We Agree With ALMOST Everything Yardbroom Says… But What Does David Thompson Say About The Fatted Calf?

Our old friend Yardbroom posted the following…

Barbados is now a country that has lost its moral focus, people who should be respected because of their position or office, and as individuals – in their own right – find it difficult to gain respect.

Harold Hoyte a journalist of some note, in a recent Nation News article wrote, “integrity” was not an important character trait to be Prime Minister of Barbados. This statement demonstrates that people who should know better do not expect of elected officials – or say they don’t – what most people do. They see lack of integrity, and other similar character traits, as minor impediments, if integrity is not in the character of the individual, it does not matter which office he/she holds, they cannot be expected to act in a way, that reasonable people would expect.

How far is our moral decay? almost rock bottom, when decent living people, are taken to task for being decent, and roguishness becomes the order of main stream thinking, it is imperative for those left standing, to speak out before there is no one left with a listening ear.

I fear, if Jesus walked on water up the inner careenage of Barbados today, in our present moral bankrupt state, the movers and shakers would say, he is too nice and decent to lead us, or have anything of worth to say.

We see criminal activity in many forms, drugs, prostitution, violence, and corruption at many levels, by those who should know better, but the showing by example, by those who should be the bastions of our society is sadly lacking. As a result our young people – one is tempted to say with justification – take little notice of the telling of moral values, when the showing by example is not demonstrated.

There is no social responsibility left, only a free for all, do as you wish, nothing matters in this moraless environment, thuggery, vindictiveness, threats, surreptitious monitoring, all is grist to the mill.

There is one caveat, no opinion should be expressed unless it reinforces the rape and pillage of our country, you are free, but that freedom is dependent on you agreeing with us, “free indeed!” Oh, how free we are.

It needs a special person, to bring about dramatic change from the old order of doing things, a person with the qualities of “integrity” decency, and moral values, and I honestly believe that David Thompson of the DLP is the man for that challenge.

… posted by BFP reader Yardbroom on our article Harold Hoyte At Nation News: Integrity Not An Important Character Trait To Be Prime Minister Of Barbados (link here)


Barbados Free Press Replies…

Yardbroom, there is much wisdom in what you have written, but as fellow citizens we must respectfully disagree with your comment in red – thus far.

Our views on the DLP’s failure to act upon integrity rules, conflict of interest rules and transparency for their own MPs and candidates is well known and we won’t go into the whole issue again right now.

But if there is one thing that troubles us terribly, that remains foremost in our minds whenever we see or hear Mr. Thompson – it is his as-yet-unexplained “fatted calf” speech to the party faithful.

Mr. Thompson personally needs to publicly account for his fatted calf statement – to refute, clarify or even embrace his own words. Explanations from his representatives or party members are simply not good enough.

Mr. Thompson, Sir, this fatted calf speech of yours needs to be addressed publicly before we can consider anything else.

Background: See BFP’s article BLP Blog Publishes DLP Leader’s “Fatted Calf” Speech


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37 responses to “We Agree With ALMOST Everything Yardbroom Says… But What Does David Thompson Say About The Fatted Calf?

  1. centipede

    I KNEW when Barbados became ‘independent’ it would only be a matter of time before we saw what we’re seeing today.

    I KNEW when our ‘Colonial masters’ departed these shores it would be only a mater of time before we saw what we’re seeing today.

    THERE IS NO ONE AROUND that I can see who’ll be willing to bell the cat. Do you? Name him/her.

    But we, the people, will survive because the No 1 characteristic we humans have is: instinct of self-preservation.
    A one-eyed man is a king in a blind man’s country and a whole lot of us are one-eyed men being kings in blind man’s country. That;s why we are allowing our 12 and 14 year old daughters to sex with men … “to help pay the bills.”

    That is what it has come to … to survive. This is the other side of the coin … a side none of our people want to know . But there is is. That’s what it’s come to. Like it or not.

    And I’ll tell you something else you don’t want to hear… you ain’t seen nothing yet…….

  2. Hants

    My interpretation of the “fatted calf” reference is that “no floor crosser” will be allowed to return to a DLP Government, especially not a former leader.

    Note that the BLP gave crossers like Mascoll positions that would have gone to long standing BLP members.How could the PM put a turncoat ahead of his backbenchers?

    Politically this is only done as a deal breaker when a Party has a minority Government.

    Prehaps the PM feels he needs all the help he can get because he is not sure of the support of the Backbenchers.

    Should any BLP member wish to cross over to the DLP there will be no position of power granted to him.
    The “fatted calf” refers to positions of power,influence and authority.Not a sharing of “cost oevrruns”.

    That is my interpretation which would not sit well as “Tabloid journalism”.

    As a firm opponent of Politics of inclusion I Hants believe that Mascoll and the rest of the crossers should have quit politics if they did not like what their party was doing.
    The other option would be to form a 3rd party.

    Sorry but Gems and Jaws did not suddenly disappear.Neither did the 3 ladies who were referred to in a derogatory manner by Kerrie symmonds.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    I got you, now it is the fatted calf words !!1
    What will it be next ?
    Maybe it will be that he is wrong to expose the mismanagement and theft that is taking place at Hardwood Holdings, the Prison or 3 S Danos Scam and the road works projec, the cheque.
    The reality is that we either wakeup and address this adminstration and get back on track or we continue on the path of corruption and mega stealing and misuse of public funds.
    Not a hard choice I would suggest, we can ramble all we want but at the end of the day, the question is do you want to maintain this corruption and stealing or do we plan to put our foot down and say enough is enough ???
    I am not sure how much longer the treasury will withstand these ongoing assaults on it without breaking it.

  4. BFP

    Mr. Thompson! Calling Mr. Thompson!

    What did YOU mean with these words, Sir?

    Calling Mr. Thompson!

  5. Bush tea

    Reference to ‘the killing of fatted calves’ obviously refers to the biblical story of the prodigal son who, having abandoned his home and family, returned in disgrace, only to be welcomed with open arms and great feasting.

    In Bajan terms, all the man was saying was that “all o’ wanna who left ’bout here (the DLP) and then come running back when wanna get sting – wanna better look for holes…. not a boy ’bout here gwine mind wanna” and “when the Bajan people come to their senses and re-elect the DLP we aint got a thing for a boy…’

    … I still trying to figure out why you so focused on the applicant that we REJECTED as unsuitable last elections.
    It is the MANAGER we hired who we need to deal with…. and by the way, the ones ultimately responsible for the lack of INTEGRITY (not just the legislation) are the people of Barbados – like the same Harold Hoyte who, by his life demonstrated that this was not a priority with him anyway.

    If more of us joined you in calling for this type of legislation FROM THE PEOPLE WHO COULD DO IT NEXT WEEK then we would get some action.

    I told you already that the problem is that most Bajans are just like Harold Hoyte – don’t want no integrity laws because of the state of their OWN integrity….or lack thereof…

  6. Wishing in Vain

    Our views on the DLP’s failure to act upon integrity rules, conflict of interest rules and transparency for their own MPs and candidates is well known and we won’t go into the whole issue again right now.

    But if there is one thing that troubles us terribly, that remains foremost in our minds whenever we see or hear Mr. Thompson – it is his as-yet-unexplained “fatted calf” speech to the party faithful.

    BFP I am more confused now that before you posted the above, up to a week ago your main concern as I recall was as per your first paragraph. I have posted here before that it has been said many times there is a promise from Mr Thompson put those measures in place before elections and that every candidate will sign off on before the poll.
    Now we have another non issue that you are attempting to try to make into an issue, the real issue here now is how this country is being operated at present and I think that it is clear for all to see that it is not being well run and there is corruption at every step thru gov’t and it must be addressed.
    Maybe the next issue to throw out to Mr Thompson is that he grows his hair too long or that he is too tall for the job!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    This position by BFP is interesting. They probably don’t call for the government to implement integrity legislation because they have given up on them. Look at the articles on this blog. Does anyone seriously believe that BFP supports the BLP and Owen $ Arthur?

    Given that BFP would never support Owen, BFP has two choices: endorse the DLP/Thompson or … ?

    Isn’t BFP really saying “Thompson and the DLP: declare and prove your support for integrity legislation and you have our vote.” ???


  8. Bush tea

    I think Not WIV,

    I think that BFP is so sure that the DLP and David Thompson will win any elections called, that they are already operating as though that is the case.

    I really do not have a problem with that, ’cause let me tell you, it will be warm licks in all of DEM behinds when they get in – so they could as well get used to it…

    Wanna going see real opposition after next elections (You especially, as minister of information- WIV…ha ha)

  9. theNickster

    I may be reading into this too much but even the choice of words has me a bit concerned. “Fatted calf”?, “slaughter?” what kind of civil servant is he going to be?. There are metaphors and there are metaphors but are the people of this country nothing more than a trophy? So if (or “when”, it could be rigged for all we know) Thompson does win this thing, what exactly happens to us?

    Is GEMS going to be made into housing for the poor?, is Simmons going to be fired?, are the rest of the political vagrants from both sides going to be kicked out of the assembly?, QEH? highways? Oval? what happens to all that? Garbage in the water, hoodlums in the schools, AIDs on the streets and still no real answers to solving the high cost of living.

    Not sharing the calf my A$$, the next prime-minister is going to have to be a worker, someone with real solutions and integrity not some penile receptacle for the rich and influential. I don’t give a crap about personality, or what he puts in his mouth after dark, what I do care about is one who has a sensible head on their shoulders and the good sense to surround themselves with people of like mind with good plans, no self-seekers or back scratchers. One who would replace thievery with true tenacity and make deals for the good of the people, because what has escaped Owen, Thompson and crew is that when they do their job well, we all benefit, including them!

  10. Roger Rabbitt

    We the people are the owners of BARBADOS INC. and we hired Owen Arffa to run the corporation. We also allowed him to select his team of managers.
    We were all eager to support him in the early years of reconstruction of the said corporation. Several years later we are not satisfied with the running of the company and what do we do? We are asking someone whom we DID NOT EMPLY to declare his hand. What rubbish.
    BFP, you should be holding the BLP over the coals, not David Thompson.
    That is akin to a man battering and bruising his woman and rather than making the abuser pay, you are asking her new suitor what will he do about the cuts and scars that are so evident.
    I am really sick and tired of asking what will David Thompson do. He is yet to be elected.
    We need to put the current management team before the judge and jury.
    Nothing less would be satisfying at this time. We just cannot fire them and call it a day. They need to pay for the mismanagement of BARBADOS INC.

  11. Wishing in Vain

    Have you seen the latest poll paid for by BFP it is showing Bobby Clarke as the best leader for the post of PM leading the polls with 99.9 % of those questioned the other .1 % were not questioned !!!!
    There you go BFP you got your wish!!!!
    According to these guys at BFP our choices are between Bobby Clarke and Owing.
    Arthur what choices we have before us!!!
    I would not be voting again this time for the BLP so I guess I will have to vote for the PEP and Bobby Clarke.

  12. theNickster

    I think auntie mosie caught my previous post, I think I edited myself right?


    BFP Auntie Moses says… Nah, it be de computer dat saw ur A$$ word an throed it out de door so Auntie could rescue it for you.

  13. reality check

    the trouble with the comments on this article are based on fear—fear of electing Owen again or now Bobby Clarke. This is typical Barbadian election behaviour. There is no talk about a new and better way of governing but rather which party will do the most damage and “tiefing”.

    This is all negative politics.

    What the BFP is apparently asking Thompson, which he continues to refuse to answer clearly and unequivocally, is what he positively stands for , what he will do if elected and how he and his party will implement these changes for the betterment of all Barbadians?

    To wait for a public to vote someone out of office rather than stand up as a leader is regarded as a complete cop out by most Barbadians. BFP and BU seem to be the only viable opposition in the country and asking the tough questions.

    Does he need a backbone transplant or does he need to have his vocal chords reconnected?

    I suspect, subject to fraud, the election belongs to Thompson and is only his to lose by continued failure to differentiate himself from the current crew in power.

  14. Jerome Hinds


    October 25th, 2007 at 10:20 pm

    Mr. Thompson! Calling Mr. Thompson!

    What did YOU mean with these words, Sir?

    Calling Mr. Thompson!


    What did YOU mean with these words, BFP people ?

    Friday, March 23rd, 2007…12:01 am

    New BFP Series Coming Next Week – Money Laundering In Barbados

    Calling BFP !


    As most readers above have expressed before…David Thompson & the DLP are not on trial here…!

    The DLP team have expressed time & time again their intention to implement such legislation !

    While in the meantime we have a government in office that gloathes at the fact that their leader has earned the title of being the most ROGUISH , DISHONEST , Lacking in INTEGRITY and IMMORAL !

    And all BFP can do in light of this is call David Thompson & the DLP to account….!

    Like VEGAS….says ” TEK WEY YUHSELF ”

    This one fuh de…….PRIME TIME…..!

  15. iisnoone

    Cheese on bread! I was just on the Keltruth blog http://keltruthblog.com/blog/?p=21 and I saw that PM Owen Arthur and opposition leader David Thompson have chosen the same lawyer to represent them in the fraud case! That is harmony!

  16. Anonymous

    you beginning to sound like me!
    Like an old white British colonial type
    who knows damned well dat independence NOT WUKKIN!

    Doan worry, we of the “Old Colonialist Mentality” as we are accused, know better! We were here in the days when tings nused to work, as in work fer real, when wells were cleaned by Government, not by blp private contractors, who mek a lil dabble, pretend dum done something, and colleck a big cheque.

    I give this story fifty years and we belong to either China or to T&T. Wait en see.

  17. Bush Tea

    Reality Check,

    …man you aint see that BFP backing down on this issue- where you jumping going now?

    If you want to talk about negative politics then your interpretation of the problem (Thompson should declare his intentions) is negative. …wha’ this is Thompson Country?

    THE PEOPLE OF BARBADOS should declare our intentions and desires and DEMANDS. Only a mock company would leave it up to an applicant to decide on what standards he/she will bring to the job.

    so here is the situation….

    WE should (beginning on these BLOGS) clearly articulate what sort of country we want to have.

    WE should INSIST that our employees who are entrusted to pass laws – pass the KIND OF LAWS that we decide that we want

    We should indicate CLEARLY to ANY applicants that the MINIMUM standards acceptable are the ones that WE specify.

    This foolishness ’bout asking Thompson to define what he wants is NONSENSE. It is obvious that he will win, any monkey who could stand upright would win against these jokers… so you saying that whatever he comes up with is OK with us?

    It is time that we start TELLING our politicians what is required of them…

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  19. Dukes Resident

    Dear Yardbroom
    Greetings and heartiest thanks, most sincerely for your humble support in past postings. We in the area of Dukes in St. Thomas wish to bring dimension to your words, as follows, as we understand that BFP and BFP posters have absolutely missed the point of your words:

    Vaucluse Estates, with major shareholders linked to Eastern Land Developments and Williams Industries has allowed an illegal development to occur on its land for years, namely the agricultural field at Vaucluse that they call Vaucluse Raceway.

    Illegally making a development there many times in contravention of the law, and trying to ratify it in retrospect, residents have received scant support from the media in pursuit and recognition of their cause. We are chaff, we are smoke, we have no rights as the downtrodden.

    Recently the person concerned with making this illegal track, Greg Cozier, restarted the development. Town Planning was notified and sent an enforcement order for him to stop, but he did not.

    Even the day after an enforcement officer went to the sight trucks, siggers and rollers were on site constructing, cutting a road by making foundations as low as the rock below, a hairpin turn.

    How long, we ask?

    Why do the upper crust, rich land holders refuse to hold the laws of Barbados as applicable? Why do the rich and powerful refuse to obey and follow the laws of Barbados? That is for you the reader to answer. But it engenders a distrust and a resentment in my heart towards them, and today I must confess this.

    And today, from the rural village of Dukes I can tell you why Barbados is falling towards lack of respect for the laws of Barbados in every walk- whether it be minibus, whether it be school children, whether it be poverty, whether it be theft, whether it be violence. And this one I shall answer for you.

    It is because the most wealthy and powerful people like CO Williams, Bizzy Williams, the Coziers, and others as yet un-named see no need to obey. They are a law unto themselves.

    And why should any of the rest of us in Barbados obey or observe any laws whatsoever? We understand that there is no law for these people.

    Listen to Yardbroom Barbados, and listen to me. These things are not right.

  20. Wishing in Vain

    For a party that has what they pereceive as such a large lead according to their polls it appears to me that they seem to be doing a vast amount of damage control.
    Their actions suggest to me that they are the ones fighting to survive, their actions are such of a dying party when Owing sets about blistering the goodly gentleman Mr. Steven Alleyne why because his report may not show Owing in the best of lights but was it worth sending him to his grave in upheavel and then also to blister Hammy Lashley in curse for supporting the poor people it is a disgraceful act of what power can do for a leader it corrupts.

    I put it to you if the results of these polls are so promising and indicate the comfort by which the blp can win the next election, I wonder why the electorate are complaining about so many wrongs in this island, 3 S , DANOS, Road Works,Hardwood Holdings, The Baths, The $750,000.00 Cheque, The Holders Land Deal, Greenland, Slot Machine Deal between Owing and Hallam Nicholls,VECO The Prison,The unfinished IDC building at Newton, The cost overruns on every project that this admistration has undertaken, Mr Williams have to resort to buying a full page advertisment blasting Farley for his lack of service to get things done.

    Lets hear Mottley on the subject of Hardwood Holdings, the triple costing VECO PRISON, The DANOS, 3 S, ROAD WORKS PROJECT, these are the things we need to hear you on not the subject of same sex marriages, legalising homosexuality and prostitution.

  21. Anonymous

    Dukes Resident,
    the answer to your problem is that there is no enforcement on this island.
    IF Barbados had an active Police Force like other First World countries, Mr.Cozier would be in chains all now so.
    Town and Country Whatever have few teeth. They merely send out papers, but it will be good to see Gov’t. tractors come along and take out the bugbear so close to you.
    Will it ever happen? probably not. As u already know about this land now belonging to UK and T&T, it’s not WHAT you know…it’s WHO you know!
    Cozier is well-connected,and probably drinks ESAF with Owing..it’s as simple as that,really…


  22. Wishing in Vain

    Cozier and Eastern Land Developments are a very very large land owners very much like C O Williams some of the larger owners if Barbados Farms, does this explain why you are going to struggle to make any headway on any matters that they are involved in, one call to Owing and a small lot of land passed off to him and they have whatever they want.

  23. Yardbroom

    Dukes Resident
    I am loath to go off topic here, but when injustices are not only perpetrated, but flouted in the face of reason, and the oppressed, and brings the Law – where there is Law- into disrepute. If no Law exist, or it appears to be used unjustly, the first beneficiaries are the wealthy and the powerful, the poor without proper representation, often go to the wall.

    It is harsh to say this, but at times it is best to speak the truth – there are people in Barbados, who have been elected to help the citizens of our country, but that help is only forthcoming, when the ordinary citizen is to be repressed or taken advantage of, and relieved of their hard earned money, by a variety of professional devices.

    It saddens me to say this, but it is the truth.

    I am not “fully aware of all the facts”, pertaining to the dispute at Dukes Village, but if it is that the development is in contravention of a Town and Planning directive, and Town and Planning have made representations to that effect without success. Then in most countries where the Law can be even handedly administered, a Court Injunction could be obtained to “stop” the development, if it continues then the perpetrators could be imprisoned for breaking the law. This is a separate issue to the development itself, which would then have to be addressed.

    In first world countries – which Barbados deigns to be in the near future, a beggar can sometimes thwart the ambitions of the richest man in the country, if he is right and within the law. In Barbados that is yet to be proved as a general, as opposed to a rare exception.

    I would simply say, that proper representation from an elected representative, should be able to start the wheels in motion for you and like minded residents. That you might or might not have voted for them is irrelevant, that is how democracies are supposed to work, once elected the representative, represents all in the constituency.

    If it is that proper representation is not forthcoming, or you have not been properly dealt with, your opportunity comes at the time of the next General Election, you and other residents of Dukes Village of like mind will know what to do.
    That is the final legal method you have of registering your disapproval.

  24. Hants

    Dukes resident I sympathise with you and your neighbours.

    I am an avid Racing and Rallying fan but I could not support a raceway so close to Residences.

    It is not fair to listen to the loud incessant noise of a rallycross car.

    There must be a solution that is satisfactory to all concerned.

    I wonder if all Racing and Rally cars in Barbados were required to have mufflers with baffles, would that not solve the noise problem and level the “playing field”?

    The cars would be 10% slower but the spectators would not even notice the difference.

  25. Citizen First

    Dukes Resident

    Do not give your vote as an act of blind faith or in sycophantic support. Present your case re: the race track at Vaucluse to the DLP now and ask for their support/position on the matter. As a party of integrity, they should be willing to state (before election day) an unequivocal position and an intended course of action if elected and be willing to be held to their word. This should be in writing not just a quick broad comment in the heat of election campaigning. Their position may not be to your liking but at least we would know where they stand.

  26. Citizen First

    Of course by their quiet and long standing acquiecence to the Vaucluse racetrack, we know the present Government’s stand on the matter.

  27. Dukes Resident

    It should not be the nature of a group that calls for justice (Dukes and surrounding areas), especially when it upholds the cause of right, to have to resort to electioneering. Firstly, the end result could well be disappointment and disenfranchisment if the choice turned out incorrect. Secondly, as my name suggests, I am only one out of a group of people in this area who are suffering, over 300 of whom have signed the petition. I would never suggest that I could be someone who wanted to tell any single supporter of this group who to vote for.

    As a representative and voice of this 300+ group on this blog (all of whom are residents of the area) I can say that if any of our leaders pledges or writes thet they will stop this illegal and oppressive blot on our peaceful neighbourhood we would be very grateful. But it has not happened, and we pray that it will one day coming soon.

    One would think that the cause of right is enough to attract either or both of our candidates, if it is to be an election issue. But why should it be only an election issue?

    Is there a shadow of a doubt that there have been dozens of illegal actions made by the owners?

    Does anyone doubt that we have evidence of it?

    Does anyone who has read our cries for help over the months, sometimes in this blog, sometimes in the newspapers, doubt our efforts to attain help?

    Is this the mentality of Barbados ( and Mr. Citizen first I do not at all wish to cast aspersions, I am only observing an observation from experience), where something monetary, or of intrinsic value like a vote, has to be made as payment for the goal of attainment? Could this possibly be the gist of Yardbroom, and why so many admire him? Are we documenting the decay of our society as a parallel to our own cause? Will an election cure this?

    How many readers see these things in Barbados and understand the parallels? Do their vested interests blind them to the core issues of doing the legal correct things?

    Or is it that we have now made the sacrifice from following God’s word to do the right thing, and now worship money, where ‘more’ is the winner and ultimate goal, negating the need to care what happens to his or her neighbours?

  28. Dukes Resident

    The general public doiesn’t know what is going on, what has gone on.

    One small part of their plane: to shut off our road from Hangman’s Hill to Dukes and to have a drag strip. The plan is to have 12,000 patrons, night-time racing, bar, expansion to a huge adjacent field.

    Just a small example of what we are saying: They have done development and made the drainage off road going up to Dukes in a way that it now makes a huge, deep pond. No one can pass there, not pedestrians, not cars, not bicycles. The water come trhiough the car doors, because it is deep. They don’t care, they use this as a way to curb traffic on the road. It is a lawless oppressive way.

    We do not see them compromising with us. They have rolled along their merry way for many years and we have suffered. If anyone tries to say they will change their ways and treat us well, they are not telling the truth.

  29. Citizen First

    Dukes Resident

    For the record, I do not doubt the veracity of your reports which have been well articulated in your posts. I have also expressed support and empathy for your desire to enjoy peace and safety in your neighbourhood and continue to do so.

    We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s development. To paraphrase and borrow someone else’s comment – are we becoming a place where the good live in fear of the bad and the bad live in fear of no one? To whom will we turn to provide the leadership on this and so many other issues?

    To dovetail with BFP’s theme of this thread (as I understand it) – those who seek to become our leaders should, inter alia, not only claim a character of integrity but be willing to put such to objective scrutiny.

  30. Hants

    Dukes resident……..I hope BFP will make this a major topic for discussion.

    If you have photos email them to barbadosfreepress(at)yahoo.com

    No one would build a race track close to Fort St.George or Sandy lane Estate.

    Why don’t they make it an International event.
    Build the Track in St.Vincent or Grenada and buy a ferry to transport the cars and race fans from Barbados.

    Didn’t Bizzy say a ferry is a great idea?He is also a strong supporter of CSME.

    They would be helping the economies of their CSME brethren.

  31. No Name

    I have not seen any comment about this recent issue that seems to have come in under the radar screen. But I as a concerned Barbadian believe it requires due diligence because it opens another frontier for the assault on one of our more precious resources that is fast running out.

    I liken it to the many takeovers of Barbados industry by Trinidadian Company’s and suggest with respect that this issue is as important or should be to barbadians as the attempted takeover of BS & T.

    I am talking about the Williams brothers increasing their offer to take over BFL. This is has gone by the attention of most it seems to me.

    Personally I think that with Agricultural land at a premium and with the experts claiming (On the public record) that they do not know exactly how much is left in Barbados the Government of Barbados should take prudent action to legally protect what is left of this land from further development. Having said that I am not holding my breath.

    Let me paint this scenario and I am by no means casting aspersions on the characters of Sir Cow or Bizzy, but they are shrewd business people and Sir. Cow is a major land developer in and outside of Barbados.

    In the event these lads become owners of BFL the Government should make sure that legislation or strict guidelines should be legally enshrined that prohibits any of the land BFL owns being developed unless it is scrub land not suitable for agriculture. To give the Williams ownership of BFL without strict legal guidelines as to how the land can be used is in my opinion a dangerous threat to the National Interests of Barbados and Barbadians.

    Sir Cow has many connections in the Caribbean and abroad and it might well be that BFL is being courted by a politically connected family acting for foreign interests. The end result could well be that one morning Barbadians could awake and find that Sir. Cow and Bizzy along with outside interests can do whatever the hell they want to do with the land BFL now owns.

  32. Yardbroom

    No Name
    How succinctly put!
    Land is an important resource, and doubly so in Barbados where so little is available.

    Some on this blog have advanced the view, that provided the buyers are Barbadian, all is well, such a sanguine approach is filled with many dangers.

    It is not in the long term interest of Barbadians, for large acreages to be owned by one or two individuals, even if they are good land owners. Evidence on this blog from first hand witnesses suggest, that some wealthy landowners have no regard for their poor neighbours, and treat their ownership of lands in a cavalier fashion.

    In terms of known development, if it is that certain large land owners, can show so little social responsibility, why allow them to have more land.

    It is nonsense to equate a man who has a small house spot, with a large land owner who has thousands of acres. Although both have a responsibility to the society in which they live, the larger land owner has more, because of the impact his decisions will have on society as a whole.

    The inability of those in authority in Barbados – some elected – to understand what underpins social cohesion in society, if it were not so tragic, it would be comic.

    The basic ability to think ahead, in terms of how our present actions will impact on our society in the future, is sadly lacking.

    I say to Barbadians that golf courses, five star hotels, – however grand – condos by the score, will mean nothing to you, unless you own some land, which ultimately will be of benefit to your children and grand children.

    Unless you make sure that this happens, there will come a time when most ordinary Barbadians will only be able to walk on the pavement, I may not live to see it, but our great grand children will only wonder, how we could have been asleep and allowed this to happen.

    There are people who are trying to reinforce their hold on power, and influence, one day you will weep for what you have lost, and wonder how others could have sold you so cheap.

  33. more

    A very few persons in Government determine the use to which the lands of Barbados are put.
    It benefits those few who have the power and are in the know for us not to know or have any say.

    Think about it.

  34. No Name

    Power is with the people not with the Government. Think about it!

  35. more

    No Name says “Power is with the people not with the Government. Think about it!”

    No Name, I do not think Dukes Resident and many others will agree with you. Perhaps we have passed the point of no return?

  36. No Name

    More I sincerely hope not.

    With 285,000 in Barbados and with the majority claiming they are being denied the right of a “democratic” jurisdiction they have the power. Keep the faith!

  37. Dukes Resident

    Yesterday yellow and red trucks marked L and E dumped over 100 loads of marl at Vaucluse. This is in defiance of Town and Country Planning regulations. And the location of the marl is right adjacent to the deep water puddle they created 3 years ago. Now it will be even deeper.

    100 loads is a lot of marl fill. What will they do with it today?

    The arrogance and insolence of these people towards their neighbours escapes description.