hardwood was a successful contractor who had successfully built over 500 houses in six months in Grenada. The truth of that assertion is yet to be established. But that was the basis on which we were led to believe the public should have its confidence in the company.

    The staff of Hardwood worked in fear of negative practices and that led to the intervention of Sir Roy Trotman, general secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union, and he was forced to write to Mr Tony Hoyos – chairman of Hardwood, member of the board of the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited, member of the board of Barbados National Bank, member of the board of the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation and one of the owners of the new company to which the Government is giving Crop-Over. Wow!

    Mariano Browne, the chairman of Enterprise Growth Fund Limited and the defendant in a major civil action in Barbados by the former owners of Caribbean Commercial Bank Limited, is now the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance in Trinidad and Tobago. That takes care of that.

    But there is more . . . . There is a crying need for the introduction of integrity legislation in Barbados and, were it possible, it should be back-dated to cover the establishment of the Pan African Commission and the political deal – with certain former DLP/NDP/every-other-party operatives, involved at that time. There is need for an investigation into the St Peter Development Fund as well. And the Friends of St Michael West Central. And much, much more.

  30. YUM YUM I like it!

    Well said DLP!

    At last they are starting to fire on all cylinders!

  31. Leviticus

    WIV your post is all so very true.